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For A Few Bullets: China Lion Targets 22 July for Us Debut

China Lion continues its winning run of bringing hot new releases from mainland China to North American audiences this month with the release of Pan Anzi's Far East Western For A Few Bullets on 22 July. Starring Zhang Jingchu (Aftershock, Protege), Lin Gengxin (The Taking of Tiger Mountain), Liu Xiaoqing and Kenneth Tsang, For A Few Bullets appears to be following the trend of recent blockbusters like Jiang Wen's Let The Bullets Fly, repackaging China's warlord era of the early 20th century with a Wild West vibe that should appeal to audiences beyond the Chinese diaspora. There's definitely a strong comedy element too, and a feisty female protagonist to boot, as well as plenty of classic gunslinging and railroad action thrown in for good measure. ...

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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man renewed for second season

Deadline is reporting that Sky1 has ordered a second season of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, the original drama series starring James Nesbitt as a police detective who is granted the ability to control luck.

The show, which is produced by Carnival Films from an original idea by comic book legend Lee, has proven to be Sky 1’s highest-rated original drama series ever, and is also the most-watched programme on the Now TV streaming service.

In addition to Nesbitt, the first season of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man also starred Eve Best (Nurse Jackie, The Honourable Woman), Sienna Guillory (Fortitude, Luther), Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited), Darren Boyd (Fortitude), Omid Djalili (Moonfleet), Jing Lusi (Holby City) and Kenneth Tsang (Die Another Day).
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Police Story: ranking the movies in order of quality

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Police Story might just be the greatest action franchise of all time. But which movies are the best in the series?

After his disappointing experience in America filming The Protector, Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong determined to make his own cop film his own way. The result - Police Story - kickstarted perhaps the greatest action franchise of all time; a series of films that still deliver thrills of a near-religious magnitude for genre fans.

Aside from the two reboots, the Police Stories revolve around Jackie's maverick Hong Kong cop Ka-Kui Chan (or Kevin Chan, in the English dubs) with frequent appearances from his lovably inept superior 'Uncle Bill' (Bill Tung) and his long-suffering girlfriend May (Maggie Cheung). The story continuity is a little ropey but instead each instalment offers a new, and usually more improbable, case for Ka-Kui to crack.

There's a blend of comedy,
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Retro Digital: The Long Strange Home Video Journey Of Jackie Chan's "Supercop"

  • CinemaRetro
By Fred Blosser

Life moves at warp speed these days. Almost overnight, cutting-edge in arts and technology becomes old-school.

It seems like only yesterday that the Hong Kong movies of Jackie Chan and John Woo were the big new flavor in action cinema, and laser disc was the medium of choice for upscale home theater. In reality, it’s more like yesteryear, and at that, nearly two decades of yesteryears.

How many of today’s kids under 20 would you have to ask before you found one who’s seen a Jackie Chan film? How many have even heard of laser disc, let alone loaded one of those unwieldy LP-sized platters into an equally clunky player?

These nostalgic if chilling thoughts occurred to me when, recently, I browsed through an old issue of “Mystery Scene” magazine and came across a review I’d written back in the day. The topic was Jackie Chan,
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James Bond 007: revisiting Die Another Day

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It's the invisible car one! We look back at Pierce Brosnan's final outing as James Bond - it's Die Another Day...

Practically a curse for some this one, and now a contender for Worst Bond Ever. This is a bit harsh: Die Another Day doesn’t deserve the opprobrium heaped upon it. Not to say it’s good; just not utterly irredeemable. Perhaps its greatest problem is tonal. For a while it seems we might get the hard-hitting Bond that Pierce Brosnan so deserved; then suddenly we’re in an ice palace and Bond’s borrowed a car from Harry Potter. The second half of the film is utterly ludicrous but fun if you go along for the (invisible) ride; alas, the first half promised something far more intriguing. It wouldn’t be completely accurate to say it begins as Licence To Kill and ends as Moonraker; but nor is it totally unfair.
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Golden Era sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards

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Golden Era sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards
Ann Hui’s The Golden Era continued its awards sweep at the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday night, winning five prizes including best film and best director.

The biopic of writer Xiao Hong also won best cinematography, best art direction and best costume and make-up. It recently won best director and best supporting actor at the Asian Film Awards in Macau.

Overheard 3 was also a multiple winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards, clinching best actor for Lau Ching-wan, best supporting actor for Kenneth Tsang and best screenplay for Alan Mak and Felix Chong’s script.

Best actress went to Vicky Zhao Wei for Peter Ho-sun Chan’s child abduction drama Dearest, while Ivana Wong picked up both best supporting actress and best new performer for her role in comedy Golden Chickensss.

David Lee won the best new director award for Derek Yee-produced thriller Insanity. Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home won the award for best
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‘The Golden Era’ Tops Hong Kong Film Awards

‘The Golden Era’ Tops Hong Kong Film Awards
Ann Hui and her biographical drama “The Golden Era” were the big winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday night. Hui collected five awards including best film and best director.

The expensive, three-hour picture has been a regular winner on the Asian awards and festival circuit, but it flopped badly at the box office in both China and Hong Kong. Its continuing awards tally may reflect Hui’s efforts to make a large-scale art-house film at a time in Chinese cinema history that is often described as a ‘golden era,’ for growing commerciality and the huge expansion of the mainland Chinese box office.

The best acting winners were Sean Lau Ching-wan in Hong Kong actioner “Overheard 3” and Vicky Zhao Wei in “Dearest,” Peter Chan Ho-sun’s drama about child abductions in China.

Other significant wins on the night included singer turned actress Ivana Wong’s double win
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Ann Hui's The Golden Era Triumphs At Hong Kong Film Awards

The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards have named Ann Hui's epic drama The Golden Era Best Film of the year, with Hui taking the Best Director prize. The film, which stars Tang Wei as famed Chinese writer Xiao Hong, won five awards on the night, including Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Costumes & Make-Up.Tang missed out on the Best Actress prize, which went to Zhao Wei for Peter Chan's Dearest, while Lau Ching Wan was named Best Actor for his turn in Overheard 3, one of three awards for Alan Mak and Felix Chong's surveillance threequel. It also won in the Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (for Kenneth Tsang) categories. Meanwhile, Ivana Wong scored an impressive double, winning both the Best Supporting Actress...

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Film Review: ‘Overheard 3’

Film Review: ‘Overheard 3’
The third and final installment in the “Overheard” franchise boasts a timely, intriguing subject: the corruption and controversy surrounding the real-estate development of Hong Kong’s New Territories. With their skillful dialogue and direction, “Infernal Affairs” writers Felix Chong and Alan Mak keep individual scenes strikingly vital and engrossing throughout. But the venality and betrayal on display here become so predictably ubiquitous — and the characters so numerous, intertwined and underdeveloped — that the twists eventually lose their dramatic impact, and the film its forward momentum. A blockbuster at home, “Overheard 3” may remain a cult item outside Asia.

No familiarity with the two previous “Overheard” films is needed to appreciate the third: Aside from an emphasis on surveillance, the universality of greed and malfeasance, and the presence of star thesps Louis Koo, Sean Lau and Daniel Wu (playing completely different roles from film to film), nothing narratively links the three installments.
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Lots Of New Character Posters For Overheard 3

Felix Chong and Alan Mak are getting ready to unleash the third in their Overheard series of audio surveillance thrillers, and have just released these images of their rogues gallery. The previous films did not follow the same characters, and the third installment will also feature an entirely new story, but many of the same cast will return.In the images below we see Lau Ching Wan, Alex Fong, Gordon Lam, Lam Ka Wah, Kenneth Tsang and Ng Man Tat, who are being billed as the "Hong Kong Tyrant Full Collection", and the plot of Overheard 3 this time revolves around a group of unscrupulous land owners looking to increase their fortune. Daniel Wu and Louis Koo also star in the film, but clearly appear on...

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‘Inseparable’ Review

Stars: Daniel Wu, Kevin Spacey, Beibi Gong, Ni Yan, Peter Stormare, Kenneth Tsang, Mo Zhang | Written and Directed by Dayyan Eng

Originally filmed in 2011, Inseparable is one of those movies that defies pigeon-holing. Pegged as a “buddy-cop” superhero movie, the film actually deals with the breakdown of a marriage, mental health issues and how one man can actually make a difference.

Inseparable tells the story of Li (Wu) who, after a series of tragic life events, is burnt out. His beautiful but increasingly moody wife is never home, the unpaid bills are piling up and his work is pressuring him to lie at a public hearing. With seemingly no options left he decides to end it all. But he can’t even do that right. Enter Chuck (Spacey), Li’s wise-talking American neighbour who takes Li under his wing and encourages him to stand up for himself and the exploited people around him.
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The Killer – Chow Yun Fat (John Woo) 1989


Chow Yun Fat

Danny Lee

Sally Yeh

Ken Tsang


John Woo

The Killer is one of the finest Gangster movies ever made, the movie is filled with high impact action sequences only John Woo can bring, add Chow Yun Fat into the movie and its a must see for any fan.


Chow plays the assassin Ah Jong, who accidentally damages the eyes of the singer Jennie (Sally Yeh) during a shootout. He later discovers that if Jennie does not have an expensive operation she will go blind. To get the money for Jennie, Ah Jong decides to perform one last hit.


This movie didn’t really take off right away at the Hong Kong box office, but had a big audience around the world and remains till this day one of the finest Gangster movies ever made. From the opening scene to the final scene, this movie as it all,
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Contest: Win Supercapitalist Prizes

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Contest: Win Supercapitalist Prizes
The indie thriller Supercapitalist, starring Linus Roache, Kenneth Tsang, and Derek Ting, will be released in New York City theaters and through VOD platforms August 10. We have another great contest lined up for our readers, who might just take home a 4 gigabyte flash drive designed to look like a brick of gold, along with a mini one-sheet signed by the cast and crew. Don't worry. These prizes won't be gone as fast as this hedge fund trader's fortune in the movie, so casually stroll through the details on how you can win today, while other's lose it all!

Winners Receive:

Supercapitalist 4Gb Usb flash driveSupercapitalist mini one-sheet (11"x17") signed by the cast and crew

Here's How To Win!

Just "Like" (fan) the MovieWeb Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

If you already "Like" MovieWeb, just leave a comment below
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Supercapitalist Movie Review

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Supercapitalist Movie Review
Title: Supercapitalist Director: Simon Yin Screenwriter: Derek Ting Cast: Linus Roache, Kenneth Tsang, Derek Ting, Richard Ng, Michael Park, Kathy Uyen, Darren E. Scott Screened at: Review 1, NYC, 7/18/12 Opens: August 10, 2012 When the British left their Hong Kong colony in 1997, they got a promise from the People’s Republic of China that Hong Kong’s capitalist system would be untouched for at least fifty years. While Hong Kong residents were right to be fearful that China would break the promise, something interesting happened. Instead of China’s communizing Hong Kong, Hong Kong capitalized (if you will) the mainland. Today cities like Shanghai and Beijing could actually be mistaken for [ Read More ]
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Starry Starry Night (2011) Movie Trailer, Poster, Photo: Tom Lin

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Starry Starry Night Trailer, Poster, Photo. Tom Lin‘s Starry Starry Night (2011) movie trailer, movie poster, movie photo stars Rene Liu, Harlem Yu, Kenneth Tsang, Kenneth Tsang, Hui Ming Lin, and Janel Tsai. Starry Starry Night‘s plot synopsis: “Starry Starry Night is the slightly fantastical tale of Mei, a 13-years old girl trying to deal with growing [...]

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Inseparable (2011) Teaser Trailer: Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Beibi Gong

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Inseparable Trailer. Dayyan Eng‘s Inseparable (2011) teaser trailer stars Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Beibi Gong, Peter Stormare, and Kenneth Tsang. Inseparable‘s plot synopsis: “A young man with problems at home and work befriends his odd neighbor, a mysterious American expatriate.” Kevin Spacey is supposedly “the first Western star to feature in an all China financed [...]

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Delicious Teaser For Eat Drink Man Woman 2012: Joyful Reunion

Ang Lee's 1994 classic film Eat Drink Man Woman is a wonderful drama that perfectly combines the themes of food, love and family. The film's producer Hsu Li-Kong (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) has now collaborated with director Tsao Jui-Yuan to bring us the sequel, Joyful Reunion. The strong cast includes Kuei Ya-lei (the original Eat Drink Man Woman and another Ang Lee classic The Wedding Banquet), Huo Siyan (who starred in My Name Is Fame that gave actor Lau Ching Wan his first ever Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards), Lan Zheng-Long (Night Market Hero) and Kenneth Tsang (recently seen to steal the show in Overheard 2). Synopsis: People once said, love is like flavour; once you have a taste of it, you will...
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Overheard 2 Movie Review – Sequel? Really ?


The original movie was well-received by critics and the viewing public alike. The thrilling sequences and the conflicts faced by the main characters between ethics and compassion; add that to a refreshing premise, everything about Overheard was begging for a sequel- except one minor issue- two thirds of the main cast had met their demise in the show, so had the main villain, the love interests and even the team leader of the other squad played by a typically over-the-top Alex Fong.

So what do the producers do to keep us hungry fan-boys at bay? Run another movie based on largely the same premise (phone tapping) featuring the same main cast members but otherwise an entirely different film. Sufficient elements are retained to justify categorizing it as part of the same series, in order to ride on the fame of the original movie.

To cut to the chase, Overheard
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Berlinale 2012. Forum Expanded + Culinary Cinema

  • MUBI
Back in December, we got our first look at Forum Expanded, a program of exhibitions, performances and other works that don't necessarily entail lowering the lights and peering straight ahead at the big white screen. So we already know that we'll be seeing new work by Luke Fowler, Harun Farocki and many others. The first of today's announcements from the Berlinale (February 9 through 19) fills in the details.

The addition, for example, of whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir (image above) by Eve Sussman/Rufus Corporation, "a film edited live in real time which shows a man under surveillance in a fictional East European city," solidifies the impression that Forum Expanded is a rough equivalent of Toronto's Future Projections program and Sundance's New Frontier since, by the time it rolls into Berlin, it'll already have been presented by both.

Other notable additions since December's announcement: Luc Moullet's "uncompleted project about two thieves (mother and daughter
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Hkaff 2011: Starry Starry Night Review

Writer-director Tom Lin conjures up a visual feast in his sophomore effort, Starry Starry Night, a big screen adaptation of Jimmy Liao's popular children's book. Young Josie Xu (familiar to many from Stephen Chow's CJ7) is maturing incredibly well as an acting talent of note and here pretty much carries the entire film with unflappable poise and a disarming charm that steers clear of being cutsy for the cameras. Xu plays Mei, an only-child, trapped in a financially stable, middle class family that is fracturing around her as her parents careen towards divorce. Luckily she has a doting grandfather (Kenneth Tsang, last seen in Overheard 2), who fuels her already unwieldy imagination by carving her a menagerie of wooden animals that adorn her bedroom and populate...
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