Transmissions ’13: A Festival of Independent Cinema in New Delhi from November 14

The second edition of the Transmissions ’13: A Festival of Independent Cinema organised by the Lightcube Film Society will be held in Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi from November 14-18, 2013.

The festival will showcase experimental films, short films, feature films and student films. The festival will also host panel discussions, video sessions, lectures, post-film discussions. Film literature, film criticism magazines, posters will also be up for sale during the festival.

Some of the films to be screened are 23 Winters by Rajesh Jala, City of Photos by Nishtha Jain, Chitrasutram by Vipin Vijay, Riyaaz by Gurvinder Singh and Ekti Naadir Naam by Anup Singh.

The pass to the festival will cost Rs 500 for general public and Rs 300 for students. Buy tickets from here. For more details call at 7838340196 or 9910161947 or write to /


14th November 2013

4:30 Pm – 5 Pm: Opening

6:30 Pm: 23 Winters (2013)

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Human Horticulture Leads To Death And Mutation In Ishii's The Flower Of Shanidar

When Japanese director Ishii Gakuryu released indie drama Isn't Anyone Alive in 2012 it was met with a certain degree of confusion. It wasn't the film itself sparking questions, really, but the name of the director. You see, Ishii Gakuryu had - up until that point - built a reputation as one of Japan's finest and most challenging directors but had done it under the name of Ishii Sogo, under which moniker he had released classic titles such as Crazy Thunder Road, Angel Dust, Gojoe and Electric Dragon 80 000 Volts. With a long and successful career already under his belt, why the name change?Well, with the impending release of his second feature as Gakuryu it becomes abundantly clear why. He simply wants to make...

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Gakuryu (Sogo) Ishii And Yu Irie Among Directors For Ultra Q Revival

The series that kicked off the Ultraman franchise is returning to Japanese TV with some high profile directing talent at the helm.The 1966 television series Ultra Q is where it all began for the hugely popular and enduring Ultra franchise and in 2013 the show will finally get a second season. Tsuburaya Productions and Japanese broadcaster Wowow have enlisted a number of feature film directors - among them cult giant Gakuryu Ishii (Crazy Thunder Road and Gojoe director Sogo Ishii's new nom de plume) and indie darling Yu Irie (8000 Miles) - to create the twelve episode Neo Ultra Q to air in 2013.Personally I'm immensely curious to see how much of their unique styles the directors involved will be allowed to bring to...
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Film Pop 2011: Five Must See Films

Fall is the best time of year for music and film fans in Montreal. Festivals and shows a-plenty, for most it becomes a draconian decision between what to see and what to miss. A select few become so totally fixated on this decision making process that they fail to see anything at all.

For those living under a rock, Montreal’s premiere film festival Pop Montreal starts up this week. Though it’s diverse set of musical shows big and small are often the highlight, it is truly a multi-disciplinary fest and has a bit of everything, including a mini-film festival. Film Pop’s programming is helmed by Kier-La Janisse. For those who don’t recognize the name, she is the founder of Montreal’s own Montreal’s Psychotronic Film Centre, Blue Sunshine. A fan of all things cinema, there are few people more qualified to organize a kick-ass line-up as she is.
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August In The Water: Retro Review

Things have gone rather quiet around director Sogo Ishii. His latest film dates from 2005 and didn't exactly enjoy a broad release (still eagerly waiting for the DVD myself). A terrible shame, though it does give one the chance to catch up on some of his older, lesser known films. And so I sat down in front of August In The Water, one of the hidden gems, yet to be discovered even by most fans.

Even more so than Shinya Tsukamoto, Sogo Ishii is the godfather of Japanese punk cinema. Crazy Thunder Road and Burst City put punk on the map a decade before Tsukamoto could even get started on Tetsuo. But Ishii also has a softer streak, put to maximum effect in Kysohin, his latest film. An ode to nature and humanity, far away from all the grit, dirt and noise so often featured in his films. Kyoshin seemed to
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