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Movie Review – Blood Harvest (2016)

Blood Harvest (2016)

Directed by George Clarke

Starring Robert Render, Jean-Paul Van der Velde, Griffin Madill, Alan Crawford and Liam Rowan


A rural village is terrorized by an evil force that drains the blood from its victims. A discredited police detective, who believes the killings are the work of vampires, must team up with his former partner to uncover the truth.

When your film opens with a torture scene where a young woman has her mouth sewn together and her eye gouged out with a fork by a killer wearing a mask akin to something from a steam punk fair, you know the type of film you’re in for. Low budget horror director and writer George Clarke’s latest effort Blood Harvest is a bizarre piece of filmmaking that seems to equate to a bunch of killing scenes and a hilarious third act.

Our lead character is Jack (Robert Render
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White Gold: banter, larks and ladies in Thatcher’s Britain

Inbetweeners alumni reunite for a laddish 80s comedy that is a bewildering throwback to an era best forgotten

Rejoice! For the gods of television have bestowed upon us a show devoted to the male rogue who loves nothing more than to escape “her indoors”, make money and get lathered with his mates.

Well, it’s about time. It’s not as if the geezerish white man has received much screen time in the past. Sure, we’ve had Alfie, Arthur Daley, Del Boy, Phil’n’Grant, Danny Baldwin, Bobby Axelrod and pretty much anyone played by Dennis Waterman and Ray Winstone. But truly, these characters have barely scratched the surface of this poor marginalised creature. And besides, it would be wrong to let Guy Ritchie, a man who’s just reimagined King Arthur as Gaz from Geordie Shore, carry the burden of the testosterone-addled gobshite all by himself.

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Mindhorn: Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby interview

Rob Leane May 4, 2017

The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt and Yonderland’s Simon Farnaby talk to us about their Isle of Man action comedy, Mindhorn...

When you get to chat to two comedy geniuses at once, it doesn’t feel much like an interview. It’s more like sitting in on some well-honed hilarity, and trying not to make a tit of yourself when you try and interject with a question. This is what it felt like when I sat down with Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby for twenty minutes, in a snazzy central London meeting room, to talk about Mindhorn.

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The film, if you’re unfamiliar, casts The Mighty Boosh alum Barratt as a washed up actor by the name of Richard Thorncroft. His heyday was way back in the 1980s, when
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What Profilers Know About the Long Island Serial Killer: ‘He Hates Women’

What Profilers Know About the Long Island Serial Killer: ‘He Hates Women’
Nearly a dozen bodies — mostly of women — have been found on Gilgo Beach in New York. Are they connected? Subscribe to People now for details of the Long Island Serial Killer, on newsstands now.

He’s the sort of killer who is often social and extremely good at making people feel comfortable. He grooms his victims before he strikes. He takes risks — and sadistic pleasure — in taunting his victim’s family and friends. He probably isn’t a substance abuser.

According to two experts, this is the emerging picture of whoever is responsible for at least some of the 10-plus
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Peter Davison interview: Doctor Who, naked Germans, Campion

Simon Brew Oct 10, 2016

From Doctor Who and The FiveIsh Doctors to Campion and Button Moon: we chat to the fifth Doctor, Mr Peter Davison...

Ah, the mighty Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor, All Creatures Great And Small, Campion, and living in a house with Freddy from Rainbow are just some of the topics we chatted to him about, ahead of the publication of his terrific autobiography, Is There Life Outside The Box.

We’ve got a fair bit to get through, so without further ado….

I got a sense you thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, once you were over some initial research-y hurdles. Would that be fair?

Yeah, that’s fair. It was kind of a journey, really. A reassembling. I’ve had these memories, and it was really a chance to put them down on paper and order them. Everything fragments as you get older, and things come out,
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Tom Clegg obituary

Director who launched The Sweeney and was in demand for many television action series

The television director Tom Clegg, who has died aged 81, gained a reputation for his expert handling of action on screen, in work ranging from the pilot episode of The Sweeney, featuring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as tough, no-nonsense detectives, to the swashbuckling Sharpe television films, following the daring exploits of a British officer (Sean Bean) in the Napoleonic wars. “Action isn’t just about fights,” Clegg told Rachel Murrell, author of Sharpe’s Story: The Making of a Hero (1996). “Action is what moves the story on dramatically. Just because people are rushing around, [it] doesn’t make it action. A good argument between Sharpe and Hakeswill can have as much action as the Chosen Men running across a battlefield.”

Clegg directed Regan, the 1974 pilot of The Sweeney, which featured Thaw as the detective inspector of the title,
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Roderick Graham obituary

My husband, Roderick Graham, who has died aged 81, was an award-winning television drama producer and director.

Among Roderick’s credits was the popular police series Z-Cars, first aired in the early 1960s, and Elizabeth R (1971), starring Glenda Jackson, which he produced and part-directed. It won four Primetime Emmys in Hollywood, the first British television series to win such an accolade. He also developed The Sextet (1972) – a series of six plays starring, among others, Denholm Elliott, Billie Whitelaw and Dennis Waterman.

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Win New Tricks Series 12 On DVD

Rlj Entertainment

To celebrate the release of New Tricks Series 12, out now on DVD, we are giving 3 lucky readers the chance to win their very own copy.

The team must put head over heart as one of their own is implemented in a case that spans three decades and shakes the police force to its core, while the very existence of Ucos also comes under threat.

Gerry (Waterman) becomes embroiled in a scandal that forces him to confront some skeletons in his closet, while Danny (Lyndhurst) and Fiona (Tracy-Ann ObermanEastenders) take their relationship up a notch, Steve (Lawson) worries about his bank balance and everyone must pull together when Sasha is dealt a devastating blow.

From bodies in the basement to skeletons in the swimming pool, lottery syndicates gone fatally wrong to making sense of The Madhouse, the Ucos team must pull together more than ever to uncover the
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8 TV shows you must watch this week: Great British Bake Off final, New Tricks ends and Empire returns

From the soggy bottom-filled finale of The Great British Bake Off to the end of New Tricks after its 1,435th series, hunker down for Digital Spy's top TV picks over the next seven days.

1. New Tricks - Tuesday, 9pm on BBC One

After 12 years and over 100 cold cases, the old detective dogs will finally retire after a hugely successful run. With the high likelihood that we may see a cameo or two from the original lineup of James Bolam, Alun Armstong, Dennis Waterman and Amanda Redman, it's bound to an emotional night for crime-lovers everywhere.

Don't despair too much if you're concerned about your laid-back cop drama fix, as ITV's Lewis returns for a ninth series the very same night. Crime never sleeps.

2. Empire - Tuesday, 9pm on E4

It's utterly ludicrous on Dallas levels, but it's so damn addictive. The hip-hopera was one of the most-watched shows during its first season,
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Dennis Waterman pays tribute to George Cole at his funeral

Minder actor says his co-star, who died last week aged 90, was the ‘most popular person in showbiz and the nicest and the best’

Actor Dennis Waterman has paid a tearful tribute to his Minder co-star George Cole at his funeral, where the coffin arrived to the show’s famous theme tune.

Cole, who died on 5 August aged 90, is best remembered for his portrayal of small-time wheeler dealer and crook Arthur Daley in the TV series, alongside his likeable bodyguard Terry McCann, played by Waterman.

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Dennis Waterman: 'George Cole's funeral will be horrible but a wonderful celebration'

Dennis Waterman has suggested that the funeral of his Minder co-star George Cole will be "horrible but a wonderful celebration".

Cole, who was best known for playing used-car salesman Arthur Daley in the hit ITV comedy-drama opposite Waterman's Terry McCann, passed away at the age of 90 last Thursday (August 6).

Speaking on Good Morning Britain about the late actor, Waterman said: "He was a wonderful man.

"I mean, it's easy to talk [about] him but it's what everybody would say. He was the most loved man in the profession, I would imagine. You won't ever hear anybody say a bad word about George.

"He was a wonderful actor, he had a fantastic career and he stayed the nicest person you could meet."

Waterman recalled: "We met, we sparred a bit together, you know - because we didn't know each other and we hadn't worked together - and then within two or
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George Cole's Arthur Daley – a wideboy loved by liberals and Thatcherites alike

Minder’s wheeler-dealer opportunist charmed his way on screen just as the actor won the hearts of viewers with his crooked comic turn

“Right at the top,” said George Cole when asked where he placed his role as crooked second-hand car dealer Arthur Daley in Minder in his distinguished career. He was right. When first broadcast, it felt like a vehicle for Dennis Waterman, fresh out of The Sweeney, and given further opportunity to dish out right-handers to some of London’s nastiest villains.

Today, The Sweeney looks inadvertently comical and dated on repeated viewing. Minder might too, were it not for Daley, a timeless, silken comic creation. For a certain type of “bloke”, heaven can be found in a surprise Sunday-afternoon repeat of Minder, alone on a sofa with a sneaky can of lukewarm lager. It’s not the vicarious thrill of watching Terry punch his way out of trouble that they enjoy,
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George Cole, actor who played Arthur Daley, dies aged 90

Former Minder co-star Dennis Waterman leads tributes to actor best known for playing small-time conman in the hit 1980s TV show

The actor George Cole, best known for playing the shifty “spiv” Arthur Daley in the long-running ITV series Minder, has died aged 90.

In a TV and film career spanning seven decades, he became a household name playing cockney wideboys from the loudly dressed Flash Harry in the early St Trinian’s films to the crooked car dealer Daley in Minder.

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A fond farewell to the marvellous George Cole. Immaculate as the young Scrooge, joyous as Flash Harry, unforgettable as Arthur Daley. Rip

How sad to hear George Cole has gone to that great cutting room in the sky. A lovely actor. A gentleman.

When I found out that George Cole used to live in our flat, I dug out my old Minder poster.
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R.I.P. George Cole (1925 – 2015)

Celebrated British actor George Cole, best known for starring in TV’s Minder as Arthur Daley, has died at the age of 90.

Cole, who also featured in many of the early St. Trinians films as well as appearing opposite Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, died at the Royal Berkshire hospital after a short illness, surrounded by his family.

In Minder, Cole starred opposite Dennis Waterman for over a decade, with Waterman stating on his friend’s passing that he had “the privilege of spending Tuesday afternoon with him and Penny and, although very frail, his wit was as evident as ever. I am so sad to hear of George’s death. His family must be devastated, and I am absolutely certain that anybody who ever knew him, will feel the same. I’m so grateful to have been a friend of this wonderful man. We worked together for many years and
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British Actor George Cole, Star of ‘Minder,’ ‘St. Trinian’s,’ Dies at 90

British Actor George Cole, Star of ‘Minder,’ ‘St. Trinian’s,’ Dies at 90
London — British actor George Cole, best known for his role as a dishonest businessman in TV series “Minder,” died Wednesday at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, U.K., after a short illness. He was 90.

Cole played the part of lovable rogue Arthur Daley in “Minder,” in which he starred alongside Dennis Waterman, for 16 years. Cole was BAFTA-nominated for the role in 1983 and 1985. The show often drew audiences of 17 million.

Cole played another crooked character, Flash Harry, in four movies in the original “St. Trinian’s” school comedy franchise, which ran in the 1950s and ’60s. Other actors appearing in the films included Alastair Sim and Joyce Grenfell.

“He was one of those characters you never thought you are going to be without, both as an actor and a character,” Cole’s agent Derek Webster told the BBC. “He was a great guy to work with and a real genuine gentleman.
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George Cole, who played Minder's Arthur Daley, dies at the age of 90

Minder star George Cole has died at the age of 90.

The actor was best known for playing used-car salesman Arthur Daley in the hit ITV comedy-drama opposite Dennis Waterman's Terry McCann.

His agent Derek Webster confirmed that he died on Wednesday (August 5) surrounded by his family at Royal Berkshire Hospital, following a short illness.

When once asked what prompted him to accept the iconic role of Arthur, Cole said: "When I read the proposal for Minder, it said Arthur's favourite film was The Godfather, that he was behind the then-Home Secretary as far as law and order were concerned and that he dressed like a dodgy member of a Citizens' Advice Bureau. That made me want to do [it]."

Cole's movie career started in the 1940s, and he appeared opposite Laurence Olivier in his movie version of Henry V in 1944.

After the war, he had the lead role in radio comedy A Life of Bliss,
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These are the 7 TV shows you cannot miss this week

Digital Spy recommends the very best in television - these are the seven most exciting shows airing this week, from the return of Bake Off to a surprising upturn for True Detective.

Monday - True Detective, Sky Atlantic at 9pm

True Detective has come in for plenty of flak in its second season, but is the whole thing just one massive slow burn? That's what overnight reviews from the Us seem to be suggesting.

After steadily improving in recent weeks, the moody HBO drama's latest outing 'Black Maps and Motel Rooms' seems to have won over critics - maybe it's time to tune back in?

Tuesday - New Tricks, BBC One at 9pm

It's the end of an era as BBC One's long-running Golden Oldie crime drama is finally being pensioned off - though not before one last 10-part series.

Series 12 begins with the first of a two-parter in
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Dennis Waterman: New Tricks not the same

Dennis Waterman has admitted 'New Tricks' ''wasn't the same'' without Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong. The 67-year-old actor has starred in the BBC One comedy-crime-drama since it's first episode in 2013 but he's confessed he didn't enjoy it as much after his co-stars quit the show. He said: ''This is no slight on the new cast, but everything did change really dramatically and suddenly when Amanda and Alun left. ''I'd already signed up for the next season. I did ask Amanda if I'd look sad carrying on after everybody else had quit and she said, 'Don't be daft'. And then my wife started
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Acorn Adds Lord Lucan and New Tricks

  • bestbritishtv
Lord Lucan Mystery. Acorn Rlj Entertainment

Kieran Kinsella

Fans of British TV have an enduring fascination with murder mysteries. The most intriguing cases are often based on real events and the brutal murder of Sandra Rivett certainly falls into that category. The identity of the victim herself is often over shadowed by the notoriety surrounding her alleged killer: Lord Lucan. He was never charged with the crime but she was the nanny of his estranged family and was found dead on the very same day that Lucan vanished. The case has never been solved and Lucan’s whereabouts have remained a mystery for the last 40 years. Rumors abound that he continues to evade capture thanks to the aiding and abetting of his high society friends. That said, 81 years on since his birth, the sands of time may catch up with him even if he continues to evade the long arm of the law.
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Tracy-Ann Oberman joins final series of BBC One's New Tricks

Tracy-Ann Oberman has joined the cast of BBC One's New Tricks.

The actress will become a regular on the upcoming final series of the drama.

Oberman will play Fiona Kennedy, a forensic pathologist and partner to Danny Griffin (Nicholas Lyndhurst).

Oberman says: "I'm delighted to be a part of the final series for such a well-loved show - especially playing a feisty, smart woman like Fiona.

"The production has pulled out all the stops to make this a fantastic finale for the fans, and the cast and crew are a joy to work with."

Oberman's previous credits include EastEnders, Toast of London, Friday Night Dinner and Filth.

Filming has begun for the 12th and final series of New Tricks, which will premiere later this year.

Denis Lawson and Tamzin Outhwaite also currently star in the procedural, with Larry Lamb replacing Waterman for the last episodes.
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