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First Look: Documentary Focuses on Champion Boxer Joe Calzaghe (Exclusive)

Former super middleweight and light-heavyweight boxing world champion Joe Calzaghe, who was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in New York recently, is the subject of a documentary feature by Vaughan Sivell, “Mr Calzaghe.” Variety, which has been given exclusive access to the first footage from the film, spoke to the director about the movie, which is in production.

At the center of the pic is the relationship between Joe and his father Enzo, who is his trainer. This father-son team went from humble beginnings in a small town in Wales to the pinnacle of the fight business, culminating with Joe’s final fight, undefeated, at Madison Square Garden. “It really is something special — they love each other and have never deviated from that,” Sivell says.

“There seems to be a growing zeitgeist around, and interest in, the father-son relationship, in the way the world is now — the absence of fathers,
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TV Od with Sam Richards: The Plane Crash

Channel 4 is taking car-crash TV to the next level by buying a jumbo jet and plunging it into the desert – all in the name of airline safety

When Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff, dishevelled star of England's 2005 Ashes victory celebrations, recently announced his intention to become a heavyweight boxer for Sky1's The Gloves Are Off, the stunt was branded "car-crash television" by promoter Frank Warren. He was calling on a phrase that's come to mean any kind of compellingly awful TV spectacle – Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild, for instance, or those Morrisons adverts starring Freddie Flintoff – although Warren probably meant it more straightforwardly: watching Flintoff get pummelled in the face by a vastly superior opponent will be like rubbernecking a grisly automobile wreck.

Literal car-crash TV already exists in the form of Pick TV's Road Wars, although personally I prefer the bits between the crashes, where two laconic traffic cops pootle
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The 10 greatest Rutger Hauer films that aren’t Blade Runner

From the 70s to the present, we look back through the sterling work of Rutger Hauer to bring you the actor’s 10 finest films that aren't Blade Runner...

For some, Dutch actor Rutger Hauer will forever be associated with a certain rooftop speech about tears in rain. But although his turn as doomed replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner was a classic one, Hauer’s output before and since has been stunningly prolific. This list, therefore, is designed to highlight 10 of Hauer’s finest non-Blade Runner movies, with a particular emphasis on those that are lesser known – which is why we've gone for some older pictures rather than the more recent and mainstream, such as Batman Begins. And since this is Den of Geek, expect to find lots of action movies, horror, and low-budget sci-fi in the entries below.

One thing they all have in common, though, irrespective of
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PostSecret Is Now In App Form, Founder Frank Warren On How It Can Act As Suicide Prevention

  • ShockYa
PostSecret Is Now In App Form, Founder Frank Warren On How It Can Act As Suicide Prevention
Frank Warren, founder of the highly popular PostSecret, has released a new component to his blog, called the PostSecret app. This app, which provides mailed secrets in real time, allows other readers to directly reply to the secret holders. Warren hopes that the app will not only provide users of PostSecret to be able to communicate with each other, but he also hopes it will help prevent and protect people suffering from mental health issues. Warren started PostSecret as a “creative prank,” he said, saying that he’d have people send him their secrets on blank postcards. Warren soon realized that he could use what started out as a prank as...
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Why Hollywood loves boxing more than boxing does | Kevin Mitchell

The Fighter picked up some Oscars but the main event is in trouble, plus Mike Tyson's latest rehabilitation

Hollywood has always loved boxing - but not enough this time for The Fighter to beat The King's Speech at the Oscars. Still, it picked up a couple of gongs, including one for Welsh actor Christian Bale, who beat Geoffrey Rush for best supporting actor in his role as Mickey Ward's wayward half-brother, Dicky Eklund. "Mate, you're the best," Bale shouted out to Eklund in the audience. "He's had a wonderful story and I can't want to see the next chapter … If you want to be a champion, if you want to train with him, go and meet with him. Go and check him out. He deserves it."

Eklund was not bowled over in a rush of luvvies. There will not be another chapter. He has had his Hollywood moment and will be forgotten soon enough,
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Jay Larkin obituary

Showtime executive, he televised some of boxing's biggest fights

It is rare within the boxing world to be able to say that one of the most powerful figures in the sport was also one of its most popular, but that was true of Jay Larkin, who has died aged 59 of brain cancer. Larkin, who spent nearly 20 years with the Us cable network Showtime, helped stage some of the biggest television boxing events, including the two fights between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield for the world heavyweight title, in 1996 and 1997, and the 2002 showdown between Lennox Lewis and Tyson.

The fact that he came from a non-sporting background helped Larkin view seemingly complex issues and vanities for what they were, and enabled him to clinch deals where others might have failed. A finely honed sense of humour also played its part, allied to a refusal to be taken in by what he
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