For Your Ears Only - The 10 Best Bond Themes

Goldfinger. GoldenEye. The Man with the Golden Gun. The world's most famous Martini drinker (shaken not stirred, naturally) has long been synonymous with that most precious and coveted of metals, but given his illustrious half century on the cinema screen there's one area in which gold has eluded him time and again – the Oscars.

Prior to last year's Skyfall (2012) the fifty year old, 24 movie series had garnered just nine nominations, two of which bagged 007 a statue at the 1965 Academy Awards for different films. The Best Effects, Sound Effects award was given to Norman Wanstall for Goldfinger (1964) and John Stears walked off with the Best Effects, Special Visual Effects Oscar for Thunderball (1965).

Though U2 were second choice for the job after the Rolling Stones had turned down a request to come up with a song, Bono was particularly pleased to land the gig as he'd spent his honeymoon at Ian Fleming's house in Jamaica.
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