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  • (1910 - 1948) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Echo. Musical. Music by Deems Taylor. Book by William LeBaron [earliest Broadway credit] and Deems Taylor [earliest Broadway credit]. Lyrics by Deems Taylor and William Le Baron. Musical Director: DeWitt C. Coolman. Featuring songs by DeWitt C. Coolman, Al Piantadosi, P.H. Christine, Nat Ayer [credited as Nathaniel D. Ayer], Jerome Kern, Jean Schwartz, Karl Hoschna, Worton David, George Arthurs, Edward B. Claypoole and James R. Brewers. Featuring songs with lyrics by Worton David, Felix F. Feist, John L. Golden, A. Seymour Brown, M.E. Rourke, William Jerome, George V. Hobart, George Arthurs, Edward B. Claypoole and James R. Brewers. Choreographed by William Rock and Al Holbrook. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Globe Theatre: 17 Aug 1910- 1 Oct 1910 (53 performances). Cast: Jean Barnette (as "Chorus"), Alice Belga (as "Chorus"), Alma Benson (as "Chorus"), R.C. Bosch (as "Chorus"), E.H. Bromley (as "Chorus"), Virginia Calvert (as "Chorus"), Irving J. Carpenter (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Carrington (as "Mrs. Brewster"), Earl Cavanaugh (as "Chorus"), Bonnie Clarke (as "Chorus"), Verna Dalton (as "Chorus"), Olivia Depp (as "Chorus"), W.A. DeVens (as "Chorus"), Jennie Dolly (as "Dorothy Sylvester"), Rose Dolly (as "Edith Sylvester"), Louise Donovan (as "Chorus"), Howard Dyatt (as "Chorus"), Clara Eckstrom (as "Chorus"), Eva Fallon (as "Molly Brewster"), Helen Gilmore (as "Chorus"), Edgar Halstead (as "Cyrus Adams"), John E. Hazzard (as "Rudolph W. Sylvester"), Joseph Herbert (as "Reggie Brewster"), Arthur Hill (as "Mr. Bruin"), R.S. Hunason (as "Chorus"), Roy Lloyd (as "Chorus"), Carl McBride (as "Chorus"), Bessie McCoy (as "Kate"), Georgie Drew Mendum (as "Laura Short"), Bertha Morelle (as "Chorus"), Lillian Nicholson (as "Chorus"), Fred Perine (as "Chorus"), E.H. Randall (as "Chorus"), Lillian Rice (as "Settle/Chorus"), Ben Ryan (as "Bob Ferris"), J.J. Scannell (as "Horace Randolph"), Leila Sprague (as "Chorus"), Douglas Stevenson (as "Dick Brown"), Lucille Storer (as "Chorus"), Louis Strangard (as "Chorus"), Norma Thomas (as "Chorus"), Ruth Tompkins (as "Chorus"), Blanche Trapp (as "Chorus"), Angie Weimars (as "Sue/Chorus"), Grace Wendell (as "Chorus"), George White (as "Don Ferris"), Annie Yeamans (as "Mrs. Sophie Adams"), Gladys Zell (as "Chorus"), Violet Zell (as "Chorus"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Mary Stuart/A Man About Town [joint production]. Ritz Theatre: 21 Mar 1921- Apr 1921 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Mary Stuart: Drama. Written by John Drinkwater. Cast: Clare Eames (as "Mary Stuart"), Charles Francis (as "John Hunter"), Thurston Hall (as "Bothwell"), Florence Johns (as "Mary Beaton"), Leslie Palmer (as "Thomas Randolph"), Frank Reicher (as "David Riccio"), Charles Waldron (as "Darnley"), Russ Whytal (as "Andrew Boyd"). A Man About Town: Special production. Cast: Deems Taylor. Produced by William H. Harris Jr.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Liliom. Written by Ferenc Molnár. Music arranged by Deems Taylor. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Frank Reicher. Garrick Theatre: 20 Apr 1921- Jun 1921 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Marie"), Lela May Aultman, Robert Babcock, Willard Bowman, Walton Butterfield, Evelyn Chard, Lawrence Chrow, Howard Claney (as "Policeman"), John Crump, Anne de Chantal, Frances Diamond, Dudley Digges (as "The Sparrow"), Katherine Fahnestock, George Frenger, Ruth L. Gumming, Lilian Kingsbury, Eva Le Gallienne (as "Julie"), Margaret Mosier, Elizabeth Parker, Albert Perry, Erskine Sanford (as "Captain/First Policeman of the Beyond"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "Liliom"), Janet Scott, Maurice Sommers, Edgar Stehli (as "First Mounted Policeman/The Richly Dressed Man"), Gerald Stopp, Henry Travers (as "Wolf Berkowitz"), Lillian Tuchman, Jacob Weiser, Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Muskat"), Marion M. Winsten, Philip Wood. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Work was the basis for Broadway play "Carousel", Rodgers and Hammerstein's famous musical version of "Liliom", Marie became Carrie Pipperidge, Liliom became Billy Bigelow, The Sparrow became Jigger Craigin, Wolf became Mr. Snow, and Mrs. Muskat became Mrs. Mullin. "Liliom" was filmed in 1930 and 1934, and "Carousel" was produced on film as Carousel (1956).
  • (1923) Stage Play: Casanova. Drama. Incidental music by Deems Taylor. Written by Lorenzo De Azertis. Translated by Sidney Howard. Empire Theatre: 26 Sep 1923- Dec 1923 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: A.G. Andrews (as closing date unknown/152 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "The Innkeeper"), Ralph Belmont (as "A Lieutenant"), Beatrice Belreva (as "Columbine"), Victor Benoit (as "Monsieur Dubois"), George Blackmore (as "A Roman Soldier"), Horace Braham (as "The Abbe Bernis"), Nellie Burt (as "Manon"), Katharine Cornell (as "Henriette"), Ernest Cossart (as "Leduc"), Dinarzade (as "Giulietta"), Doris (as "A Guitar Player"), Mary Ellis (as "The Dancer from Milan"), Harry Fielding (as "A Fat Man"), David Glassford (as "Monsieur Antoine"), Harold Hartsell (as "A Banker in Cesena"), Shelia Hayes (as "Rose"), Horace Healy (as "A Gentleman in Black"), Herbert James (as "Battista"), Jacob Kingsberry (as "Second Postillion"), Edward Le Hay (as "An Innkeeper"), B.N. Lewin (as "Manzoni"), Mario Majeroni (as "Captain Michael Echedy"), William Marr (as "A Gambler"), Frank Newcomb (as "Third Postillion"), Gypsy O'Brien (as "The Beautiful Governess"), James T. Powers (as "First Postillion"), Harry Redding (as "A Gambler"), George Royle (as "Pulcinella"), Lowell Sherman (as "Giacomo Casanova/Chevalier de Seingalt"), Edward F. Snow (as "Second Archer"), Walter Soderling (as "A Waiter"), Charles Vincent (as "Fourth Postillion"), Judith Vosselli (as "The Courtesan"), J.C. Wallace First Archer"), Philip Wood (as "Alfani-Celli"). Produced by A.H. Woods and Gilbert Miller.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Fashion. Comedy (revival). Written by Anna Cora Mowatt. Music arranged by Brian Hooker and Deems Taylor. Provincetown Playhouse: 3 Feb 1924- Jun 1924 (closing date unknown/152 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Colonel Howard"), Cynthia Barry (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), Romeyn Benjamin (as "Mr. Tiffany"), Marietta Bitter (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Harpist"), Mary Blair (as "Millinette"), George Brown (as "Zeke"), Clare Eames (as "Mrs. Tiffany"), Charles Ellis (as "T. Tennyson Twinkle"), Helen Freeman (as "Seraphina"), Stanley Howlett (as "Count Jolimaitre"), Perry Ivins (as "Adam Trueman"), Macklin Marrow (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Violinist"), Harold McGee (as "Augustus Fogg"), Mary Morris (as "Gertrude"), Allen W. Nagle (as "Snobson"), Eloise Pendleton (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), 'Lucy Ellen Shreve' (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), 'Ruza Wenclawska' (as "Prudence"). Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Lucrece. Musical. Music by Deems Taylor. From the Italian ("Le Viol De Lucrece") by 'Andre Obey'. Translation by Thornton Wilder. Scenic Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Costume Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Belasco Theatre: 20 Dec 1932- Jan 1933 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Katharine Cornell(as "Lucrece"), Brian Aherne (as "Tarquin"), Joyce Carey (as "Emilia"), Kathleen Chase (as "Julia"), Pedro de Cordoba (as "Collatine"), Brenda Forbes (as "Marina"), Harriet Ingersoll, Robert Loraine (as "Second Narrator"), George Macready (as "Second Solider/Valerius"), Barry Mahool (as "Second Servant"), Francis Moran (as "First Servant"), William Tannen, Charles R. Thorne, Charles Waldron (as "Brutus"), Blanche Yurka (as "First Narrator"). Produced by Katharine Cornell Productions Inc.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Liliom (Revival). Written by Ferenc Molnár. Material adapted by Benjamin Glazer. Incidental music by Deems Taylor. Musical Director: Max Weiser. Directed by Benno Schneider. 44th Street Theatre: 25 Mar 1940- 11 May 1940 (56 performances). Cast included: Ajax, Jane Amar, Kenneth Bates, Ingrid Bergman (as "Julie"), Lee Berkman, Chet Bree, John Cushman, Haldor deBecker, Francis De Sales, Constance Dowling, Gail Drexel, Florence Earle, John Emery, Howard Freeman, Edwin George, Mary Gildea, Gigi Gilpin, R. Henry Handon, Patricia Harris, Joyce Haywood, Marilyn Jolie, Elia Kazan(as "The Sparrow"), Arnold Korff (as "The Magistrate"), Joseph Kramm, Joseph Macauley, Richard Mackay, Ann Mason, Burgess Meredith (as "Liliom"), Evelyn Moser, Eileen Murphy, Beatrice Pearson, Gibbs Penrose, Elaine Perry, Eleanor Prentiss, William Robertson, Peggy Romano, James Russo, Helen Shields, Joan Tetzel (as "Louise"), Richard Vimtour, Frank Vincent, Sonny Wright, Margaret Wycherly (as "Mother Hollunder"). Produced by Vinton Freedley.
  • (1945) Stage Play: Concert Varieties. Musical/vaudeville. Featuring songs by Harl MacDonald and Paquita Anderson. Musical Director: Pembroke Davenport. [Act 2: Music by Morton Gould. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins.] Company Manager: John Tuerk. Ziegfeld Theatre: 1 Jun 1945- 28 Jun 1945 (36 performances). [Act 1] Cast: Albert Ammons, William Archibald, Talley Beatty, Sidney Catlett, Nestor Chayres, Imogene Coca, The Katherine Dunham Dancers, Peter Johnson, John Krise, Eddie Mayehoff, Zero Mostel, Janet Reed, Jerome Robbins, Rosario & Antonio, The Salici Puppets, Deems Taylor. [Act 2] Cast: Muriel Bentley, Michael Kidd, Eric Kristen, John Kriza [Broadway debut], Janet Reed, Jerome Robbins, Bettina Rosay, Roszika Sabo. Produced by Billy Rose.
  • (1948) Stage Play: The Alchemist (Revival). Written by Ben Jonson. Music by Deems Taylor. Directed by Morton Da Costa. City Center: 6 May 1948- 16 May 1948 (14 performances). Cast: Bobby Busch, Mack Busch, Stanley Carlson, Robert Carroll, Leonardo Cimino, George Coulouris (as "Subtle"), José Ferrer (as "Jeremy/Face"), Phyllis Hill, Will Kuluva, Nan McFarland, Richard McMurray, William Nichols, Winston Ross, Hiram Sherman, Jacqueline Soans, Ezra Stone (as "Sir Epicure Mammon"), Robinson Stone, Margaret Suttle, Anne Terris, Bertram Thorn, Ray Walston (as "Drugger"), Tyler Winn. Produced by New York City Theatre Company.
  • (1950's). He provided the commentaries on the original edition of the Mercury Living Presence early stereo recording of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" and Beethoven's "Wellington's Victory", both conducted by Antal Dorati. Taylor's commentaries, explaining how the recordings were made using the sound of real cannons, muskets, and church bells, were heard after the pieces were played all the way through. Years later, the album was re-issued without the commentaries, but they were restored to the CD edition.

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