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Other Works

  • (1901 - 1938) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1901) Stage Play: The Price of Peace. Melodrama. Written by Cecil Raleigh. Broadway Theatre: 21 Mar 1901- May 1901 (closing date unknown/60 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman, William T. Blakeley, May Buckley, William T. Carleton [credited as W.T. Carleton], 'Charles Cherry (I)', Nellie Claire, A.R. Colton, Eugenie Dingens, Louise Dingens, Grace Dudley, Marion Elmore, Carroll Fleming, Arthur Forrest, James Hinton, Harry J. Holliday, Violet Holliday, Eric Hope, Harrison Hunter, Charles Kent, Wilton Lackaye, Ralph Lenox, Edward Lester, Kate Lester, Helen McVeigh, Louis Morrell, Elizabeth Padgette, F. Roberts, Harry Roberts, Minnie Seligman, Anne B. Sutherland, Mabel Taliaferro, Fred Thorne, Henry Travers [Broadway debut], Virginia Vere, Pauline Von Arnold. Replacement actor: John E. Kellerd. Produced by Jacob Litt.
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Pipes of Pan. Written by Edward Childs Carpenter. Hudson Theatre: 6 Nov 1917- Jan 1918 (closing date unknown/87 performances). Cast: Janet Beecher, Buford Hampden, Edith King, Berton Churchill [credited as Burton Churchill], Reginald Mason, Mosalie Mathieu, Rita Stanwood, Henry Travers, Norman Trevor. Produced by Selwyn & Co.
  • (1918) Stage Play: A Pair of Petticoats. Written by Cyril Harcourt. Directed by Cyril Harcourt. Lew Fields' 44th Street Roof Garden (moved to the Bijou Theatre on 22 Apr 1918 to close): 18 Mar 1918- May 1918 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: Laura Hope Crews, George Giddens, Ray Gordon, Maude Hanaford, Cyril Harcourt, Leonard Mudie, Byron Russell, Henry Travers, Norman Trevor.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Betrothal. Written by Maurice Maeterlinck. Translated by Alexander Teixeira De Mattos. Directed by Winthrop Ames. Shubert Theatre, (moved to The Century Theatre from 1 Feb 1919- circa Mar 1919): 28 Nov 1918- Mar 1919 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: Henry Carvill (as "The Great Peasant"), Claude Cooper (as "Drunken Ancestor"), Georges Du Bois (as "Murderer Ancestor"), Augustin Duncan (as "The Great Ancestor"), Elwyn Eaton (as "The Great Mendicant"), Sylvia Field (as "Joy"), Gladys George (as "Jalline") [Broadway debut], Winifred Lenihan (as "Belline") [Broadway debut], Barry Macollum (as "The Sick Ancestor"), Mrs. Jacques Martin (as "The Fairy Berylune"), Lillian Roth (as "Tyltyl's Grandchild"), Reggie Sheffield (as "Tyltyl"), Allen Thomas (as "The Rich Ancestor"), Henry Travers (as "Daddy Tyl"), June Walker (as "Roselle") [Broadway debut], George Wolcott (as "Tyltyl's Last Born"), "Boots" Wooster (as "Milette"). Produced by Winthrop Ames.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Faithful. Drama. Written by John Masefield. Garrick Theatre: 13 Oct 1919- Jan 1920 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Richard Abbott (as "Chikara"), Julia Adler (as "Starblossom"), Mary Blair (as "Wild Cherry"), Robert Donaldson (as "Kodera"), Augustin Duncan (as "Kurano"), Walter Geer (as "Shoda"), Henry Herbert (as "Kira"), Wallie Howe [credited as Walter Howe] (as "Kamai"), Boris Korlin (as "Sagisaka"), Noel Leslie (as "A Widow's Son"), Albert Lester (as "Captain of Kira's Guards"), William J. Nelson (as "An Old Samurai"), Rollo Peters (as "Asano"), Milton Pope (as "One"), Erskine Sanford (as "Hara/Honzo"), Henry Stillman (as "The Envoy"), Henry Travers (as "Hazama"), Helen Westley (as "Lady Kurano"). Produced by Augustin Duncan.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Rise of Silas Lapham. Comedy. Written by Lillian Sabine. Garrick Theatre: 25 Nov 1919- Feb 1920 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast included Neil Hamilton, Milton Pope, Erskine Sanford, Henry Travers (as "Mr. Dunham"), Helen Westley. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Power of Darkness. Tragedy. Written by Leo Tolstoy. Garrick Theatre: 15 Jan 1920- Mar 1920 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Richard Abbott, Grace Ade, Mary Blair, Berth Broad, Maud Brooks, Michael Carr, Robert Donaldson, Walter Geer, Arthur Hohl, Grace Knell, Noel Leslie, Fred G. Mories, William Nelson, Milton Pope, Ida Rau, Erskine Sanford, Henry Stillman, Henry Travers (as "As "Ivan"), Mary True, Marjorie Vonnegut, Helen Westley.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Jane Clegg. Drama. Written by St. John Ervine. Garrick Theatre: 23 Feb 1920- Sep 1920 (closing date unknown/112 performances). Cast: Jean Bailey, Dudley Digges (as "Henry Clegg"), Russell Hewitt, Erskine Sanford (as "Mr. Morrison"), Henry Travers (as "Mr. Munce"), Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Clegg"), Margaret Wycherly (as "Jane Clegg"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Treasure. Comedy. Written by David Pinski. Directed by Emanuel Reicher. Garrick Theatre: 4 Oct 1920- Nov 1920 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Celia Adler (as "Tille"), Florence Curran (as "The Young Woman's Little Daughter"), Dudley Digges (as "Chone"), Fred Eric (as "Judke"), Anthony Jochim (as "Member of Society For the Care of the Sick"), S. Karrakis (as "Member of Society For the Care of the Sick"), Edwin Knopf (as "A Lawyer"), Edith Leighton (as "Another Woman"), Rolla Lyons (as "An Old Woman"), Mary McAndrews (as "A Young Woman"), Saul Michaels (as "A Young Man"), Jennie Moscowitz (as "Jachne-Braine"), William Rochschid (as "Member of the Society for Prividing Dowries for Poor Maidens"), Erskine Sanford (as "The President of the Community"), Edgar Stehli (as "The Marriage Broker"), Lian Stephana (as "An Hysterical Woman"), Valerie Stevens (as "A Girl"), Adelina Thomason (as "A Woman"), Henry Travers (as "Soskin"), Jacob Weiser Member of the Society For Providing Dowries for Poor Maidens"), William Wothington (as "Another Man"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Heartbreak House. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Dudley Digges (also starring as "Boss Mangan"). Garrick Theatre: 10 Nov 1920- Feb 1921 (closing date unknown/125 performances). Cast: Dudley Digges (as "Boss Mangan"), Fred Eric, Albert Perry (as "Captain Shotover"), Erskine Sanford (as "Mazzini Dunn"), Effie Shannon (as "Hesione Hushabye"), Henry Travers (as "Burglar"), Lucile Watson (as "Lady Utterword"), Helen Westley (as Nurse Guiness"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Liliom. Written by Ferenc Molnár. Music arranged by Deems Taylor. Scenic Design and costume design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Frank Reicher. Garrick Theatre: 20 Apr 1921- Jun 1921 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Marie"), Lela May Aultman, Robert Babcock, Willard Bowman, Walton Butterfield, Evelyn Chard, Lawrence Chrow, Howard Claney, John Crump, Anne de Chantal, Frances Diamond, Dudley Digges (as "The Sparrow"), Katherine Fahnestock, George Frenger, Ruth L. Gumming, Lilian Kingsbury, Eva Le Gallienne (as "Julie"), Margaret Mosier, Elizabeth Parker, Albert Perry, Erskine Sanford (as "Captain/First Policeman of the Beyond"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "Liliom"), Janet Scott, Maurice Sommers, Edgar Stehli (as "First Mounted Policeman/The Richly Dressed Man"), Gerald Stopp, Henry Travers (as "Wolf Berkowitz"), Lillian Tuchman, Jacob Weiser, Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Muskat"), Marion M. Winsten, Philip Wood. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Work was the basis for Broadway play "Carousel", Rodgers and Hammerstein's famous musical version of "Liliom", Marie became Carrie Pipperidge. Produced on film as Carousel (1956).
  • (1922) Stage Play: He Who Gets Slapped. Tragedy. Written by Leonid Andreyev, as adapted by Gregory Zillboorg. Directed by Robert Milton. Garrick Theatre: 9 Jan 1922- Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/182 performances). Cast: Martha Bruan-Allen, Luigi Belastro, Richard Bennett, John Blair, Louis Calvert (as "Baron Regnard"), Charles Cheltenham, Joan Clements, Richard Coolidge, Ernest Cossart (as "Briquet"), Sara Enright, Margalo Gillmore (as "Consuelo"), Oliver Grymes, Kenneth Lawton, Philip Leigh (as "Tilly"), Philip Loeb (as "Pierre"), Frank Reicher (as "Mancini"), Jack Rutherford (as"Alfred Bezano"), Frances Ryan, Francis G. Sadtler, Helen Sheridan, Adele St. Mauer, Edgar Stehli, Sears Taylor, Vera Tomkins, Anne Tonerri, Henry Travers (as "Jackson"), Dante Voltaire, Marguerite Wernimont, Helen Westley, Renée Wilde, Kathryn Wilson, Edwin R. Wolfe. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Significant as the first work purchased by the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn Pictures and later produced as a Lon Chaney vehicle. Note: (1) Significant as the first work purchased for newly formed Metro-Goldwyn [later Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). (2) Filmed Metro Goldwyn Pictures as He Who Gets Slapped (1924).
  • (1922) Stage Play: From Morn to Midnight. Comedy/tragedy. Written by Georg Kaiser. Translated by Ashley Dukes. Directed by Frank Reicher. Garrick Theatre: 14 May 1922- closing date unknown (24 performances). Cast: Lela May Aultman (as "The Cashier's Daughter"), Samuel Baron (as "Fourth Gentleman"), Clelia Benjamin (as "First Mask"), Walton Butterfield (as "First Gentleman"), Charles Cheltenham (as "Porter"), Joan Clement (as "Fourth Mask"), Julia Cobb The Cashier's Daughter"), Ernest Cossart (as "Stout Gentleman/Third Penitent"), William Crowell (as "Fifth Gentleman/First Soldier of Salvation Army"), Charles Ellis (as "Third Gentleman/First Penitent"), Caroline Hancock (as "Third Mask"), Stanley Howlett (as "Policeman"), Allyn Joslyn [credited as Allyn Morgan Joslyn] (as "Muffled Gentleman/Second Guest"), Ernita Lascelles (as "The Cashier's Wife/Officer of Salvation Army"), Philip Leigh (as "Second Gentleman/First Soldier of Salvation Army"), Camille Pastorfield (as "Second Soldier of Salvation Army"), Frank Reicher (as "Cashier"), Sam Rosen (as "Third Guest"), Sam Rosen (as "Third Guest "), Frances Ryan (as "Second Mask"), Francis Sadtler (as "Messenger Boy"), Helen Sheridan (as "Salvation Lass"), Adele St. Maur (as "Serving Maid"), Edgar Stehli (as "The Lady's Son/Waiter"), Sears Taylor (as "Clerk/First Guest"), Henry Travers (as "Bank Manager/Third Soldier of Salvation Army"), Helen Westley (as "Lady/Second Penitent"), Kathryn Wilson (as "The Cashier's Mother"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1922) Stage Play: R. U. R. [Rossum's Universal Robot's]. Fantasy/melodrama. Written by Karel Capek. Directed by Philip Moeller and Agnes Morgan. Garrick Theatre: 9 Oct 1922- Feb 1923 (closing date unknown/184 performances). Cast: John Anthony (as "Mr. Fabry "), Mary Bonestell (as "A Robotess"), Louis Calvert, Richard Coolidge (as "Robot"), William Devereux (as "Dr. Gall"), Mary Hone (as "Helena"), Moffat Johnston, Myrtland La Varre (as "A Robot"), Kathlene MacDonell (as "Helena Glory"), Frederick Mark (as "Robot"), Domis Plugge (as "Robot"), John Francis Roche (as "Primus"), Jack Rutherford [credited as John Rutherford] (as "Radius"), Bernard Savage (as "Robot"), Basil Sydney (as "Harry Domin"), Henry Travers, Helen Westley (as "Nan"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Windows. Comedy. Written by John Galsworthy. Garrick Theatre: 8 Oct 1923- Dec 1923 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: George Baxter (as "Blunter"), Alice Belmore (as "Cook"), Frieda Inescort (as "Mary March"), Moffat Johnston (as "Geoffrey March"), Kenneth MacKenna (as "Johnny March"), Phyllis Povah (as "Faith Bly"), Henry Travers (as "Mrs. Bly"), Francis Tweed (as "Mr. Barnabas"), Helen Westley (as "Joan March"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Failures. Drama. Written by H.R. Lenormand. Translated by Winifred Katzin. Garrick Theatre: 19 Nov 1923- Jan 1924 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Herbert Ashton, Neil Barnes, Alice Belmore (as "The Duenna"), Jacob Ben-Ami, Morris Carnovsky (as "The Magistrate/A Commissioner of Police"), Henry Clement (as "The Chemist"), Polly Craig (as "A Hunchbacked Girl"), Henry Crosby (as "Larnaudy"), Ernest A. Daniels (as "An Actor/The Private"), Dudley Digges(as "Montredon"), Hildegarde Halliday (as "Magistrate's Daughter"), Sterling Holloway, Winifred Lenihan (as "She"), Philip Loeb, Jo Mielziner (as "The Corporal/An East Indian"), Erskine Sanford (as "The Musician"), Helen Tilden (as "The Ingenue"), Henry Travers (as "Saint-Gallet"), Helen Westley (as "A Dresser"), Ida Zeitlin (as "The Librarian's Wife"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Saint Joan. Drama. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Garrick Theatre: 28 Dec 1923- May 1924 (closing date unknown/195 performances). Cast: Herbert Ashton, Seth Baldwin, Albert Bruning, Walton Butterfield, Morris Carnovsky, Maurice Colbourne, Ernest Cossart, William M. Griffith, Philip Leigh, Winifred Lenihan, Joseph Macauley, Ian Maclaren, Jo Mielziner (as "Court Page"), Henry Travers (as "Chaplain de Stogumber"), James Norris, Elizabeth Pearre, Albert Perry (as "Cannon John D'Estivet"), Frank Tweed, A.H. Van Buren (as "The Earl of Warwick"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Caesar and Cleopatra. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 13 Apr 1925- May 1925 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast included: Harriet Atherton, Lionel Atwill (as "Julius Caesar"), Rupert Bannister, George Baxter, Harold Clurman, Helen Hayes, Rose Hobart, Felix Jacoves, Henry Travers (as "Britannus"), Helen Westley. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Arms and the Man. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 14 Sep 1925- Feb 1926 (closing date unknown/180 performances). Cast: Ernest Cossart (as "Major Paul Petkoff"), Pedro de Cordoba (as "Major Sergius Saranoff"), Lynn Fontanne (as "Raina Petkoff"), Stella Larrimore (as "Louka"), Alfred Lunt (as "Captain Bluntschli"), Maurice McRae (as "Russian Officer"), Henry Travers (as "Nicola"), Jane Wheatley. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Androcles and the Lion. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Philip Moeller. Klaw Theatre: 23 Nov 1925- Jan 1926 (closing date unknown/68 performances). Cast included Romney Brent, Edward G. Robinson, Henry Travers (as "Androcles"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Performed in repertory with "The Man of Destiny".
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Chief Thing. Comedy/drama. Written by Nicolas Evreinoff [credited as Nikolai Evreinov]. Translated by Leo Randole and Herman Bernstein. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 22 Mar 1926- Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Donald Angus (as "Tigelin"), Patricia Barron (as "A Fallen Woman"), Alice Belmore (as "Landlady in a Rooming House"), Romney Brent (as "Petronius"), Harold Clurman (as "Nero"), 'eggy Conway (as "Popea Sabina"), Ernest Cossart (as "A Comedian"), C. Stafford Dickens An Actor"), Dwight Frye (as "A Student"), William Griffith (as "Electrician"), Hildegarde Halliday (as "Nigidia, A Deaf Mute"), House Jameson (as "Lucian"), Kate Lawson (as "Ligia"), Edith Meiser (as "Lady With the Dog"), Esther Mitchell (as "Landlady's Daughter"), McKay Morris (as "Paraklete"), Edward G. Robinson (as "A Stage Director"), Lee Strasberg (as "A Prompter"), Willard Tobias (as "A Slave"), Henry Travers (as "Retired Government Clerk"), Mary True (as "Calvia Crispinilla"), Helen Westley (as "A School Teacher"), Estelle Winwood (as "A Dancer"), Stanley G. Wood (as "The Manager of a Provincial"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1926) Stage Play: At Mrs. Beam's. Comedy. Written by C.K. Munro. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 26 Apr 1926- Nov 1926 (closing date unknown/222 performances). Cast included: Phyllis Connard, Lynn Fontanne, Alfred Lunt, Henry Travers (as "Mr. Durrows"), Helen Westley. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Pygmalion. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Dudley Digges. Guild Theatre: 15 Nov 1926- Mar 1927 (closing date unknown/143 performances). Cast included: Lynn Fontanne (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Reginald Mason, Beryl Mercer, Henry Travers (as "Alfred Doolittle"), Helen Westley, Kitty Wilson. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Brothers Karamazov. Written by Jacques Copeau and Jean Croue. Based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Translated by Rosalind Ivan. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 3 Jan 1927- Feb 1927 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Herbert Ashton, William Boren (as "Ensemble"), Charles Carden (as "Trifon Boriston"), Morris Carnovsky, Elizabeth Church (as "Ensemble"),, Phyllis Connard (as "Arina"), Charles Courtneidge, Cheryl Crawford (as "Ensemble"), John Davis (as "Ensemble"), Dudley Digges (as "Feodor Pavlovitch Karamazov"), Clare Eames (as "Katerina Ivanova Verhovovtseva"), Dorothy Fletcher, Lynn Fontanne (as "Agrafena Alexandrovna Svetlov"), George Gaul (as "Ivan Feodorovitch Karamazov"), Adele Halliday (as "Ensemble"), Felix Jacoves (as "Ensemble"), Philip Leigh (as "Father Zossima"), Philip Loeb (as "Vroubleski"), Herman Lovejoy(as "Ensemble"), Leigh Lovel (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Lunt (as "Dmitri Feodorovitch Karamazov"), Thomas Meegan (as "Gregory Illitch"), Hugh Rennie (as "Ensemble"), Edward G. Robinson (as "Smerdiakow"), Bernard Savage (as "Chief of Police"), Robert Schnitzer (as "Ensemble"), Henry Travers (as "Grigori Vassilliev"), Max Weiser (as "Ensemble"), Kitty Wilson (as "Ensemble"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Filmed by MGM/Avon Productions (II) as The Brothers Karamazov (1958).
  • (1927) Stage Play: Right You Are If You Think You Are. Written by Luigi Pirandello. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 2 Mar 1927- Apr 1927 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: J.W. Austin, Morris Carnovsky (as "Agazzi"), Phyllis Connard, Laura Hope Crews (as "Amalia"), Dorothy Fletcher (as "Signora Nenni"), Philip Leigh (as "A Gentleman"), Philip Loeb (as "Centuri"), Armina Marshall Langner (as "Signora Ponza"), Reginald Mason (as "Laudisi"), Maurice McRae (as "Butler"), Beryl Mercer, Elisabeth Risdon, Edward G. Robinson, Henry Travers (as "Sirelli"), Helen Westley. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Doctor's Dilemma (Revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Stage Manager: Albert Cowles. Assistant Stage Mgr: Barbara Bruce. Directed by Dudley Digges. Guild Theatre: 21 Nov 1927- Feb 1928 (unknown closing date date/115 performances). Cast: Morris Carnovsky (as "Dr. Schultzmacher"), Phyllis Connard (as "Minnie Tinwell"), Ernest Cossart, Dudley Digges (as "Sir Patrick Cullen"), Margalo Gillmore, Balliol Holloway, Philip Leigh, Alfred Lunt, Sanford Meisner, Henry Travers, Helen Westley (as "Emmy"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Marco Millions. Comedy. Written by Eugene O'Neill. Incidental music by Emerson Whithorne. Musical Director: Max Weiser. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Guild Theatre: 9 Jan 1928- Mar 1928 (closing date unknown/92 performances). Cast: Marochka Anisfeld (as "Chorus"), Mary Arbenz (as "Chorus"), Mary Bell (as "Chorus"), Mary Blair, Natalie Browning, Morris Carnovsky (as "Tedaldo Ghazan, Khan of Persia"), Ernest Cossart (as "Maffeo"), George Cotton, Graham Dale, John C. Davis, Dudley Digges, William Edmonson (as "Chorus"), John Franklin, Eugene Gevsont, Margalo Gillmore, John Henry, Felix Jacoves (as "Chorus"), Louisa James (as "Chorus"), Max Leavitt, Philip Leigh, George Lester (as "Chorus"), Bruce Logan (as "Chorus"), Alfred Lunt (as "Marco Polo"), Sanford Meisner, McKay Morris (as "Kublai, the Great Kaan"), Leonard Perry (as "Chorus"), Billie Ruddell (as "Chorus"), Mark Schweid (as "Magian Traveller/Older Ali Brother/A Confucian Priest"), Lucian Scott (as "Chorus"), Vincent Sherman (as "Chorus") [Broadway debut], Henry Travers (as "Nicolo"), Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker] (as "A Dominican Monk/Emissary from Kublai/A Mahometan Captain of Ghazan's Army"), Louis Veda (as "Buddhist Traveller/One Ali/A Taoist Priest"), Harry Wise (as "Chorus"), Beryl Wright (as "Chorus"). Produced by the Theatre Guild.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Volpone. Written by Ben Jonson, as translated by Ruth Langner. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 9 Apr 1928- May 1928 (closing date unknown/46 performances). Cast: Mary Bell, Morris Carnovsky (as "Judge"), Ernest Cossart (as "Corvino"), John C. Davis, Dudley Digges (as "Volpone"), Margalo Gillmore, John Henry, Philip Leigh (as "Voltore"), Sanford Meisner (as "Clerk of the Court"), McKay Morris, Mark Schweid, Alfred Lunt, Vincent Sherman, Henry Travers (as "Corbaccio"), Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker] (as "Captain of the Sbirri"), Louis Veda (as "First Groom"), Helen Westley (as "Canina"). Produced by The Theatre Guild, Inc.
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Camel Through the Needle's Eye. Written by Frantisek Langer. Book adapted by Philip Moeller. Directed by Philip Moeller. Martin Beck Theatre: 15 Apr 1929- Oct 1929 (closing date unknown/196 performances). Cast: Elliot Cabot (as "Alik"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Andrejs"), Catherine Doucet (as "Lady"), Miriam Hopkins, Mary Kennedy, Joseph Kilgour (as "Bezchyba"), Claude Rains (as "Joe Vilim"), Henry Travers (as "Mr. Pesta"), Helen Westley, Norman Williams. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Marco Millions. Comedy (revival). Written by Eugene O'Neill. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Liberty Theatre: 3 Mar 1930- Mar 1930 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Walter Coy, John C. Davis, Sylvia Field, Philip Foster, Sydney Greenstreet (as "Kublai Khan"), Therese Guerini, John Henry, Earle Larrimore (as "Marco Polo"), Thomas Mackay, Sydney Little Mansfield, Sanford Meisner, Harry Mestayer, Frederick Roland, Vincent Sherman (as "Christian Traveller/A Buddhist Priest"), Helen Tilden, Henry Travers (as "Chu-Yin"), Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker] (as "A Mahometan Captain of Ghazan's Army" and "Boatswain"), Louis Veda (as "Tedaldo"), Francis Ward, Harry Wise, Martin Wolfson (as "Buddhist Traveller/Older Ali Brother"), Paul Yost (as "Messenger from Persia"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Getting Married. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 30 Mar 1931- May 1931 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: Romney Brent (as "Cecil Sykes"), Hugh Buckler (as "Reginald Bridgenorth"), Ernest Cossart (as "The General"), Peg Entwistle (as "Edith Bridgenorth"), Dorothy Gish (as "Leo"), Irby Marshall (as "Lesbia Grantham"), Reginald Mason (as "The Bishop"), Ralph Roeder (as "Oliver Cromwell Soames/Anthony"), Hugh Sinclair (as "St. John Hotchkiss"), Oscar Stirling (as "The Beadle"), Henry Travers (as "William Collins"), Helen Westley (as "Mrs. George Collins"), Margaret Wycherly (as "Mrs. Bridgenorth"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Reunion in Vienna. Comedy. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Directed by Worthington Miner. Martin Beck Theatre: 16 Nov 1931- Jul 1932 (closing date unknown/264 performances). Cast: Lynn Fontanne (as "Elena"), Joseph Allen Sr. (as "Chef"), Joseph Allenton, Hendrik Booraem, Virginia Chauvenet, Eduardo Ciannelli (as "Poffy"), Phyllis Connard, Charles Douglass, Edward Fielding, Mary Gildia (as "Kathie"), Frank Kingdon (as "Gen. Hoetzler"), Bjorn Koefoed, Ben Kranz, George Lewis, Bela Lublov, Alfred Lunt (as "Rudolph Maximilian von Hapsburg"), Owen Meech, Lloyd Nolan (as "Emil"), William R. Randall, Otis Sheridan, Murray Stevens, Noel Taylor, Cynthia Townsend, Henry Travers (as "Herr Krug"), Minor Watson (as "Dr. Anton Krug"), Justina Wayne, Helen Westley (as "Frau Lucher"), Stanley Wood. Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors).
  • (1932) Stage Play: The Good Earth. Drama. Written by Owen Davis and Donald Davis. Based on the novel by Pearl S. Buck. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 17 Oct 1932- Dec 1932 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Harry Barfoot (as "Priest from the Temple of Buddha"), Homer Barton (as "The Gatekeeper of the House of Hwang" and "The Rich Man"), Conrad Cantzen (as "A Peach Vendor, Another Poor Man"), Harry M. Cooke, Jack Daniels, Marel Foster, Clyde Franklin, William Franklin, Freddy Goodrow, Sydney Greenstreet (as "Wang Lung's Uncle"), Joan Hathaway, Albert Hayes, Helen Hoy, A. Francis Karll, Geraldine Kay, Donald MacMillan, Kate Morgan, Nola Napoli, Alla Nazimova (as "O-Lan"), Sabene Newmark, Claude Rains (as "Wang Lung"), M.W. Rale, Jessie Ralph (as "Wang Lung's Aunt"), Mark Schweid, Vincent Sherman (as "Stranger" and "A Young Speaker"), Harold Thomas, Henry Travers (as "Wang Lung's Father"), Harry Wood, Marjorie Wood, Philip Wood. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Paul Muni played Rains' role in the film adaptation The Good Earth (1937).
  • (1936) Stage Play: You Can't Take It With You. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Techncial Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Booth Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre from 19 Sep 1938- close): 14 Dec 1936- 3 Dec 1938 (838 performances). Cast: Ruth Attaway (as "Rheba"), Jess Barker, Frank Conlan (as "Mr. DePinna"), Mitzi Hajos, Virginia Hammond, Franklin Heller, George Heller, Ralph Holmes (as "G-Man"), Josephine Hull (as "Penelope Sycamore"), William J. Kelly, George Leach, Anna Lubowe, Oscar Polk (as "Donald"), Hugh Rennie (as "Wilbur C. Henderson"), Margot Stevenson (as "Alice Sycamore"), George Tobias (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Henry Travers (as "Martin Vanderhof/Grandpa") [final Broadway role], Paula Trueman (as "Essie"), Frank Wilcox. Produced by Sam Harris. Replacement actors during Booth Theatre run: Aldrich Bowker (as "Martin Vanderhof, Grandpa"), George Calvert (as "G-Man"), C.M. Clough (as "G-Man"), Muni Seroff (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Fred Stone. Replacement actors during Imperial Theatre run: None. Note: Filmed as You Can't Take It with You (1938).
  • (September 11 to 18, 1927) He acted in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Pygmalion," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Lynn Fontanne (Eliza Doolittle); Alfred Lunt (Henry Higgins); Phyllis Connard; Winifred Hanley; Charles Cardon; Philip Leigh; Dudley Digges; Bernard Savage; William A. Evans; Thomas Meegan; Kitty Wilson; Edward Hartford; Beryl Mercer; Helen Westley; and Barbara Bruce in the cast. Jo Mielziner was set designer. Dudley Digges was director. Theatre Guild was producer.

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