StreamFix: 5 Essential Movie Parodies on Netflix Now

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StreamFix: 5 Essential Movie Parodies on Netflix Now
While romcoms and black comedies may have more sophisticated plots, satires are the films that guarantee us the most laughs. Sometimes you want permission to laugh at movies rather than with them, and satires remind you that familiar movie conventions are strange and sometimes hilarious.  We just noticed that one of our all-time favorite Mel Brooks movies has hit Netflix, so without further ado, let's celebrate this nutty genre. "Airplane!": Insanity at 20,000 Feet The bawdy sight gags and astounding one-liners of "Airplane!" run together in a nonstop medley, but I'd like to point out another highpoint of this disaster satire: You can't pick a single Mvp in the ensemble. Every actor is perfectly cast and perfectly effing weird. Robert Hays is stone-eyed and slyly ridiculous. Julie Hagerty is a wide-eyed cuckoo. Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Leslie Nielsen, Stephen StuckerBarbara Billingsley, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and even Maureen McGovern (as the singing nun,
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5 Netflix Instant Titles Worth Checking Out In February

Netflix Instant is a wonderland of new treasures and old favorites. Here are five titles you’ll want to scoop up during, say, a particularly chilly Tuesday night.

Sunset Boulevard

For me, the creepiest thing about Sunset Boulevard isn’t Norma Desmond’s clownish, Dee Snider-like expressions or William Holden‘s descent into some seriously gray gardens. It’s that the characters in the film make such casual references to other movie stars of the time — Barbara Stanwyck, Tyrone Power, Alan Ladd, and Betty Hutton all come up — that you feel like you’re listening to modern-day showbiz types in a 1950 movie. These people sound like tamer Nikki Finkes. It’s weird! I’m not used to people in old movies sounding real and current. What if Grace Kelly just turned to the camera in Rear Window and deadpanned, “I don’t find Hannah sympathetic on Girls“? It’s like that!
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It Came From 1980x: The Wizard of Speed and Time

How does one discover a movie like The Wizard of Speed and Time in 2012/2013? Isn’t it antiquated? Isn’t it beyond overdone and dated and doesn’t the premise just fall apart in the face of what we know about Hollywood; the whole movie is one great big farce filled with anti-truths and nonsensical ramblings of a talented special effects man from 1980-whenever? First of all, none of what you have just read is true save that Mike Jittlov is one talented effects man who happens to have a keen eye for film making and a knack for storytelling that touches the heart, inspires and yet delivers a message all at the same time. This is the kind of movie you want you kids to watch if you want them to grow up to be filmmakers like you never became. Follow your dreams. Learn how to accomplish your goals and never give up.
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Best Movie Ever?: "Airplane!"

It's rare that a comedy is so funny that describing why it's successful feels daunting, but that's exactly the case with Airplane!, this week's candidate for Best Movie Ever. I'm already panting. You've seen this damn thing, right? It's the sprawling Seurat mural of American spoof comedies: Every viewing reveals different, heretofore unseen nuances -- namely, hilarious jokes -- and you marvel at the amount of attention given to the simplest of flourishes. Plus, the gags about abortion, gayness, oral sex, and glue addiction are killer. The movie is so intractably deadpan that you almost feel as if the actors don't quite realize they're in the nuttiest spoof film of the last century. It's a near-unfathomable weirdness, this flick, and because it's 1) so rewatchable, 2) so full of funny people, and 3) so inimitable, it's a no-brainer addition to our "Best Movie Ever" Hall of Fame. Name the last time you saw
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Airplane! Blu-ray Review

Airplane! is one of the best comedies ever made. It helped to pioneer the spoof genre (although Mel Brooks got there first) even though its humor goes far beyond parody. It’s silly, it’s bizarre, it’s absurd, and it never falls in love with its own comedy. There’s nothing smarmy or self-satisfied as much as there’s a wonderful freedom to try everything. The miraculous thing about Airplane! is that almost every joke works. But should you upgrade to the new Blu-ray or will the DVD suffice? Technically, Airplane! is based on Airport ’75 and Zero Hour, but you never need to see those movies. The “serious” plot of Airplane! is about Ted Striker (Robert Hays), a guilt-ridden former air force pilot who wants to win back his stewardess girlfriend (Julie Hagerty). He buys a ticket on her flight so he can keep talking to her, but then
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