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Print Biographies (6)

Douglas Lane Patey. The Life of Evelyn Waugh: A Critical Biography. Oxford, England, UK: Blackwell Publishing, 1998. ISBN 0631189335
Evelyn Waugh. The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh 1919-1865. 1976.
Martin Stannard. Evelyn Waugh: The Later Years 1939-1966. 1992.
Evelyn Waugh. The Letters of Evelyn Waugh 1914-1966. 1980.
Selina Hastings. Evelyn Waugh: A Biography. 1994.
Evelyn Waugh. A Little Learning: the First Volume of an Autobiography. 1964.

Articles (28)

The Wall Street Journal (US) August 5 2008, pg. D7, by: Allen Barra, "Evelyn Waugh Revisited"
Telegraph Magazine (GB) May 24 2008, pg. 44-53, by: Jane Mulvagh, "A Blueprint for Brideshead"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) May 24 2008, by: Janet Mulvagh, "Evelyn Waugh: A Blueprint for Brideshead"
The Independent Arts & Books Review (GB) April 18 2008, pg. 2 - 4, "On the Waugh Path: The most ill-natured interview in literary history"
The Independent (GB) March 29 2008, Iss. 6694, pg. 27, by: Andy McSmith, "Declaration of Waugh: author's work revisited"
The Times of India (GB) March 26 2008, by: Dominic Kennedy, "Peters Fraser & Dunlop Lose Evelyn Waugh's Literary Estate to US Agent"
The New Yorker (US) July 2 2007, pg. 66-72, by: Joan Acocella, "Waugh Stories: Life in a literary dynasty"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) September 1 2004, Iss. 68169, pg. 17, by: Sam Leith, "Fathers, sons, feuds and myths"
The Times (GB) October 28 2003, by: David Lodge, "Revisit Waugh, the Pioneer of Political Incorrectness"
The Times (US) September 27 2003, by: Tom Dewe Mathews, "Waugh Revisited"
Biblio (US) September 1998, Vol. 3, Iss. 9, pg. 24-29, by: David Thompson, "The Anarchic Fantasies of Evelyn Waugh"
Spectator (GB) November 23 1962, by: Evelyn Waugh, "The Same Again, Please"
National Review (US) October 9 1962, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Eldorado Revisited"
Sunday Times (GB) January 7 1962, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Sloth"
Daily Mail (GB) December 28 1959, by: Evelyn Waugh, "I See Nothing But Boredom . . . Everywhere"
Spectator (GB) September 13 1957, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Anything Wrong with Priestley?"
Spectator (GB) July 8 1955, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Awake My Soul! It Is a Lord!"
Sunday Express (GB) November 30 1953, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Our Guest of Dishonour"
Spectator (GB) July 3 1953, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Mr. Waugh Replies"
Life (US) September 13 1949, by: Evelyn Waugh, "The American Epoch in the Catholic Church"
Daily Telegraph (GB) April 30 1947, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Why Hollywood Is a Term of Disparagement"
Town & Country (US) September 1946, by: Evelyn Waugh, "What To Do with the Upper Classes"
Life (US) April 8 1946, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Fan Fare"
Women's Journal (GB) 1932, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Why Glorify Youth?"
The Times (GB) December 22 1930, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Ethiopia Today: Romance and Reality"
Daily Express (GB) October 20 1930, by: Evelyn Waugh, "Converted to Rome"
Spectator (GB) April 13 1929, by: Evelyn Waugh, "The War and the Younger Generation"
Drama and Design (GB) November 1917, by: Evelyn Waugh, "In Defence of Cubism"

Magazine Covers (2)

The Independent Arts & Books Review (GB) April 18 2008
Biblio (US) September 1998, Vol. 3, Iss. 9

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