Robbie Williams Denies Getting Engaged to Ayda Field

A day after his mother Jan Williams confirmed his engagement to Ayda Field, Robbie Williams said a different thing regarding the matter. Taking to his official website on Saturday, November 28, the singer announced that he has yet to propose to the actress. "Hey all. We are not engaged. Rob," he wrote under a brief blog that read "Robbie And Ayda: Are They Or Aren't They?"

On Friday morning, November 27, when making an appearance at the Australian radio station 2Day FM, Robbie Williams asked Ayda Field's hand in marriage. At that time, the British musician stated, "Ayda Field, I love you so much. Do you mind being my betrothed for the end of time?" Responding to the request, the 30-year-old beauty answered, "I would love to be your betrothed 'til the end of time."

Of the proposal, Robbie's London-based spokesman was quick to say that it was just a joke.
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Mom Confirms Robbie Williams' Engagement to Ayda Field

Jan Williams finally spoke up about her son Robbie Williams' engagement to his actress girlfriend Ayda Field. Speaking to BBC Radio 5, Jan admitted that Robbie had revealed the proposal plans to her about "a week ago."

Talking about the engagement, she stated, "I'm very excited. I'm really pleased. They've been together for nearly three years, so it's about time." Of her future daughter-in-law, Jan said, "She's a great mate, as well as a lover. She's got all the qualities that he needs in a girl. It's a lovely match."

The mother further said, "I've always wanted a daughter-in-law." Hinting at Robbie and Ayda's marriage plans, she later added, "I don't think it will be that far in the not-too-distant future, but that's all I'm going to say on that."

Robbie Williams asked Ayda Field's hand in marriage when he made an appearance at the Australian radio station 2Day FM on Friday morning,
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Williams 'rushes to be with sick mother'

Robbie Williams has reportedly flown back to the UK from his Los Angeles home after his mother was taken ill. Jan Williams, a drink and drugs counsellor, was admitted to a private hospital in Cheshire on Saturday and underwent a heart bypass procedure. A source told The Sun: "Like any patient who has undergone major heart surgery, Jan's not out of the woods yet. She is in a critical but stable condition, but that's normal for such a complex procedure. "Jan was put in intensive care immediately after the operation, where she'll be monitored extremely closely. She will almost certainly spend Christmas Day in hospital, but if all (more)
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