DVD Review: Autumn Almanac

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★★★☆☆ "Who are we living with? What kind of people?" asks a character in the midst of Bela Tarr's 1984 feature Autumn Almanac, but this being Bela Tarr the complaint of awkward cohabitation takes on a further metaphysical twist: "Are we even alive?" Hédi (Hédi Temessy) is an elderly middle class dowager, living in a sprawling apartment of crumbling grandeur. Attended by her nurse and confidante Anna (Erika Bodnár) and Anna's lover the morose Miklós (Miklós Székely B.), Hédi is plagued by her wastrel son János (János Dezsi) with whom she has a toxic aggressive relationship; and wooed by a possible suitor in the former teacher Tibor (Pál Hetényi). As each character jockeys for position, a repressed aggression simmers.
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Sony Pictures Classics Acquires The Notebook

Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired the North American rights to The Notebook, the Hungarian entry for Best Foreign Language Film. The film is directed by J&#225nos Sz&#225sz (Woyzeck, The Witman Boys), shot by Academy Award nominated Christian Berger (The White Ribbon, Cache) and is produced by Intuit Pictures, in co-production with Hunnia Filmstudio, Amour Fou and Dolce Vita Films.

Here's what J&#225nos Sz&#225sz had to say in a brief statement.

"To make this movie was a wonderful and a painful journey for me, like a time machine, took me back into the war time. The jungle of fear and immorality."

Sony Pictures Classics issued their own statement.

"We have wanted to buy this film following its successful showings at the Toronto Film Festival. We have never really seen a movie quite like this. Based on a famous European novel, The Notebook portrays
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Cannes 2010: The Frankenstein Project by Kornél Mundruczó

Next movie we’re going to talk about is one with title Tender Son – The Frankenstein Project directed by Kornél Mundruczó.

This movie has been added to the main competition selection, which was announced April 15, next to Wang Xiaoshuai and his Chongqing Blues.

So, this year at Cannes Film Festival, very interesting projects, and one of them is definitely this Frankenstein story by young and highly talented Hungarian filmmaker Mundruczó.

What we know about this one? It is the story “of how a 19 year-old (Rudolf Frecska) attending a boarding school moves back to live with his family. His attempts to win the love of his near ones prove more difficult than he thought and it all ends in disaster.”

The whole project is actually based on the novel by Mary Shelley and the play scripted in 2007 by Mundruczó.

The film is something that we could already describe as a re-interpretation
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