Underground Film Links: October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! If I can start off on a scary — albeit a bit self-serving — note, if you’re looking for some spooky, creepy, frightening and sometimes a bit disgusting films to watch today, please visit Bad Lit’s short horror movie index page. Some great stuff in there if you click around. Now onto our regular links: If short horror movies are my “must see” link of the week, then my absolute Must Read link is j.j. murphy’s review of Andy Warhol’s recently preserved and unleashed Face, which focuses on the beautiful face of Edie Sedgwick. This film has sadly been out of circulation for 40 years. The Phantom of Pulp took a time out while making a documentary in Australia to take some awesome photos of a cemetery. Ella thinks that Kanye West is a filmmaker who should be considered on the same level as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.
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