21 Wtf Moments From WCW Nitro (Jan 12th, 1998)

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Back in 1997, the new World order were a happy bunch, taking over WCW, winning all the titles and generally making all the babyfaces’ lives a misery.

But after the fallout from Starrcade 1997 and last week’s Nitro Wtf Moments from the January 5th, 1998 episode where Savage inadvertently knocked out Bischoff, causing Savage to slap Hogan for questioning him which led to Nash laying out the Macho Man, this was going to be an interesting episode to view and dissect.

On the January 12th, 1998 edition of Monday Nitro we see the new World order try to become a united front again in the battle for WCW. On the debut edition of Thunder, Jj Dillon stripped Sting of the WCW World Title and the belt is vacant until the big grudge match with Sting and Hollywood Hogan to determine the Undisputed WCW Champion. That match will take place at Superbrawl in about six weeks.
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7 Amazing Backstage Stories From Wrestling Announcers

The art of the pro wrestling announcer has changed incredibly over the years. Previously, commentators were there solely to call the action, much like those announcing on real-life sports do. As things progressed, the people behind the microphone had a responsibility to sell stories to the viewing public, enabling them to to emotionally invest in the matches and characters they were supposed to.

Now, wrestling announcers often have to multi-task like crazy. It’s not uncommon for a pro wrestling commentary team to go from shilling a sponsor’s product, then quickly follow that up with some social media updates, all before finally focusing on the match people are about to see presented. It’s a job which requires supreme sharpness, and an uncanny ability to think on one’s feet.

Throughout history, there have been many excellent announcers. From the more obvious choices, such as Gorilla Monsoon,
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WWE And Tna: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Feb 22)

This week in the world of wrestling, a long-time Tna favorite left the company, the last real Ecw Champion invaded Nxt, Triple H threatened to dig up the corpse of WCW and bury it again, and Drew Galloway (the former Drew McIntyre) returned to TV without his former bandmates, and then immediately nearly killed Lo Ki.

Fastlane is almost upon us, and if you’re a fan of thrown together six-man tag matches featuring Kane and The Big Show, then this is the show for you! But hey, it’s free right? Well, the best line of the week belongs to Daniel Bryan with “I had one less title defense than Brock Lesnar, so I don’t think they needed to strip me of the title.” While the worst line of the week, is awarded to R-Truth who graced us with “Whoomp There It Is!” straight out of
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Destination America’s Impact Wrestling coverage begins with special broadcast this week

Tna’s Impact Wrestling will now be featured on Destination America, with coverage beginning Jan. 7 with a special live broadcast at 9pm Et. The series will move to its permanent time slot on Fridays from 9-11pm Et beginning Jan. 16, with encores at 11pm. Impact Wrestling: Unlocked, with announcer Mike Tenay, will air Saturdays from 10am-12pm Et beginning Jan. 17, to look back at the previous week’s Impact Wrestling. Leading into the Jan. 7 live broadcast, Destination America will air a marathon that day from 9am-9pm, looking back at the biggest moments and most heated rivalries. The special live broadcast on Wednesday, … Continue reading →

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Tna Announces Impact Wrestling: Unlocked

Tna has announced a brand new, second program that they will run on their new home of Destination America. Beginning on Saturday, January 17 at 10/9c Tna will officially start Impact Wrestling: Unlocked.

The weekly series will be hosted by “The Professor” Mike Tenay and will take a look back at that week’s episode of Impact but will feature exclusive content and never before seen footage. The exclusive footage will give the fans a chance to dive deeper into the personal lives of all the Tna talent. The matches that air during the program will feature intriguing match facts and stats popping up. Every week they will reveal a power rankings, ranking the Top 5 Heavyweights in the company.

Here is what host Mike Tenay had to say about the new show:

“Fans are constantly asking me what goes on behind the scenes”……”The appetite is strong for interesting
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WWE And Tna: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Aug 31)

Summer is almost over, and we’re headed into the cold, cruel fall. That means kids are back in school, the leaves are turning colors, and WWE will soon surrender to Monday Night Football and air four months worth of mediocre programming.

This week we said goodbye to our good pal Robert Van Dam for now (which former world champ will now take his place of losing lackluster four minute matches?), saw Slater Gator and Los Matadores somehow escape the dungeon of Main Event to compete on Raw, and watched The Ascension win their 759th squash match on Nxt. If only there was some sort of Network out there where I could watch more of this!

This week’s nitpick: Ethan Carter did Sting’s trademark “woo”, then performed a Stinger Splash onto Rhino into the corner. He was clearly mocking his old opponent/WWE’s favorite tease.
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Tna Impact: Looking At “The West Coast Boogeyman” Edition

Impact Wrestling was back in Indiana, Pennsylvania for the second time and saw the building blocks being laid to the road to Slammiversary. Did it give me a reason to party over Tna’s birthday plans or will this party just be a bust? Well, let me tell you what I think.

Let’s begin with the opening segment, which saw Hulk Hogan apologize after months of doubting Sting. Sting says that’s water under the bridge and he wants to take the full offensive on Aces and Eights beginning next week in a six man tag. Hogan tells sting to pick whoever he wants for that squad, he has to decide who get the number one contender spot for Bully Ray in Boston. Matt Morgan comes out and says the shot should be his, Hogan says he’s not going to make mistakes anymore and just give someone the shot.
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Tna Reaction: January 24th 2013

In this week’s edition of Tna Impact Wrestling, we are set to encounter the fallout from last week’s wedding fiasco. After Tazz’s shocking decision to join the Aces and Eights, the group gatecrashed the wedding and proceeded to take out every person in site, and forced Brooke Hogan to watch both her father and her fiancee Bully Ray get beaten down by the rebellious bandits. Also, there will be two championship matches, as Velvet Sky challenges Tara for the Knockouts Championship, and Jeff Hardy defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Christopher Daniels.

Tazz Speaks Out On His Betrayal

Tazz walks out to the ring accompanied by his Aces and Eights brethren, and begins to address the questions as to why he joined their group. In his reasoning, he mentions his thrill of being supported and guided by a higher power, which indicates that somebody particularly famous in
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Tna Review 24/2/12 – Sting is Done?

Impact Wrestling – Feb 24th 2012

The “Insane Icon,” is “Done.”

The most hyped story this week was Sting saying On Twitter that he was “Done.” Not via Tna TV or anything, Via Twitter. Because that’s how professionals deal with major announcements these days. Robert Roode announced early in the show that Sting was going to appear. Thing is that since they announced Roode’s title match against Storm was going to be at the PPV in April rather than the next one in March, they made it a bit obvious that something was going to go down at Victory Road in March. Otherwise why wouldn’t the title match just happen at Victory Road?

In the closing segment Sting came out as promised to address the Tweet that shook the world. Roode made his second appearance of the night to interrupt. Sting immediately converted over to Whacky Insane Icon Sting
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Tna Against All Odds 2012 Review – Bobby Roode Retains

Tna Against All Odds Recap

12th February 2012

Live From The Impact! Zone

Backstage the annoying cameraman tries to talk to Jeff Hardy but he just smirks and walks on. Rude. Following that, the opening video packages focuses on the World Title match and how important Hogan thinks the company is. It is a Vegas themed logo but that’s about as far as the theme gets. No Tazz tonight as he is dealing with a family death, so we have Tenay and Borash on the headsets.

#1 Contender’s Match to the X Division Title

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

All that hairspray is bad for the environment Zema. Matt Morgan is not the only one with a “Carbon Footprint.” Jesse carries his football as always in this battle of the entrance props. He give his to a kid at ringside cause he’s that kind of guy. Zema gets in
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Tna Impact Wrestling 26/1/12 Review – Bully Ray Destroys Jeff Hardy

Tna Impact Wrestling! 26th January 2011

As always, last week gets recapped. But you read that last week right? Right!?

We pick up backstage where Jeff Hardy is beating down Bully Ray in that are that they always seem to be taking photos. They brawl past that with some terribly unrealistic punches and out to another backstage area. Just in time, Roode pulls up in his beautiful white truck and jumps Hardy with Bully. Bully drops a piece of wood on Jeff’s leg that looks like it weighs less than a sponge. They throw him in the back of the truck, but then James Storm comes out of nowhere and gets involved. He throws Storm through a barricade then smacks Bully with a Plastic bottle. I should note there’s a lot of needless grunting going on. Then, Sting comes into the picture and takes a bat to Roode’s stomach.
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Tna Impact Wrestling Review Nov 4th – Roode vs Storm

Impact Wrestling! November 4th 2011!

Tonight there are Pumpkins in the crowd and the World Champion James Storm is first out to the ring. After a bit of blabbing about growing up in the South, respect and drinking beer, he brings out his opponent tonight, Bobby Roode. Storm tells him to bring everything he got. Roode thanks him for giving him a second chance in his career by coming up with all the ideas for Beer Money then says tonight they’re going to steal the show.

Eric Young arrives backstage with Ronnie from the Jersey Shore. Bah! I’d forgotten that was happening.

Knockout Tag Team Title Match

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne w/Karen & Brooks vs. Tara and Tessmacher

Texas ring gear for the champions tonight if you care about that kind of thing. Madison gets double teamed with a big suplex and tags Gail Kim in. She goes right at it with Tara,
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Tna No Surrender 2011 Review – Kurt Angle Retains World Title

As expected, No Surrender kicked off with the entire roster taking part in a 9/11 tribute. Tna Knockout Rosita, whose father died in the attacks, was shown. Jesse Neal was shown in full sailor attire. We get a rendition of America the Beautiful and a big USA chant. Now finally its time for the show to begin proper. Mike Tenay and Tazz are the announcers and first it’s…

#1 Contenders Match for the X Division Title

Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

Anyone else think it’s about time he dropped the Kid in his name? I know Man Kash doesn’t have the same ring to it, but he’s definitely not a kid anymore. In saying that as long as he never brings back the Pit-bull gimmick, I’m happy. Match starts off with an exchange of quick pin falls and reversals that the fans are well behind from the bell.
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WWE, Tna: The Monday Night Wars II

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Last night was historic for professional wrestling in many ways. Bret “The Hitman” Hart made his return to Raw after twelve years of swearing that he’d never return to WWE while Hulk Hogan and a host of guests made their Tna debut and suddenly the spark of a new Monday Night Wars fire was born. Ironically, it was also eleven years to the day of the “Finger Poke of Doom” (which yes, I was in attendance for) which all just made Tna feel a bit more like “WCW Monday Nitro”. And even with all the special guest appearances, and a match of the year candidate in Kurt Angle vs. Aj Styles, one thing stayed the same:

WWE won this battle, but barely.

Now, let’s be honest; outside of Bret Hart’s triumphant return and his segments with Vince and especially Shawn Michaels, Raw’s quality was pretty bland.
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