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Trailer For Mockumentary 'Thugs, The Musical' (Starring David Alan Grier) + Screening Date

A project we first highlighted 2 years ago, when we posted its Kickstarter campaign (the filmmaker successfully raised over $10,000). 2 years later, we are told that it'll be screening in NYC, on December 15, as part of the New York No Limits 2012 Film Summit. The mockumentary short film, titled Thugs, The Musical, follows Michael Gardner (played by Kevin Avery), a frustrated, sightly delusional, and extremely non-urban black actor who writes, directs & stars in a disastrous musical to prove to Hollywood and the world that he can "act black." Avery wrote the screenplay, which was directed by Liam Sullivan, with a cast that also includes David Alan...
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Exploring The Twilight Zone, Episode #61: "The Silence"

How long could you go without talking? An hour, a day, a week, a month? Could you go one year without uttering a word, if it meant you'd earn $500,000? Exploring The Twilight Zone, Episode #61: "The Silence" (original air date: 04/28/61) The Plot: One gentleman wagers another that he cannot remain silent for one year. He must remain under observation for the entire 12 months. If he succeeds, he will win $500,000. The Goods: In an elegantly-appointed club room, Colonel Taylor (Franchot Tone), an older man, seethes quietly in his comfortable chair. "The only thing worse than the talking is the transparency," he says about the garrulous young Mr. Tennyson (Liam Sullivan, pictured), holding court on the other side of the room. The Colonel...
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‘Inst Msgs’ Brings Internet Blabber Alive in Revision3’s Latest

Revision3 is getting serious about comedy lately. The online network that basically cornered the web with hosted tech-friendly shows—Diggnation, TekZilla, HD Nation—debuted its second scripted comedy web series today with Inst Msgs. The 13-episode series dramatizes real-life web chatter like personal Im conversations, Tweets, Facebook status updates and even Craigslist postings. Creators Ann Le, Justin Simien, and Mathieu Young developed the series after Simien spent some "research" time at work perusing the Missed Connections ads on Craigslist. You know, those shot-in-the-dark type postings hoping some unrequited eye contact stands a chance at something more. There's also the Craigslist personals, another gold mine that Simien and his cohorts mined heavily. The opening episode (above)—"My Women"—is one of these treasures, bringing to life an actual rant of someone in Detroit's dating biography. From there Simien put out the call to friends to send him stored Im conversations and
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Exclusive: Liam Sullivan aka Kelly the 'Shoes' in The Cube Ad

YouTube phenomenon Liam Sullivan aka Kelly has partnered up with The Cube department store to create a promo video. The comic actor behind has posted his new viral video "What R U Guys Talking About?" that has him posing as his alter ego Kelly tailing a group of girls to shop at Cube.

Kelly is out looking for a new style but she comes upon three girls giggling outside the store. So she gets paranoid and asks them what they are talking about while finding her style at The Cube. The video is scheduled to be released on April 27 but we got the exclusive clip below for early sneak peek.

Liam's emergence to the limelight began in 2006 when his viral video "Shoes" was posted on YouTube and received 16 million hits since then. It was chosen as one of the top 10 videos of 2006 by YouTube and even won People's
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Comedy.Com: YouTube Hilarity

You could say Liam Sullivan has found his big break. He is, after all, currently on tour opening for Margaret Cho in shows across the country. But that's not how he got famous. No, the 34-year-old comedian found his fame by portraying a teenaged girl named Kelly in a series of wildly popular videos on YouTube. As he sang about shoes and text message breakups, Sullivan was becoming yet another in a line of comedians who have recently made the jump from traditional comedy to the digital world.

Lisa Donovan, another YouTube comedian (who goes by the name LisaNova), earned a spot on "MADtv" after her videos gained attention, and unlikely stars like laughing babies and bored suburban teenagers often find themselves on the site's list of most-viewed videos with their self-made comedy.

"It's kinda cool cause it's not like some company hired me to do this. I came up with it.
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