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Stevie Vallance


Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 5 in
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Alto


  • ETM, Paul Smith & David Dunstan, Agent
    Toronto, ON Canada
    416 413 7800

Emmy Award recipient Stevie Vallance's Talent is a result of her extensive experience as an actor, singer, director and producer. For 25 years, Vallance has infused life and personality into characters on thousands of productions. Born in Montreal, on September 8, 1958, Vallance possesses both U.S. & Canadian citizenships.

• Voice-Producer: Now a 3-time Emmy nominee and 1-time Emmy Award recipient (Madeline/Disney), Stevie Vallance continues to excel in the Animation field; voice-directing Teletoon's hit show Best Ed, voice-producing 2007 Emmy Nominee Growing Up Creepie, casting and voice-directing 'Young Dr. Dolittle' starring Tom Kenney (Sponge Bob Square Pants), in Los Angeles, as well as casting and voice-directing Celebutard, for Teletoon's Detour series. Most recently Stevie has been living in Los Angeles casting and voice-directing for Home Plate Ent, Bill Schultz on two animated series. One for Disney Junior called 'Guess How Much I Love You' and the other for Nicktoons called 'Wild Grinders' starring Rob Dyrdek.


• Wild Grinders / 52 episodes / (2011 - 2012) Home Plate Ent, Bill Schultz / Nicktoons

• Guess How Much I Love You / 52 episodes / (2011 - 2012) Home Plate Ent, Bill Schultz / Disney Junior

• Polly Pocket / 2 episodes / (2011) Audu Paden / Mattel

• Young Dr. Dolittle / Feature Film / pilot DVD (2009) Steve Waterman / Spoken World, LLC/Language Island

• Best Ed / 52 Episodes (2007 - 08) / Voice Director / 9-Story / Teletoon

• Celebutard Nation / 2 Episode Pilot / 2008 / Nelvanna / Corus Ent

• Bash Boys / Demo (2007) / 9-Story / Teletoon

• Jimmy 2-Shoes / Pilot (2007) / Breakthrough Films

• Growing Up Creepie / 52 Episodes (2006 - 2007) / Mike Young Productions, Bill Schultz / Discovery Kids / 2007 Emmy Nominee

• Totally Spies / 6 Episodes (2004) / Marathon / Teletoon

• Silverwing / 20 Episodes (2004) / Bardel / Teletoon • Madeline / 70 Episodes (1994 - 2001) / DIC & Disney / 2002 Emmy Award Winner


“I’m so glad you are a part of our team! It has been a pleasure! You bring so much ˆ I couldn’t have asked for more!!!” ~ Schultz, Bill, Executive Producer Home Plate Entertainment, Wild Grinders, Nicktoons and Guess How Much I Love You, Disney Jr.

“I thought you were grace under pressure!” ~ Audu Paden, Sr. Director, Supervising Producer, Mattel, Polly Pocket

"Your contributions as a voice talent and singer would be more than sufficient to earn praise, but your gifts as a voice director and music coach are exceptional... The critical success of our show is due in no small part to your considerable efforts." ~ Stan Phillips, Executive Producer, Madeline, DIC Enterprises

"I am more than honored to...walk along side someone that strives to bring integrity, passion and professionalism to our business." ~ Producer, Silverwing, Bardel Animation

"Thanks for all your dedication and hard work... and thank you for being the wonderful, talented and gracious director that you are! I'm recommending you to everyone here at Discovery Kids!!" ~ Melinda Toporoff, Executive Producer, Growing Up Creepie, Discovery Kids

“... you are on the top of my list if I need voice overs, you did a fantastic job with the Wacky Powers intro!” ~ Eddy Mayer, Executive Producer, Whacky Powers Kid


Feature Films:

• Slam Dunk Ernest / 'Erma Terradiddle' / John Cherry/Director

• Three Men and a Baby / 'Sally' / Walt Disney / Leonard Nimoy

• Falcon's Gold / 'Tracy Falcon' / Bob Schulz/Director

Television (movies):

• The Only Way Out / 'Geri' / ABC / Rod Hardy / Director

• Shades of Love: The Man Who Guards the Greenhouse / 'Denise' / Lorimar / Marc Voizard / Director

• Ed McBains 87th / Precinct: Heatwave / 'Margaret Grayson' / Doug Barr / Director

• Who's Child Is This? / John Kent Harrison / Director

• The Child Saver / 'Julie' / Stan Latham / Director

• Family Reunion / 'Goldie' / CBC / Vic Sarin / Director

• Young Again / Steven Stern / Director

• A Girl Named Pony / 'Pony' / Rene Bonniere / Director

• A Bird In The House / 'Vanessa' / Allan King / Director

• Howdy Doody's 40th Anniversary / 'Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring' / NBC / Martin Stone / Director

• The Cold Heart of a Killer / NBC / Paul Schneider / Director

Television (series):

• Forever Knight / 'Charlie Hawkes' Lead / USA

• Poltergeist: The Legacy / 'Serena' Lead / MGM / Brenton Spencer / Director

• FX: The Series / 'Gaby' / Mike Vejar / Director

• Outer Limits / 'Sandra' Lead / Mario Azzopardi / Director

• Knot's Landing / ‘Sylvie' (series regular) / CBS

• The Ropers / 'Jenny Ballinger' (series regular) / ABC / Jack Shea / Director

• Night Heat / 'Det. Stevie Brody' (series regular) / CBS

• Road to Avonlea / 'Amanda Stone' Lead / Allan King / Director

• LA Law / Twin / NBC / Rick Wallace / Director • Zoobilee Zoo / 'Whazzat Kangaroo' (series regular) / Steve Binder / Hallmark

• First Wave / 'Nurse Kelly' / Mike Rohl / Director

• COBRA / Lead / Cannell Films

• Dracula: The Series / 'Julia Heisenberg ' Lead / Allan King / Director

• Diamonds / Lead / Randy Bradshaw / Director

• Alfred Hitchcock Presents / 'Holly' Lead / Richard Lewis

• Bosom Buddies / 'Ellen' Lead / ABC

• Divorce Court / Attorney (series regular)

• Lou Grant / 'Julie' / ABC

• PSI Factor / Lead

• Kung Fu / Lead / Katts & Dog / Lead

• Sweating Bullets / Lead

• FBI: The Untold Stories / Lead

• King Of Kensington / 'Rosemary' Lead


• '3 Davids' with David Warrack / Bruce Power Theatre, Southampton / 10

• Divas for Life / The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver / 01 & 02

• Closer Walk with Patsy Cline / 'Patsy' / Vancouver Arts Club, Alberta Theatre Projects / 93-99

• Dames at Sea / 'Ruby' / Citadel Theater, Edmonton

• Anything Goes / 'Reno Sweeney' / Little Theater, Toronto

• Kiss Me Kate / 'Kate' / Little Theater, Toronto

• Merrily We Roll Along / 'Beth' / Roland Dupree Theater, Los Angeles

• Anne of Green Gables / 'Prissy Andrews' / Alan Lund / Charlottetown Festival, PEI

• Marie Queen of Scotts / Principal / Charlottetown Festival / David Warrack / Director / PEI

• Jane Eyre / 'Adele' / Hummingbird, Toronto & National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Television series (Animated):

• Best Ed / Multiple (2008) / 9-Story / Teletoon / Celebutard Nation

• Kitty & Angelina Jolie (2008) / Nelvana / Corus Ent

• Dex Hamilton / Audrey & The Queen (2008) / March Ent

• Growing Up Creepie / Gnat & Bunny Hollyruller (2007 - 08) / Mike Young / Discovery Kids

• The Future Is Wild / Uli (2008) / Nelvana

• Bakugan Battle Brawlers / Tigrerra & Rabeeder (2008) / Corus Ent

• Totally Spies / G.L.A.D.I.S. (2006) / Marathon / Teletoon

• Trollz / WaWa, Mother & Grandmother (2006) / DIC Enterprises

• Silverwing / Breeze (2005) / Bardel / Teletoon

• Madeline / Miss Clavel & Genevive (1995 - 2001) / DIC / Disney

• Reboot / Mouse & Rocky (1999 - 01) / Mainframe / Alliance

• Donkey Kong Country / Dixie (2002) / Nelvanna

• Zoobilee Zoo / Whazzat Kangaroo / DIC (*in costume)

• Inspector Gadget Boy / Spydra / DIC

• Ghostbusters / Multiple / DIC

• The Care Bears / Proud Heart Cat / DIC

• Dennis the Menace / Gina & Alice Mitchell / DIC

• Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonia & Mrs. Possum / DIC

• Inuyasha / Natsuko Fuji (Jinenji's Mother) / Sunrise

• Dragon Tales / Multiple / Columbia / Tristar

• Mummies Alive / Amanda & Khati / DIC

• Extreme Dinosaurs / Chedra / DIC

• Tex Avery / Multiple / DIC

• The Archies / Multiple / Marvel

• Popples / Party, Prize & Puffball / DIC

• Sabrina / Multiple / DIC

• Shadow Raiders / Prince Pyros / Mainframe/Alliance

• Stone Protectors / Multiple

• Action Man / Multiple / DIC

• Mega Man / Multiple / Capcom

• Conan & the Young Warriors / Multiple / CBS

• Nilus the Sandman / Multiple / Delaney & Friends

• Hurricanes / Mrs. Corie / DIC

• King's Quest: Vl / Princess Cassima / Sierra

• Super Dave / Multiple / DIC

• Lady Lovelylocks & Pixietails / Duchess Ravenwaves & Curlycrown / DIC

• Hammerman / Multiple / DIC

• XMen: Evolution / Moira MacTaggart & Policewoman / Marvel

• Dinosaucers / Princess Dei / DIC

• Gargoyles / Episode: The Dying of the Light / Disney

Feature Films (Animated):

• The Care Bears Big Wish Movie / Share Bear (2006) / Nelvana / Corus Ent

• Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot / Share Bear (2005) / Nelvana / Corus Ent

• Barbie: Magic Pegasus / Trolls (2006) / NBC Productions

• Wishing Star / Faith, Mrs.Tolufson, Maximus / Phase 4 / Seoul

• Thumbelina / Multiple Characters / Don Bluthe Ent / musical director: Barry Manilow

• The Pebble & the Penguin / Priscilla, Chinstrap / Don Bluthe Ent / musical director: Barry Manilow

• Cardcaptors: The Movie / Sorceress


• 4 cds on H'art Records.


• Impressario: Hosts and Produces Masters of Jazz: 2010 concert series which involves recording/producing live concert CD and singing with Jazz Masters such as David Warrack, Dave Young, Ted Quinlan and Nancy Walker.

• Impressario: Hosted/Produced the Jazz Benefit Divas For Life at the Vogue, in Vancouver, in 2001 & 2002. Both were packed houses (1250 seats/per). Organized a national distribution deal with Fusion. Bravo was our Sponsor and they filmed both concerts and ran the segment nationally for 3 months. CBC recorded it for national 'Hot Air' broadcast. The Benefit raised 70,000 gross for Friends for Life. or visit

• Record Producer: Produced 4 cds on H'art Records. Visit and

• Radio Host: Hosted and Produced 60 radio shows on 'Jazz & Blues on the Beach', ON, Canada. Involved Programming, writing and pre-recording.

• TV Host: Co-hosted 250 episodes of Global's Pizzazz; 1980s.

• Author: Writing a book on Animation Acting and teaching a brand-name workshop called Tooned In! Workshops across North America. Please see Stevie’s Animation site for more on my extensive background as a Voice Actor, Director and Teacher. or visit You Tube links where you can Stevie in action as a 'Director/Teacher':


About Stevie Vallance

Videos of Stevie

2-minute OVERVIEW of Tooned In! Workshop

Student Feedback

Stevie's workshop at giant Comic Con Conference in NYC, Oct, 2010

Stevie turns YTV's Carlos into a Toon

Stevie turns CityTV Calgary Breakfast Show's hosts into Toons

Stevie turns CityTV Toronto Breakfast Show's hosts into Toons

Review by Grayden Laing. Paul Ullrich doing ‘Marilyn’:



Social Networks:



Facebook Group (ask to join)





Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Improvisation, Singing, Host, Voiceover
  • Athletic Skills: Aerobics, Track & Field, Rollerblading, Swimming, Cycling, Tennis
  • Accents: Jamaican, Midwest, Scottish, Irish, British, Russian, Australian, Southern, German, Spanish, French
  • Spoken Languages: French
  • Musical Instruments: Piano
  • Dance: Ballet, Tap


  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York, New York, Acting, 1986
    Graduated 2-year Program in 86
  • Milton Katselas, Jeff Corye, Jeff Corye, Eric Morris, Los Angeles, Acting
    studied in 1980s and 1990s with all four Acting Instructors
  • The Groundlings Theatre, Los Angeles, Improv, Phil Hartman
  • Nathan Lamb, Peggy Hatch, David Dunbar, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Los Angeles, Toronto, Banff, Singing
  • Boris Volkoff, Lois Smith, Alan Lund, Toronto, Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap


  • Daytime Emmy Award, Director, Best Outstanding Children's Program, 2002
    Madeline / Disney Channel
  • Daytime Emmy Nomination, Producer, Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, 2008
    Growing Up Creepie / Discovery Channel Mike Young Productions / Moonscoop
  • Daytime Emmy Nomination, Director, Best Outstanding Children's Program, 2001
    Madeline / Disney Channel
  • Friend in Deed, Philanthropy Award, 2002
    Divas For Life, Vancouver, CAN, 2001 - 2002


  • Marie Cecchino, past superior Producer
  • Allan Krasnick, Attorney

Employment Details

  • Work History: Industrial, Theater, Radio, Voice Over, Internet, Television, Commercial, Music Video, Film
  • Job Categories: Directing, Casting, Producing, Composing, Acting, Writing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: Canada
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Voice Director
  • Prior Job Title 2: Actor
  • Prior Job Title 3: Vocalist


Stevie Vallance: Director, Vocalist, Actor, Host, Producer (updated April 22, 2010)

By the time Montreal-born, Toronto-raised Stevie Vallance was twelve, she had performed her way across eastern Canada with the Charlottetown Festival. After graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in New York, she was fronting a band in Los Angeles, when a CBS executive heard her and offered her the recurring role of recording artist, 'Sylvie', on the long-running series, Knots Landing. She then spent a year on The Ropers, learning comedic timing from veterans Norman Fell and Jeffrey Tambor.

Stevie has worked with some amazing actors such as Tom Hanks on Bosom Buddies, Ed Asner on Lou Grant and Simon McCorkindale on Falcon's Gold. When she guest-starred on Road to Avonlea, Christopher Reeve whisked away on a horse and when she played 'Erma Terradiddle', on Slam Dunk Ernest, she was Jim Varney's love interest. On LA Law, she got to act with Kevin Spacey and on the feature film, Three Men and a Baby, Stevie played 'Sally', opposite Steve Guttenberg.

In the '80s, Stevie commuted between Los Angeles and Toronto, on a regular basis. She played series regular, 'Det. Stevie Brody' on the CBS late-night series Night Heat, while at the same time, in Los Angeles, she played a very different sort of role; a pink kangaroo named 'Whazzat', on the Hallmark series, Zoobilee Zoo, with Ben Vereen. "I would often joke about pulling a Colt 45 out of my pouch!”


Vallance has infused life and personality into characters on thousands of animated productions including, 'Mouse' on Reboot, 'Share Bear' in the Care Bears movies, 'Dixie' on Donkey Kong, 'Natsuko Fuji' on Inuyasha, ‘G.L.A.D.I.S’ on Totally Spies, 'Sonia' on Sonic the Hedgehog and ‘Tigrerra’ on Bakugan. In 2002, Stevie received an EMMY AWARD for directing the dialogue & vocals for the beloved Disney classic, Madeline, in which she also portrayed 'Miss Clavel', the nun, and 'Genevive', the dog. In 2007, Stevie voice-produced Emmy Nominee Growing Up Creepie, for Discovery Kids and in 2008, she served as Voice Director on Teletoon's hit show, Best Ed.

Vallance continues to excel in the animation field. Last year, in LA, she cast and voice-directed the animated feature, Young Dr. Dolittle, starring Tom Kenney (Sponge Bob). In October, she facilitated 200 Animators in 'voicing' their own shows, as a Delegate at the 2009 Ottawa International Animation Festival. While teaching at the Festival, the animated pilot episodes that she cast and voice-directed for Teletoon’s Detour series’, called ‘Celebutards’, debuted at the Festival at the same time. Currently Stevie portrays ‘Tigrerra’, on Bakugan, while she continues to teach her incredibly fun and transformative Tooned In! Animation Acting Workshops, throughout North America; the most recent class taking place in New York City. Visit for 2010 Workshop schedule.


In 1995, Stevie relocated to Bowen Island, BC, where she met Michael Creber (pianist for k.d. Lang) and in 1998 they recorded Stevie's debut jazz CD, 'Practically Naked', reviewed by one critic as 'an unforgettable piece of music history, sung with a warmth and grace that sends shivers down the spine."

On her second CD, 'Always (A Salute to Patsy Cline)’, inspiration came from Stevie's one-woman portrayal of the legendary country singer, with whom Vallance coincidentally shares the same birthday. Stevie toured with the show in western Canada and opened for the Calgary Stampede, in 1999.

Motivated by the devastating loss of a close personal friend, Stevie produced jazz benefit concerts, 'Divas For Life'. With media sponsors such as Bravo and CBC on board, the critically acclaimed, standing-room-only jazz concerts, took place in Vancouver's Vogue Theatre (1250 seats). She also negotiated a national distribution deal, with Fusion Records, for a 'live' concert CD, that aired on CBC Radio's Hot Air and was released as part of the 2002 Vancouver International Jazz Festival line-up. The events raised $70,000 for people living with life-threatening illness and Stevie was presented with the Friends for Life Philanthropy Award.

"Vallance's voice sounds fabulous... mature, well recorded, comfortable, sexy..." said Paul Grant, of Stevie's forth Jazz CD, released in 2008. Arranged by Pat Coleman (guitar), ‘Make My Night’ offer’s smooth renditions of jazz standards as well as ‘original’ songs by Stevie and Vancouver-based composers such as, Jim Vallance.

Since 2008, Stevie has been based in Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula, where she now hosts her own radio show, 'Jazz & Blues on the Beach’, that airs every Sunday night, on

In 2009, Stevie performed in the Medicine Hat Jazz Festival for the second year in a row and she was also the featured vocalist with the Stardust Big Band and she also sang with the Charlie Bell Trio, in the Thornbury and Kincardine Jazz Festivals. In the fall she produced ‘Jazz Inclined’; Patsy Cline songs done with a ‘jazzy’ twist. The live recorded CD features Richard Whitman (piano), Mike Grace (bass) and Kevin Barrett (guitar).

In 2010, Stevie is pursuing her impresario talents with the 'Stevie Vallance & the Masters of Jazz:2010’ 7-concert series, at the Bruce Power Theatre, in Southampton, presenting world-class players such as Kieran Overs (bass), Ted Warren (drums), Bobby Brough (sax), Rob Clutton (bass), Nancy Walker (piano), Ted Quinlan (guitar), Tim Posgate (guitar) and George Koller (bass). The 7-concert jazz series kicked off on February 13th, 2010 with the Stevie Vallance Quintet and on April 10th, Stevie performed alongside renowned Canadian composer and friend, David Warrack, in the premiere of ‘3 Davids’; a Cabaret-jazz style revue comprised of Frishberg, Shire and Warrack tunes. Stevie is producing all concerts and also organising the ‘live’ recordings of every concert in the series for a ‘Best of the Masters of Jazz: 2010’ CD.

"Songs are lucky when Stevie Vallance sings them." ~ Ross Porter

"Intimate, vulnerable yet full of passion able to caress a word shape a phrase so that it comes alive this is an evening with the voice of Stevie Vallance." ~ Medicine Hat Jazz Festival

"Stevie Vallance, here's a vocalist with something to say and a sensational way of saying it" ~ Jurgen Goth

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