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Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History of Lgbtq Britain review – sad, joyous, sometimes both at once

Presented by Stephen K Amos and Susan Calman, this documentary told of the highs and lows in the long march for gay rights. Plus: 10 Puppies and Us

Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History of Lgbtq Britain last night concluded its illumination of the fight for gay (and other) rights via the medium of treasured possessions of people who have lived through it.

Teacher Austin Allen has kept his copy of Jenny Lives With Eric and Martin (“the sickest school book in Britain” claimed the Sun on its publication in 1987) – a sign of hope at a time when he had just been sacked for answering honestly a student’s inquiry about whether he was gay. Ian Elmslie has kept his programme from the one-night-only, unrecorded performance of Before the Act, a show comprising only material from gay writers and musicians and during which Neil Tennant, Stephen Fry and Alan Bennett officially came out.
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Drive, and exploring alternative movie soundtracks

A rescoring of Drive has caused online outrage, but Mark's keeping an open mind about musical reinterpretations

Movie music matters. It's tough to wax lyrical about why it matters without sounding like one of those autocue scripts that we'll be hearing all throughout the coming awards season, probably read out by unlikely pairs of presenters, (“Now, to present the award for Best Sound Editing, Justin Bieber and Angela Lansbury!”) so let's just say that it does.

Whether it's an original score from Hans Zimmer or a jukebox tour of Quentin Tarantino's record collection, a movie's soundtrack informs the tone and timbre of the movie itself. So when we get into the question of movie rescores, we're really getting back into that thorny issue of asking whether the director's original intentions are sacrosanct to any subsequent versions of a film. As some of you may already have guessed, we bring
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The Essential Pet Shop Boys: Ranking Their Top Ten Songs

Pet Shop Boys have been bringing us their Original Synth™ for almost thirty years, and while their last hit in the U.S. was over 25 years ago, they’ve maintained their hitmaking ability in the U.K.

Today is Neil Tennant‘s 60th birthday, so let’s pay tribute by ranking their greatest hits. This is a good place to start your Essential Pet Shop Boys Collection.

10. Absolutely Fabulous

Year: 1994

Album: N/A

Chart Peak: N/A

Of course.

9. Opportunities

Year: 1986

Album: Please

Chart Peak: #10

The second single from their debut, it proved they were no one-hit wonders.

8. Always On My Mind

Year: 1987

Album: Introspective

Chart Peak: #4

Psb first performed their version on Love Me Tender, an ITV television special commemorating the tenth anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, and it would go one to become one of theirbiggest hits.

7. Left To My Own Devices

Year: 1988

Album: Introspective

Chart Peak: #84

The second single from Introspective,
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Gladiator Live at the Royal Albert Hall: Swords, sandals and a stunning score

We've banged on in the past about how 'silent film' was never really silent. But when we finally cracked the challenge of joining sound and pictures, live accompaniment naturally fell by the wayside.

It's made something of a niche comeback for revivals of silent movies - from the Pet Shop Boys doing Battleship Potemkin to Minima taking on Nosferatu - and in recent years there's also been an increasing amount of live accompaniment to the talkies.

Asian Dub Foundation made a splash with their 2001 live score for La Haine and the Royal Albert Hall has become the venue of choice for full orchestral concerts alongside a screening. There can be few better examples of how wonderfully this can work than Gladiator, Ridley Scott's 2000 epic.

We're not here to review the film. You know the (ahem) score. But to quickly summarise: They don't make 'em like they used to, except
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Briefs: The 50 Most Powerful Lgbt People, Neil Patrick’s Trouser Snake, And Kickstarting Season Two of “Eastsiders”

Neil Tennant on stage at Coachella.

Birthday shoutouts go to Jason Sehorn, who is 43, Emma Thompson is 55, Seth Rogen is 32, and Samantha Fox is 48.

Attention! Magic Mike 2: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (or whatever it’s called) will be released July 3, 2015.

Ryan Murphy teases the surprises in store for Glee‘s final season. Some of it did surprise me.

Out has released their 8th annual list of the 50 most powerful Lgbt people. There are some new additions to the top 10 (Michael Sam)!

Angela Lansbury is now a Dame.

Just when I thought that “Meaty Tuck” was the most unforgettable new phrase of the week, along comes … “Shoe Truther”

"@VanityFair: @ActuallyNPH poses for Annie Leibovitz in the May issue of Vanity Fair"” Annie rules! Loved doing this!

Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) April 15, 2014

And here we go behind-the-scenes with John Cameron Mitchell.

Chloe Sevigny” discusses Easter.

We told
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The theatrical life of Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman is remembered as an innovative film-maker and artist but his stage work is key to his career – even his own residence was a performance

Derek Jarman wandered into theatre, as he did into much of his creative life. The stage design department at the Slade School of Art in 1963 was casually structured, and, for the era, an uncloseted zone of gaiety. He'd previously slapped a distemper brush on scenes for Lorca's Blood Wedding and other plays put on by fellow students at King's College, London. He had not seen much theatre, as movies – even concerts – came cheaper; the first production that really excited him was Peter Brook's short and gory staging of Antonin Artaud's Spurt of Blood in the RSC's 1964 Theatre of Cruelty season.

Jarman put a lot of effort into his design course, outlining a surreal play, The Billboard Promised Land (a mashup of The Wizard of Oz
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The best albums of 2013: how our writers voted

  • The Guardian - Film News
How did we come up with our chart? By tallying the votes of our pop writers – and here's what they plumped for

Tim Jonze


John Wizards – John Wizards

Disclosure – Settle

Paramore – Paramore

Hebronix – Unreal

Kanye West – Yeezus

Christopher Owens – Lysandre

Julia Holter – Loud City Song

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

British Sea PowerFrom The Sea To The Land Beyond


Julia Holter – Hello Stranger

Miguel and Mariah Carey – #Beautiful

Drake – Hold On, We're Going Home

Sky Ferreira – You're Not the One

Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie

Jeffrey Lewis – Wwprd

Paramore – Still Into You

Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge – White Noise

The 1975 – Chocolate

Stylo G – Soundbwoy

Tom Hughes


15-60-75 The Numbers Band – Jimmy Bell's Still in Town

Meat Wave – Meat Wave

The Drones – I See Seaweed 4

White Fence – Live in San Francisco

Ooga Boogas – Ooga Boogas

Superchunk – I Hate Music

Bits of
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Brit Awards - 6 suggestions to replace James Corden as host in 2015

Nestled in the announcement about the 2014 Brit Awards was confirmation that next year's ceremony willbe the last hosted by James Corden.

Having made his debut alongside Kylie Minogue and comedy partner Mat Horne in 2009, Corden will have presented the annual backslapping event solo for four consecutive years, the longest stint in its history.

In the past, the Brits have changed host year-on-year, with only a handful (Tim Rice, Noel Edmonds, Simon Bates, Ben Elton, Chris Evans) getting a couple of consecutive shows under their belt.

Given Corden's safe-pair-of-hands success, we can well see the British Phonographic Industry looking to pick another long-term prospect. Either way, Digital Spy rounds out some possible replacements for Corden.

Alan Carr

The reason for Corden's success was his ability to (in the main) successfully juggle a sense of fun with the respectful deference the suits and stars demand from The Brits. Carr has of course
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Silent movies

Think silent films reached a high point with The Artist? The pre-sound era produced some of the most beautiful, arresting films ever made. From City Lights to Metropolis, Guardian and Observer critics pick the 10 best

• Top 10 teen movies

• Top 10 superhero movies

• Top 10 westerns

• Top 10 documentaries

• Top 10 movie adaptations

• Top 10 animated movies

• More Guardian and Observer critics' top 10s

10. City Lights

City Lights was arguably the biggest risk of Charlie Chaplin's career: The Jazz Singer, released at the end of 1927, had seen sound take cinema by storm, but Chaplin resisted the change-up, preferring to continue in the silent tradition. In retrospect, this isn't so much the precious behaviour of a purist but the smart reaction of an experienced comedian; Chaplin's films rarely used intertitles anyway, and though it is technically "silent", City Lights is very mindful of it own self-composed score and keenly judged sound effects.

At its heart,
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Guardian profile: David Tennant, our favourite Doctor … his time has come

Actor returns to face old foe in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, possibly the TV event of 2013, then is off to crack Us

Regularly acclaimed as the nation's favourite Time Lord, the former Doctor Who star David Tennant is accustomed to travelling through space and time. But even if he had a real-life Tardis it is unlikely that he would travel beyond the here and now, such is his ubiquity across screen and stage.

From his lead role in the ITV murder mystery Broadchurch to his return to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Richard II, via leading parts in BBC dramas The Politician's Husband and The Escape Artist, Tennant's tilt at world domination is enough to make the Daleks jealous.

Tennant will return to face the old foe in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special – reunited with his companion, Billie Piper, alongside incumbent Matt Smith and guest star John Hurt.
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Album review: Pet Shop Boys' 'Electric' sparks with intensity

After last year’s introspective “Elysium,” Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant return with “Electric,” an aggressively dance-oriented album of eight originals and one very interesting cover. This is an album to thump, not think, your way through. The album marks the first time Psb have worked on a studio album with producer Stuart Price, best known for his work with Madonna and The Killers. Price has talked about combining “Old school synth and drum machine programming and new school computer mangling” for the album. That intent is clear from the the album’s opener, "Axis." An instrumental with a relentless rat-a-tat that looks...
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Briefs: John Barrowman Thinks The Doctor Should Be Female, Andrew Garfield Thinks Spider-Man Should Be Gay, and … Tiny Diapers For The Tip Of Your Penis

Birthday shoutouts go to Gale Harold (above), who is 43, Sofia Vergara is 41, Neil Tennant is 59, and Alec Mapa is 48.

Damon Wayans, Jr. is set to reprise his role as Coach from the New Girl pilot for a “Major Season Three Arc.”

John Barrowman thinks the next Doctor should be a woman: “We’ve had great guys playing the role. The character of River Song was so popular in the last part of the series and it was such an impact, why shouldn’t we have a female doctor.”

James Franco will be “honored” with a roast on Comedy Central. Drinking game! Take a shot every time someone makes a “He’s so gay …” joke.

Speaking of dumb gay jokes to look forward to, there’s going to be a gay character when Two and a Half Men comes back this fall.

Andrew Garfield on Spider-Man’s sexuality: ‘Why can’t he be gay?
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'I've Known Two Moments Of Pure Pop Perfection'

'I've Known Two Moments Of Pure Pop Perfection'
Neil Tennant has acknowledged that the Pet Shop Boys’ new album will come as something of a relief to the band’s fans, after their most recent efforts diverted from their much-loved disco anthem sound.

“No one got excited when they heard the Pet Shop Boys were releasing an album about living in La and getting old,” he muses to HuffPostUK. “But they strangely got a bit more enlivened by the news that a disco album was on the way.”

The Pet Shop Boys’ mastery of this particular genre has resulted in 50 million album sales, including a catalogue of hits including 'West End Girls', 'Rent' and 'Go West'.

Go on... remind yourself...

For their 12th studio album, 'Electric', they’ve turned to the talents of master-mixer Stuart Price, the man who put Madonna on the dance-floor for the 'Confessions' album.

“I’m not a purist, but you could call it purely electronic,
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Briefs: Anderson Cooper Is A Comic Book Hero, Pet Shop Boys Get “Vocal,” and Republicans Should Fake It

Zachary Quinto attends Summer Party On The Highline

Birthday shoutouts go to Paul MCartney, who is 71, Carol Kane is 61 and Alison Moyet is 52.

Longtime readers of the TheBacklot (formerly AfterElton) will surely know Dennis in Mpls, TheFixer and Mockingjay. This intrepid trio has banded together to start a website called The New Millennial Gay Experience. We know a little something about the headaches of launching a new website, so our hat is off to them and we wish them every success with this venture.

Jeb Bush: Republicans should fake it.

Cher To Headline NYC’s Pride Dance On The Pier.

Armie Hammer is the latest Hollywood hunk to deny reports he’s going to play Christian Grey.

17 Lgbt Political Moments That Made Us Proud This Year.

I’m glad I’m not the only one getting tired of all talk, no action.

Samantha Bee is a Goddess. And it
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25 Years and Still Thumping: 1988′s 10 Underplayed Dance Jams

Some have argued that 1988 was the greatest year for summer cinema: Die Hard, Bull Durham, Big, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Coming to America, and A Fish Called Wanda all clocked us with genre-bending ingenuity in ’88. I was thinking about it the other day, and I’m prepared to call 1988 one of the best years for pop/dance music too. If you’re like me and worship things like silver anniversaries, hopefully you can make use of this jam-packed list: 10 underrated dance jams from ’88 that will fill your summer of 2013 with monumental firepower. It’s 1988, and it’s forever our girl.

1. Jody Watley, “Most Of All”

A sentimental favorite from the Best New Artist of ’87: Jody Watley‘s self-titled debut album produced five singles, the last of which was released in April of ’88. The heartbreak anthem “Most of All” pairs a danceable chorus with a sad lyric, and for a
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Tavi Gevinson's Acting Debut

Tavi Gevinson's Acting Debut
Tavi Gevinson isn't just a style icon and a wise-beyond-her-years feminist; she can sing and act, too. The young multitasker stars in the 2-D animated short "Cadaver," alongside Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates. After months of waiting, we're thrilled to present the premiere of the highly anticipated film.

"Cadaver" tells the story of a dead older man who comes back to life to bid his wife a final farewell. According to director and writer Jonah Ansell, the film "began as a short, whimsical poem that I wrote to my kid sister the day she cut open her first dead body as a med student at Chicago’s Northwestern University." Gevinson scored the role of the med student because, as she told The Huffington Post, "We're like real-life friends because our families go to the same temple and have had like, Rosh Hashana together."

The seven minute film also features Gevinson's
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TV highlights 11/01/2013

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First Time Farmers | John Bishop's Only Joking | Italy Unpacked | Great Night Out | Stella | Imagine: Dame Shirley Bassey: The Girl From Tiger Bay

First Time Farmers

8pm, Channel 4

First of a series looking at farming life through the eyes of the younger generation, the first triumvirate of tractor boys under scrutiny being three friends from Herefordshire. Robbie wants to reverse the fortunes of his mum's struggling pig farm, Ed finds himself leaving a career in the City to return to his roots, while Nick is trying to escape the family farming business. Compared with the reality show trope of hapless youth struggling with modest setbacks, it's a refreshing look at how well twentysomethings muck in when livelihoods depend on it. Mark Jones

John Bishop's Only Joking

8.30pm, Sky1

John Bishop's new vehicle is a resolutely family-friendly throwback to the days of The Comedians, when TV standup
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Ultravox's 'Vienna' crowned best 'number two' single

London, Jan 2: British rock band Ultravox's 1981 hit 'Vienna' has been named as UK's favourite number two single.

The track topped the survey by BBC Radio 2 and the Official Charts Company to find the greatest song, which missed out on the number one spot.

Vienna was held off the top spot in 1981 by novelty track 'Shaddup You Face' by Joe Dolce, the BBC reported.

Christmas favourite 'Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl came in at second place.

The 1987 hit was beaten to the top by the Pet Shop Boys' cover of Elvis Presley hit 'Always On My Mind.'

Other songs to feature in the top 10 include.
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Bryan Ferry, Sting, Neil Tennant slam Newcastle culture budget cuts

Bryan Ferry, Sting, Neil Tennant slam Newcastle culture budget cuts
Newcastle city council has been criticised by a host of musicians with connections to the North-East for its planned cuts to the culture budget. Music legends including Bryan Ferry, Sting and The Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant have sent an open letter to The Guardian opposing the "shortsighted attack" on the city's cultural life. Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler and Thomas Allen were also signatories alongside writers Pat Barker and Tony Harrison and actors Robson Green and Kevin Whately. They call the cuts "economically disastrous", saying that "the council's support helps these arts organisations (more)
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Pet Shop Boys announce first 2013 UK 'Electric' tour dates

Pet Shop Boys announce first 2013 UK 'Electric' tour dates
Pet Shop Boys have announced the first two UK dates for their 2013 'Electric' tour. The gigs will showcase the duo's first stage production since the 'Pandemonium' tour, which began in 2009 and was performed around the world. Pet Shop Boys will play London's O2 Arena on June 18 and Manchester Arena on June 20, with European and Us dates expected to be announced soon. They will work with Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers) on the music, (more)
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