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  • (1937- ). Active on Broadway [credited as Dickie Van Patten until 1946] in the following productions:
  • (2003) TV commercial: Natural Balance Pet Foods
  • He has a line of pet foods called Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods. The privately held company founded by Van Patten and drummer Joey Herrick sold $30 million worth of premium dog and cat foods in 2002, and has agreements to deliver food for carnivores to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Van Patten's Natural Balance endowed the first postgraduate training program for zoo nutrition at San Diego Zoo. It is set to launch a zoo-tested sausage for snakes.
  • (1965) Stage Play: A Very Rich Woman. Written by Ruth Gordon. Based on the play by Philippe Hériat. Associate Director: David Pardoll. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Stage Manager: Dick Van Patten. Directed by Garson Kanin. Belasco Theatre: 30 Sep 1965- 23 Oct 1965 (28 performances + 12 performances). Cast: Ruth Gordon (as "Mrs. Lord"), Ethel Griffies (as "Mae"), Katharine Houghton (as "Pearl"), Madge Kennedy (as "Mrs. Minot"), Diana Muldaur (as "Miss Moran"), Heidi Murray (as "Dalphne Bailey"), Carrie Nye (as "Ursula Bailey"), Larry Oliver (as "Johnny"), Jon Richards (as "Dennis"), Jack Ryland (as "Alex Rovenesco"), Stefan Schnabel (as "The Supervisor"), Ernest Truex (as "Oliver Sears"), Peter Turgeon (as "Linus Bailey III"), Raymond Walburn (as "Patrick") [final Broadway role], Joan Wetmore (as "Edith Shaw"). Standby: Sylvia Field (as "Mrs. Lord"). Understudies: Katharine Houghton, Eileen Letchworth, Larry Oliver, Jon Richards and Dick Van Patten. Produced by Garson Kanin. Associate Producer: Al Goldin.
  • (1968) Stage Play: Lovers and Other Strangers. Comedy. Written by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna. Directed by Charles Grodin. Brooks Atkinson Theatre: 18 Sep 1968- 16 Nov 1968 (70 performances + 13 previews). Cast: Bobby Alto (as "Richy, Part IV"), Candy Azzara (as "Joan, Part IV"), Ron Carey (as "Jerry, Part I"), Richard S. Castellano (as "Frank, Part IV"), Mariclare Costello (as "Susan, Part III"), Zohra Lampert (as "Brenda, Part I"), Marvin Lichterman (as "Mike, Part III"), Kay Michaels (as "Cathy"), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (as "Johnny, Part II") [final Broadway role], Renée Taylor (as "Wilma, Part II"), Dick Van Patten (as "Hal"), Helen Verbit (as "Bea, Part IV"), Mary Louise Wilson (as "Bernice"). Understudies: Johnny Armen, Bill Lazarus, Sharon Longo, Barbara Young. Produced by Stephanie Sills. Produced in association with Gordon Crowe. Associate Producer: Maury Kanbar. Note: Filmed as Lovers and Other Strangers (1970).
  • (1969) Stage Play: But, Seriously... Written by Julius Epstein. Directed by John Allen. Henry Miller's Theatre: 27 Feb 1969- 1 Mar 1969 (4 performances). Cast included: Richard Dreyfuss, Tom Poston.
  • Thieves (1974). Comedy. Written by Herb Gardner. Directed by Charles Grodin. Broadhurst Theatre moved to the Longacre Theatre on 11 Nov 1974 to close): 7 Apr 1974- 4 Jan 1975 (313 performances). As "Charlie." Cast included: Richard Mulligan, William Hickey, Irwin Corey, Marlo Thomas. Produced by Richard Scanga and Charles Grodin.
  • Too Hot for Maneuvers (1944). Written and co-directed by Les White and Bud Pearson. Broadhurst Theatre: 2 May 1945- 6 May 1945 (5 performances). As "Sergeant Walter Burrows." Cast included: Richard Arlen, Arthur Hunnicutt, Fleming Ward.
  • Have I Got a Girl for You! (1963). Comedy. Written by Irving Cooper, from an original story by Helen Cooper. Directed by John Richardson. Music Box Theatre: 2 Dec 1963 (1 performance). As "Ruby Pulski." Cast included: Simon Oakland.
  • The Wind is Ninety (1945). Written by Capt. Ralph Nelson. Directed by Albert De Courville. Booth Theatre: 21 June 1945- 22 Sept 1945 (108 performances). Appeared as "Dickie Van Patten." Cast included: Wendell Corey, Kirk Douglas, Bert Lytell, Joyce Van Patten, Blanche Yurka.
  • O Mistress Mine (1946). Comedy. Written by Terence Rattigan. Directed by Alfred Lunt (also starring). Empire Theatre: 23 Jan 1946- 31 May 1947 (482 performances). As "Michael Brown." Cast included: Lynn Fontanne.
  • War President (1944). Written by Nat Sherman. Directed by Wendell K. Phillips. Shubert Theatre: 24 Apr 1944- 25 Apr 1944 (2 performances). Cast: Joel Ashley, Russell Collins (as "Senator Benjamin Franklin Wade"), Morton Da Costa, Kenneth Dana, Paul Ford (as "Senator Zachariah Chandler"), Peter Gregg, Bruce Halsey, Joseph Leon, William Marceau, Harvey Marlowe, Gregory Morton, Barbara Pond, Joanna Roos, Donald Rose, Teddy Rose, Philip Sand, Alexander Scourby (as "General George B. McClellan"), Graham Velsey. Produced by The Escholiers and The Experimental Theatre, Inc.
  • The Land is Bright (1941). Written by George S. Kaufman(also director) and Edna Ferber. Lighting and Scenic Design. Music Box Theatre: 28 Oct 1941- 3 Jan 1942 (79 performances). As "Timothy Kincaid" (credited as Dickie Van Patten). Cast: Leon Ames (as "Grant Kincaid"), Diana Barrymore, Walter Beck, Constance Brigham, Grover Burgess, Flora Campbell, Russell Conway, John Draper, Herbert Duffy, Ruth Findlay, Jack Hartley, Muriel Hutchison, James La Curto, Louise Larabee, Hugh Marlowe, Roderick Maybee, Charles McClelland, Arnold Moss, Phyllis Povah, William Roerick, Edith Russell, Robert Shayne, Elaine Shepard, Martha Sleeper, G. Albert Smith, K.T. Stevens, Norman Stuart, Ralph Theadore, Lili Valenty. Produced by Max Gordon.
  • (1942) Stage Play: The Skin of Our Teeth. Comedy. Written by Thornton Wilder. Press Representative: Richard Maney and John L. Toohey. Stage Manager: B.D. Kranz. Assistant Stage Mgr: Stanley Prager. Directed by Elia Kazan. Plymouth Theatre: 18 Nov 1942- 25 Sep 1943 (359 performances). Cast: Tallulah Bankhead (as "Sabina"), Florence Eldridge (as "Mrs. Antrobus"), Fredric March (as "Mr. Antrobus"), Remo Bufano (as "Dinosaur"), Carroll Clark, Harry Clark, Montgomery Clift (as "Henry"), Stephan Cole, Ralph Cullinan (as "Homer"), 'Morton Da Costa', Viola Dean (as "Ivy", Aubrey Fassett, Edith Faversham, Seumas Flynn, Arthur Griffin, Frances Heflin (as "Gladys"), Ralph Kellard (as "Professor/Mr. Tremayne") [final Broadway role], Emily Lorraine, E.G. Marshall (as "Mr. Fitzpatrick"), Eulabelle Moore, Eva Mudge Nelson (as "Miss M. Muse"), Stanley Prager (as "Usher/Conveener/Fred Bailey"), Andrew Ratousheff, Florence Reed, Patricia Riordan, Elizabeth Scott, Joseph Smiley, Earl Sydnor, Dick Van Patten (as "Telegraph Boy") [credited as Dickie Van Patten], Stanley Weede. Produced by Michael Myerberg.
  • (1943) Stage Play: The Snark Was a Boojum. Comedy. Written by Owen Davis. Based on the novel by Richard Shattuck. Scenic Design by Frederick Fox. Costume Design by Michael Paul. Directed by Alexander Kirkland. 48th Street Theatre: 1 Sep 1943- 4 Sep 1943 (5 performances). Cast: Phyllis Adams (as "Vivian"), Joan Banks (as "Millie Smith"), Francis Compton (as "Ward McKay"), Ann Dere (as "Aunt Adeline"), Jane Huszagh (as "Sandy Gate"), Ben Lackland (as "Sidney"), Frank Lovejoy (as "Rodney Shilly"), Florence MacMichael (as "Maybelle"), Mervyn Nelson (as "Martin"), Grania O'Malley (as "Rosie"), Dick Van Patten [credited as Dickie Van Patten] (as "Elwood"), Harold Waldrige (as "Daybreak"), Fleming Ward (as "Henry"), 'Frank Wilcox (I)' (as "Dr. Mortice"), Catherine Willard (as "Mrs. Wilson Wilson"). Produced by Alexander Yokel. Produced in association with Jay Faggen.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Run Sheep Run. Comedy. Written by Raymond Knight. Directed by Donald Blackwell. Windsor Theatre: 3 Nov 1938- Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Tom Drake [credited as Alfred Alderdice] (as "Eighteen"), Hilda Bruce (as "Mrs. Buker"), Alan Bunce (as "Claude Pratt"), Virginia Campbell (as "Phyllis Goodspeed"), Peter Goo Chong (as "George"), James Corner (as "Steve Bellows"), Peggy Coudray (as "Mrs. Frisbie"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Hopple"), Aison Ewing, George Ewing Jr., Edith Gresham (as "Edith Pratt"), Beatrice Herford (as "Mrs. Potter"), Leo Kennedy (as "Kenneth Goodspeed"), John Kirk, Enid Markey (as "Emily Terhune"), John Maroney, Hugh O'Connell (as "Wilkes Potter"), Paul Porter, Dick Van Patten [credited as Dickie Van Patten] (as "Nine"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Kenneth Goodspeed"), Ruth Weston (as "Leila Stuart"). Produced by Donald Blackwell and Raymond Curtis.
  • The American Way (1939). Written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by Hassard Short. Scene Technician for Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Assistant to Miss Sharaff: Anna Hill Johnstone and Florence Keady. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Conducted by Oscar Levant. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Center Theatre: 21 Jan 1939- Jun 1939 (closing date unknown/164 performances). Cast: Fredric March (as "Martin Gunther"), Florence Eldridge (as "Irma Gunther"), McKay Morris (as "Samuel Brockton"), Ruth Weston (as "Winifred Baxter"), Eve Abbott, Albert Amato, Jack Arnold (as "Ed Lorenz"), Suzanne Ashbrook, Cathie Bailey, Alan Bandler, Bobby Barron, Robin Batcheller, Vivian Baule, Joseph Beale, Walter Beck (as "A Minister"), Herman Belmonte, Mary Bennett, Ronald Bennett, Evelyn Bernie, Whit Bissell (as "Karl, Age 21") [credited as Whitner Bissell], Milton Blumenthal, Orin Borston, Mary Brandon, Louise Buck, Buddy Buehler, Eileen Burns, Joe Bush, Hugh Cameron (as "Mayor McEvoy"), Eleanore Campsall, Gloria Carey, Gerry Carr, Eldridge Carson, Kenneth Casey, Teddy Casey, Natalie Chilvers, Laura Church, Norma Clerc, Beatrice Cole, Daniel Conway, Russell Conway, George Cotton, Alex Courtney, Ed Crosswell, Harry Crox, Tom Curley, Robert Cushman, Kenneth Dana, Ethel Darling, Gretchen Davidson, Bud Davis, Celeste DeBellis, Louis Delgado, Sandford Dody, Gene Douglas, Dorothy Downs, Katherine Duncan, Helen Edwards, Marian Edwards, Clark Eggleston (as "Ensemble"), Edward Elliott, Ruth Enders, Elsa Ersi (as "Clara Heinrich"), Herbert Everin, Gilbert Fates, Edward Fisher, Alice Fitzsimmons, Janet Fox, Eugene Francis, Vincent Gardiner, Bob Gewald, Herbert Goff, Brant Gorman, Carl Gose, Sydney Grant (as "Dr. Squires"), Norma Green, Claire Greenwood, Donn Hagerty, Gilbert Haggerty, Ann Hagye, Vernon Hammer, Robert Hanley, Lola Harris, Michael Harvey, William Hawes, James Hayes, George Herndon, Alan Hewitt (as "Alex Hewitt"), Nina Hill, Mary Hoban (as "Ensemble"), Cynthia Holbrook, Danny Hood, Claire Howard, Carol Hulings, Bradford Hunt, Buddy Irving, Carl Johnson, Peter Johnson, Marilyn Jolie, Curtis Karpe (as "Ensemble"), Allen Kearns, Walter Kelly, John Kerr, Robert Kerr, Lila King, Dorothy Knox, William Layton (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth Le Roy, Michael Leonard, Tommy Lewis, Richard Lloyd, Audrey Lodge, Constance Lodge, Virginia Lodge, John Long, John Lorenz, Betty MacDonald, James MacDonald, Marvel MacInnis (as "Ensemble"), Edward Mann, Jules Mann, Adrienne Marden, Jean Martel, Remi Martel, Gaylord Mason, Buddy Matthews, Gordon Merrick, Dorothy Miller, Gordon Mills, Patricia Minty, Carman Mitchell, Lois Montgomery, James Moore, Mona Moray, Mary Murray, May Muth, Florrie Nadel, Edna Nagy, Cecil Natapoff, Doris Newcomb, Donald O'Day, Grace O'Malley, LeRoi Operti (as "Dr. MacFarlane"), Margaret Owens, Melvin Parks, Judy Parrish, Lee Parry, Albert Patterson, Charles Payne, Jeannie Belle Perry, Martha Pickens, Gloria Pierre, Elinor Pittis, Philip Pollard, Jean Porter, Janet Regan, Ronald Reiss, George Repp, Robert Rhodes, Eric Roberts, James Roland, Mary Romano, Peggy Romano, Sylvia Roseman, James Russo, Nathaniel Sack, Stephen Sandes, Ray Santos, Lesley Savage, Dora Sayers, Louise Segal, Nat Seigal, Jeanne Shelby, Thomas Speidel, Don Starr, Mary Stevenson, Rodney Stewart, Sidney Stone, Elliott Stranger, Ruth Strome, Daphne Sylva, Jerry Sylvon, Ward Tallman (as "Henry Courtney"), John Thomas, Jerome Thor (as "Ensemble"), Frances Thress, Harry Todd, Carl Urbont, Grace Valentine, Dick Van Patten (as "Karl Gunther, Age 9; Martin Gunther's grandchild") [creidted as Dickie Van Patten], Joan Vitez, Julia Walsh, George Ward, Jeanne Wardley, David Wayne (as "Karl Gunther"), William Welch, Maurice Wells, Peggy Wells, Alan Wenfield, Bob White, Albert Whitley, Nancy Whitman, Lynn Whitney, Mary Williamson, Lois Winston, Janice Winter, Barbara Wooddell, Gene Yell. Produced by Sam Harris and Max Gordon. Note: play resumed production 17 Jul 1939- 23 Sep 1939/80 performances).
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Woman Brown. Drama. Written by Dorothy Cumming. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by Dorothy Cumming. Biltmore Theatre: 8 Dec 1939- 16 Dec 1939 (11 performances). Cast: Daisy Belmore (as "Lizzie Piggott"), Jack Bishop (as "Solicitor"), Buddy Buehler (as "Johnnie Smith"), Ross Chetwynd (as "Sergeant"), Natalie Chilvers (as "Allen Child"), John Clarke (as "Chaplain"), James E. Corbett (as "Clerk"), Harold De Becker (as "Porter"), Hugh Fettis (as "Reporter"), Fransiska Gaal (as "Mary Brown"), Jack Gould (as "Reporter"), Avery Graves (as "Warden"), Jack Hasler (as "Reporter'), Frank Howson' (as "Alderman"), Cecil Humphreys (as "Sir Patrick"), Lionel Ince (as "Foreman of the Jury"), Colin Keith-Johnston (as "Ken Sutter"), Edward Lester (as "Deputy Clerk"), Oswald Marshall (as "Reverend Mr. Shell"), John McKee (as "Doctor Moore"), Lewis McMichael (as "Solicitor"), Len Mence (as "Judge"), Jessamine Newcombe (as "Mrs. Goodberry"), Claire Nolte (as "Mrs. Mitchmore"), David Powell (as "Reporter"), Ronald Reiss (as "Peter Brown") [Alternate], Richard Rider (as "Reporter"), William Short (as "Reporter"), Edmond Stevens (as "Usher of the Court"), Ralph Sumpter (as "Policeman Smith"), William Topham (as "Reporter"), Helen Trenholme (as "Nurse Turnbull"), Dick Van Patten [credited as Dickie Van Patten] (as "Peter Brown"), Eric Walz (as "Clerk of Court"), Charles Wellesley (as "Sheriff") [final Broadway role], Harold Young (as "Attorney General"). Produced by Margaret Hewes.
  • (1941) Stage Play: The Lady Who Came to Stay. Written by Kenneth White, from a story by R.E. Spencer. Directed and produced by Guthrie McClintic. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 2 Jan 1941- 4 Jan 1941 (4 performances). As "Roger."
  • (1938) Stage Play: On Borrowed Time. Comedy. Written by Paul Osborn, from a novel by Lawrence Edward Watkin. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Longacre Theatre: 3 Feb 1938- Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/321 performances). Cast: Jean Adair (as "Demetria Riffle"), Andy Anderson (as "Workman"), Elwell Cobb (as "Workman"), Frank Conroy (as "Mr. Brink"), Nick Dennis (as "Workman"), Dudley Digges (as "Julian Northrup, Gramps"), Lew Eckles (as "Mr. Grimes"), Clyde Franklin (as "Dr. Evans"), Edgar Henning (as "Workman"), Peter Miner (as "Pud"), Margaret O'Donnell (as "Marcia Giles"), Richard Sterling (as "Mr. Pilbeam"), Dorothy Stickney (as "Nellie, Granny"), Dick Van Patten, Al Webster (as "Sheriff"). Replacement cast: Frances Bavier (as "Nellie, Granny"), Tommy Lewis (as "Pud") [Alternate], Lawrence Robinson (as "Pud"), [Alternate]. Produced by Dwight Wiman. Note: Produced by MGM as a 1939 Lionel Barrymore vehicle as On Borrowed Time (1939).
  • (1937) Stage Play: The Eternal Road. Musical. Based on material by Franz Werfel, as adapted by William A. Drake and as translated by Ludwig Lewishon. Scenic Design, Costume Design, and Lighting Design by Norman Bel Geddes. Directed by Max Reinhardt. Music by Kurt Weill. Manhattan Opera House: 7 Jan 1937- 15 May 1937 (137 performances). Cast: Charles Adler, Maia Airoff, Herbert Alani, Antionette Allen, Louise Allen, Martin Alsop (as "Ensemble"), Felix Arndt, Leslie Austen, Neslon Barclift, Fred Barrie, Michael Bataeff, Robert Bentley, Abner Biberman (as "Adversary's Partner"), Ida Bidner, Anthony Blair, Sophie Brent, Katherine Carrington, Albert Cazentre, Bennett Challis, Thomas Chalmers, Al Clifford, Noel Cravat (as "Shimon" and "Aaron"), Ben Cutler, Eva Dainova, Henry Day, Marguerite De Anguera, Roger De Koven, Olive Deering, Walter Elliott, William Elliott, Blanche Evan, Edward Fisher, Jules Flier, Carl Formes, ELizabeth Friend, Walter Gilbert, Samuel Goldenberg, Anita Gorin, Marie Guttman, Charles Hale, Harry Hamill, Paul Hammond, Robert Harrison, Frances Hellman, Charles Horner, William Howell, Carroll Howes, Sam Jaffe, Ralph Jameson, Janet Janov, Harold Johnsrud, Starr West Jones, Edward Kane, Kurt Kasznar, Hal Kingsley, Bertha Kunz-Baker, Alexander Lazuk, Lotte Lenya, Paul Leon, David A. Leonard, Ruth Virginia Lewis, Lil Liandre, Lou Lief, Betty Lind, Baruch Lumet, Sidney Lumet (as "The Estranged One's Son"), Joseph Macauley, Paul Marion, Leonard Mence, Florence Meyer, Raymond Miller, William M. Miller, Tommy Mott, Victorie Moussaieff, Ruth Nisenson, Eva Ortman, Sarah Osnath-Halevy, Doris Ostroff, Mary Perrine, Rosamond Pinchot, Cassius C. Quimby, Ruth Ross, Herbert Rudley, Lucien Rutman, Angela Schoop, Mark Schweid, Blake Scott, Eleanor Searle, Ethel Selwyn, Sylvia Shane, Marian Siwek, James Spivak, Harold Sternberg, Sam Sternberg, Ruth Stromberg, Gustav Stryker, Lydia Tarnova, Molly Taylor, Myron Taylor, Sol Tisman, Maxine Trevor, John Uppman, Dick Van Patten (credited as "Dickie Van Patten"), Edward Vermonti, Earl Weatherford, Benjamin Zemach. Produced by Crosby Gaige and Meyer W. Weisgal.
  • TV commercial for Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1986)
  • Music video: Appeared in 'Weird Al' Yankovic;s video "Smells Like Nirvana".
  • Music video: Appeared in 'Weird Al' Yankovic's video "Bedrock Anthem".
  • (1944) Stage Play: Decision. Drama. Written by Edward Chodorov. Directed by Edward Chodorov. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Ambassador Theatre 28 Mar 1944- close): 2 Feb 1944- 17 Jun 1944 (160 performances). Cast: Gwen Anderson (as "Harriet Howard"), Georgia Burke (as "Virgie"), Jean Casto (as "Miss Baines"), Matt Crowley (as "Masters"), Paul Ford (as "Sergeant Carey") [Broadway debut], Raymond Greenleaf (as "Riggs"), Len D. Hollister (as "Anderson"), Paul Huber (as "Fitzgerald"), Laurence Hugo (as "Tommy Riggs"), Herbert Junior (as "Jim Morgan"), Rusty Lane (as "Bennett"), Merle Maddern (as "Mrs. May Howard"), Homer Miles (as "Brown"), Grace Mills (as "Mrs. Bowen"), Lee Sanford (as "Peters"), Howard Smith (as "Allen"), Dick Van Patten (as "Felix") [credited as Dickie Van Patten]. Produced by Edward Choate.
  • (1948) Stage Play: Mister Roberts. Comedy. Written by Thomas Heggen (based on his novel) and Joshua Logan. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Alvin Theatre: 18 Feb 1948- 6 Jan 1951 (1157 performances). Cast: Henry Fonda (as "Lieutenant (jg) Roberts"), William Harrigan (as "The Captain"), Robert Keith (as "Doc"), David Wayne (as "Ensign Pulver"), Tige Andrews (as "Ensemble"), Robert Baines (as "Wiley"), Fred Barton (as "Gerhart"), Joe Bernard (as "Ensemble"), Jocelyn Brando, John Campbell (as "Reber"), Ellis Eringer (as "Ensemble" , Murray Hamilton (as "Shore Patrol Officer"), Steven Hill (as "Stefanowski"), Marshall Jamison(as "Military Policeman"), John Jordan, Mikel Kane, Brian Keith [credited as Bob Keith Jr.] (as "Ensemble"), Lee Krieger (as "Schlemmer") [Broadway debut], John Kullers (as "Ensemble"), Rusty Lane (as "Chief Johnson"), Harvey Lembeck (as "Insignia"), Karl Lukas (as "Lindstrom"), Joe Marr, Ralph Meeker (as "Mannion"), Walter Mullen, Jack Pierce, James Sherwood, Len Smith Jr., Sanders Turner, Casey Walters (as "Doltan"). Replacement actors: Tige Andrews [credited as Tiger Andrews] (as "Schlemmer"), Larry Blyden (as "Ensign Pulver/Shore Patrol Officer"), Bart Burns, Don Fellows (as "Ensemble'), Murray Hamilton', Henry Hull (as "Doc"), Robert Keith (as "Mannion"), Mary Malone (as "Lieutenant Ann Girard"), Jan Merlin, Alvy Moore (as "Ensign Pulver"), Mickey Schiller, Philip Schuyler (as "Ensemble"), Rufus Smith (as "Shore Patrol Officer"), Paul Stewart (as "Doc"), Dick Van Patten (as "Ensign Pulver"), Eli Wallach (as "Stefanowski"). Produced by Leland Hayward. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros./Orange Productions [distributed by Warner Bros.] as Mister Roberts (1955) [a smash hit].
  • (1983) TV commercial for Showbiz Pizza Place - Himself
  • (early 1980's) TV commercial for Jiffy Lube - Himself (w/Sherman Hemsley)
  • (April 3 to May 24, 1986) He acted in William Inge's play, "Picnic," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Gregory Harrison, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rue McClanahan, Dana Hill, Timothy Shelton and Michael Learned in the cast. Marshall W. Mason was director. John Lee Beaty was scenic designer.

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