Fringe Round Table: "Black Blotter"

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Walter was up to old tricks again in "Black Blotter" - but did he get the results he expected? Join staff writers Sean McKenna and Carissa Pavlica, as well as Fringeophile Nick Shere, to discuss the trippy episode in this week's TV Fanatic Round Table...


What did you think of Black Blotter and how it fit in to Fringe Season 5?

Nick: As is basically the theme of this season, it's a darker evolution of a previous story. (In this case, it's even darkening the title of the episode: from Brown Betty to Black Blotter.) And continues the theme of showing the struggle the characters are engaging in to remain whole in the face of increasing stakes. In Brown Betty, Walter's narrative was grim and self-judgmental (until corrected by Ella), but coherent and with an established moral perspective; in Black Blotter, a fragmented Walter builds himself a fragmented story.

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Fringe Round Table: "The Consultant"

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"The Consultant" put an end to much speculation on the status of Alt-Broyles, gave Walter his wings and more.

Below, join staff writers Nick McHatton, Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Fringephile Nick Shere as they discuss some of the unique elements of this Fringe episode.


What was your favorite scene?

Nick M: The scene Alt Liv and Walter shared over scrambled eggs. It is such a wonderful scene, and to watch the two of them over come their differences in such a Walter way is always heartwarming.

Sean: Walter preparing to go to the other side. There's such an endearing quality to his actions from wanting to bring over casserole to emptying his bladder because you can never be too prepared. I'm glad we got to see more of John Noble.

Nick S: Broyles's question for Walter. It's easy for writing about exceptional characters to get caught up in exceptionalism,
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