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  • (1932 - 1938) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1932) Stage Play: Hot-Cha! Musical comedy. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Book by Mark Hellinger, H.S. Kraft, Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Based on a story by H.S. Kraft. Musical Direction by Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Choreographed by Bobby Connolly. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by John Harkrider. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor and Edward C. Lilley. Ziegfeld Theatre: 8 Mar 1932- 18 Jun 1932 (119 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, Louise Allen, Mary Ann, Nick Basil, Miriam Battista, Herman Belmonte, Leonard Berry, Virginia Biddle, Joan Burgess, Alice Burrage, Tito Coral, Mary Coyle, Jack Daley, Dorothy Day, Antonio De Marco, Renee De Marco, Louis Delgado, Alan DeSylva, Marion Dixon, Dody Donnelly, Betty Dumbris, Prudence Edgar, Georgia Ellis, Jules Epailly (as "Store Keeper, Manuel"), Harriet Fink, Marjorie Fisher, Dorothy Flood, John Fulco, Robert Gleckler, Pearl Harris, Patty Hastings, Florence Healy, The Hernandez Brothers, Theo Holley, Jean Howard, Stanley Howard, Mercedes Hughes, Alfonso Iglesias, Dorothy Kal, Gloria Kelly, Tom Kelly, June Knight, Frances Kruger, Charles La Torre (as "Doctor"), Bert Lahr (as "Alky Schmidt"), Jane Lane, Rose Louise, Evelyn Lowrie, Neva Lynn, June MacCloy, Frances Markey, Edwin Marsh, Mary Joan Martin, Lorelle McCarver, Lou Ann Meredith, Rosalie Milan, Vic Monroe, Grace Moore, Pauline Moore, George O'Brien (as "Ensemble"), Ethel O'Dell, Catherine O'Neil, Lester Ostrander, Lynne Overman (as "Hap Wilson"), Arthur Page, Sherry Pelham, Theo Phane, Lilyan Picard, Eleanor Powell (as "Dancer"), Basil Prock, Polly Ray, Carol Renwick, Mary Alice Rice, Wilburn Riviere, Buddy Rogers (as "Jack Whitney") [Broadway debut], Alma Ross, William Ruppel, Mina Ruskin, Marion Santre, Roy Sedley, Gertrude Sheffield, Marie Stevens, Kay Stewart, Thomas Thompson, Lupe Velez (as "Conchita"), Veloz and Yolanda (Veloz and Yolanda Veloz), Efim Vitis, Marion Volk, Molly Wakefield, Diana Walker, Lorraine Webb, Mildred Webb, Marjorie White (as "Toodles Smith"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1933) Stage Play: Strike Me Pink. Musical revue. Sketches by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. Additional dialogue by Mack Gordon, Jack McGowan and Richard Jerome. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Music by Ray Henderson. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Edward Powell. Entire production supervised by Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Sketches directed by Jack McGowan. Dances and ensembles staged by Seymour Felix. Majestic Theatre: 4 Mar 1933- 10 Jun 1933 (122 performances). Cast: Aber Twins, Mary Ann, Claiborne Arms, Roy Atwell, Gracie Barrie, Emmy Bock, Helane Brown, James Brown, Norma Butler, Barbara Caswell, Mary Chappelle, Hal Clyne, Frank Conlon, Wilma Cox, Dorothy Dare (as "Son's Wife"), Marguerite De Coursey, Ruth Dod, Dorothy Dodge, Bill Douglas, Johnny Downs (as "The Duncans' Son/ Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/Pat Ultra Modern/"Strike Me Pink" Performer "I Hate to Think..." Performer), Elsie Duffy, George Duke, Jimmy Durante (as "An Old Hollywood Custom" Performer/Mr. Duncan, Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/"A Bit of Temperment" Performer/"Dinner at Ten" Performer/Professor/Techno-Crazy/Otto/Design for Loving "Ooh, I'm Thinking" Performer/Husband in "External Triangle" "Hollywood, Park Avenue and Broadway" Performer/"On Any Street" Performer), Geraldine Dvorak, Mabel Ellis, Louise Estes, Peggy Fish, Alex Fisher, Peggy Gallimore, Eleanor Garden, Eddie Garr, Ruth Grady, Lula Gray, Jack Harcourt, Pearl Harris, Ruth Harrison, David Johns, Daniel Johnson, Charlotte Joslin, Leoda Knapp, Leslie Laurence, Charles Lawrence, Hal Le Roy (as "Bobby"), Betty Lee, Clark Leston, Phyllis Lynd, Diana Lynn (as "Dancer"), Barbara MacDonald, Mary Joan Martin, Earl Mason, Rosalie McCallion, June McNulty, Jack Moore, Mary Moore, Jewel Morse, George Murray, Ricky Newell, Carolyn Nolte, Olaf Olson, Lillian Pertka, Leonore Pettit, Jack Ross, Jean Ryan, Jimmy Ryan, Ted Schultz, Louise Sheldon, Jackie Sherman, Madeline Southworth, Lupe Velez, Matthew Vodnoy, George Dewey Washington, Davenie Watson, Milton Watson, George Weeden, Roberta West, Gil White, Marguerite Wiley, Hope Williams. Produced by Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Waxey Gordon.
  • (1938) Stage Play: You Never Know. Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Lyrics by Cole Porter. Book by Rowland Leigh. Based on the play "By Candlelight" by Siegfried Geyer. Adapted from the Viennese operetta "Bei Kerzenleicht" by Robert Katscher and Karl Farkas. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek. Additional orchestrations by Don Walker, Maurice De Packh and Minati Salta. Additional lyrics by Rowland Leigh, Edwin Gilbert and Robert Katscher. Additional music by Alexander Fogarty and Dana Suesse. Musical Director: John McManus. Choreographed by Robert Alton. Uncredited script doctoring by George Abbott. Directed by Rowland Leigh. Winter Garden: 21 Sep 1938- 26 Nov 1938 (78 performances). Cast: Libby Holman, Rex O'Malley, Lupe Velez and Toby Wing. Replacement actor: June Havoc [replaced Toby Wing]. Note: Despite the seemingly sure-fire talent involved, the show was poorly reviewed and proved a test of wills between Holman (then a close personal friend of Webb) and Velez, who despised each other. Also notable as the play Cole Porter was working on when he suffered a severe leg injury (ultimately requiring amputation after numerous operations) while riding horseback. Play closed after 73 performances. Despite the stellar talent involved (and several good songs, including 'At Long Last Love' and 'For No Rhyme or Reason'), this production was plagued with problems; Libby Holman and Lupe Velez despised each other (Velez constantly referred to Holman as the 'Joo Beech'), Abbott was brought in to doctor script and additional music was added and scenes were cut. The reviews were decidedly mediocre and although asked, Clifton Webb flatly refused to take the play on tour.

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