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  • (1900 - 1939) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1900) Stage Play: Sapho. Based on the novel by Alphonse Daudet. Written by Clyde Fitch. Based on the play by A. Belot and Mme. Daudet. Wallack's Theatre: 5 Feb 1900- 5 Mar 1900 (29 performances). Produced by Olga Nethersole. Note: Play was condemned as obscene and closed by order of the police.
  • (1900) Stage Play: Sapho. (Revival). Written by Clyde Fitch. Based on the novel by Alphonse Daudet. Based on the play by A. Belot and Mme. Daudet. Wallack's Theatre: 12 Nov 1900- Dec 1900 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: Maude Clayton (as "Tina de Monte"), William C. Cowper (as "Dechelette"), Adelaide Cummings (as "Rosa"), Clara Emory (as "Alice Dore"), Frank Farrington (as "Mephistopheles"), John Glendinning (as "Flamant"), Mrs. John Glendinning (as "Divonne"), W. Gordon (as "Concierge"), Carolyn Heustis Graves (as "Margot"), Taylor Holmes (as "De Potter"), Mattie Howes (as "Francine"), Franklyn Hurleigh (as "Hettema"), Alexes Leighton (as "Madame Hettema"), W.S. Mills (as "Servant"), Olga Nethersole (as "Fannie Legrand"), Leonard Outram (as "Caoudal"), Hamilton Revelle (as "Jean Gaussin"), Gertrude Robinson (as "Joseph"), The Sisters Striker (as "Danseuses"), Fred Thorne (as "Uncle Cesaire"), Nellie Thorne (as "Irene"), Richard Warring (as "Porter'), Charles Wellesley' (as "M. Anvers"), Anna Whitford (as "Toto"). Produced by Olga Nethersole.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Young Madame Conti. Melodrama. Book adapted by Hubert Griffith and Benn W. Levy. Based on a play by Bruno Frank. Scenic Design by Ernst Stern. Directed by Benn W. Levy. Music Box Theatre: 31 Mar 1937- Apr 1937 (closing date unknown/22 performances). Cast: Patrick Barr (as "Stephen Horka"), Joseph Burton (as "Ensemble"), Nell Converse (as "Ensemble"), Constance Cummings (as "Nella Conti"), Courtland Davis (as "Third Judge"), Dorothy Dewhurst (as "Wardress"), William Dewhurst (as "The President of the Court"), Tom Dillon (as "Mr. Lechner"), J.H. Emerson (as "Ensemble"), William Fox (as "Arnold Zimmerman"), G. Swayne Gordon (as "Judge Becker"), Hitous Gray (as "Ensemble"), Cameron Hall (as "Dr. Schonberg") [Broadway debut], Raymond Huntley (as "Dr. Reuchlin"), Robert Joseph (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Kreitel (as "Ensemble"), Phillip Leaver (as "Otto Farenthold"), Ira Lee (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Magill (as "Ensemble"), Mary Martin (as "Ensemble"), George Miller (as "Ensemble"), Betty Norton (as "Betty Wanninger"), Paul Pascoe (as "Ensemble"), Edward Power (as "Ensemble"), Nellie Ranson (as "Ensemble"), William Rolston (as "Second Janitor"), Varley Vezey (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Vivian (as "Mrs. Ebersbacher"), Charles Wellesley (as "The Governor"), Robert Woods (as "Clerk of the Court"). Produced by Bernard Klawans.
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Woman Brown. Drama. Written by Dorothy Cumming. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by Dorothy Cumming. Biltmore Theatre: 8 Dec 1939- 16 Dec 1939 (11 performances). Cast: 'Daisy Belmore (as "Lizzie Piggott"), Jack Bishop (as "Solicitor"), Buddy Buehler (as "Johnnie Smith"), Ross Chetwynd (as "Sergeant"), Natalie Chilvers (as "Allen Child"), John Clarke (as "Chaplain"), James E. Corbett (as "Clerk"), Harold De Becker (as "Porter"), Hugh Fettis (as "Reporter"), Fransiska Gaal (as "Mary Brown"), Jack Gould (as "Reporter"), Avery Graves (as "Warden"), Jack Hasler (as "Reporter'), Frank Howson' (as "Alderman"), Cecil Humphreys (as "Sir Patrick"), Lionel Ince (as "Foreman of the Jury"), Colin Keith-Johnston (as "Ken Sutter"), Edward Lester (as "Deputy Clerk"), Oswald Marshall (as "Reverend Mr. Shell"), John McKee (as "Doctor Moore"), Lewis McMichael (as "Solicitor"), Len Mence (as "Judge"), Jessamine Newcombe (as "Mrs. Goodberry"), Claire Nolte (as "Mrs. Mitchmore"), David Powell (as "Reporter"), Ronald Reiss (as "Peter Brown") [Alternate], Richard Rider (as "Reporter"), William Short (as "Reporter"), Edmond Stevens (as "Usher of the Court"), Ralph Sumpter (as "Policeman Smith"), William Topham (as "Reporter"), Helen Trenholme (as "Nurse Turnbull"), Dick Van Patten [credited as Dickie Van Patten] (as "Peter Brown"), Eric Walz (as "Clerk of Court"), Charles Wellesley (as "Sheriff") [final Broadway role], Harold Young (as "Attorney General"). Produced by Margaret Hewes.

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