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Other works
(1896- 1916). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

(1896). Stage Play: On Broadway. Melodrama. Written by Ben Teal [earliest Broadway credit] and Clay M. Greene. Grand Opera House: 12 Oct 1896- unknown (unknown performances). Cast (as known): Maggie Cline (as "Mary Brady").

(1899). Stage Play: A Reign of Error. Musical/vaudeville. Libretto by John J. McNally. Music by Maurice Levi. Directed by Ben Teal. Victoria Theatre: 2 Mar 1899- 10 Jun 1899 (102 performances). Cast: La Petite Adelaide, Georgia Caine, Ada Lewis, George F. Marion [Broadway debut], J. Parr, Maude Raymond, Gus Rogers, Max Rogers, Edith St. Clair. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1899). Stage Play: In Gay Paree. Musical comedy. Music by Ludwig Englander. Book by Clay M. Greene. Lyrics by Grant Stewart. Musical Director: Herman Perlet. Directed by Ben Teal. Casino Theatre: 20 Mar 1899- 29 Apr 1899 (40 performances). Cast: George Beane (as "Eucevious Bartavel"), Lilly Brink (as "First Peasant Girl"), Thomas Collins (as "Vitevite"), Robert F. Cotton, Harry Davenport, Madge Dean (as "Second Peasant Girl"), Charles Dickson (as "Hector von Donnerblitz"), Susie Drake (as "Melanie"), Samuel Edwards (as "Canuchet"), Jane English (as "First Vine Dresser"), Perkins Fisher (as "Joseph"), Marie George (as "Denise"), Mabelle Gilman (as "Louisette Gireaud"), Violet Holmes (as "Specialty"), Alice Hosmer (as "Ludovica Bartavel"), Harry Kittredge (as "Simon"), Lillian Lester (as "Second Vine Dresser"), Emma Levy (as "Fanchette"), Joseph Marston (as "Commissary of Police"), Anthony Sullivan (as "Logerot"), Edward D. Tyler (as "Theodore Lacour"), Margaret Warren (as "Emilie Bartavel"), Thomas E. Whitbread (as "Station Master"). Produced by George W. Lederer.

(1899). Stage Play: Ben Hur. Drama. Vocal and instrumental music by Edgar Stillman Kelley. Dramatized by William Young. Based on the novel by Lew Wallace. Directed by Ben Teal. Broadway Theatre: 29 Nov 1899- May 1900 (closing date unknown/194 performances). Cast: Adeline Adler, Mabel Bert, Edmund Collier, Emmett Corrigan, Charles Craig, Henry Devere, William Ford, William Frederic, Paul Gerson, William S. Hart (as "Messala"), Henry Lee, Gretchen Lyons, Robert Mansfield, Henry Montrose, Frank Mordaunt, Edward Morgan (as "Ben Hur"), Frederick Perry (as "Arrius") [replacement actor/Broadway debut], Corona Riccardo, Mary Shaw, F.S. Thorpe, Frederick Truesdell, Charles J. Wilson. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1899). Stage Play: Chris and the Wonderful Lamp. Extravaganza. Music by John Philip Sousa. Directed by Ben Teal. Victoria Theatre: 1 Jan 1900- 24 Feb 1900 (58 performances). Cast: Mabelle Baker (as "Miss Prisms"), Edith Barr (as "Della"), Emilie Beaupre (as "Aladdin"), Herbert Carter (as "Pettingill/Al Khizar"), Randolph Curry (as "The Grand Vizier in Etheria/Lovemoney"), Charles H. Drew (as "Selwell"), Edna Wallace Hopper (as "Chris Wagstaff"), Edna Hunter (as "Stella"), Violet Jewell (as "Bella"), Nellie Lynch (as "Amine"), Stella Madison (as "Nella"), May Norton (as "Queen of Dreams"), Adele Nott (as "Ella"), Johnny Page (as "Scotty Jones"), Ethel Irene Stewart (as "Fanny Wiggins"), Jerome Sykes (as "The Genie"), Frank Todd (as "Captain of the Guards"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1900). Stage Play: Ben Hur. Drama. Vocal and instrumental music by Edgar Stillman Kelley. Dramatized by William Young. Based on the novel by General Lew Wallace. Directed by Ben Teal. Broadway Theatre 3 Sep 1900- Oct 1900 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Mabel Bert, William Farnum (as "Ben Hur"), William S. Hart (as "Massala"), W.J. Kelly, Francis Kingdon, Robert Mansfield, Harry Montrose, Franklyn Roberts, Mary Shaw, Nellie Thorne, F.S. Thorpe, Frederick Truesdell, Harry Weaver Jr., Charles J. Wilson. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1900). Stage Play: The Rogers Brothers in Central Park. Musical/farce/vaudeville. Music by Maurice Levi. Book by John J. McNally. Lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin. Musical Director: Maurice Levi. Additional music by Rosamond Johnson. Additional lyrics by James Weldon Johnson [earliest Broadway credit] and Bob Cole [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Ben Teal. Victoria Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House on 1 Apr 1901 to close): 17 Sep 1900- Apr 1901 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: Jeanette Bageard (as "Marie LeHaute"), James Cherry (as "Con Maguffin/Park Policeman/Chief Inspector") [Broadway debut], Mildred Claire (as "Willie Want"), Elsie Davis (as "Carrie Page"), Leonie Dueth (as "Daisy Money"), Della Fox (as "Belle Money"), Emma Francis (as "Constance Strain"), Grace Freeman (as "Rose Merri"), Lee Harrison (as "Ben Dunne"), Carl King (as "Lavord/Inspector Botts"), Marion Langdon (as "Floretta Diggs"), Joseph Merrick (as "Inspector Wotts"), George H. Nagel (as "Inspector Dotts"), Eugene O'Rourke (as "Al Money"), John Page (as "Sam Clippe"), Madge Pierce (as "Sisie Camera"), Ruth Renard (as "Charlie Plenty"), Gus Rogers (as "Marcus Blatter"), Max Rogers (as "Lucas Stucke"), Gertrude Say (as "Ezi Money"), Edith St. Clair (as "Bettina Betts"), Margaret Stewart (as "Cora De Fitzmaurice"), May Taylor (as "Lucy Ricky"), Willie Torpey (as "Tom Swift"), Hattie Waters (as "Alona Money"), William West (as "George Merri"), Dollie Wiggins (as "Helen Money"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1900). Stage Play: Foxy Quiller (In Corsica). Musical comedy/operetta. Music by Reginald De Koven. Libretto by Harry B. Smith. Musical Director: Antonio DeNovellis. Dances arranged by: Mme. Malvina. Directed by Ben Teal. Broadway Theatre: 5 Nov 1900- 22 Dec 1900 (50 performances). Cast: Clara Bancroft (as "Mrs. Plumduff"), Edith Barr (as "Leona"), Helen Bertram (as "La Colomba"), Georgia Caine (as "Polly Prime"), Grace Cameron (as "Daphne"), Louis Casavant (as "Abel Gudgeon"), Arthur T. Earnest (as "Splicer"), Edward Everett (as "Sherlock "), Albert Farrington (as "Ferrett"), L.C. Fitzroy (as "Garabaldi Filcho"), Almira Forrest (as "Serpentina"), Edna Hunter (as "Marjorie"), Josie Intropodi (as "Belladonna"), Louis Kelso (as "Dodge"), Harry MacDonough (as "Walsingham Binks"), Owen J. McCormick (as "Weasel"), H.C. Nichols (as "Governor of Corsica"), H.A. Poot (as "Longina"), George P. Smith (as "Antonio Purloino "), Julius Steger (as "Paganino"), William G. Stewart (as "Ned Royster"), Albert S. Sykes (as "Padlock "), Jerome Sykes (as "Foxy Quiller"), Frank Todd (as "Lovecraft"), Adolph Zink (as "Kimono"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger Opera Company and B.D. Stevens.

(1900). Stage Play: Star and Garter. Musical/farce. Book by John J. McNally. Music by John W. Bratton. Lyrics by Walter Ford. Featuring songs by Matthew Woodward, Dave Reed Jr., Arthur Trevelyan, Herman Perlet, Frederick V. Bowers and Charles Horwitz. Featuring songs with lyrics by Matthew Woodward, William Jerome [earliest Broadway credit] and Dave Reed Jr. Musical Staging by Ned Wayburn. Scenic Design by Joseph A. Physioc. Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson. Lighting Design by Peter W. King. Directed by Ben Teal. Victoria Theatre: 26 Nov 1900- 15 Dec 1900 (22 performances). Cast: Mons. Agoust, The Marvelous Agoust Family (as "Specialty act"), C.H. Bates, William Blaisdell, Marie Cahill, Thornton Cole, Joseph Coyne, Aimee Geraide, Otis Harlan, Lionel Hogarth (as "Taylor Hede"), Robert Kelly, Margaret Knight, J.F. Leary, Margaret Leon, Carolina Locke, Mae Lowery, Nellie Lynch, Nellie Murray, Florence Norwood, Babette Robinson, John G. Sparks. Produced by Frank McKee.

(1900). Stage Play: Sweet Nell of Old Drury. Melodrama/farce. Written by Paul Kester. Directed by Ben Teal. Knickerbocker Theatre: 31 Dec 1900- Jan 1901 (closing date unknown/18 performances). Cast: Harry Blair, Jane Blair, Louie Blair, Blanche Burton, Louise Draper, William Elton, Clare Fremont, Richard Fulton, Charles Gotthold [Broadway debut], LeRoy Hanlon, D.H. Harkins, Pauline Harrice, Charles Howard, Wright Kramer, Adrienne La Salle, Foster Lardner, Alice Neal, May Odlin, William Odlin, Dorothy Palmer, Walter Pleugh, Ethel Powers, Ada Rehan (as "Nell Gwynne"), Fulton Russell, Richard Russell, Marion Stuart, White Whittlesey.

(1901). Stage Play: The Rogers Brothers in Washington. Musical/farce/vaudeville. Book by John J. McNally. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Music by Maurice Levi. Musical Director: Maurice Levi. Directed by Ben Teal. Knickerbocker Theatre: 2 Sep 1901- 12 Oct 1901 (49 performances). Cast: Jeanette Bageard (as "Clara Braley"), Nora Bayes (as "Esther Pace"), Helen Brookes (as "Ensemble"), James Cherry (as "Tough Boy"), Lillian Collins (as "Acie Hartz"), Elsie Davis (as "Nona Eclat"), Julia Eastman (as "Ann Other Acie"), Lucille Fallon (as "The Other Acie"), Emma Francis (as "Margy"), Grace Freeman (as "Maude Braley"), Lily Hart (as "Ensemble"), John B. Hendricks (as "Burglar Jim"), Eugene Jepson (as "Judge Braley"), May Kimball (as "Ensemble"), Leslie Lyle (as "Ensemble"), Stella Maury (as "Susie Swish"), Kathleen Murray (as "Messenger Boy"), Jessie Richmond (as "Edith Idem"), Gus Rogers (as "Carlos Chauffs"), Max Rogers (as "Louis Lauffs"), Pat Rooney (as "Johnny Lift"), Gertrude Saye (as "Tottie Chic"), Edith St. Clair (as "Bessie Braley"), Lillian Stanford (as "Ensemble"), May Taylor (as "Bertha Snap"), Willie Torpey (as "B. Tardy"), Lottie Uart (as "Queener Diamonds"), Nettie Uart (as "Alice Argyle"), Gus A. Weinburg (as "Fuller Guffe"), William West (as "Alf Harriman"), Hattie Williams (as "Maizi Mahoni"), Minnie Woodbury (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1901). Stage Play: The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast. Musical extravaganza. Music by J.M. Glover and Frederick Solomon. Book by Arthur Collins and J. Hickory Wood. Book adapted by John J. McNally and J. Cheever Goodwin. Lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin. Musical Direction by Frederick J. Solomon. Featuring songs by Rosamond Johnson and Jean Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by Bob Cole, James Weldon Johnson, William Jerome and Vincent Bryan. Choreographed by Ernest D'Auban. Directed by Ben Teal and Marshall Moore. Broadway Theatre: 4 Nov 1901- 31 May 1902 (241 performances). Cast: James Beall (as "Chorus"), Harry Bulger (as "King Bardout"), Anna Carr (as "Dora/Chorus"), Joseph Cawthorn (as "Lena"), Nora Cecil (as "Algie"), Kathryn Colvin (as "Eglantine"), Phoebe Coyne (as "Malevolentia"), Maude Cummings (as "Nora"), Nina Fitzwilliams (as "Freddie"), Mazie Follette (as "Chorus"), Viola Gillette (as "Prince Charming"), Florence Hengler (as "Flossie"), May Hengler (as "Lord Jocelyn"), Lillian Hudson (as "Daffodil"), John Hyams (as "Doctor Squills"), Violet Kellogg (as "Jessamine"), Pearl Landers (as "Violet/Evelina"), Lelia Lewis (as "Maudie"), Mlle. Martina (as "Witch's Attendant"), Jeannette Mozar (as "Dash"), Kittie Norman (as "Mignonette"), John Page (as "President Petit"), Nellie Reed (as "Spirit of the Air"), Lillian Rice (as "Flash"), Charles J. Ross (as "Queen Spadia"), Susie Rusholme (as "Columbine/Mariana"), Ella Snyder (as "Princess Beauty"), Bessie Stanton (as "Cora"), Myrtle Steele (as "Gwendoline"), Nellie Thorne (as "Benevolentia"), Virginia Vorhees (as "Claudie"), Jane Whitbeck (as "Reggie"), Annabelle Whitford (as "Johnnie"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1902). Stage Play: The Rogers Brothers in Harvard. Musical/farce/vaudeville. Book by John J. McNally. Lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin and Edward Gardenier. Additional lyrics by Vincent Bryan. Music and musical direction by Maurice Levi. Directed by Ben Teal. Knickerbocker Theatre: 1 Sep 1902- 25 Oct 1902 (63 performances). Cast: Neva Aymar (as "Daisy Sten"), Helen Bare (as "Chorus"), Helen Brookes (as "Bessie/Chorus"), Irene Brown (as "Chorus"), Harriet Burt (as "Chorus"), James Cherry (as "Joe O'Rourke"), Lillian Collins (as "Chorus/Mena"), Mary Conwell (as "Jessie"), M. Cortez (as "Head Waiter"), Minerva Courtney (as "Myria/Chorus"), Elsie Davis (as "Chorus"), Julia Eastman (as "Mona/Chorus"), Nellie Florede (as "Violet"), Emma Francis (as "Peggy Clip"), 'Pauline Frederick (I)' (as "Ray/Chorus") [Broadway debut], Della Freese (as "Chorus"), William Gould (as "Harry Hart"), Lee Harrison (as "Major Gaulle"), Lily Hart (as "Fay/Chorus"), Emil Heusel (as "Jem Tip"), George Honey (as "Clarence Cholmondeley"), Eugene Jepson (as "Colonel Hotchkiss"), Esther Marks (as "Chorus"), Jolly Matthews (as "Chorus"), Stella Maury (as "Gertie Tell"), Irna Molyneux (as "Chorus"), Helen Morrison (as "Chorus"), Kitty Murray (as "Willie"), Clara Palmer (as "Blanche Reveres"), Edith Rockwell (as "Chorus"), Gus Rogers (as "Milo Kross"), Max Rogers (as "Christopher Karlstadt Kavenhuller"), Pat Rooney (as "T. Stanislaus McGurk"), Edith St. Clair (as "Ida Claire"), Lillian Stanford (as "Millie"), Sue Stuart (as "Chorus"), Willie Torpey (as "Boy"), Lottie Uart (as "Chorus/Gipsy"), Nettie Uart (as "Ena/Chorus"), Olive Ulrich (as "Clara Stone"), Nellie Victoria (as "Chorus/Tessie"), Dorothy Watson (as "Chorus"), Hattie Williams (as "Madame Pelisse"), May B. Wood (as "Chorus"), Minnie Woodbury (as "Chorus/Mae"). Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.

(1903). Stage Play: Whoop-Dee-Doo. Musical extravaganza [Production comprised of the following shows: Whoop-Dee-Doo (credits apply to this show only here), Looney Park, Waffles, Catherine]. Music by William T. Francis. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Edgar Smith. Featuring songs by Alfred Muller Norden and Rosamond Johnson. Featuring songs with lyrics by Bob Cole. Directed by Ben Teal. Weber & Field's Broadway Music Hall (moved to The New Amsterdam Theatre on 16 May 1904- close): 24 Sep 1903- 28 May 1904 (165 performances). Cast: Marion Alexander (as "Cornet Pompomstein"), Eva Allen (as "Nathalie"), Willie Archie (as "Monsieur Saisir"), Myrtle Arlington (as "Captain Campsdemards"), Florence Averill (as "Cornet Sabrelitz"), Carrie Bowman (as "Lena"), Minnie Britton (as "Nudelina"), Helen Brooks (as "Kaffeline"), Mattie Chapin (as "Schnitzel"), May Chapin (as "Crayonne"), Edna Chase (as "Fertig"), Marie Christie (as "Lieutenant Montmartre"), Peter F. Dailey (as "Josh Kidder"), Carter DeHaven (as "Pierrepont Grimes"), Libby Diamond (as "Geldia"), V. Dolero (as "Parieren"), Helen Du Heron (as "Mlle. Dumonde"), Lew Fields [credited as Lew M. Fields] (as "Meyer Schmartgeeser"), Hattie Forsythe (as "Aufgepasst"), Charles Halton (as "Henri"), Ollie Hatfield (as "Lotten"), Bena Hoffman (as "Monsieur Bonmarche"), Mollie Hoffman (as "Steiner"), Helga Howard (as "Kanerer"), Sophie Jordan (as "Cornet Fueret"), Ethel Kelly (as "Annette"), John T. Kelly (as "P. Dennis O'Shea"), Myrtle King (as "Lieutenant Bombarde"), Irla LaBaara (as "Cornet Trompette"), Maude LeRoy (as "Jeanne"), Freda Linyard (as "Kartuffle"), Agnes Lynn (as "Gretel"), Mabel Lynn (as "Steinetta"), Rose Malvene (as "Katrina"), Jane Mandeville (as "Fifine"), Louis Mann (as "Pilsener Hofbrau"), Lizzie McCoy (as "Gladys Snowflake"), Nellie McCoy (as "Maid Snowflake"), Loretta McDonald (as "Maulstick"), Mildred Meade (as "Clementine"), Maud Morris (as "Jeanette"), Vera Morris (as "Marie"), Gertie Moyer (as "Hans"), Ruth Pierce (as "Palette"), Ilma Pratt (as "Vergette"), Jessie Richmond (as "Fechten"), Lillian Russell (as "The Countess de Quartierlatin"), Mae Sherwood (as "Dauber"), Winnie Siegrist (as "Chris"), Madeleine Somers (as "Salatina"), Evie Stetson (as "Bridgeeta O'Shea"), Daisy Thompson (as "Bratwuest"), Dorothy Watson (as "Margot"), Joseph Weber (as "Michael Suppegreentz"), Angie Weimars (as "Gecchie"). Produced by Weber & Fields.

(1904). Stage Play: An English Daisy. Musical comedy. Original English libretto by Seymour Hicks. Music by Walter Slaughter. Additional score by Alfred Muller Norden. Rearranged for the American stage by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Edgar Smith. Additional lyrics by Percy Greenbank, Will Heelan and Robert Cole Additional music by Rosamond Johnson, Maude Nugent, Jerome Kern, Jean Schwartz and Gus Edwards. Directed by Ben Teal. Casino Theatre: 18 Jan 1904- 20 Feb 1904 (41 performances). Cast: Kitty Baldwin (as "Lavinia Squib"), George A. Beane (as "Major Bickersdyke"), Charles A. Bigelow (as "Daniel Crab"), Osborne Clemson (as "Gustave/Ensemble"), Catherine Cooper (as "Jacqueline/Ensemble"), Nonie Dore (as "Ensemble"), Lucille Eagen (as "Ensemble"), Susie Forrester (as "Ensemble"), Frank Hammond (as "Joe Tents/Ensemble"), May Hickey (as "Ensemble"), Lola Hoffman (as "Marie/Ensemble"), Clara Bell Jerome (as "Henriette"), Frank Lalor (as "Bliffkins"), Franc V. Le Mone (as "Henri/Ensemble"), Fred Lennox (as "Hiram Smart"), Henry Leone (as "The Compte Dubois"), Christie MacDonald (as "Daisy Maitland"), Lillian Marshall (as "Lady Marjorie/Ensemble"), Lillian Maure (as "Josephine/Ensemble"), A. McClaskey (as "Ensemble"), Carrie Monroe (as "Lady Winifred/Ensemble"), Jean Newcombe (as "Lady Lauderdale"), Emily Sanford (as "Clotilde/Ensemble"), Nora Sarony (as "Cherie"), Templar Saxe (as "Lieutenant Charles Lambton"), Truly Shattuck (as "Celestine"), George P. Smith (as "Lieutenant Dick Pepler/Ensemble"), Arthur Stanford (as "Adolphe/Ensemble"), Alfred Truschel (as "Lieutenant Tom Brown/Ensemble"), Jane Tyrell (as "Lady Mabel/Ensemble"), Walter Van Allen (as "A Waiter"), Louis Wesley (as "Bert"), Helen Wilmer (as "Lucille/Ensemble"). Produced by Weber & Fields (Lew Fields) [credited as Lew M. Fields].

(1905). Stage Play: The Rollicking Girl. Comedy. Music by William T. Francis. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Sydney Rosenfeld. Adapted from an earlier libretto for "A Dangerous Maid" by Sydney Rosenfeld. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Additional lyrics by Ed Moran, Charles Noel Douglass, Paul West, Dave Reed Jr., Vernon Roy, Julius Steger, Clare Kummer and John W. Bratton. Additional music by Clare Kummer, W. Alletter, Edmund Eysler, Seymour Furth, Ernest R. Ball and John W. Bratton. Directed by Ben Teal. Herald Square Theatre (until 14 Oct 1905 then moved to The New York Theatre on 16 Apr 1906- close): 1 May 1905- May 1906 (closing date unknown/199 performances). Cast: Aimee Angeles, Belle Ashlyn, Sam Bernard, Armand Cortes (as "Henri"), Joseph Coyne, Sidney De Grey, Thelma Fair, Harry Fairleigh, A.W. Fleming, Edna Goodrich, Flossie Hope, George Howard, Marie Keller, Phyllis La Fond, Gertie Moyer, Eugene O'Brien, George Odell, Flora Prince, Harry Sammis, Virginia Staunton, Esther Tittell, Hattie Williams. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1905). Stage Play: The Catch of the Season. Musical. Music by H.E. Haines and Evelyn Baker. Additional music by William T. Francis, Jerome Kern, Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Edward Madden, Theodore M. Morse, Clifford Harris, Fred Earle, Dave Reed Jr., Alfred Solmon, Luke Forwood, Hugh Rumbold and Henry E. Pether. Book by Seymour Hicks and Cosmo Hamilton. Lyrics by Charles H. Taylor. Musical Director: William T. Francis. Additional lyrics by Vernon Roy, J.J. Montague, Fred W. Leigh and Frank Compton. Scenic Design by Ernest M. Gros. Costume Design by Ward. Directed by Ben Teal. Daly's Theatre: 26 Aug 1905- 25 Nov 1905 (93 performances). Cast: Talleur Andrews Talleur Andrews, Elaine Barry (as "Gibson Girl"), William L. (W.L.) Branscombe, Lillian Burns, Violet Conrad (as "Gibson Girl"), Elise Delisia (as "Gibson Girl"), Marguerite DeManges (as "Gibson Girl"), Germaine deValeral (as "Gibson Girl"), Martha Dufrene (as "Gibson Girl"), Sylvia Eagan (as "Gibson Girl"), Annie Esmond (as "Lady Crystal"), C.J. Evans (as "Second Footman"), Margaret Fraser (as "Hon. Honoria Bedford"), Vivian Graham (as "Badminton"), Madge Greet (as "Princess Schowenhohe-Hohenschowen"), Alys Hardy (as "Gibson Girl"), William Jefferson, Fred Kaye, Ethel Kelly (as "Gibson Girl"), Suzanne LaPage (as "Gibson Girl"), Angele Lerida (as "Gibson Girl"), Suzanne Mallot (as "Gibson Girl"), Suzanne Maud (as "Gibson Girl"), Edna May, Jane May, Jack H. Millar, Maud Milton, Helen Morrison (as "Gibson Girl"), Frank Norman, John F. O'Sullivan, Queenie Pete (as "Gibson Girl"), Evelyn Powys (as "Gibson Girl"), Dorothy Reynolds (as "Gibson Girl"), Dora Sevening, Eda Shirley (as "Gibson Girl"), Bert Sinden, Farren Soutar, Mariel St. Quinten, Master Louis Victor, Vivian Voweles, Mrs. J.P. West, Fred Wright, Dorothy Zimmerman. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1906). Stage Play: The Mountain Climber. Farce. Adapted from the German farce by C. Kraatz. Written by M. Neal. Directed by Ben Teal. Criterion Theatre: 5 Mar 1906- Apr 1906 (closing date unknown/55 performances). Cast: Joseph Allen, Harrison Armstrong, Edith Barker, Joseph Brennan, Walter Dickenson, Augustin Duncan, Elsa Garrett, Charles J. Greene, Angela Keir, William Lewers, Herbert Marion, Grant Mitchell, Ellen Mortimer, Sidney Rice, May Robson, George Soule Spencer, Francis Wilson. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1906). Stage Play: The American Lord. Comedy. Written by Charles T. Dazey and George Broadhurst. Directed by Ben Teal. Hudson Theatre: 16 Apr 1906- May 1906 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Harry Blakemore, Herbert Budd, Rosalind Coghlan, William H. Crane, George F. De Vere, Elmer Grandin, R. Johnson, Nellie Malcolm, John Nesbitt, Edgar Norton, Richard Pitman, Soldene Powell, Gabriel Ravenelle, George E. Riddell, Hilda Spong, Frederick Tiden, Emmet Whitney. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1906). Stage Play: The Little Father of the Wilderness/The Mountain Climber. Drama. Written by Austin Strong and Lloyd Osbourne. Criterion Theatre: 23 Apr 1906- May 1906 (closing date unknown/24 performances). The Little Father of the Wilderness: Written by Austin Strong and Lloyd Osbourne. Cast: Harrison Armstrong (as "Captain Chevillon"), Edith Barker (as "Mademoiselle Henriette"), Joseph Brennan (as "Chevalier De Frontenac"), Augustin Duncan (as "Duc de St. Albret"), William Lewers (as "Louis XV"), Sidney Rice, George Soule Spencer (as "Frere Gregoire"), Francis Wilson (as "Pere Marlotte"). Written by C. Kraatz and M. Neal. Directed by Ben Teal. Cast: Edith Barker, Joseph Brennan, Augustin Duncan, William Lewers, Sidney Rice, May Robson, George Soule Spencer [final Broadway role], Francis Wilson. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1906). Stage Play: The Little Cherub. Musical comedy. Music by Ivan Caryll. Book by Owen Hall. Musical Director: William T. Francis. The song "The Doggie in Our Yard" by Marie Doro. Lyrics by Owen Hall. Additional music by Charles Collins, Jerome Kern, Frank Tours and Jean Schwartz. Additional lyrics by Charles Collins, Adrian Ross, George Grossmith, Jr., C.H. Bovill, Clifford Harris and William Jerome. Scenic Design by Ernest M. Gros. Costume Design by Mrs. Robert Osborn and Pascaud. Directed by Ben Teal. Criterion Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House from 30 Dec 1906- Jan 1907. On hiatus during most of Jan 1907 and reopened in Feb 1907 to close): 6 Aug 1906- Feb 1907 (closing date unknown/176 performances). Cast: David Bennett, James Blakeley, Richard Chawner, Grace Field, Emily Francis, Charles Gibson, Martin Haydon, Harold Hendee, Andrew Higginson, Mabel Hollins, Eithel Kelly, Grace Kimball, John Mayon, May Naudain, Clara Pitt, Elsa Reinhardt, John F. Rogers, Edna Sidney, Beth Stone, Will West, Hattie Williams, Winona Winter, Thomas A. Wise [credited as Tom Wise], Dorothy Zimmerman. Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1906). Stage Play: The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer. Musical comedy. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Book by Harry B. Smith. Music by Ludwig Englander. Interpolated songs by Paul West, William Jerome, Jean Schwartz, Kenneth S. Clark and Jerome Kern. Musical Director: Louis F. Gottschalk. Directed by Ben Teal. Wallack's Theatre: 22 Oct 1906- 30 Mar 1907 (187 performances). Cast: Percy Ames (as "Hon. Percy Vere"), Ivar Anderson (as "Ned Brandon"), Josephine Angela (as "Lady Benedict"), John Ardizone (as "Chorus"), Sam Bernard (as "Mr. Hoggenheimer"), Carrie Bowman (as "Violet Moss"), Charles Burrows (as "First Customs Inspector"), Georgia Caine (as "Flora Fair"), Armand Cortes (as "Alacarte"), D. dePont (as "Footman"), Marion Garson (as "Amy Leigh"), Jane Hall (as "Lady Deadbroke"), Edna Hixon (as "Hon. Maud Guest"), Flossie Hope (as "Tom Brown"), Kathryn Hutchinson (as "Lady Mildred Vane"), Rae Irvin (as "Hon. Dolly Berresford"), William Jarrat (as "Policeman"), Milo Joyce (as "Perkins"), Charles Kenyon (as "Hon. Reggie Gordon"), Josephine Kirkwood (as "Mrs. Hoggenheimer"), A.G. Krantz (as "Lord Tyrone"), Victor Le Roy [Broadway debut] (as "Carl Wagner"), Eugene Maurice (as "Head Waiter"), Molly McGrath (as "Lady Doughmore"), Helen Morrison (as "The Duchess of Bedlam"), Edwin Nicander (as "Guy"), Chris O'Hara (as "Carl Wagner"), Mattie Rivenberg (as "The Countess of Farnham"), Lillian Seville (as "Sara Land"), William Sleck (as "Williams"), Grace Walsh (as "Marie"), Edith Whitney (as "Miss Wadsworth"), Dwight Williams (as "Lord Bantam"), Arthur Wood (as "Second Customs Inspector"). Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1907). Stage Play: The Rogers Brothers in Panama. Musical comedy. Music by Max Hoffmann. Book by Sylvester Maguire and Aaron Hoffman. Lyrics by Edward Madden. Musical Director: John Harding. Dances arranged by Pat Rooney. Directed by Ben Teal. Broadway Theatre (moved to The Liberty Theatre on 21 Oct 1907 to close): 2 Sep 1907- 9 Nov 1907 (71 performances). Cast: Flo Hengler (as "Pequita"), May Hengler (as "Nita"), Alfred Hickman (as "Hunting Coyne"), George Lydecker (as "Camillo Mendoza"), Robinson Newbold (as "Jose Amador"), Gus Rogers (as "Hugo Kisser"), Max Rogers (as "A. Gustave Windt"), Marion Stanley (as "Rose Gay"), Walter Ware (as "Chub Featherweight"), Miss Acklin (as "Shanley's Restaurant Girl"), Miss Alain (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss Barnard (as "Violet, Flower Girl"), James A. Bliss (as "Hon. Gideon Gay"), Miss. Brown (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss Clifford (as "Sherry's Restaurant Girl"), Frank Conners (as "Gomez"), Miss Devere (as "Daisy, Flower Girl"), Miss Everett (as "Mignonette, Flower Girl"), Bert Ewing (as "Diaz"), Miss Fenton (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss Green (as "Lily, Flower Girl"), Lottie Greenwood (as "Lola"), Miss Handy (as "Cactus Boy"), Joseph Kane (as "Gruimo DeHabana"), Miss Kesse (as "Cactus Boy"), Philip Leigh (as "Captain Pedro"), Miss Lloyd (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss McCeney (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss Melton (as "Churchill's Restaurant Girl"), Marion Mobsy (as "Pansy, Flower Girl"), Marion Mosby (as "Marquita"), Avita Sanchez (as "Bella Amador"), Miss Sinclair (as "Rector's Restaurant Girl"), Miss Stanton (as "Waldorf Restaurant Girl"), Miss Twohey (as "Cactus Boy"), Miss Vallorie (as "Martin's Restaurant Girl"), Miss Wilson (as "Rose, Flower Girl"). Produced by Gus Rogers and Max Rogers.

(1907). Stage Play: The Hoyden. Musical comedy. Music by Paul Rubens, John L. Golden and Robert Hood Bowers. Lyrics by Paul Rubens, John L. Golden and Robert Hood Bowers. Book by Cosmo Hamilton. Based on "La Soeur" by Tristan Bernard. Musical Director: Robert Hood Bowers. Featuring songs with lyrics by Raymond Peck. Featuring "A Solitary Finish" by Egbert Van Alstyne and Harry Williams. Lyrics for "That's Why I Never Married" with Joseph Cawthorn. Featuring "On the Piazza" by George Spink. Featuring "My Father's Wooden Leg" by Harry Dillon and Joseph Cawthorn. Featuring "Put Me Amongst the Girls" by Dan Lipton and George Arthurs. Directed by Ben Teal. Knickerbocker Theatre (moved to Wallack's Theatre from 2 Dec 1907- 14 Dec 1907, then moved to The Grand Opera House from 27 Jan 1908- close): 19 Oct 1907- 1 Feb 1908 (66 performances). Cast: Nellie Beaumont (as "Ritz Santacierci"), Annie Esmond (as "Miss Herminia Smith"), Elsie Janis (as "Joan Talbot, known as "The Hoyden"/Herself"), Armand Kalisz (as "Dr. Julian Gousse"), Robert Lett (as "Major Algernon Fitzhugh Finch, Retired"), Arthur Stanford (as "Harry Talbot, of London"), Jane Archer (as "Ensemble"), L. Beck (as "Ensemble"), Ellen Beckwith (as "Ensemble"), Leila Benton (as "Beatriz, a guest of the hotel"), E.W. Bosher (as "Ensemble"), J. Brady (as "Ensemble"), S.M. Burbank (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Cawthorn (as "Baron Hugo Weybach"), May Chapin (as "Ensemble"), J.M. Colosanti (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Ballin (as "Gaston"), Isabel D'Armond (as "Henriette, Joan's maid"), Harry Depp (as "Danton"), Libbian Diamond (as "Ensemble"), Della Dolvan (as "Ensemble"), May Emory (as "Elise, a guest of the hotel"), F.R. Fenn (as "Ensemble"), L. Harkins (as "Ensemble"), Bena Hoffman (as "Ensemble"), Kathryn Hutchinson (as "Lucy Talbot"), Daisy Johnstone (as "Ensemble"), La Noveta (as "M'lle La Clairette"), Edith Livingstone (as "Ensemble"), Florence Major (as "Ensemble"), Lillian McMillan (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Mitchell (as "Nanine, a guest of the hotel"), Bertha Morrell (as "Ensemble"), Mae Murray (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Norton (as "Bebe, a guest of the hotel/Ensemble"), Eleanor Pendleton (as "Thais Coutier, Rita's friend"), Nita Pierson (as "Nanette, a guest of the hotel"), Clara Pitt (as "Fleurette, guest of the hotel"), Samuel Reed (as "Thomas Talbot. of New York"), J. Robb (as "Ensemble"), Ella Rock (as "Maud de Maulan, Rita's friend"), Jane Rogers (as "Violette, a guest of the hotel"), J. Rose (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Steele (as "Chris Angier, Rita's friend"), W. Toland (as "Ensemble"), Lottie Vernon (as "Marianne, guest of the hotel"), Pauline Walden (as "Ensemble"), Lionel Walsh (as "Hon. Bertie Cecil Grahame, a friend of Harry"), Larry Ward (as "Theobold, a chauffeur"), Robert Ward (as "Louis, a chauffeur"), Dorothy Webb (as "Ensemble"), Lura Wentworth (as "Ensemble"), Minnie Whitmore (as "Ensemble"), W.C. Wood (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham. Produced in association with Charles Frohman.

(1908). Stage Play: Fluffy Ruffles. Musical. Book by John J. McNally. Music by William T. Francis and Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Wallace Irwin. Featuring songs with lyrics by C.H. Bovill. Featuring "Willie's Got Another Girl Now" by Leigh and Paul M. Potter. Featuring "I Love to Sit and Look at You" by Pat Rooney and Edward Madden. Featuring "Get Your Partner for the Barn Dance" by Joel P. Corin and Felix F. Feist. Lyrics for "Dining Out" by George Grossmith, Jr.; Featuring "Love's Bouquet" by E.S. Brill. Orchestra under the direction of Gus Salzer. Directed by Ben Teal. Criterion Theatre: 7 Sep 1908- 17 Oct 1908 (48 performances). Cast: John Bunny (as "Dave Dill, Fluffy's Uncle"), Jack Gardner (as "Herbert Henshaw"), George Grossmith Jr. (as "Hon. Augustus Traddles"), Victor Hyde (as "Toby, boy of all work"), Bert Leslie (as "Noggie Noggles"), Florence Martin (as "Sadie, Uncle Dave's niece"), Mattie O'Brien (as "Mme. Molly Maloni"), Adele Rowland (as "Louise, Uncle Dave's niece"), Hattie Williams (as "Fluffy Ruffles"), Marie Annis (as "Celeste"), Florence Averill (as "Sarah Scruth"), Charles R. Burrows (as "Boggs, Proprietor of Ducks and Drakes Inn"), Nellie Butler (as "Mrs. Herbert Henshaw"), Bessie Clifford (as "Mattie Swizzle"), Roy Dennison (as "Andre"), F.G. Dillabough (as "An Old Policeman"), Josephine Drake (as "Isobelle Barlow"), Elsie Drews (as "Belle Binks, a bride"), Edouard Durand (as "Francois Franconi"), Ethel Filmore (as "Marguerite"), Jane Hall (as "Lucille"), Violet Heming (as "Carrie Crews, a youthful suffragette"), Hazel Jocelyn (as "Jane Jorkins, a bridesmaid"), Eithel Kelly (as "Clairette"), Victor Le Roy (as "Anatole, waiter at Armenonville"), Frank Lewis (as "Tom Jones, a waiter"), Madge Melborne (as "Clarabelle"), Mabel Mercer (as "Pauline"), Helen Morrison (as "Estelle"), Edward O'Connor (as "Henry Peck"). Produced by Charles Frohman.

(1910). Stage Play: The Old Town. Musical. Music by Gustave Luders [credited as Gustav Luders]. Book by George Ade. Lyrics by George Ade. Featuring songs by Alfred G. Robyn, Arthur Pryor and Terry Sherman. Featuring songs with lyrics by Thomas Railey [earliest Broadway credit], Vincent Bryan and Bob Adams. Musical Director: Arthur Pryor. Directed by Ben Teal. Globe Theatre: 10 Jan 1910- 4 Jun 1910 (166 performances). Cast: May Ainsworth (as "Chorus"), Morris Avery (as "Chorus"), Veronique Banner (as "Chorus"), Alice Belga (as "Gwendolyn Hemenway, a Suffragette"), Dorothy Bertrand (as "Chorus"), Nat M. Bowes (as "Chorus"), Gene Cole (as "Chorus"), Claude Cooper (as "Donald MacGookin, a Scotch Tourist"), Allene Crater (as "Ernestine Bilwether, Bilwether's Ambitious Wife"), Grace Crowley (as "Chorus"), Verna Dalton (as "Chorus"), Albert Dempsey (as "Chorus"), Margaret Denver (as "Rosalie Band, Doing What She Can"), Charles F. Dodge (as "Chorus"), Clementine Dundas (as "Janet Spangle, Helping to Spend the Money"), Constance Eastman (as "A Vision"), May Ellison (as "Chorus"), Fred Emerson (as "Chorus"), Helen Falconer (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Gibson (as "Chorus"), Claude Gillingwater (as "The Hon. Dike Bilwether, a recent Millionaire"), Nathalie Green (as "Serepta Wallace Kitts, a Suffragette"), R.H. Greenlaw (as "Chorus"), Josephine Harriman (as "Chorus"), Anice Harris (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Hawman (as "Chorus"), Louise Hawman (as "Chorus"), John Hendricks (as "Jim Flanders, a Politician"), Flo Hengler (as "Caroline Bristow, Mrs. Bilwether's Niece"), May Hengler (as "Diana Bristow, Mrs. Bilwether's Niece"), May Hopkins (as "Marie Swift, Helping to Spend the Money"), Jeanette Joen (as "Chorus"), Ethel Johnson (as "Gustiana Jimpsen, a Swedish Maid"), Shirley Kellogg (as "Ethel Trotter, a Social Security/Fawnie Smith, a Suffragette"), C.L. Kelly (as "Chorus"), Virginia Kendall (as "Chorus"), Reba Kent (as "Chorus"), Arthur Kuesta (as "Chorus"), Lyndon Law (as "W. Darrell Gimpley, self-confessed Genius"), Mazie Leroy (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Liddell (as "Chorus"), Harry Lillford (as "Mortimer, a Servant"), Dorothy Marlowe (as "Chorus"), Louis Mason (as "Chorus"), W.J. McCarthy (as "Lieutenant Ott Von Up de Graff, Mountain Climber"), Seppie McNeil (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Meredith (as "Chorus"), Julia Meredith (as "Chorus"), Charles Mitchell (as "Jubal Dunkbury, Sheriff"), David Montgomery (as "Archibald Hawkins, Baxter's Manager"), Fred Perine (as "Angus Dumfries,a Scotch Tourist"), Nancy Poole (as "Chorus"), Vivian Prichard (as "Chorus"), Ed. Reader (as "Chorus"), Eloise Reed (as "Sylvia Luggs, Helping to Spend the Money"), Genevieve Reed (as "Florence Etherington, Helping to Spend the Money"), Ada Robertson (as "Chorus"), Harold Russell (as "Monsieur DeVaux, a Wire Walker"), Fred Stone (as "Henry Clay Baxter, Citified Country Boy"), Regina Stone (as "Chorus"), Ethel Tanguay (as "Chorus"), Frank Turner (as "Chorus"), Florence Walton (as "Chorus"), Blanche West (as "Chorus"), Effie Wheeler (as "Chorus"), Mack Whiting (as "Chorus"), Anita Yonge (as "Chorus"), Gladys Zell (as "Chorus"), Violet Zell Chorus"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.

(1910). Stage Play: A Skylark. Musical comedy. Directed by Ben Teal. New York Theatre: 4 Apr 1910- 23 Apr 1910 (24 performances). Produced by Henry B. Harris.

(1913). Stage Play: The Man from Cook's. Musical comedy.

(1913). Stage Play: Adele. Musical comedy. Music by Adolf Philipp [credited as Jean Briquet]. Original French Libretto by Paul Herve. English adaptation by Adolf Philipp and Edward A. Paulton. Musical Director: Arthur Weld. Scenic Design by Edward G. Unitt and Joseph Wickes. Costume Design by B. Altman & Company. Lighting Design by Kliegl Brothers. Directed by Ben Teal. Longacre Theatre (moved to The Harris Theatre from 29 Dec 1913- close): 28 Aug 1913- 14 Feb 1914 (196 performances). Cast: Natalie Alt (as "Adele"), E.H. Barlab (as "Gaston Neuilly"), Edith Bradford (as "Babiole"), Harry C. Bradley (as "Jacques"), Betty Brewster (as "Germaine"), Georgia Caine (as "Mme. Myrianne de Neuville"), William Danforth (as "Henri Parmaceau"), Edna Dodsworth (as "Henriette"), Hal Forde (as "Baron Charles de Chantilly") [Broadway debut], Charles Frye (as "Francois"), Jane Hall (as "Violette"), Crauford Kent [erroneously credited as Caraufurd Kent] (as "Robert Friebur"), Helen May (as "Pauline"), Estelle Richmond (as "Therese"), Michael Ring (as "Louis Papricot"), Grace Walton (as "Gabrielle"), Henry Ward (as "Armond Cartouche"), Jane Warrington (as "Faustine"), Dallas Welford (as "Alfred Friebur"), Edward Wooster (as "Pierre"), Alice Yorke (as "Georgette"). Produced by New Era Producing Co.

(1913). Stage Play: Iole. Musical comedy. Book by Robert W. Chambers and Ben Teal. Music by William Frederick Peters. Lyrics by Robert W. Chambers and Ben Teal. Based on the novel by Robert W. Chambers. Musical Director: John McGhie. Directed by Ben Teal. Longacre Theatre: 29 Dec 1913- Jan 1914 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Mary Allison (as "Dione"), Stewart Baird (as "Lionel Frawley"), G. Diamond (as "A Jeweler"), Edward Dunn (as "Brown"), Gretchen Eastman (as "Aphrodite"), R. Fowler (as "A Florist"), Carl Gantvoort (as "George Wayne"), Leslie Gaze (as "Stuyvesant Briggs"), George Gorman (as "Hiram"), W.E. Hovell (as "Rawley Bunn"), Royden Keith (as "Lethbridge"), Rexford Kendrick (as "Harrow"), Hazel Kirke (as "Vanessa"), Frank Lalor (as "Clarence Guilford"), Craig Lee (as "Archibald Bunn"), Augustus Minton (as "Virgil Bunn"), Lloyd Montgomery (as "White"), Jack Newton (as "Black"), George O'Connor (as "A Clergyman"), Edna Pendleton (as "Philodice"), Lena Robinson (as "Mrs. Bunn"), Ben Rogers (as "Green"), Ferne Rogers (as "Iole"), Marta Spears (as "Lissa"), Edna Temple (as "Chlorippe"), Anna Vane (as "Cybele"). Produced by H.H. Frazee.

(1914). Stage Play: The Midnight Girl. Musical comedy.

(1914). Stage Play: The Red Canary. Musical. Music by Harold Orlob. Based on material by William LeBaron. Directed by Ben Teal. Lyric Theatre: 13 Apr 1914- 25 Apr 1914 (16 performances). Cast included: Nita Allen, T. Roy Barnes, Leila Hughes, Arthur Lipson. Produced by Mackay Production Co.

(1915). Stage Play: The Girl Who Smiles. Musical comedy. Directed by Ben Teal. Lyric Theatre (moved to The Longacre Theatre on 30 Aug 1915 to close): 9 Aug 1915- 6 Nov 1915 (104 performances). Produced by The Times Producing Corp.

(1916). Stage Play: Broadway and Buttermilk. Musical comedy. Written by Willard Mack. Directed by Ben Teal [final Broadway credit]. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 15 Aug 1916- 2 Sep 1916 (23 performances). Cast: Erville Alderson (as "Major Dunworthy Hawes"), William P. Carleton (as "Tom Burrows"), Knute Erickson (as "Eldridge Pickens"), Rapley Holmes, Helen Lowell (as "Mrs. Mary Denby"), Rea Martin (as "Celia Hodge"), Tommy Meade (as "Asa Denby"), Josephine Morse (as "Mrs. Amanda Hodge"), Wallace Owen, Fayette Perry (as "Ruth Denby"), Blanche Ring (as "Madame Nadine"), Calvin Thomas (as "Franklyn Abbott"), Charles Walton (as "Harry White"), Charles Withers (as "Hank Woolwine"). Produced by Frederic McKay.

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