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  • (1915 - 1962) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1915) Stage Play: Sherman Was Right. Written by Frank Mandel. Fulton Theatre: 26 Oct 1915- Nov 1915 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Martin Alsop, Ernest Cossart, Dorothy Dorr, Frank Gerbach, Hale Hamilton, Ben Hendricks, Georgie Lawrence, Jean Shelby, Sam Sidman, Regina Wallace [Broadway debut], Suzanne Willa. Produced by H.H. Frazee.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Friendly Enemies. Written by Samuel Shipman and Aaron Hoffman. Cast: Richard Barbee (as "William Pfeifer"), Sam Bernard (as "Henry Block"), Mathilde Cottrelly (as "Marie Pfeifer"), Felix Krembs (as "Walter Stuart"), Louis Mann (as "Karl Pfeifer"), Natalie Manning (as "Nora"), Regina Wallace (as "June Block"). Produced by A.H. Woods. Note: Filmed by Belasco Productions [distributed by Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)] as Friendly Enemies (1925) and by Edward Small Productions [distributed by United artists] as Friendly Enemies (1942).
  • (1919) Stage Play: Lusmore. Drama. Written by Rita Olcott and Grace Heyer. Henry Miller's Theatre: 9 Sep 1919- Sep 1919 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Beth Fox (as "Mother Weir"), John Hamilton (as "Mal O'Flynn"), Grace Heyer (as "Lusmore"), Eva Le Gallienne (as "Eithne"), William H. Malone (as "Daragh Murray/Soldier"), John McFarlane (as "Taman Weir"), Louise Poe (as "Ellen of the Grey Locks/Lady Margreadh"), William H. Sams (as "Hugh de Lacy"), Elsa Sheridan (as "Widow Ni Leary/Lady Cathleen"), Mary Stephens (as "Una O'Brien/Fairy Queen"), Edwin Strawbridge (as "Wounded Knight"), John Todd (as "Big Dermac Malone/Brother Bertram"), Regina Wallace (as "Princess Oirein"), Richard Wallace Brother Michell/Aide"). Produced by Rita Olcott.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Ouija Board.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Pagans. Tragedy. Written by Charles Anthony. Princess Theatre: 4 Jan 1921- Jan 1921 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Frederick Burt (as "James Barlow"), Alice Fischer (as "Mrs. Judith Macknight"), David Glassford (as "Doctor Gregory"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "Richard Northcote") [Broadway debut], Harold Vermilyea (as "Bill Pratt"), Regina Wallace (as Elise Northcote"), Helen Ware (as "Mme. Morelli"). Produced by Max Wilner and Sigmund Romberg.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Nobody's Money.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Your Woman and Mine. Drama.
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Breaking Point. Drama. Written by Mary Roberts Rinehart. Directed by Collin Kemper. Klaw Theatre: 16 Aug 1923- Oct 1923 (closing date unknown/68 performances). Cast: Reginald Barlow (as "Dr. Miller"), Robert Barrat (as "Bassett"), Maurice Darcy (as "Joe"), John Doyle (as "David"), Gail Kane (as "Beverly"), Stephen Maley (as "Bill"), McKay Morris (as "Dick"), John Morrissey (as "Sheriff"), Lucille Sears (as "Clare"), Zeffie Tilbury (as "Lucy"), Marie Valray (as "Indian Woman"), Robert Vaughn (as "Curley/Riley"), Regina Wallace (as "Elizabeth"). Produced by Wagenhals and Collin Kemper.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Show Off. Comedy/drama. Written by George Kelly. Playhouse Theatre: 5 Feb 1924- Jun 1925 (closing date unknown/571 performances). Cast: John Bartels, Joseph Clayton, Juliette Crosby, Guy D'Ennery (as "Frank Hyland"), Charles Goodrich (as "Mr. Fisher"), Helen Lowell, Francis Pierlot (as "Mr. Gill"), Lee Tracy (as "Joe") [Broadway debut], Regina Wallace (as "Amy"). Produced by Stewart & French Inc. Note: This Broadway hit proved quite durable on film. First, by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation (Paramount) as a Louise Brooks vehicle as The Show-Off (1926), then by Paramount as Men Are Like That (1930), and by MGM as The Show-Off (1934), starring Spencer Tracy.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Divorce a la Carte. Satire/farce. Written by Samuel R. Golding. Directed by Samuel R. Golding. Biltmore Theatre: 26 Mar 1928- Apr 1928 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Albert Cross (as "Patrick McAvoy"), Hale Hamilton (as "Leslie Maitland"), George Drury Hart (as "Philo Buller"), Geoffrey Harwood (as "Chapman Pell"), Sheelagh Hayes (as "Celeste"), Kathleen Lowry (as "Grace Horton"), Diantha Pattison (as "Janet Furniss McCook"), Charles D. Pitt (as "Smythe"), Regina Wallace (as "Cyrilla Maitland"). Produced by The Drama Associates Inc.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Housewarming. Written by Gilbert Emery. Directed by Pauline Frederick. Charles Hopkins Theatre: 7 Apr 1932- Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Frank Conlan (as "Salem Hipple"), Richard Hale (as "Sam Gregory"), Louis Jean Heydt (as "Edward Sedgwick"), Corbet Morris (as "Alfred Joy"), Molly Pearson (as "Martha Sedgwick"), Eleanor Shaler (as "Olive Drengle"), Beverly Sitgreaves (as "Jane Scott"), Regina Wallace (as "Anne Gregory"), Katherine Wilson (as "Mary Sedgwick"), Clare Woodbury (as "Sarah Fuller"). Produced by Ann Ayers.
  • (1934) Stage Play: I, Myself. Drama. Written by Adelyn Bushnell.
  • (1935) Stage Play: First Lady. Comedy.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Antony and Cleopatra. Tragedy (revival).
  • (1938) Stage Play: Run Sheep Run. Comedy.
  • (1940) Stage Play: The Male Animal. Comedy.
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Male Animal. Comedy (revival).
  • (1952) Stage Play: First Lady. Comedy (revival). Written by Katharine Dayton and George S. Kaufman. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Directed by David Alexander. City Center: 28 May 1952- unknown (52 performances). Cast: Edna Best (as "Irene Hibbard"), Norman Chi (as "A Chinese"), Hal Cooper (as "Bleecker"), Bette Ford (as "Mrs. Davenport"), Genevieve Frizzell (as "A Congressman's Wife"), Helen Gahagan [credited as Helen Gahagan] (as "Lucy Chase Wayne"), Peggy Ann Garner (as "Emmy Paige"), Richard Hamilton (as "Jason Fleming"), Darthy Hinkley (as "Her Friend"), Will Hussung (as "George Mason"), Jean Jordan (as "Young Girl"), Ulla Kazanova (as "The Baroness"), Leonard Lord (as "A General"), Luis Martinez (as "Senor Ortega"), Margery Maude (as "Belle Hardwick"), Ruth McDevitt (as "Mrs. Creevey"), Scott McKay (as "Senator Keane"), Ona Munson (as "Sophy Prescott"), Althea Murphy (as "Ann Forrester"), Addison Richards (as "Tom Hartwick"), Frank Rowan (as "Charles"), Guy Spaull (as "Stephen Wayne"), Richard Sterling (as "Herbert Sedgwick"), Frederic Tozere (as "Carter Hibbard"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Ives"), Richard Warner (as "(as "Lal Rham"), Howard Wierum (as "Ellsworth T. Ganning"). Produced by New York City Theatre Company.
  • (1956) Stage Play: My Fair Lady. Musical/Romantic comedy. Book by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Adapted from "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. Music arranged by Robert Russell Bennett and Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Trude Rittman. Musical Director: Franz Allers. Choral arrangements by Gino Smart. Production Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Cecil Beaton. Lighting Design by Feder. Hair Design by Ernest Adler. Wig Design by Ira Senz. Choreographed by Hanya Holm. Directed by Moss Hart. Mark Hellinger Theatre (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 28 Feb 1962- 14 Apr 1962, then moved to The Broadway Theatre from 18 Apr 1962- close): 15 Mar 1956- 29 Sep 1962 (2717 performances). Cast: Julie Andrews (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Rex Harrison (as "Henry Higgins") [from 15 Mar 1956- 23 Dec 1957; replaced by Edward Mulhare], Robert Coote (as "Colonel Pickering"), Stanley Holloway (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Cathleen Nesbitt (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Estelle Aza (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Philippa Bevans (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Paul Brown (as "Flunkey/Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Thatcher Clarke (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from ?- Sep 1956], Melisande Congdon (as "Singing Ensemble"), Cathy Conklin (as "Flower Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Margaret Cuddy (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Imelda De Martin (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Pat Diamond (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Crandall Diehl (as "Dancinog Ensemble"), Gordon Dilworth (as "Selsey Man/Harry/Lord Boxington"), Pat Drylie (as "Dancing Ensemble"), David Evans (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Gordon Ewing (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble"), Lola Fisher (as "Singing Ensemble"), Rosemary Gaines (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Maribel Hammer (as "Queen of Transylvania/Singing Ensemble"), Barbara Heath (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Christopher Hewett (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy"), Carl Jeffrey (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Glenn Kezer (as "Second Cockney/Servant/Singing Ensemble), John Michael King (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), William Krach (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble"), Vera Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Nancy Lynch (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Rod McLennan (as "Another Bystander/Jamie/Ambassador"), James Morris (as "Third Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), Barton Mumaw (as "Chauffeur/Constable/Dancing Ensemble"), Gene Nettles (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Colleen O'Connor (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Paul Olson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Mrs. Hopkins/Lady Boxington"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill"), Joe Rocco (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Fernando Schaffenburg (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Muriel Shaw (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Reid Shelton (as "First Cockney/Butler/Singing Ensemble"), Patti Spangler (as "Singing Ensemble") [from ?- Sep 1956], Herb Surface (as "Fourth Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), David Thomas (as "Hoxton Man/Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Gloria Van Dorpe (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), James White (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Judith Williams (as "Mrs. Higgins' Maid/Dancing Ensemble"). Understudies: Constance Brigham (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Paul Brown (as "Jamie'), Gordon Dilworth (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Maribel Hammer (as "Mrs. Hopkins"), Christopher Hewett (as "Henry Higgins"), Glenn Kezer (as "Harry"), Rod McLennan (as "Colonel Pickering"), Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill/Mrs. Pearce"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Reid Shelton (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), David Thomas (as "Zoltan Karpathy"). Replacement cast: [during Mark Hellinger Theatre run]: Helen Ahola (as "Singing Ensemble"), Christian Alderson (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Michael Allinson (as "Henry Higgins") [from 10 Feb 1960- ?], Bill Atkinson (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Gretl Bauer (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Lindsey Bergen (as "First Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), Maxine Berke (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Mary Sue Berry (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Leta Bonynge (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Leo Britt (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy") [from circa 14 May 1956- ?], Margaret Broderson (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Paul Brown (as "Footman"), Betty Buday (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Regina Burger (as "Singing Ensemble") [from circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Ann Casey (as "Singing Ensemble"), Pamela Charles (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 2 Feb 1959- ?], Diana Chase (as "Singing Ensemble"), Hilda Clarke (as "Singing Ensemble"), Thatcher Clarke (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Melville Cooper (as "Colonel Pickering"), Robin Craven (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy") [from 4 Jun 1956- ?], Margaret Cuddy (as "Mrs. Higgins' Maid"), Joan Darby (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Reginald Denny (as "Colonel Pickering") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Bill Diehl (as "Singing Ensemble/Third Cockney"), Crandall Diehl (as "Bystander") [from circa 25 Jun 1956- ?], Joan Diehl (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Gordon Dilworth (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Lee Dougherty (as "Singing Ensemble"), Loren Driscoll (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), Christopher Edwards (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Susan Fellows (as "Queen of Transylvania/Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Lola Fisher (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 14 Aug 1956- ?], Bramwell Fletcher (as "Henry Higgins") [from 25 Aug 1958- ?], Janet Gaylord (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Katia Geleznova (as "Dancing Ensemble") [circa 25 Jun 1956- ?], Don Grilley (as "Singing Ensemble"), Maribel Hammer (as "Lady Boxington/Mrs. Hopkins"), Moss Hart (as "Escort of the Queen of Transylvania") [from 23 Dec 1957- 23 Dec 1957], Kim Hayward (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Tom Hellmore (as "Henry Higgins"), [from 17 Aug 1956- ?], Tom Hestor (as "Busker"), Sally Ann Howes (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 3 Feb 1958- ?], Ray Hyson (as "Third Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), John H. Jones (as "Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Robert Karl (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Lawrence Keith (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble/Flunkey"), Kay Kendall (as "Queen of Transylvania") [from 23 Dec 1957- 23 Dec 1957], Glenn Kezer (as "Butler"), Dieter Klos (as "Dancing Ensemble"), William Krach (as "First Cockney") [circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Ronnie Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from 14 Aug 1961- 24 Feb 1962], David Lober (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Jean Maggio (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Iva March (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Margery Maude (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Svetlana McLee (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Rod McLennan (as "Bartender"), Linda McNaughton (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Kiki Minor (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Dale Moreda (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Margot Moser (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 30 Jan 1961- ?], Edward Mulhare (as "Henry Higgins") [from 29 Nov 1957- ?], Barton Mumaw (as "Bystander"), Glenn Olson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Price (as "Singing Ensemble"), Ronald Radd (as "Alfred P. Doolittle [from 23 Dec 1957- ?], Rosemary Rainer (as "Eliza Doolittle/Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Charlotte Ray (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Reilly (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Ronald Rosanoff (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bentley Roton (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Dorothy Scott (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Karen Shepard (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Barbara Siman (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Robert St. Clair (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Herb Surface (as "Servant"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill [circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Marc West (as "Dancing Ensemble") [circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Harry Woolever (as "Dancing Ensemble"). Understudies: Helen Ahola (as "Mrs. Hopkins"), Leo Britt (as "Henry Higgins/Colonel Pickering"), Robin Craven (as "Henry Higgins"), Lola Fisher (as "Eliza Doolittle"), John H. Jones (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), Lawrence Keith (as "Jamie"), Rosemary Rainer (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Karen Shepard (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Higgins"). [During Broadhurst Theatre run:] Leta Bonynge (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Ronnie Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from 28 Feb 1962- 28 Jul 1962]. [During Broadway Theatre run:] None noted. Produced by Herman Levin. Note: Filmed as My Fair Lady (1964) by Warner Brothers.

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