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Round-Up: The Haunted Mask-Inspired Apparel, Ejecta Blu-ray, The Last Survivors Trailer, Clowntown Images

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R.L. Stine's Goosebumps novels have been terrifying children since 1992, and inspired Cavity Colors to create apparel based on the 11th book in the series, The Haunted Mask. Also: Ejecta Blu-ray details, The Last Survivors trailer, and Clowntown photos.

Cavity Colors's The Killer Mask: R.L. Stine's The Haunted Mask tells the story of a girl who discovers that the Halloween mask she purchased has become permanently attached to her face.

The Killer Mask collection of apparel was designed by artists Coki Greenway and Aaron Crawford. With a retail price of $24.00 apiece, The Killer Mask T-Shirt and Tank Top are black in color and 100% Cotton. The limited edition print is priced at $40.00, and the stickers / buttons are priced at $10.00 for a pack of two.

For more information on this apparel, visit the Cavity Colors online shop.


Ejecta: Press Release: "From the writer of Pontypool and Septic Man comes Ejecta,
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Exclusive: Bob Kurtzman Talks Lucky McKee's "Hardcore" The Woman

This writer is just back from a set visit to the currently-shooting Sony Pictures’ production Hostel Part III in Detroit, Michigan, and while press is currently under embargo on that film (rest assured, we’ll have the goods for you as soon as it’s lifted!), we did speak with the film's FX make-up head Bob Kurtzman, who gave us the lowdown on Hostel Part III as well as on the recently-wrapped The Woman.

Directed by Lucky McKee and starring Angela Bettis (May), Sean Bridgers ("Justified"), Pollyana McIntosh and Carlee Baker (Wicked Lake), The Woman (which is a sequel to the Jack Ketchum-inspired Offspring) revolves around the titular character, who is the last surviving member of a feral, nomadic clan who is pursued by a local hunter - whose perverted intention is to capture and ‘break’ the woman.

Kurtzman, whose company Precinct 13 provided make-up FX for that film as well,
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Children Of The Corn (2009; DVD Review)

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One of the motivations for writer/director/producer Donald P. Borchers to do the Children Of The Corn remake that just aired on Syfy was to create an adaptation more faithful to Stephen King’s chilling short story than the one he produced back in 1984. But the movie’s DVD (coming October 6 from Anchor Bay) reveals another reason: This film is a Statement as well.

In an on-camera interview, Borchers proclaims that he wanted this interpretation of King’s tale of a youthful rural cult to be a parable about religious extremism and the current crisis in the Middle East. This is no doubt why the new Children (following a 1963-set prologue) takes place in 1975, so that protagonist Burt (David Anders) can be a Vietnam veteran, a key source of the tension between him and wife Vicky (Kandyse McClure) during their drive through the Nebraska farmlands. (The fact that they’re interracially married,
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