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The 100 Greatest Comedies of All-Time, According to BBC’s Critics Poll

After polling critics from around the world for the greatest American films of all-time, BBC has now forged ahead in the attempt to get a consensus on the best comedies of all-time. After polling 253 film critics, including 118 women and 135 men, from 52 countries and six continents a simple, the list of the 100 greatest is now here.

Featuring canonical classics such as Some Like It Hot, Dr. Strangelove, Annie Hall, Duck Soup, Playtime, and more in the top 10, there’s some interesting observations looking at the rest of the list. Toni Erdmann is the most recent inclusion, while the highest Wes Anderson pick is The Royal Tenenbaums. There’s also a healthy dose of Chaplin and Lubitsch with four films each, and the recently departed Jerry Lewis has a pair of inclusions.

Check out the list below (and my ballot) and see more on their official site.

100. (tie) The King of Comedy (Martin Scorsese,
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Springtime in L.A.: Colcoa

City of Lights: City of Angeles. The largest French film festival in the world and one of the largest festivals in L.A.!

Colcoa French Film Festival, “9 Days of Premieres in Hollywood” takes place April 24 to May 2 in the prestigious theaters of the Directors Guild of America on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood (3 theaters (600, 160 and 37 seats), a 210 capacity lounge and a 1,500 capacity lobby).

Colcoa is the acronym of “City of Light, City of Angels” the original name of an event celebrating relationships between filmmakers from two capital cities of cinema. In 2015, the festival’s name was officially changed to Colcoa French Film Festival. Colcoa was founded in 1997 by The Franco-American Cultural Fund, a unique collaborative effort of the Directors Guild of America, the Motion Picture Association, the Writers Guild of America West, and France’s Society of Authors Composers and Publishers of Music (Sacem). Colcoa is also supported by l’Association
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I, Spy?: "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe"

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Mubi is showing The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972) from November 17 - December 16, 2016 in the United States.There is deception throughout The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe. Sometimes, it’s deliberate; sometimes, it’s not. From the sleight of hand card trickery that plays out under its opening credits to its hilariously enacted case of intentionally-mistaken identity, the film is an increasing volley of duplicity and modified perception. But it’s more than just what happens in the film. This 1972 spy movie send-up is itself a cleverly crafted ruse, a straight-faced farce that incorporates most everything one associates the cinematic sub-genre and slyly points out the subtle silliness inherent in its recurrent conventions. Characters and the viewer will often see something and assume it to mean something—one is accustomed to always looking for clues and revealing “tells” in a movie like this—only to have
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San Sebastian: Paprika Steen Chairs Main Jury

San Sebastian: Paprika Steen Chairs Main Jury
Madrid – Danish actress-director Paprika Steen, star of early ‘90s Dogme films “The Celebration,” “The Idiots” and “Mifune,” will chair the jury of the 63rd San Sebastian Festival, which is packed by figures which have won festival plaudits but often or sometimes explored – or at least attempted – a broader audience cinema.All of which may or may not influence its final decisions, announced at fest close on Sept. 26.

A best actress winner at Karlovy Vary (“Applaus,” 2009) and San Sebastian last year, playing a control freak in Bille August’s euthanasia drama “Silent Heart,” Steen will be joined by London-based producer-turned director Uberto Pasoloni who won eternal fame producing “The Full Monty,” before taking the directors chair for debut “Machan” and Venice Horizons best director winner “Still Life.”

Also set for jury service: Italian cinematographer Luciano Tovoli, who lensed Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger,” and is a regular d.p. for Barbet Shroeder,
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The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe | Blu-ray Review

Film Movement continues with its Classic series and delivers their next title in a continuing line-up of new Blu-ray presentations, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, a seminal French comedy of the period from director Yves Robert. A stylized paean to the comedic tradition of Jerry Lewis, this is straight-faced screwball comedy not quite as daring or inventive as the title’s sterling reputation promises (it did win the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival). Notable, especially considering the significant talent in front of and behind the camera, it’s a comedy classic of uncomplicated froth, though its ability to amuse now seems dwarfed by expectation.

Traveling violinist Francois (Pierre Richard) is misidentified as a superspy by France’s national intelligence. As a host of people desperately attempt to interpret Francois’ strange actions, everyone becomes more and more assured of his significant skills. Meanwhile, Francois is embroiled
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That Man From Rio & Up To His Ears | Blu-ray Review

Two of director Philippe de Broca’s earliest renowned titles get new restorations and are available for the first time on Blu-ray, That Man From Rio (1964) and Up to His Ears (1965), the first two titles from a loose James Bond spoof trilogy featuring Jean-Paul Belmondo. Certainly ahead of his time, de Broca’s amusing adventure films are much more than the kind of lowbrow entertainment that would come to typify the genre known as spoof, and this became a notable inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones films, particularly 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Inspired by the adventures of Belgian cartoonist Herge’s Tintin adventures (which also provided the basis for a 2011 Steven Spielberg adaptation), a prized Amazonian statue is stolen from a Parisian museum. Three such statues left South American on an expedition that involved the late father of Agnes (Francoise Dorleac) and and two colleagues. Professor Catalan
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Here's What's New on Netflix for October 2014

Looking for what's new on Netflix streaming for October 2014? You've come to the right place.

We've rounded up the best TV shows and movies arriving soon. So take some time to peruse this list, and maybe block off a weekend or two so you can binge-watch Season 5 of "The Vampire Diaries" or something.

Here's a much larger rundown of what subscribers can expect in September, courtesy of Netflix. All title dates are subject to change.

Available October 1

"Annie" (1982)

Based on the Depression-era comic strip "Little Orphan Annie," this adaptation of the smash Broadway musical follows America's favorite urchin (Aileen Quinn) as she captures Daddy Warbucks' (Albert Finney) heart with her unquenchable optimism. In the meantime, Annie must try to dodge the treacherous head of the orphanage (Carol Burnett). Directed by John Huston, Annie features the hit song "Tomorrow."

"Annie: A Royal Adventure" (1995)

Annie, the charming orphan with a head full of red curls,
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Casting Net: Julia Roberts joins 'The Secret in Their Eyes' remake

Casting Net: Julia Roberts joins 'The Secret in Their Eyes' remake
Julia Roberts has joined fellow Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and 12 Years A Slave nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor in the remake of the 2009 Argentinian film The Secret in Their Eyes. The original feature won the Best Foreign Language film Oscar in 2010. Billy Ray, who wrote the screenplay for The Hunger Games and Captain Phillips, will write and direct the story about a former Mi-5 agent (Ejiofor) on a joint task force with the FBI, who thinks he’s finally found the man who murdered the daughter of his former partner and friend (Roberts). [Deadline]

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette will star in the relationship drama Miss You Already.
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Eugenio Derbez Developing ‘The Valet’ Remake Under New Pantelion Deal

Mexican star Eugenio Derbez is developing a remake of the French film “The Valet” as the first project under his new first-look deal with Pantelion Films.

The exclusive deal with Derbez underscores the high stakes of reaching the coveted Hispanic moviegoing audience — a fast-growing demographic at the box office.

Derbez starred in and directed Pantelion’s hit “Instructions Not Included,” the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the U.S. at $44 million. The film grossed another $55 million outside the U.S.

“Pantelion and Televisa can reach my core fan base better than anyone and, with the distribution expertise and brand recognition of Lionsgate, I know we can build on the crossover audience that we began to reach with ‘Instructions,'” Derbez said.

Derbez also starred in 2007’s “Under the Same Moon,” which took in about half of its $23 million worldwide in the U.S.

The Valet,” written and directed by Francis Veber,
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Intl. Film Award: A Brief History of Gaumont


Leon Gaumont, a French inventor, industrialist and pioneer of the film industry, establishes Gaumont, selling camera equipment and film, expanding into production and cinemas.


Nicolas Seydoux, Schlumberger empire heir and brother of Pathe’s Jerome Seydoux, buys Gaumont and starts producing films with Daniel Toscan du Plantier and Jean-Pierre Rassam.


Gaumont earns three Oscar nominations — actress, foreign-language film and adaptation — for Jean-Charles Tacchella’s romantic comedy “Cousin, Cousine.”


Gaumont initiates its first collaboration with the Moma to host retrospectives from its 900-film library, notably featuring spotlights on Jean-Luc Godard, (pictured) Georges Lautnerand Francis Veber.


Gaumont opens Cannes Film Festival with Luc Besson’s sci-fi actioner “The Fifth Element,” which would go on to earn $264 million worldwide.


Sidonie Dumas becomes general director of Gaumont. She took the helm of the company from her father, Nicolas Seydoux, and has been behind many hits from the Gallic giant.


Gaumont co-produces Michel Hazanavicius’ spy spoof “Oss 117: Cairo,
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Molinaro-Directed Subtitled Comedy Blockbuster Led to Two Sequels and One Highly Popular U.S. Remake

La Cage aux Folles’ film: Edouard Molinaro international box office hit (photo: Ugo Tognazzi and Michel Serrault in ‘La Cage aux Folles’) (See previous post: “‘La Cage aux Folles’ Director Edouard Molinaro Dead at 85.”) But Edouard Molinaro’s best-known effort — comedy or otherwise — remains La Cage aux Folles (approximate translation: "The Cage of the Queens"), which sold 5.4 million tickets when it came out in France in 1978. Perhaps because many saw it as a letdown when compared to Jean Poiret’s immensely popular 1973 play, Molinaro’s movie ended up nominated for a single César Award — for eventual Best Actor winner Michel Serrault. Somewhat surprisingly, in the next couple of years La Cage aux Folles would become a major hit in the United States and other countries. Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the U.S. in 1979, the film grossed $20.42 million at the North American box office — or about $65 million in 2013 dollars, a remarkable sum for a subtitled release.
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DVD Release: Shut Up!

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Sept. 25, 2012

Price: DVD $24.95

Studio: Hen’s Tooth

Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno are on the lam in Shut Up!

Jean Reno (Margaret) and Gerard Depardieu (Potiche) star in the 2003 French caper movie Shut Up!.

In the comedy, Quentin (Depardieu) is an amiable idiot who drives everyone crazy with his mindless, incessant chatter. After a botched hold-up, he’s thrown in a prison cell with Ruby (Reno), a hard-boiled thief who refuses to speak at all.

After the unlikely pair escape from jail together, Ruby is unable to shake the cumbersome but oddly helpful Quentin. But Quentin might be just the kind of person that Ruby needs when he finds himself pursued by his former gang and the police, both hoping to lay their hands on the 20 million Euros he has secretly stashed away.

Written and directed by Francis Veber (The Dinner Game), Shut Up! (or Tais-toi!
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Sunidhi Chauhan at Bumboo music launch

The music of upcoming comedy movie Bumboo was recently held at Big FM office in Mumbai. Along with singer Sunidhi Chauhan, music director Santosh Singh, lyricist Shadab Akhtar, director Jagdish Rajpurohit and the cast of the movie Sumit Kaul and Sharat Saxena were present.

Considered the first official remake of a French film, Jagdish clarified, “I don’t consider it a remake, I consider it an adaptation. The important thing is whether you can take something and mold it according to your thoughts into something entertaining.” Talking about the album he said,” (The album has) foot tapping music with high voltage energy in the spirit of the film Bumboo that lingers on long after the songs are heard.” Sumit Kaul, who is a popular TV artist and will be seen in a unique get-up in this movie, isn’t exactly new to comedy. “I enjoy comedy, he said, “ I was
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For 'Bumboo' director, stars don.t matter

His debut directorial .Bumboo. is the remake of French hit .L.Emmerduer., yet it is sans big Bollywood stars. Budget constraints notwithstanding, Jagdish Rajpurohit says he would have made it with the same cast even if he had much more money because stars don.t guarantee returns..I have a great cast - Sharat Saxena, Sanjay Mishra, Sudhir Pandey.all of them may not be a part of the so-called list of commercial stars, but they are all popular and have done some wonderful work in their career,. Rajpurohit told Ians over phone from Mumbai.A veteran theatre actor himself, Rajpurohit says he has acted in the film to cut down on the cost of the small budget film. .Otherwise, if I was to be given the same script to be made with a lot more money, I would have made .Bumboo. with the same bunch of actors. They are spontaneous and wonderful.
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The Makers of Bumboo Present Wall of Bumboo: The Virtual Punisher

Bumboo signifies 2 things- the Bamboo stick or a troubled situation. The upcoming movie ‘Bumboo’ under the Rcl Banner, is an adaptation of French classic L’Emmerduer written by Francis Veber (French writer & director with brilliant films like A Dinner Game (Indian version: Bheja Fry), Valet etc.

The makers of the movie have launched a new application on their official Facebook page called the ‘Wall of Bumboo’. This is an interactive application where the user can come and Bumboo (which is a virtual whack with a bamboo) the person they want to. Th ...
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Bumboo joins the bandwagon of remakes

In the era of remakes where big budget blockbuster movies of one region or industry are remade in other language and style, Bollywood gives us another one which will hit the silver screen in March. Bumboo, the upcoming movie under Rcl Motion Pictures, is based on the original story L'emmerdeur by Francis Veber. L'emmerdeur is a French classic cult, which is a world renowned comic movie. The movie which has made the whole of Europe and other western countries laugh their lungs
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Official Digital Poster Launch Of ‘Bumboo’

What is ‘Bumboo’? ‘Bumboo’ is a Hindi slang which signifies bad times. Bumboo is a story based on the idea, that in this life we all meet someone who comes and makes every situation miserable. Bumboo is adapted from the classic cult French comedy L’emmerdeur by Francis Veber.

The makers launched the official digital poster of the movie and the social media promotions. The movie is all set to release this year. L’emmerdeur is a cult movie which is watched and loved all over the world. Considering the original film’s success, we can imagine the laugh riot in Bumboo.

Bumboo stars Kavin Dave, Sharat Saxena, Sanjay Mishra, Sudhir Pandey, Sumit Kaul, Mandy Takhar. The movie is adapted by Jagdish Rajpurohit and Kavin Dave, Screenplay by Jagdish Rajpurohit and Kavin Dave, Produced by Rcl Motion Pictures and directed by Jagdish Rajpurohit.

Official Digital Poster Launch Of ‘Bumboo’ is
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Kenneth Branagh: the king of comedy

Kenneth Branagh's returned to his native Belfast for a play that proves he can do slapstick and Shakespeare

The first thing Kenneth Branagh did when he returned to his home town of Belfast a fortnight ago was to visit his old house. It was a red-brick terrace on Mount Collier Road in a Protestant area of north Belfast, where Branagh had lived with his parents and his older brother, Bill, until he was nine years old and the family left for a new life in England.

Now, 41 years later, Branagh can still remember the streets of his childhood, the way he used to walk to school and the fact that everyone knew his name. "When you were being called in for your tea, if you couldn't see your mother, the yell from the doorstep would come to you jungle-drums fashion," he says. "Someone two streets away would tell you
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Netflix Nuggets: Who’s Up For a Miramax Marathon?

Netflix has revolutionized the home movie experience for fans of film with its instant streaming technology. Netflix Nuggets is my way of spreading the word about independent, classic and foreign films made available by Netflix for instant streaming.

Sorry, folks… there are simply too many great films streaming this week to post an image for them all, but that’s a good thing, eh? You’ve got your movie watching work cut out for you, due in great part to Miramax releasing damn near their entire catalog of films on one day!

B. Monkey (1999)

Streaming Available: 05/01/2011

Director: Michael Radford

Synopsis: Good-hearted schoolteacher Alan Furnace (Jared Harris) desperately wants some excitement in his life — and he may just get some. One lonely night at a London bar, Alan spies the raven-haired beauty Beatrice (Asia Argento) arguing with two friends, Paul (Rupert Everett) and Bruno (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers). Beatrice quickly befriends Alan and
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Branagh Swaps Superheroes For The Stage

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Branagh Swaps Superheroes For The Stage
Thor director Kenneth Branagh is taking a break from movies to star in a play in his Northern Ireland hometown.

The British thespian stepped behind the camera last year to direct the upcoming superhero blockbuster, but he's now returning to his dramatic roots by taking on a role in French farce The Painkiller by Francis Veber.

Branagh, who was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will head home to appear at the city's Lyric Theatre from 23 September until 16 October.

He will appear alongside Welsh TV star Rob Brydon, according to Variety.
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