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The CW developing psychological thriller series Lady in the Mask

The CW has announced that it is developing a new psychological thriller series entitled Lady in the Mask, which is being penned by Thomas Brandon and produced by Amblin TV and CBS Television.

According to Deadline, Lady in the Mask takes place in a near future where people are able to back-up their brains to a hard drive. It “centers on a woman who awakens in the hospital after a suspicious car accident and learns her memory was damaged and restored from a two-year-old ‘back-up.’ As she tries to return to her seemingly loving husband, high-profile job in her family’s tech Vc firm, and otherwise normal life, the details about her missing years begin to contradict each other, leading her to believe she’s being manipulated by someone close to her, that the accident was no accident, and that she’s at the center of a much larger conspiracy…
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Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Have a Snowy Vampire Diaries Reunion

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Have a Snowy Vampire Diaries Reunion
Vampires stick together! Hollywood may have said goodbye to The Vampire Diaries earlier this year, but that didn't stop former co-stars Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley from having an impromptu reunion on a snowy New York City night.  The two actors ran into each other Saturday night in the Big Apple as flurries coated the city. "NYC when it's snowing is full of serendipitous run ins and magical reunions. Like this one. #TVDForever #Nycnow," the actress captioned a sweet shot of the two smiling stars, who played the tumultuous Elena and Stefan on the since-wrapped series.   Fans of the longtime CW supernatural drama will remember Dobrev...
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Nina Dobrev Reunites With Paul Wesley, and They Still Look Damn Good Together

Nina Dobrev Reunites With Paul Wesley, and They Still Look Damn Good Together
A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on Dec 10, 2017 at 8:10am Pst Nina Dobrev had a sweet reunion this weekend when she ran into her former The Vampire Diaries costar Paul Wesley, who played her love interest on the show. The 28-year-old actress uploaded a snap of the two hanging out on Instagram, writing, "NYC when it's snowing is full of serendipitous run ins and magical reunions. Like this one. #TVDForever." Naturally, fans of the beloved series had some pretty passionate reactions to seeing Elena and Stefan together again. "I'm crying," one person confessed. "I don't remember [giving] you guys the permission to destroy my life," another person wrote underneath the photo. Nina surprised fans when she returned for the series finale episode earlier this year and caught up with her other castmates at an event in La in August.
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This Is Why You Recognize the Young Actress in I, Tonya

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Excitement has been building for I, Tonya, the true (and unsettling) story of Olympians Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Margot Robbie plays Harding, and you'll recognize some other faces like Allison Janney as Tonya's mother and Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly. A light bulb may also go off when you see the girl who plays young Tonya Harding, Mckenna Grace. Though she's only 11 years old, she has quite the résumé! Grace spent years on the kids' show Crash & Bernstein, beginning in 2012. But her first big-name show was The Young and the Restless, where she appeared in more than 50 episodes starting in 2013. RelatedI, Tonya: Here's the Reason Nancy Kerrigan Is So Damn Familiar In 2014, Grace appeared on an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The following year, she acted alongside Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley in two episodes of The Vampire Diaries. In both of these series, she played
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"The Vampire Diaries: Moonlight On The Bayou"

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Sneak Peek footage from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Moonlight On The Bayou", written by Caroline Dries, Brett Matthews and directed by Jeffrey Hunt, in a 'crossover' with the series "The Originals", that aired February 26, 2016 on The CW:

" order to lure vengeful 'vampire' hunter 'Rayna Cruz' (Leslie-Anne Huff) to stay clear of his friends in 'Mystic Falls', 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) heads to New Orleans, where 'Valerie' (Elizabeth Blackmore) has learned of a safe house that can protect him.

"Once there, he comes face to face with 'Klaus Mikaelson' (Joseph Morgan), who soon becomes suspicious of his old friend's unexpected arrival in his city.

"Meanwhile, 'Enzo' (Michael Malarkey), working on behalf of a mysterious organization called 'The Armory', approaches 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) and 'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) with a plan that could protect Stefan from Rayna.

"Finally, after learning 'Alaric' (Matt Davis) has decided to leave for Dallas with the twins immediately,
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"The Vampire Diaries: American Gothic"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "American Gothic", written by Evan Bleiweiss/Jose Molina and directed by Kellie Cyrus, that aired March 28, 2013 on The CW:

"...'Elena' (Nina Dobrev) and 'Rebekah' (Claire Holt) take off in search of 'Katherine' (Dobrev), finding themselves in a small town in Pennsylvania, where Elena has a surprising encounter with old acquaintance 'Elijah' (Daniel Gillies).

"'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) and 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) are concerned about Elena’s state of mind, determined to do what’s best for her, but she will makes it clear that helping her is going to be difficult.

"Damon is not sure how to react when Stefan reveals his unexpected plan for the future. Then in 'Mystic Falls', 'Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) receives help from 'Caroline' (Candice Accola) , with a new respect for the power of 'Silas'..."

"The Vampire Diaries" is based on "The Vampire Diaries" book series by author L.
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Rob and Marisol Thomas Honored at Annual Benefit for The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States honored Sidewalk Angels Foundation, founded by Grammy Award-winning artist Rob Thomas and his philanthropist wife Marisol Thomas and luxury beauty brand Moroccanoil last week at the 2017 To the Rescue! New York gala at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The evening raised $3 million for Hsus’ animal rescue efforts.

Actress Malin Akerman presented the Thomases and their Sidewalk Angels Foundation with the Hsus Compassion in Action Award for making real change in helping those who have no voice. In her speech, Akerman praised the Thomases for their immediate reaction to animals in need during the tragic hurricanes that swept the U.S. this year.

In their acceptance speech, Rob and Marisol Thomas thanked The Hsus for the honor and praised the organization’s unwavering dedication to helping animals out of harmful situations across the country.

Marisol and Rob said: “This is a group effort. We need to
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"The Vampire Diaries: I Carry Your Heart With Me"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "I Carry Your Heart With Me", written by Neil Reynolds and directed by Jeffrey Hunt, that aired October 29, 2015 on The CW:

"...just as 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) thinks he’s gained the upper hand in his fight against 'Lily' (Annie Wersching), an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B.

"Elsewhere, when the fallout of Damon’s actions gains the unwanted attention of 'Mary Louise' (Teressa Liane) and 'Nora' (Scarlett Byrne), 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) and 'Caroline' (Candice King) are forced to spend the night distracting the girls at the 'Whitmore College Heaven & Hell' ball.

"Finally, after suspecting that she’s up to something, 'Enzo' (Michael Malarkey) sets off on a mission to find out what 'Valerie' (Elizabeth Blackmore) is hiding, while a plan set by 'Alaric' (Matt Davis) and 'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) leaves their worlds turned upside down.
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"The Vampire Diaries: Handle With Care"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Handle With Care", written by Caroline Dries, Holly Brix and directed by Jeffrey Hunt, that aired November 7, 2013 on The CW:

" 'Handle With Care', 'Silas' (Paul Wesley) happily announces his new goal to 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) and 'Elena' (Nina Dobrev), but they are skeptical when he promises to accomplish one important task in return for their help.

"'Tessa' (Janina Gavankar) confidently tells 'Stefan' (Wesley) about her next move, then realizes that Silas has managed to outsmart her.

"A desperate 'Katherine' (Dobrev) discovers a new and unexpected consequence of becoming human again, and realizes she needs a new place to stay.

"In exchange for a spot in the dorm room, she offers to show 'Caroline' (Candice Accola) how to get answers from 'Dr. Maxfield' (Rick Cosnett).

"'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) is touched by 'Jeremy' (Steven R. McQueen) and his
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"The Vampire Diaries: I Was Feeling Epic"

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Sneak Peek footage from the Season 8, series finale episode of "The Vampire Diaries", titled "I Was Feeling Epic", written by Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson and directed by Plec, that aired March 10, 2017 on The CW:

"...with the fate of 'Mystic Falls' at stake, 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) and 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) must fight their greatest enemy for one last battle..."

The CW will also air the one-hour special, "The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours", before the series finale:

"...after eight amazing seasons, 'The Vampire Diaries' is coming to a dramatic and epic end. This one-hour retrospective features interviews with past and present cast members and guest stars, a conversation with the executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, behind-the-scenes footage from the final season and special moments from the past eight years..."

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"The Vampire Diaries: Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell", written by Alan McElroy and directed by Paul Wesley, that aired December 2, 2016 on The CW:

"...when her children become the focus of the latest plan from 'Siren', 'Caroline' (Candice King) takes drastic measures to ensure nothing gets in the way of keeping her family safe.

"In a race against the clock, 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) pledges to do everything he can to save the twins, while tensions between 'Alaric' (Matt Davis) and Caroline boil over, leading them to face some harsh realities about the future of their family.

"Then 'Enzo' (Michael Malarkey) finds himself unable to fight off 'Sybil' (Nathalie Kelley), while Stefan dives into his subconscious and along the way, sets off a chain of events that leaves him faced with a life-changing decision..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak
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"The Vampire Diaries: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here"

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Sneak Peek footage, plus images from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here", written by Brett Matthews and directed by Leslie Libman, that aired October 30, 2014 on The CW:

"...with 'Homecoming' around the corner, 'Elena' (Nina Dobrev) invites 'Liam' (Marco James) to attend a party at the corn maze with her.

"Instead of attending the homecoming festivities, 'Caroline' (Candice Accola) is preoccupied after 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) shows up unexpectedly and needs her help cleaning up a mess created by 'Enzo' (Michael Malarkey).

"Heeding Elena's advice to be more social, 'Alaric' (Matt Davis) reluctantly attends the party, but a devastating accident quickly leaves him and 'Jo' (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) rushing to save lives.

"Elsewhere, 'Tyler' (Michael Trevino) finds himself in a dangerous position when his werewolf curse is put to the test, and an emotionally embattled Stefan comes clean to Caroline about his intent to move on from 'Mystic Falls'.
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"The Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Fool Me Once", written by Brett Conrad and directed by Marcos Siega, that aired February 11, 2010 on The CW:

"...'Elena' (Nina Dobrev) wakes up and finds herself in a strange hotel room. She sees 'Ben' (Sean Faris) sleeping and tries to slowly sneak out but Ben wakes up. 'Anna' (Malese Jow) arrives and drags Elena to the bathroom locking her in. Elena finds 'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) lying unconscious in the bathtub. She tries to help Bonnie and Elena informs her that Ben is with Anna and they want to open the tomb but they need a witch to do that.

"Meanwhile, 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) looks for Elena but cannot find her. He goes to 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) asking for his help but Damon, who is still mad at him, does not want to help. Damon leaves Stefan alone and goes to Bonnie's grandmother,
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"The Vampire Diaries" Season 1 Outtakes

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Sneak Peek outtakes from "The Vampire Diaries" Season 1, based on the novels of the same name by author L. J. Smith, that debuted May 19, 2009 on The CW,  receiving the highest ratings for a series premiere in the network's history:

"...'Mystic Falls', Virginia, is charged with supernatural history, as 'Elena Gilbert' (Nina Dobrev) tries to get over her parents' death and the seductive influence of two vampire brothers, 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) and 'Damon Salvatore' (Ian Somerhalder).

"Nothing goes as planned for Elena during her first day back at school when Stefan, a mysterious new student attracts Elena's attention, leaving her ex-boyfriend 'Matt' jealous and her semi-rival 'Caroline' unaware of what's happening.

"Elena's friend, 'Bonnie', suspects something off about Stefan as does 'Tyler Lockwood'. After Matt's sister 'Vicki' is bitten by something they believe to be an animal, it is discovered that Stefan is a 'vampire'. 

"Stefan realizes he is not the only vampire in town,
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"The Vampire Diaries: Nostalgia's A Bitch"

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Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Nostalgia's A Bitch", written by Brett Matthews and directed by Kellie Cyrus, that aired January 27, 2017 on The CW:

"...'Sybil' (Nathalie Kelley) enacts revenge on 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) by putting him in a catatonic state. 

"'Caroline' (Candice King) and 'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) enter Damon's mind and run into familiar faces from the past, only to discover 'Stefan' (Paul Wesley) is the key to Damon's fate.

"It's a race against time for the bell as both Sybil and her sister 'Seline' (Kristen Gutoskie) jockey for its control..."

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Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Break Up For the Second Time

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Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Break Up For the Second Time
After nearly four years of dating, Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are no longer together, Us Weekly reports. The on-and-off-again couple, who first met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, briefly parted ways in March but shortly reconciled nearly a month later when they were spotted holding hands. The last time they were together was in May when they showed sweet Pda and sported matching black outfits at The Grove in La. While they remained good friends after their initial split, they are reportedly no longer following each other on social media. We're certainly going to miss their sweet moments together.
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"The Vampire Diaries" Graphic Novels

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DC Comics' official, "The Vampire Diaries" comic book series, starting in 2013, ran 39 issues, 'inspired' by The CW TV series, featuring stories by B. Clay Moore, Colleen Doran, Leah Moore and John Reppion:

"...the series is set in 'Mystic Falls', Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. 

"Elena Gilbert' (Nina Dobrev), a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, falls in love with a 162-year-old vampire named 'Stefan Salvatore' (Paul Wesley). 

"Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's mysterious older brother 'Damon Salvatore' (Ian Somerhalder) returns...

"...with a plan to resurrect his past lover 'Katherine Pierce', a vampire who looks exactly like Elena.

"Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena,
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"The Vampire Diaries: Home"

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Sneak Peek footage from the "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Home", directed by Chris Grismer, that aired May 15, 2014 on The CW:

"...heartbroken by an unexpected tragedy, 'Damon' (Ian Somerhalder) is focused on holding himself together, while pushing 'Bonnie' (Kat Graham) harder than ever to find a way to stop the disintegration of the 'Other Side'.

"'Elena' (Nina Dobrev) takes matters into her own hands and demands that 'Liv' (Penelope Mitchell) and 'Luke' (Chris Broshu) help her, but Liv refuses to cooperate until 'Caroline' (Candice Accola) provides her with some personal motivation.

"'Sheriff Forbes' (guest star 'Marguerite MacIntyre') is horrified when 'Markos' (Raffi Barsoumian) uses violence against 'Tyler/Julian' (Michael Trevino) to prove that 'Mystic Falls' is now under the control of the 'Travelers'.

"With new information from Sheriff Forbes, Damon comes up with a dangerous plan that relies on split-second timing from 'Jeremy' (Steven R. McQueen) and 'Matt' (Zach Roerig
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TVLine Items: Shonda Rhimes Is Fame-ous, Black Lightning Casts Sis and More

TVLine Items: Shonda Rhimes Is Fame-ous, Black Lightning Casts Sis and More
The queen of Shondaland and the indigenous Not Ready for Primetime Players are among the Television Academy’s latest Hall of Fame inductees.

Shonda Rhimes and the original cast of Saturday Night Live — including Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and John Belushi and Gilda Radner (posthumously) — will be inducted during a non-televised ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the Saban Media Center in Hollywood, Calif.

Additional 2017 honorees include TV producer John Wells (Shameless, The West Wing, ER), the late Joan Rivers and art director/production designer Roy Christopher (Frasier).

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets?
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Paul Wesley and Pretty Little Liars Showrunner Developing Show about a Hookup App

Freeform is really leaning into what it knows its audience likes: shows from I. Marlene King, hot young stars and hookup apps.

The network is developing a new drama, Tapped, from Pretty Little Liars showrunner King and The Vampire Diaries vet Paul Wesley, Deadline reports. The series follows three


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