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New NCIS Los Angeles Season 6,Episode 11 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

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Recently, CBS released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles" episode 11 of season 6. The episode is entitled, "Humbug," and it turns out that we're going to see Hetty tell Callen to take a hike from the team's newest case as his girlfriend is the lead witness, and more. In the new, 11th episode press release: The team is going to investigate a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Hetty will order Callen to stay away from the crime scene when his girlfriend becomes a lead witness. Press release number 2: The team will investigate a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen is going to have to steer clear of the crime scene after Hetty reveals his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Also, the team is going to discuss their personal holiday travel plans. Guest stars feature: Elizabeth Bogush (Joelle Taylor), Aunjanue Ellis
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True Blood Season 4 Revealed New Spirit Energy Man & More Spoilers

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True Blood season 4 revealed new spirit energy man & more spoilers. According to Trueblood-news, five new spoilers for the upcoming "True Blood" season 4 have sprang up on IMDb in the form of casting confirmations. One of them includes a new stoner guy with lots of spiritual energy,and more. The first one reveals that actor Chad Todhunter will portray a recurring character named Trevor. He's a caucasian, male in his late 20s. He's also a stoner with a lot of spiritual energy. His girlfriend is a part of a Wiccan group,and brings him along for support.

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La Noire: The 10 Best Actor Cameos

If you know anything about video games you’ll know by now that La Noire is a detective thriller, set in 1940s Los Angeles and made by Rockstar – the same guys behind Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. You just might have heard that it was the first video game to bag a slot at the Robert De Nero’s Tribeca Film Festival, back in April. But what you most certainly know is that it boasts fantastic, hitherto unprecedented, motion capture for a video game. This development has enabled Rockstar’s Team Bondi to focus the bulk of the game around gauging the facial expressions of crime suspects.

This gameplay mechanic wouldn’t have been possible without the technology backing it up, as La Noire boasts frighteningly realistic and often incredibly subtle facial expressions. Yet Rockstar needed more than just technology if they were to create dozens of distinct
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Shepherd's Actress Daughter Comes Out

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Shepherd's Actress Daughter Comes Out
Cybill Shepherd's actress daughter Clementine Ford has come out as gay, five years after divorcing her husband.

The 29-year-old, who played the daughter of Shepherd's lesbian character in TV show The L Word, made the revelation on gay news site

She says, "Look, I am gay. I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on it."

Ford ended her four year marriage to actor Chad Todhunter back in 2004.

Clementine Ford comes out

In the March issue of Diva, Clementine Ford officially came out.

She told the magazine: "I never want to put a label on myself — but knowing that not everyone comes from such a liberal place, when something like Prop 8 comes out, you realize it’s important to stand up and be counted. A little gay kid in a small town is more important than whether I want a label."

Since joining the cast of The L Word, Ford has had plenty of opportunities to meet those small town gay kids.

Last summer, while she was shooting a public service announcement for the Point Foundation (an organization that grants scholarships to Lgbt students), Ford asked Curve reporter Jd Disalvatore why the charming, intelligent Point Scholars she'd met that day had been kicked out of their homes.

The answer: "Some people don’t like their kids being gay."

She sent a letter
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