Rainn Wilson, David Morse Join Serial-Killer Movie ‘The Boy’

Rainn Wilson, David Morse Join Serial-Killer Movie ‘The Boy’
Rainn Wilson, David Morse, Mike Vogel, Zuleikha Robinson and Bill Sage have been added to the cast of the SpectreVision production of “The Boy.”

SpectreVision partners Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller are producing the serial-killer origin trilogy starring Jared Breeze of “Cooties.”

Principal photography launched Feb. 17 in Colombia, on the first movie, based on a short film “Henley,” which appeared in competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

The trilogy is aimed at tracking the childhood of a future serial killer, depicting the character at ages 9, 14 and 18 and ending with his transformation into a mass murderer. “The Boy” is directed by Craig Macneill from a screenplay by Macneill and Clay McLeod Chapman, who created the characters in his novel “Miss Corpus.”

Wilson will portray an enigmatic stranger who intrigues and beguiles the young Ted Henley. Morse will portray John Henley, motel owner and father of the boy who will eventually grow to infamy.
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Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending – Grade the Episode and Final Season

Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending – Grade the Episode and Final Season
If you have yet to watch Dexter‘s series finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. But did the Showtime series’ finale – especially its ending – serve as a fitting close for the lovable fiend? Let’s review what happened in “Remember the Monsters?.”

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All Aboard | “I always thought if I left Miami, I’d be running for my life,
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Did Robin Thicke Blur Lines? Did Rookie's Sam Cross a Line? Will Liars Twist Stick? And More Qs

Did Robin Thicke Blur Lines? Did Rookie's Sam Cross a Line? Will Liars Twist Stick? And More Qs
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother and Rookie Blue!

1 | While we clearly love Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul’s performance wrecked us, wasn’t Jesse just a bit lightning-quick to connect the lifting of his weed to the missing ricin cig and to Brock’s poisoning (via Lily of the Valley)? And be honest: How long did it take you to realize Jesse’s epiphany was ricin-related?

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My Fun Interview with Jessica Chastain for "The Debt!" I Love Her!!!!!!

I love Jessica Chastain, she was sweet and down-to-earth in person! And truth be told, she was my favorite among the cast of .The Debt.. She plays the younger Rachel Singer and the great Helen Mirren is her character.s older version. Watch the film on August 31st for Chastain.s subdued yet emotionally rich performance! Hats off to this fine, fine actress!

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Her subdued acting where you can practically see emotions flutter across her face

*** What attracted her to play Rachel Singer in the movie?

*** She.s the only American actor in the ensemble! Go USA! :happy

*** How she explored the thread of continuity with Helen Mirren

*** Working with the Queen herself, Miss Mirren

*** How she used Krav Maga to prepare for the action scenes of the film

Here.s more info on .The Debt. from Yahoo:

In 1997, shocking news reaches retired Mossad
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2011 Summer Movie Guide: July and August

2011 Summer Movie Guide: July and August
A Cimmerian warrior! Giant robots hell bent on destroying Chicago! A midlife crisis! Three horrible bosses! A wimp on steroids for his country! James Bond and Indiana Jones fighting Aliens in the Old West! Winnie the Pooh! And a bloody wizard m&#234l&#233e that will bring one of cinema's greatest sagas to a close forever! That's what July and August have to offer during the second half of our summer movie season.

It doesn't really matter how fast and furious things get on the big screen, the summer movie season doesn't officially kick off until May 6th. And this year Thor opened things with a lighting bolt blast of Marvel excitement. It doesn't come to an end until August 31st, when Sam Worthington sends us all back to school with The Debt. Between then and now, we will see some of the biggest movies of the year hit hard.
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Telluride Film Festival Line-Up Announced; Includes Errol Morris’ Tabloid and Peter Weir’s The Way Back

The line-up for the 2010 Telluride Film Festival has been announced and there are some exciting inclusions. If I were attending Telluride, the two films at the top of my must-see list would be Errol Morris’ new documentary Tabloid which is about former-Miss Wyoming/convicted rapist/dog-cloning advocate Joyce McKinney, and Peter Weir’s war film The Way Back, which is the director’s first film since 2003’s Master and Commander.

The line-up also includes other films that are making the festival rounds including Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go, the financial-collapse documentary Inside Job, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Biutiful, Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist, Mike Leigh’s Another Year, and Stephen Frears’ Tamara Drewe. Hit the jump to check out the full line-up. The Telluride Film Festival runs from September 3 – 6th.

Here’s the full line-up (via Telluride’s official website):

The “Show”

“A Letter to Elia,
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"FlashForward" S1/E10 Recap: "A561984"

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Previously on "FlashForward:" S.P. actually sorta liked an episode, which was extremely short lived.

We open on the lady who gave Demetri the good news about his murder as she watches A Christmas Carol at her desk. At work. Very intensely. Then the camera pans over to her window where she, like NotRalph, brandishes her own mosaic board. Neat.

And speak-of-the-Mongoloid, he and Demetri land in Hong Kong to look for said lady, 'cause as NotRalph astutely surmises, "How many Western Persian-speaking women with that kind of accent can there be in Hong Kong?" I don't know, NotRalph, but it's still fucking Hong Kong.

Then, after a random threat from a Hong Kong agent named Marshall Vogel (who knows what was up his butt), NotRalph enjoys a lovely conversation with Stan who's a titch angry at the boys for disregarding his orders. Then, acting in complete accordance with all human reactions,
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