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'Clownhouse' (1989) review

Reviewed By: Chris Wright


Clownhouse (1989)

Directed By: Victor Salva

Written By: Victor Salva

Starring: Nathan Forrest Winters (Casey), Brian McHugh (Geoffrey), Sam Rockwell (Randy), Michael Jerome West (Lunatic Cheezo), Byron Weible (Lunatic Bippo), David C. Reinnecker (Lunatic Dippo), Timothy Enos (Real Cheezo), Frank Diamanti (Real Bippo), Karl-Heinz Teuber (Real Dippo), Viletta Skillman (Mother), Gloria Belsky (Fortune Teller), Tom Mottram (Ringmaster), Erika (Storekeeper), Jasper Watts (Storekeeper Assistant), Bobby Salem (Booth Barker)

I had heard of this film in passing but never made the effort to actually watch it. I mostly know director Victor Salva from his work on the “Jeepers Creepers” movies. To my surprise, this movie is incredibly atmospheric and has just enough creep factor to make a person’s phobia of clowns increase.

The plot revolves around three young brothers who are alone while their parents are away. Shortly thereafter, some escaped mental patients murder some clowns
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‘The Vineyard’ Review

Stars: James Hong, Karen Lorre, Michael Wong, Lars Wangberg, Cheryl Madsen, Cheryl Lawson, Rue Douglas, Sean P. Donahue, Sherri Ball, Karl-Heinz Teuber | Written and Directed by James Hong

Crackpot scientist and celebrated winemaker Dr. Elson Po has made the ultimate discovery: the secret to everlasting life. As with all good things, however, there s an inevitable downside; and a bunch of good-looking and horny youngsters, invited to Dr Po’s island under the premise of an audition , are about to find out the hard way. When the vineyard starts to give up its dark secrets, these doomed teens will have to contend not only with Dr. Po and his kung-fu fighting henchmen but also with a rotting gang of marauding zombies.

The Vineyard is yet another in the long line of luridly-covered VHS tapes that I rented as a teenager in the early 90s. You see we had a Vcr
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