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Julian Wall



The Shallows 1st a.d. Sony / Jaume Collet-Serra
The Magnificent Seven 1st a.d. Splinter & 2nd unit MGM / Antoine Fuqua / Jeff Dahnaw
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 1st a.d. 2nd unit Warner Bros. / Damon Caro / Zack Snyder
A Change of Heart 1st a.d. Surprise Films / Kenny Ortega
Run All Night 1st a.d. / Associate Producer Warner Bros. / Jaume Collet-Serra
Non-Stop 1st a.d. (additional photography) Warner Bros. / Jaume Collet-Serra
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 1st a.d. 2nd unit Fox. Matt Reeves / Bradley Parker
300: Rise of an Empire 1st a.d. (additional photography) Wrner Bos
Gangster Squad 1st a.d. (additional photography) Warner Bros.
Breaking at the Edge 1st a.d. Predrag "Gaga" Antonjevic
Parker 1st a.d. Taylor Hackford
Savannah 1st a.d. / Associate Producer Annette Haywood-Carter
Green Lantern 1st a.d. 2nd unit Warner Bros. / Martin Campbell / John Mahaffie
Little Murder 1st a.d. / Associate Producer / 2nd unit Director Mind in Motion Ent. / Predrag "Gaga" Antonjevic
Blue Creative Director / Consultant Shree Ashtavinayak, Bollywood / Tony De Souza
Street Kings 1st a.d. / Associate Producer Fox Searchlight / New Regency / David Ayer
S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) 1st a.d. Feature Documentary / Errol Morris
The Omen 1st a.d. 20th Century Fox / John Moore
Flight of the Phoenix 1st a.d. 20th Century Fox / John Moore
Bad Boys 2 1st a.d. Columbia / Michael Bay
Basic 1st a.d. Intermedia / Columbia / John McTiernan
Blade 2 1st a.d. New Line / Guillermo Del Toro
Rollerball 1st a.d. MGM / John McTiernan
Three Kings 1st a.d. Warner Bros. / David O. Russell
U.S. Marshalls 1st a.d. 2nd unit Warner Bros. / Stuart Baird / Gary Davis
Mad City 1st a.d. Warner Bros / Costa Gavras
City of Industry 1st a.d. Largo Ent. / John Irvin
She's The One 1st a.d. Fox Searchlight / Eddie Burns
Last Dance 1st a.d. (India only) Disney / Bruce Beresford
Mission Impossible Set up of Prague shoot & 2nd unit Scotland Paramount / Brian De Palma
The Shooter (aka Hidden Assassin) 1st a.d. Ted Kotcheff
Two guys talking about Girls 1st a.d. Trimark Pictures / Steven Pearl
The Magician 1st a.d. LWT Movie / Terry Winsor
A Question of Identity 1st a.d. LWT Movie / Nigel Miller
Mr Baseball 2nd a.d. Took over temporarily as 1st a.d. Universal / Fred Schepisi
Shining Through 2nd a.d. 20th Century Fox / David Seltzer
King Ralph 2nd a.d. Universal / David S. Ward
A Ghost in Monte Carlo 2nd a.d. TNT / John Hough
Batman 2nd a.d. Warner Bros / Tim Burton
Getting it Right 2nd a.d. Randall Kleiser
Farewell to The King 2nd a.d. & 1st a.d. 2nd unit John Milius
Hope and Glory 2nd a.d. & 1st a.d. 2nd unit Columbia / John Boorman
Aliens 2nd a.d. 20th Century Fox / James Cameron
Revolution 2nd a.d. Goldcrest / Hugh Hudson
Santa Claus: The Movie 2nd a.d. Jeannot Szwarc
Success Is The Best Revenge 2nd a.d. Jerzy Skolimowski
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom 2nd 2nd a.d. Steven Spielberg
James Bond: Never Say Never Again 2nd 2nd a.d. & 2nd a.d. 2nd unit Irvin Kershner
The Hunger 2nd 2nd a.d. Tony Scott
Gandhi 2nd 2nd a.d. Richard Attenborough
Raiders of The Lost Ark 2nd 2nd a.d. Steven Spielberg


London's Burning 1st a.d. LWT / Gerry Poulsen
Anna Lee 1st a.d. Carnival films / Peter Barber Flemming
A Shadow on the Sun 2nd a.d. & 1st a.d. 2nd unit CBS TV Mini Series / Tony Richardson
Queenie 2nd a.d. & 1st a.d. 2nd unit CBS TV Mini Series / Larry Pearce
The Last Place on Eath 2nd a.d. TV Mini Series / Ferdinand Fairfax
Master of The Game 2nd a.d. CBS TV Mini Series / Kevin Connor
Nicholas Nickleby (Royal Shakespeare Company) 2nd 2nd a.d. Jim Goddard


Several hundreds over many years 1st a.d. Many different companies

Custom Section

Plus hundreds of commercials over the years and location experience in about 75 countries and most states within the US

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