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Interviews (1)

Film Fan Monthly (US) December 1972, Iss. # 138, pg. 3, by: Maltin, Leonard, "FFM interviews Madge Evans"

Articles (16)

Classic Images (US) June 1988, Iss. 156, pg. 17-20, C32, by: George A. Katchmer, "The Multi-Talented Entertainer, Robert Warwick"
Variety (US) June 10 1964, "Robert Warwick"
New York Times (US) June 7 1964, pg. 86:4, "Robert Warwick of Films and TV; Actor, Long a Leading Man on Broadway, Dies at 85"
Paris and Hollywood (US) October 1926, pg. 46, "Movie History in the Making Ten Years Ago [had been voted most popular movie actor in Australia]"
Moving Picture World (US) May 22 1920, pg. 1053, "Warwick Sues Famous Players Charging Breach of Contract"
Moving Picture World (US) May 10 1919, pg. 802, "Robert Warwick Is Signed by Famous Players-Lasky"
Motion Picture Classic (US) May 1919, pg. 24-25, 66, by: Faith Service, "War and Women; Boab Warwick Discusses Battlefields and Femininity"
Moving Picture World (US) February 15 1919, pg. 873, ill, "Robert Warwick Back from Europe"
Moving Picture World (US) June 8 1918, pg. 1457, "Warwick Back Gets First View of His Last Picture"
Moving Picture World (US) April 27 1918, pg. 518, "Robert Warwick"
Moving Picture World (US) April 27 1918, pg. 518, ill, "Robert Warwick"
Moving Picture World (US) March 9 1918, pg. 1344, "Captain Robert Warwick Over There"
Moving Picture World (US) November 18 1916, pg. 995, "Warwick Will Have His Own Company"
Moving Picture World (US) September 18 1915, pg. 2000, "Warwick Signs with World Film"
Moving Picture World (US) October 24 1914, pg. 512, "Robert Warwick Signs with World Film"
Moving Picture World (US) October 10 1914, pg. 199, ill, "Robert Warwick"

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