NBA's Earl Watson -- Basking In USC's Defeat (Video)

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[[tmz:video id="0_hpfdhg9s"]] Phx Suns coach Earl Watson went to UCLA and is a die-hard Bruins fan ... which is why he Loooved watching USC get bounced from the tourney yesterday!!! Check out the clip ... Watson didn't just tell us the Providence victory was his favorite upset so far ... but he actually Shut Down the interview when our photog admitted he's a Trojan fan.  Pretty funny stuff. #AtLeastUSCmadeTheTourney #WheresUCLA #DidntEvenMakeTheNIT #MaybeNextYear Read more
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NBA's Earl Watson -- I'm a Struggling Student ... My Baller Days Are Over!

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Former NBA player Earl Watson is pulling a Rodney Dangerfield ... going back to school -- there's only one problem, being a student Sucks when it comes to your bank account.  Watson -- who spent 13 seasons in the NBA -- revealed his college status in new legal docs filed in his custody war with his ex, actress Jennifer Freeman ... who famously starred as Claire Kyle on "My Wife and Kids." Long story short ... Watson claims Freeman
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NBA's Earl Watson -- My Wife's Acting Career Tanked ... After 'My Wife And Kids'

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Ex-nba player Earl Watson claims he shouldn't have to pay up just because his estranged wife's acting career Fell Off A Cliff after her days of starring on a hit TV show ... and wants a judge to protect his wallet in their nasty child support war.  Watson has gone to battle with Jennifer Freeman -- who starred as Claire Kyle on "My Wife and Kids" back in the early 2000s. They have a 5-year-old daughter together.
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Ex-nba Star Earl Watson -- L.A. Mansion Robbed ... Renters Handcuffed, Home Ransacked

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An L.A. mansion owned by former NBA player Earl Watson was robbed Monday night by at least 4 men in ski masks -- who handcuffed the occupants and ransacked the place.  While 35-year-old Watson owns the $4 million Encino home, he currently rents it out to a local elderly couple.  Officials say the men -- at least one of whom had a gun -- broke in through a back door and once inside, they handcuffed the
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Stunt Rock alert!

Bts’ classic rock concert/stunt/explosion hybrid comes to TCM! Screens in the homeland, too!

We all know the legend of Stunt Rock by now, I hope: how Brian Trenchard-Smith conceived of a wacky hybrid of stunts and rock concert, the limitations of the shoot, the cult classic love letter to actual, human-performed stunts that was born and how, 30+ years later, that cult legend lives on in midnight screenings and smoke-filled basements. Grant Page, the film’s stuntman star, is a complete madman in the film, and if you don’t walk away from a viewing of it all warm and gushy and longing for modern action spectacles to bring back more honest-to-a-god stunt work*, I think you and I can safely assume we’ll never be friends.

Stunt Rock is just a simple, awesome pleasure and if you’ve never seen it, now is finally your chance. The film
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Actress Jennifer Freeman accused of attacking her NBA player husband ... but it's Ok now

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NBA player Earl Watson says his wife, former "My Wife and Kids" star Jennifer Freeman, attacked him earlier this month.

The incident was so bad that the former UCLA point guard filed divorce papers -- but he's since decided he wants to work things out.

The alleged Aug. 1 attack, as described in court documents, happened after Freeman, 24, received a text message late on Aug. 1. The 31-year-old Watson, who played for the Indiana Pacers last season, says he was suspicious and grabbed her phone to see who sent the text.

That was not a good idea. According to TMZ, Freeman then slapped Watson "forcefully" in the face -- twice -- and bit him on the right wrist and chest, drawing blood both times. She also tried to hit him with an iron, according to the legal papers, but he managed to knock it out of her hand.

The alleged attack led Watson to file divorce papers,
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Wife And Kids’ Jennifer Freeman Attacked NBA Star With Iron & Biting

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Wife And Kids' Jennifer Freeman attacked NBA star with iron & biting. According to TMZ, former Wife and Kids actress Jennifer Freeman allegedly attacked her NBA star husband Earl Watson with an iron and also bit him like a pitbull or something. They say that Earl filed divorce from her because Vanessa attacked him in a late night rage,and savagely bit him on the chest until he bled. Earl claims things got bad on August 1st when Jennifer received a suspicious text message at 11pm,prompting Earl to check her phone. Then Vanessa got furious over him taking the phone and reacted by hitting him very hard in the face with her right open hand. Then she grabbed his right wrist and bit it until it started bleeding. After that she started biting his chest area until it started bleeding.
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NBA Player Accuses Wife of Vicious Attack

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NBA veteran Earl Watson filed for divorce from his wife Jennifer Freeman -- claiming the " My Wife and Kids " actress attacked him in a late night rage ... and savagely bit him on the chest until he bled. According to legal papers filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, Watson claims things got bad on August 1st ... when Jennifer received a suspicious text message at 11Pm and Earl decided to check her phone. Watson
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Rihanna and Matt Kemp Couldn't Keep Hands Off Each Other

Rihanna is still keeping her romance with new man Matt Kemp on fire. The Barbadian beauty and her Los Angeles Dodgers star boyfriend, according to The New York Post, "couldn't keep their hands off each other" when the twosome were spotted at Industry Nightclub in West Hollywood recently.

"They took to the dance floor for most of the night, causing quite a scene sexy dancing," a spy further revealed to the publication. It is claimed that the couple performed their sexy dance in front of several other celebrities, including Christina Milian, Amber Rose, Jennifer Freeman, NFL star Terrell Owens as well as NBA players Earl Watson and Dahntay Jones.

Rihanna previously confessed having Matt in her life keeps her sane. "I have a boyfriend. I'm so happy. I feel really comfortable, and it's so easy. I have such a chaotic life, but at the end of the day, that is just my peace.
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You Got Served

You Got Served

Friday, Jan. 30

Assembling this vehicle for his young clients, music producer/manager/video director Christopher B. Stokes has attached an anemic plot to a series of dynamic hip-hop dance sequences. The target audience of young MTV watchers, in particular fans of R&B acts B2K and IMx, might overlook the dramatic weaknesses of You Got Served and buy into the protagonists' dreams of fame, fortune and showbiz salvation. Moderate boxoffice returns are in store before the dance-off to home video.

Writer-director Stokes wastes no time getting down to business, with a rousing credits-sequence dance battle between two crews. Cheered on by kids packed to the rafters in a Los Angeles warehouse, the troupes vying for the $600 prize display outstanding athleticism in their aggressive, witty style of street dancing. Refereeing the competitions is Mr. Rad (Steve Harvey), who dispenses prize money and fatherly advice.

The leaders of the winning crew, best friends Elgin (Marques Houston of IMx) and David (Omari Grandberry, aka Omarion, formerly of hip-hop group B2K), have their sights on the big time. So when they receive a $5,000 challenge from Orange County, Calif., rich boy Wade (Christopher Jones), they go for it, even if they and their crew (played by Jarell Houston, DeMario Thornton and Dreux Frederic, the remaining members of B2K) have to pool everything they have.

After withstanding betrayals and threats from outside, the two friends come to blows when David starts dating Elgin's younger sister, Liyah (Jennifer Freeman of ABCs My Wife and Kids). The brooding, protective Elgin, who considers David a player, stops speaking to both of them, and as the plot rounds a few melodramatic turns, the two friends form separate crews for a high-stakes MTV contest, the Big Bounce, which carries a prize of $50,000 and the chance to dance in a Lil' Kim video.

For all its upbeat aphorisms about self-respect, perseverance and loyalty, Stokes' script has a curiously neutral take on the shady dealings of Emerald (Michael Bear Taliferro), who operates an unspecified business from a smoky bar, with David and Elgin freelancing for him as couriers. It's clear that the backpacks they transport aren't full of Girl Scout cookies. Their reluctance to continue working for Emerald, counterbalanced by their ambitions and their families' needs, is presented in a refreshing matter-of-fact way, although the plot strand is tied up far too neatly.

Though the film is filled with supporting roles straight out of central casting -- the mouthy best girlfriend (Meagan Good), the feisty grandmother (Esther Scott), the eager young mascot Malcolm David Kelley) -- the cast generally drives home the cliche-ridden themes with heart. Real-life brothers Houston and Grandberry are especially charismatic, playing off their characters' contrasting intensity and playfulness.

With its competitive edge, Served offers a more hardcore look at hip-hop dance than the recent Honey. And though its dance battles become repetitive, Stokes and choreographers Dave Scott and Shane Sparks, supported by DP David Hennings, editor Earl Watson, an able design team and a pounding soundtrack, fashion a suitably climactic five-minute showdown to close the story.


Screen Gems

The Ultimate Group Films in association with Melee Entertainment


Director-writer: Christopher B. Stokes

Producers: Marcus Morton, Cassius Vernon Weathersby, Billy Pollina

Executive producers: Ketrina "Taz" Askew, Max Gousse

Director of photography: David Hennings

Production designer: Maxine Shepard

Music: Tyler Bates

Costume designer: Ca-Trece Mas'sey

Editor: Earl Watson

Choreographers: Dave Scott, Shane Sparks


Elgin: Marques Houston

David: Omari Grandberry

Rico: Jarell Houston

Vick: DeMario Thornton

Rashaan: Dreux Frederic

Liyah: Jennifer Freeman

Lil' Kim: Herself

Emerald: Michael Bear Taliferro

Beautifull: Meagan Good

Mr. Rad: Steve Harvey

Wade: Christopher Jones

Alani La La Vasquez: Herself

Lil' Saint: Malcolm David Kelley

Grandma: Esther Scott

Running time -- 94 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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