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Martine White

PO Box 5336 Santa Monica, California 90409
310-498-8386 .
Teamster 399, LMGA

PROFILE: I love the challenge and adventure of scouting the unknown, relish the logistical juggling of location management, and am highly organized. I have solid map-making & digital photography skills, a scouting website and database, a mac (PC proficient too).

As a former Film Commissioner, I understand the requirements and politics of gov't legislators and permit officials. I love working with people, am a team player, and approach life with cheery optimism and humor.

Sorbonne University, Paris, France
American University, Washington DC
UC Santa Barbara, BA Communications & Political Science Metromedia Broadcast Engineering School, L.A.

Fluent French, conversational Spanish, basic Mandarin Chinese


Key Asst Location Manager - Teamster Local 399, LMGA

White House Down - Columbia / Sony (Feature, plates unit) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Washington, DC). Visual Efx Prod Marc Weigert, UPM Drew Locke, Prod SuperCarol Flaisher, Supervising Loc Mgr Laura Sode-Matteson.

Crisis Pilot – Fox TV / NBC. Key Asst Loc Mgr EP/Writer Rand Ravich, EP Far Shariat, Prod JB Moranville, UPM Ellen Marie Blum, Dir Phillip Noyce, Prod Design Beth Rubino, Loc Mgr Rob Gibson

Scandal - ABC / Disney (TV series) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Hollywood, downtown LA, Long Bch, Sta Clarita). EP Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Line Prod Merri Howard, UPM Brad Yacobian, Prod Des Corey Kaplan, Loc Mgr Veronique Vowell

House of Lies - Blind Decker / Showtime (Pilot) Key Asst Loc Mgr (downtown LA). Producer Leo Fusaro, UPM John Radulovic, Prod Design Doug Meerdink, Loc Mgrs Veronique Vowell, Jason Kaplon

Franklin & Bash – TNT / Sony (TV series) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Sta Clarita, LA). Producer Jack Clements, UPM Mark Bashaar, Prod Design Mayling Cheng, Loc Mgr Kevin McAteer, Rob Gibson.

John Carter of Mars – Pixar / Disney (Feature) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Moab & Hanksville area, southern UT) Prod Colin Wilson, Jim Morris; Dir Andrew Stanton, Prod Design Nathan Crowley, PM Jan Foster, Supervising Loc Mgr Laura Sode-Matteson

The Apparition - Ismir / Warner Bros (Feature) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Palmdale, Sta Clarita, Calabasas). Prod Sue Baden-Powell, Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman, Joel Silver, Dir Todd Lincoln, UPM Noelle Green, Prod Design Steve Saklad, Key LM Alasdair Boyd

The Tempest - Miramax (Feature) Key Asst Loc Mgr (Hawaii - assisted with permissions for complex & highly sensitive locations, i.e. Volcano Nat Park). Prod Lynn Hendee, Jason Lau, Dir Julie Taymor, UPM Ron Bozman, Prod Super Dana Hankins, Prod Design Mark Friedberg, Key Loc Mgr Val Kim

Jonas Bros 3D Concert Movie - Disney; Key Asst Loc Mgr - Los Angeles. Exec Prod / UPM Doug Merrifield, Dir Bruce Hendricks, Supervising Loc Mgr Laura Sode-Matteson

Bones - 20th Century Fox TV (TV series) Key Asst Loc Mgr. Co-Exec Prod Steve Beers, Ian Toynton, Prod /UPM Jan DeWitt, Prod Design Michael Mayer, DP Gordon Lonsdale, AD Jeff Kibbee, LM Debbie Laub

G.I. Joe - Paramount (Feature) Key Asst Loc Mgr. Exec Prod David Womark, Dir Stephen Sommers, UPM JoAnn Perritano, Prod Design Ed Verreaux, Supervising Loc Mgr Laura Sode-Matteson

The Giant Squid - The Film Crew/Discovery Channel (Doc -pre-pro only [show cancelled]); Prod Coord / Loc Coord / Researcher. Producers Mike and Mimi deGruy

Santa Barbara County Film Commissioner; Leveraged county economic impact from $10M to 20M (2001-2007). Revamped website - including countywide Location Library (35,000 pix) & expanded Production Guide to 200 pages. Created economic development / networking tools specifically for filming: Agriculture Crop Growth chart, Permit Zone chart, Filming Guidelines Manual for hospitality industry, & Film Weekly e-newsletter. Sideways, Pirates III, Hidalgo, Death Proof, Seabiscuit, Spartan

Asia Extensive Travel - 1998-2000; travelled throughout Asia for eight months, and finally settled in Taiwan for a year - writing press releases, newspaper articles, and teaching Business English

Dennis the Menace II - Warner Bros Video (MOW) Key Loc Mgr. Prod Jeffrey Silver, Co-Prod / UPM Cleve Landsberg, Dir Hank Ketcham, Prod Design Joe Garrity

Odd Couple II - Paramount (Feature) Loc Scout. (Lancaster, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria). Dir Howard Deutch , UPM Andy La Marca, Supervising LM Liz Matthews

Goodbye Lover - New Regency (Feature reshoots) Loc Mgr. Prod Alexandra Milchan, Dir Roland Joffe, Line Prod Jeremiah Samuels, Prod Design Bill Breski, AD Tom Archuleta, Key LM Debbie Laub

Ford Galaxy ACC Prods (French bilingual comm'l); Key Loc Mgr. Prod Patrick Batteux, Dir Marius Holst, PM Helen Sjoblom, Arlette du Verdier; AD Vincent Lascoumes.

Weapons of Mass Distraction - HBO (Feature, 2nd unit); Loc Mgr. Prod Larry Gelbart, 2nd Unit Dir Matt Beesley, UPM Kim Kurumada, PD Charles Rosen, AD David Schrager, Key LM Chris Trott / Tony Salome

The Flood - Paramount (Feature, 2nd unit); Key Loc Mgr. Line Prod/UPM Art Levinson, Dir Ken Arledge, Prod Design Michael Riva, AD David Schraeger

Batman & Robin - WB (Feature, 2nd unit) ; Loc Scout. Prod Peter MacGregor Scott, 2nd Unit Dir Peter MacDonald, UPM Barry Waldman, Prod Design Barbara Ling, AD John Radulovic, Sup LM Laura Matteson

Absolute Power Castlerock/Malpaso (Feature, Wash DC, Maryland); Key 2nd Loc Mgr. Ex Prod Tom Rooker, Dir Clint Eastwood, PM Mike Maurer, PD Henry Bumstead, Supervising Loc Mgr Antoinette Levine

Home - ELP Prods/Columbia TV [TV pilot] Key Loc Mgr. Exec Prod/Writer Harold Kimmel, Prod Bob Heath, Marilyn Larson, Dir Shelley Jensen, AD Bob Kozicki, Stunt Coord Rawn Hutchinson

The Trojan War - Warner Bros (Feature) Loc Scout. Producer Charles Gordon, Line Producer/PM Gene Levy, Director George Huang, Prod Design Cecil Gentry, AD Jeffrey Wetzel, Key LM George Larson

Celtic Pride - Caravan/Disney (Feature reshoots) Key Loc Mgr. Prod Roger Birnbaum, Ex Prod Charles Schlissel, Jonathan Glickman; Prod Supervisor Kate Beyda, Director Tom DeCerchio,

Gone Fishin' - Caravan/Disney (Feature, 2nd unit, Florida) Key Loc Mgr. Caravan Prod Exec Ned Dowd, Producer Richard Prince, Prod Supervisor Veronique Vowell, Dir Chris Cain, Supervising LM Steve Mapel

Black Sheep - Paramount (Feature) Loc Mgr. Producer Lorne Michaels, Exec Prod & UPM Doc Erickson, Director Penelope Spheeris, Prod Design Peter Jamison, AD Artist Robinson, Supervising LM Debbie Laub

Batman Forever - Warner Bros (Feature, 2nd unit); Loc Mgr. Prod Peter MacGregor Scott, Dir David Hogan, UPM Ralph Burris, Prod Design Barbara Ling, Supervising LM Laura Matteson

Murderous Passion NBC (MOW) Loc Scout. Exec Prod Brian Pike, Producer Brook Kennedy, UPM Art Seidel, Director John Patterson, Prod Design John T. Walker.

Boys & Girls - Disney (Pilot) Loc Scout. Prod: Jordan Kerner, Harley Peyton, Steve Kurzfeld; Line Prod Ken Koch, UPM Steve Barnett, Dir Kevin Hooks, Prod Design Gary Frutkoff, Key LM Debbie Laub

Dark Territory, Under Siege II - Warner Bros (Feature, Colorado: challenging train shoot in wilderness, Denver & mining towns; heli-scouted N CA & N Idaho) Loc Mgr. Dir Geoff Murphy, UPM Paul Moen, Prod Design Albert Brenner, AD Denis Stewart, Key LM Antoinette Levine

Camp Nowhere - Lucky Mud Prods/Disney (Feature) Loc Scout. Producer Michael Peyser, Janet Graham, Co-Prod /UPM David Streit, Dir Jonathan Prince, Prod Design Rusty Smith, Key LM Laura Matteson

Cries Unheard - Carla Singer Prods (MOW) Key Loc Mgr. Ex Prd Carla Singer, Felice Gordon, Prod /UPM Joan Carson, Dir Armand Mastroianni, Prod Des Patricia Van Ryker, AD Ken Collins.

Love in the Dark Ages - Helios Ent / CBS (MOW) Loc Mgr. Prod Joseph Maurer, Jerry Grandey, Dir Bradley Wigor, Prod Design Patricia Van Ryker.

Sister Act II - Touchstone (Feature); Key Loc Mgr - Los Angeles. Prod: Mario Iscovich, Laurence Mark, UPM Paul Moen, Dir Bill Duke, Prod Design John de Cuir, Supervising Loc Mgr Robbie Goldstein

Father Hood - Hollywood Pictures (Feature, 2nd Unit, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico) Loc Scout. UPM Richard Prince, Supervising Loc Mgr Veronique Vowell.

American Me - YOY/Universal [Feature, Bilingual Spanish Reshoots]; Key Loc Mgr. Prod: Bob Young, Sean Daniel, Line Prod Brian Frankish, UPM Robert Lemer, Dir Edward James Olmos, Prod Des Joe Aubel.

American Me - YOY/Universal (Feature, Bilingual Spanish production) Asst Loc Mgr. Prod: Bob Young, Line Prod Brian Frankish, UPM Robert Lemer, Dir Edward James Olmos, Prod Design Joe Aubel, Location Mgr Antoinette Levine.

Bound By Honor - Hollywood Pictures (Feature, Bilingual Spanish Reshoots), Asst Loc Mgr. Producer Stratton Leopold, Loc Mgr Laura Sode-Matteson.

In The Line of Fire - Castle Rock/Mal Paso (Feature) Asst Loc Mgr. Prod: David Valdes, Jeff Apple, Gail Katz; UPM David Lester, Dir Wolfgang Petersen, Prod Des Lilly Kilvert, Loc Mgr Kokayi Ampah.

Script Writer - California On Location Awards, FLICS (Film Liaisons In California) awards show, L.A. 2006-07

Line Producer / Asst Director - AAA, Auto Club, Phil Schulman Prods, comm'l, Wash. D.C. 1988

Prod Coord / Loc Mgr / Extras casting - Asahi Beer, PMC / Tohokushinsha, comm'l, Wash. DC. 1988

Prod Coord / Location Mgr - Space Heroes, Varied Directions, documentary, Wash. DC. 1988

Writer / Prod / Off-Line Editor - Compact Disclosure, Phillips training video, Wash. DC. 1988

Researcher - Legacy Democratic Nat Convention, Beardsley Howard, documentary, Wash.DC. 1987

Writer / Assoc Producer / Asst Director / Voice Over - Herbalife teleconf / documentaries, L.A. 1986

Writer / Assoc Producer - Moneymaker, Roll Tape Prods, financial news series, L.A. 1986

Prod Coord / Translator - The Amazing World, Bill Burrud Prods, travelogue, France 1982

Asst Talent Coord - American Dance Awards, Willenborg Prods, San Diego 1990

Performer Skills

  • Spoken Languages: Chinese, Spanish, French


  • Laura Sode Matteson, Supervising Location Manager
  • Debbie Laub, Key Location Manager
  • Val Kim, Key Location Manager
  • Veronique Vowell, Supervising Location Manager
  • Kokayi Ampah, Supervising Location Manager
  • Donna Washington, Vice President, Film LA
  • Steve Traxler, Producer, Mentor: Santa Barbara Film Comm

Employment Details

  • Work History: Film Commission, Voice Over, Film, Music Video, Radio, Commercial, Industrial, Television
  • Job Categories: Production, Writing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Key Asst Location Manager
  • Prior Job Title 2: Key Asst Location Manager
  • Prior Job Title 3: Film Commissioner

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