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  • (1905) Stage: Appeared (as "John 'Booby' Kent"; Broadway debut) in "Abigail" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Henry K. Chambers. Savoy Theatre: 21 Feb 1905-Apr 1905 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Ruth Benson, Louise Closser Hale [credited as Louise Closser], Joseph Coyne, Justine Cutting, Arthur Forrest, Grace George (as "Abigail"), Mrs. Hone, Selene Johnson, Willis Martin, Henry Mills, Vivia Ogden, Herbert Rollins, Mary Stuart, Arthur Tennyson, Annie Woods. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1907) Stage: Appeared in "A Marriage of Reason" on Broadway. Written by J. Hartley Manners. Based on "The Second Lady Delcombe" by Mrs. Arthur Kennard. Directed by Herbert Gresham. Wallack's Theatre: 1 Apr 1907-Apr 1907 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: J.K. Adams, H. Kyrle Bellew, Frederic De Belleville, Julia Dean, Margaret Fuller, C. Russell Sage, R.L. Smith, Minnie Storey, Master Richard Storey, Maude Ream Stover, Fannie Ward. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.
  • (1907) Stage: Appeared in "The Evangelist" on Broadway. Written by Henry Arthur Jones. Knickerbocker Theatre: 30 Sep 1907-Oct 1907 (closing date unknnown/19 performances). Cast: Edgar Baume, Charles W. Butler, W.J. Constantine, W.H. Crompton, Maggie Holloway Fischer, Charles Fulton, Nina Herbert, Howard Kyle, Mrs. Felix Morris, Frederick Powell, Cecil Rose, Ivan F. Simpson, Edith Taliaferro, Dorothy Thomas, Fred Thorne. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.
  • (1909) Stage: Appeared in "The Sins of Society" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Cecil Raleigh and Henry Hamilton. Directed by Lawrence Marston and Ernest D'Auban. New York Theatre: 31 Aug 1909-Sep 1909 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: William L. Abingdon, Reginald Barlow, Virginia Bell, Jessie Carbee, Louise Closser Hale, Rosalie De Vaux, Alice Dean, Florence Edney, W.A. Eustace, Charles Fleming, Marguerite Florence, Lillian Gurney, Laura Nelson Hall, Cooper Hamilton, Clifford Hipple, Anthony Jones, Louis Keller, Leslie Kenyon, Dodson Mitchell, Dell Pascatel, Mabel Pascel, Charles Rowan, Louise Rutter, Alice Seymour, Lucy Sibley, Grace Thorne, William Walkers, Malcolm Watson, Elmer Watts, C.P. Zell. Produced by Brooks & Dingwell. NOTE: Filmed as The Sins of Society (1915).
  • (1909) Stage: Appeared in "Cameo Kirby" on Broadway. Written by Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson. Hackett Theatre: 20 Dec 1909-Jan 1910 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Dustin Farnum (as "Eugene Kirby"), May Buckley, Burr Caruth, Emmett Corrigan, Robert Cummings, John Harrington, Maud Hosford, Gordon Johnstone, Jane Kendrick, Ruth Lloyd, Nora Shelby, Alfred Tansy, Conway Tearle, George Thatcher, Gladys Williams. Produced by Liebler & Co. NOTE: Filmed as Cameo Kirby (1923), Cameo Kirby (1930), Cameo Kirby (1914).
  • (1910) Stage: Appeared in "Suzanne" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Frantz Fonson and Fernand Wicheler, from their book adapted by C. Haddon Chambers. Lyceum Theatre: 26 Dec 1910-Feb 1911 (closing date unknown/64 performances). Cast: Billie Burke (as "Suzanne"), George W. Anson, G.H. Beverman, C. Harrison Carter, Jane Galbraith, David Glassford, Harry Harwood, M.B. Hendel, N.K. Leavitt, Julian L'Estrange, P.E. McCoy, Rosa Rand, E.R. Sheehey, Alison Skipworth, C.J. Wedgewood. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1911) Stage: Appeared in "The Rack" on Broadway. Written by Thompson Buchanan. Playhouse Theatre: 15 Sep 1911-Sep 1911 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Romaine Callender, William Conklin, Fred Esmelton, Brenda Fowler, J. Frankenberg, Jane Gail, Katherine Grey, Louise Kent, Helen Langford, Isabel Lee, Diva Marolda, Leonora Oakford, Milton Sills, Richard Sterling, Elizabeth H. Von Sell. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1912) Stage: Appeared (as "Herbert Duncan") in "Elevating a Husband" on Broadway. Written by Clara Lipman and Samuel Shipman. Liberty Theatre (moved to The Criterion Theatre from 12 Feb 1912-?, then moved to the Garrick Theatre from 26 Feb 1912-?, then returned to The Criterion Theatre from 11 Mar 1912-close): 22 Jan 1912-May 1912 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: Louis Mann (as "Charlie Sample"), Beatrice Bentley [Broadway debut], Jessie Carter, Sterling H. Cheseldine, Mathilde Cottrelly, Clara DeWitt, Charles Halton, Marion Holcombe, Edward Everett Horton, J. Homer Hunt, Lester Kenyon, Howard Scott, Emily Ann Wellman (as "Letty"). Produced by Louis F. Werba and Mark A. Luescher.
  • (1913) Stage: Appeared in "The Smoldering Flame" on Broadway. Written by William Legrand. 48th Street Theatre: 23 Sep 1913-Sep 1913 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Marie Day, Fernanda Eliscu, Maude Knowlton, Amy Lee, Gertrude Millington, Helen Millington, Norris Millington, Forrest Robinson, Maud Sinclair, Ethel Grey Terry, Josephine Williams. Produced by F. Ray Comstock.
  • (1913) Stage: Appeared in "Miss Phoenix" on Broadway.
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared in "The Truth" on Broadway. Drama (revival).
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared in "The Hawk" on Broadway. Written by Francis de Croisset. Translated by Marie Zane Taylor. Shubert Theatre (moved to Maxine Elliott's Theatre from 30 Nov 1914-Close): 28 Sep 1914- unknown (136 performances). Cast: Herbert Belmore, William H. Burton, Lawrence Clifford, Richard Dix [Broadway debut], Mlle. Gabrielle Dorziat, William Faversham, V.L. Granville, Grace Henderson, Howard Jones, Wright Kramer, Frank Losee, P.J. MacCord, Harold Meltzer, Pauline Whitson. NOTE: Filmed as The Hawk (1917).
  • (1915) Stage: Appeared in "The New York Idea" on Broadway (revival).
  • (1915) Stage: Appeared in "The Liars" on Broadway (revival).
  • (1915) Stage: Appeared in "Major Barbara" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Louis Calvert. Playhouse Theatre: 9 Dec 1915-unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Paul Bliss, Margaret Calvert, Richard Clarke, John Cromwell (as "Charles Lomax"), Clarence Derwent, Charlotte Granville, Norah Lamison, Ernest Lawford, Josephine Lovett, Guthrie McClintic (as "The Butler"), Mary Nash. Produced by Grace George.
  • (1916) Stage: Appeared in "The Earth" on Broadway (revival). Written by James B. Fagan. Playhouse Theatre: 15 Feb 1916-unknown (unknown performances/This production played in repertory with "The New York Idea", "The Liars", "Major Barbara", "Captain Brassbound's Conversion"). Cast: George Bangs, Louise Calvert, Richard Clarke, John Cromwell, Clarence Derwent, Daniel Eames, Arthur Eldred, Grace George, Charlotte Granville, Rexford Kendrick, Norah Lamison, Ernest Lawford, Guthrie McClintic. Produced by Grace George and The New York Playhouse Company.
  • (1917) Stage: Appeared in "The Fugitive" on Broadway. Written by John Galsworthy. 39th Street Theatre: 19 Mar 1917-May 1917 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: William 'Stage' Boyd, Edward Emery, Charlotte Granville, Charles Harbury, Walter Howe, Annie Hughes, Alice John, Thomas MacLarnie, Duncan McRae, Milton Pope, Ethel Stanard, Emily Stevens, Percival Vivian, Henry Warwick, Roger P. Williams. Produced by Oliver Morosco.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "The Mad Dog" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "Dinner at Eight" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George S. Kaufman (also director) and Edna Ferber. Scenic Design by Livingston Platt. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Assistant Director: Robert B. Sinclair. Music Box Theatre: 22 Oct 1932-May 1933 (closing date unknown/232 performances). Cast: George Alison, Ann Andrews, Clarence Bellair, Marguerite Churchill (as "Paula Jordan"), Constance Collier, Margaret Dale (as "Hattie Loomis"), Malcolm Duncan (as "Oliver Jordan"), Austin Fairman (as "Dr. J. Wayne Talbot"), Janet Fox, Gregory Gaye, Robert Griffith, Paul Harvey (as "Dan Packard"), Vera Hurst, Ethel Intropodi, Sam Levene (as "Max Kane"), Frank Manning, William McFadden, Mary Murray, Hans Robert (as "Ed Loomis"), Cesar Romero (as "Ricci"), James Seeley (as "The Waiter"), Dorothy Waters, Judith Wood (as "Kitty Packard"), Olive Wyndham (as "Lucy Talbot"). Replacement actors: Margaret Sullavan (as "Paula Jordan") [from Mar 1933-close], Charles Trowbridge (as "Oliver Jordan"), Jane Wyatt (as "Paula Jordan") [from May 1933-?]. Produced by Sam Harris. NOTE: Filmed as Dinner at Eight (1933), Dinner at Eight (1989), Dinner at Eight (2007).
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared in "Living Dangerously" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1937) Stage: Appeared in "Antony and Cleopatra" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival).
  • (1931) Appeared in a special promotional trailer, as himself, for The Lady Who Dared (1931)).

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