Sdcc '08: Alex Aja to Release 'Furia' Here in the States

During an interview with Alex Aja at the San Diego Comic Con, he revealed that we might finally see a DVD release of his '99 movie, Furia, on DVD sometime soon. The film is a futuristic fable comparable to George Orwell's 1984, Furia offers a bleak peek into humankind's possible fate. The future government has obliterated any political opposition by shutting them down, as well as reigning in creative pursuits such as art and music. Aaron (Pierre Vaneck) is a local bartender who can only see in monochrome after an operation inflicted on him by government drones; he was assigned to this fate after being caught painting. His two sons, Theo (Stanislas Merhar) and Laurence couldn't be more different from each other. Laurence works for the oppressive government forces, while Theo takes on his father's mantle and actively defies the rules by painting on any public surface he can find.
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