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Jodie Whittaker Went Through “Months Of Auditions” Before Landing Doctor Who Role

The role of the Doctor is one of the biggest jobs on TV, so you can imagine that there’s a long and arduous audition process to find the right person for the part on each occasion. That’s definitely true in the case of Jodie Whittaker, the newly-regenerated Thirteenth Doctor, as she’s revealed that she had to go through months of auditions before she was declared as the new face of Doctor Who.

While speaking with Doctor Who Magazine, Whittaker recalled her jitters on her first day on set playing the Doctor. In response to a question about what showrunner Chris Chibnall thought of her initial performance, she clarified that he’d become used to her by then as he’d guided her through such a long process beforehand.

“I mean, it was the first time he’d seen me as the Doctor in costume, on the set,
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Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker Explains Her Doctor’s Accent

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker has lifted the lid on the decision to keep her thick, natural accent for the Thirteenth Doctor. With Peter Capaldi making his final appearance as the iconic Time Lord last month, a new figure was required to take over the Tardis and, for the first time in history, a female was cast as the central character in Doctor Who. Since Whittaker was revealed as the Thirteenth Doctor, the BBC have also unveiled her shiny new set of companions (including British TV host and actor Bradley Walsh) and the Doctor’s updated outfit.
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Jodie Whittaker Hopes Doctor Who Season 11 Will Blow Our Minds

Now that Peter Capaldi has regenerated into Jodie Whittaker, as seen in the Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time,” we’re officially in the era of the Thirteenth Doctor. That said, we’ve still got to wait a large chunk of the year before season 11 arrives at some point this autumn. When it does finally materialize, however, the new Doctor hopes that her adventures through time and space blow fans’ minds.

While speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Jodie Whittaker talked about how excited she is to be playing the role of the Doctor, explaining how she doesn’t think there’s another acting job like it out there.

“How lucky am I to play this part? There is no other job in the world like this, where you can see so many different worlds, meet such amazing characters and speak such extraordinary dialogue.”

Right now, Whittaker is knee-deep
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Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord Looks To The Future In New Doctor Who Image

Twice Upon a Time” may still be fresh in the minds of Whovians, but Jodie Whittaker is already looking to the future.

The incoming Time Lord, who’s poised to spearhead Doctor Who in the absence of Peter Capaldi, features in this newly-unveiled promo image for season 11. First spotted by Radio Times, the BBC initially rolled out the rather quaint pic via Twitter, replete with the caption, “looking to the future…”

Mind you, it’s presumably lifted from the same meadow photoshoot from late last year, when Whittaker’s costume was first unveiled. She’s already struck a chord with fans, too, thanks to her brief, yet memorable appearance in “Twice Upon a Time.” Also of note, Whittaker recently spoke to Doctor Who Magazine about honing her craft – specifically, the accent she’ll be using while portraying the famous Doctor.

All the Doctors’ voices have been different. There have been various dialects,
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Turns Out Bill Potts Wasn’t Always A Part Of The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Well, this would certainly explain the conflicting reports about Pearl Mackie’s involvement – or lack thereof – in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time.”

Prior to release, Whovians were left on tenterhooks as Steven Moffat et al. cast doubt over Mackie’s potential role. The outgoing showrunner was naturally trying to keep any and all story details under wraps, particularly as “Twice Upon a Time” signaled the long-awaited changeover involving Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker, who will now lead Doctor Who into 2018.

But as Moffat tells Doctor Who: The Fan Show (via, Bill Potts wasn’t always a part of last week’s festive special, and was only written into the bittersweet episode mid-way through development.

I was 20 pages into the script and I was slightly stuck. And I thought: ‘I just want to hear what Bill’s got to say.’ I had been so used to writing Bill,
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Pearl Mackie Says To Bring Some Tissues For Doctor Who Christmas Special

The upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special is a hugely important episode for a whole bunch of reasons. There’s Peter Capaldi’s regeneration, Jodie Whittaker’s arrival, David Bradley as the First Doctor, Mark Gatiss is guest starring and, last but not least, Pearl Mackie is making her final appearance as the Doctor’s latest companion, Bill Potts.

While promoting the upcoming outing, titled “Twice Upon a Time,” on BBC Breakfast, the actress echoed previous comments from the Doctor Who family by saying how “emotional” the special will be. Though Mackie knew that going into the screening, it still caught her off-guard just how tear-jerking it was.

“I spent so long saying to people: ‘Oh just be prepared. It’s quite an emotional episode. It’s Peter’s last episode, my last episode. Bring some tissues,’ and I was watching it at the screening and I didn’t bring any tissues.
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Karen Gillan Is “Bothered” By People Who Are Against A Female Doctor

She might have exited the show a whole five years ago now, but Karen Gillan is still happy to talk about Doctor Who.

While promoting her latest movie – the surprisingly great Jumanji: Welcome the Jungle – the Avengers: Infinity War actress was asked about what she thinks of Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the Thirteenth Doctor. She made clear that she’s on board with the idea of a woman playing the Time Lord and in fact, it really bothers her that a subset of fans were “skeptical” about the Doctor’s change of gender.

“That was major for the show, it’s never happened before. And there were so many people that were skeptical, and it just bothered me. Because of course a female could play a role, that’s insane.”

It’s no surprise that Karen Gillan has proven herself to be one of Jodie Whittaker’s biggest supporters.
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BBC Giving Doctor Who Season 11 New Cameras For A More Cinematic Look

As the 11th season of Doctor Who rapidly approaches, it’s beginning to look like the show is set to the ring in the changes in more ways than one. While certain corners of the fandom reacted somewhat vigorously to the news that the titular character will now be played by a woman – Jodie Whittaker – it’s rumoured that this change is just one component of a full scale overhaul for the iconic television property.

The refit for the flagship BBC sci-fi series undoubtedly starts with a changing of the showrunning guard, with Steven Moffat departing to make way for the incoming Chris Chibnall. This change in leadership is evidently having something of a trickle-down effect, with alterations being made to both the fabric and format of episodes, too. But that’s not all, as the show will also be getting an upgraded look when it returns, thanks to some fancy new cameras.
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Former Doctor Who Companion John Barrowman Believes A Female Time Lord Was Long Overdue

Not for the first time, former Doctor Who companion John Barrowman has come out in defense of Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the first female Time Lord.

While appearing on Good Morning Britain (via Radio Times) to promote his involvement in the Manchester Opera House, Barrowman hailed Whittaker’s addition as a “great” boost for the Doctor Who franchise. The Broadchurch actress is due to make her first real appearance in next month’s festive special, “Twice Upon a Time,” and it’s fair to say that Whovians are already beside themselves with excitement.

Chris Chibnall will be the one directing Jodie Whittaker come 2018, and when John Barrowman was pressed about the concept of a female Doctor, the actor responded as so:

There’s no Gallifreyan law in the Gallifreyan text that says it has to be a man. I think it’s about time… we should give her a chance.
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Catch A Glimpse Of Jodie Whittaker And Her Companion In New Doctor Who Set Pics

Incoming Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker has been pictured filming a nighttime scene with her new companion, Graham (The Chase‘s Bradley Walsh).

Said to be completely unrelated to next month’s Christmas Special, which will herald our first true look at Whittaker in action, the prying eyes of the Daily Mail managed to snap these photos in some unspecified wooded area, as the Doctor and Graham infiltrate an industrial factory.

It’s impossible to gauge the context of this scene based on a horde of unofficial set photos, but the Daily Mail’s report does suggest that a stand-in for the Tardis was just out of shot, which would explain why Whittaker’s protagonist is clutching on to an Asian (Japanese?) bag. Graham is also equipped with a pair of wire-cutters, so perhaps our dynamic duo are about to embark on a top-secret mission come 2018?

Your guess is as good as ours,
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New Companion Bradley Walsh Didn’t Even Have To Audition For Doctor Who

The role of a Doctor Who companion is one of the most sought after on TV. Apart from just being a fun part to play, joining such a beloved institution can act as an unknown actor or actress’ big break. As such, usually each new companion is only cast after a rigorous auditioning process. For example, the story of how Pearl Mackie was cast as Bill Potts was recently revealed in a behind-the-scenes featurette.

It’s a bit surprising, then, that one of Jodie Whittaker Aka the Thirteenth Doctor’s new companions didn’t even have to audition. Bradley Walsh, a popular figure on British TV thanks to his long career as a comedian and game show host, was the only person showrunner Chris Chibnall considered for the role of Graham, one of three characters hopping aboard the Tardis for season 11.

Speaking on the BBC’s The One Show, Walsh
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New Behind The Scenes Video Reveals How Pearl Mackie Was Cast In Doctor Who

Doctor Who has just found itself a brand new cast, with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor being joined by three fresh companions – namely, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill. But have you ever wondered what the casting process is like for the sci-fi show? These roles are some of the most coveted on TV, so you’d imagine the whole thing is highly selective, right?

For the answer to that, here’s a behind the scenes video that explores how current companion Pearl Mackie – who plays Bill Potts opposite Peter Capaldi – came to appear in the BBC’s jewel in the crown. The clip comes from a 15-minute “Becoming The Companion” feature, which is found on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Doctor Who season 10.

On why Mackie was picked out of all the actresses who auditioned, casting director Andy Pryor explained:

“She just felt very fresh, very modern,
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‘Doctor Who’: Jodie Whittaker’s Quirky New Doctor Costume Is Perfect for Cosplay and Adventuring

With Peter Capaldi making way for Jodie Whittaker as the lead on “Doctor Who,” details about the new era have begun to be released. The latest news in the Whoniverse is the essential new costume that the new Doctor will wear.

On the long-running series, the clothes make the man, or in this case, woman. While it may seem like a frivolous detail, the Doctor is such an iconic character that it’s essential to get the look just right for numerous reasons. Primarily, it should convey the personality and tone of the new Doctor. In recent years, Ten sported a long duster, Eleven had his classic tweed and bow tie, while Capaldi’s Twelve kept it clean and classic with a few idiosyncratic touches: The dark jacket paired with a matching waistcoat and crisp white shirt conveyed a more traditional tone befitting his age, yet the sunglasses, red lining
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Take Your First Look At Jodie Whittaker As Doctor Who

The BBC has revealed the very first image of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor on the long-running BBC series Doctor Who. Whittaker will take over the title character during this year’s 2017 Christmas Special, which is titled ‘The Doctors’, an episode which will see Peter Capaldi bow out after three successful seasons.

Take a look at the first look of Whittaker below.

Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill will also appear in the new series, which will air in 2018. Chris Chibnall takes over as head writer and executive producer for the ten brand new episodes.

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New image of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor from Doctor Who

Although the BBC released a brief promo of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor back when her casting in Doctor Who was first announced, we now have an official look of Whittaker’s Time Lord in her costume, standing alongside the iconic Tardis. Take a look at the image below, and let us know what you make of the first female Doctor’s look in the comments below…

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Whittaker’s Doctor is set to make her first appearance in the upcoming Christmas Special, which will mark the final outing for Peter Capaldi, as well as current showrunner Steven Moffat. Whittaker will then take over the role full time from the eleventh series in Autumn 2018, with Chris Chibnall serving as the new showrunner, and Whittaker’s Doctor joined by new companions Graham (Bradley Walsh), Yasmin (Mandip Gill
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Doctor Who: BBC Releases First Photo of Jodie Whittaker's Time Lord

Doctor Who: BBC Releases First Photo of Jodie Whittaker's Time Lord
It’s the dawn of a new era for Doctor Who.

BBC America on Thursday released a new promotional image for the upcoming Season 11, featuring Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker fully costumed and ready to take the Tardis on many a timey-wimey adventure.

VideosDoctor Who‘s Female Twist Will Be ‘Irrelevant,’ Says David Tennant

Whittaker is succeeding Peter Capaldi, who is set to make his final appearance as Twelve in this December’s Christmas special. Joining her are recently announced series regulars Bradley Walsh (Law & Order: UK) as Graham, Tosin Cole (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Ryan and Mandip Gill
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Toronto Film: "Locke and Key", "Titans", "Umbrella Academy"

  • SneakPeek
From TorontoFilm.Net here is the Toronto Film Production Update for November 2017 including "Locke and Key", "Titans", "Umbrella Academy" and a whole lot more:

Anne- Season 2

TV Series


Prod.: John Calvert

Dir.: Various

Oct 2/17 - Mar 20/18

Baroness Von Sketch Show- Season 3

TV Series

Frantic Films

Prod.: Graham Ludlow, Jeff Peeler

Dir.: Jeremy Lalonde, Jordan Canning

Aug 21 - Nov 10/17

Cardinal: By The Time You Read This- Season 3

TV Series – Mini


Prod.: Jessica Daniel

Dir.: Daniel Grou

Sep 19 - Nov 24/17



Decoy Pictures Inc.

Prod.: Andrew Gunn, Michael Bien, Angela Donald

Dir.: Allan Ungar

Nov 1 - Dec 7/17

Designated Survivor- Season 2

TV Series

Designated 1 Ltd.

Prod.: Llewellyn Wells

Dir.: Various

Jul 4/17 - Mar 31/18

Dino Dana- Season 3

TV Series

Sinking Ship Entertainment

Prod.: Eric Beldowski

Dir: Various

Aug 1 – Nov 17/17

Falling Water- Season 2

TV Series

Gep Falling Water Inc.
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Doctor Who: Season 11; New Cast Members to Join Jodie Whittaker

The Doctor isn't only the new thing about the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Recently, the BBC announced Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, and Sharon D Clarke have joined season 11 of the UK TV show.As previously reported, Jodie Whittaker will be the first female Doctor on the long-running sci-fi drama. She'll make her first appearance on the upcoming Christmas special this December.Read More…
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Trio of new Doctor Who companions unveiled

Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole to star with Jodie Whittaker when she becomes 13th Doctor

Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole have been unveiled as Jodie Whittaker’s co-stars when she becomes the first woman to take on the lead role in Doctor Who.

The trio will star as the 13th Doctor’s companions Graham, Yasmin and Ryan in the 10-week series to be broadcast in autumn 2018.

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Continue reading...
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Doctor Who, and the casting of soap stars in the show

Mark Harrison Oct 24, 2017

As Doctor Who series 11 adds a trio of soap opera stars to its cast. And it makes sense...

What do Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh have in common? Other than the fact that they're all joining Jodie Whittaker's Doctor as part of the regular cast of Doctor Who's next series, they've all acted in soap operas. Even 12 years since the show was revived by a former Coronation Street writer, that still makes some fans nervous.

Whatever your thoughts on Corrie, EastEnders and other serial dramas (to give them their proper name – the nickname comes from an outdated observation about soap companies sponsoring many of them), they're the best, most relevant training ground for young actors in British television. It's also more relevant to the experience of working on Doctor Who than you might necessarily expect.

We won't go so far as Doctor Who
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