A Michael Mann Retrospective

Flickering Myth presents a detailed look at the work of the acclaimed filmmaker Michael Mann...

Whether it is a Native Indian raised trapper caught in crossfire of the colonial wars between Britain and France or an investigative journalist undermined by corporate interests, Michael Mann has the remarkable ability to explore the nuances of human behavior within an epic environment. To commemorate the 69th birthday of the Chicago born filmmaker, Flickering Myth has assembled a career overview which contains various insider insights detailing the making of his ten feature films starting with Thief (1981) and concluding with Public Enemies (2009)...

Mann Handled: A Michael Mann Profile

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of director Michael Mann in a two-part article from 2009.

Thief, 1981.

Written and Directed by Michael Mann.

Starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld, James Belushi, Dennis Farina, William Petersen and Robert Prosky.


A professional safecracker’s plan for going straight spirals out-of-control when
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Michael Mann Retrospective - The Keep (1983)

The Keep, 1983.

Written and Directed by Michael Mann.

Starring Scott Glenn, Gabriel Byrne, Jürgen Prochnow, Ian McKellen, Alberta Watson, Robert Prosky, Morgan Sheppard, Royston Tickner, Michael Carter and Bruce Payne.


A detachment of the German army is sent to guard a mysterious and strategically important Romanian citadel. When they start turning up dead, the S.S. is sent in to investigate.

Michael Mann briefly left the crime genre for the supernatural thriller The Keep, written by novelist F. Paul Wilson. “I'd just done a street movie, Thief,” explained the acclaimed filmmaker. “A very stylized street movie but nevertheless stylized realism. You can make it wet, you can make it dry, but you're still on "street." And I had a big need, a big desire, to do something almost similar to Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, where I could deal with something that was non-realistic and create the reality.
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