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Other Works

  • (1925 - 1964) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1925) Stage Play: Processional. Comedy. Written by John Howard Lawson. Garrick Theatre: 12 Jan 1925- Mar 1925 (closing date unknown/90 performances). Cast: George Abbott (as "Dynamite Jim"), Patricia Barclay (as "Old Maggie"), Alvah Bessie (as "Soldier and Miner"), E.F. Bliss (as "Gore"), William P. Canfield (as "Man in Silk Hat"), Samuel Chinitz (as "Third Soldier"), Redfield Clarke (as "The Sheriff"), Robert Collyer (as "Slop"), Carl Eckstrom (as "MacCarthy"), Blanche Friderici (as "Mrs. Euphemia Stewart Flimmins"), Ben Grauer(as "Boob Elkins"), Charles Halton (as "Jake Psinkski"), William T. Hayes [credited as William T. Hays] (as "Pop Pratt"), Stanley Lindahl (as "Smith/Second Soldier"), Philip Loeb (as "Isaac Cohen"), Donald MacDonald (as "Philpotts"), Samuel L. Manning (as "Rastus"), Sanford Meisner (as "Soldier and Miner"), Roy Regua (as "Soldier and Miner"), Arthur Sircom (as "Soldier and Miner"), Lee Strasberg (as "First Soldier") [Broadway debut], Ernest Thompson (as "Soldier and Miner"), Harvey Tievs (as "Soldier and Miner"), June Walker (as "Sadie Cohen"), Alan Ward (as "Bill"). Replacement actors during run: Edward Pawley (as "Dynamite Jim"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Garrick Gaieties. Musical revue. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Musical Staging by Herbert Fields. Directed by Philip Loeb. Garrick Theatre: 8 Jun 1925- 28 Nov 1926 (211 performances). Cast: Sally Bates, Alvah Bessie, Romney Brent, Dorothea Chard, June Cochrane, Harold Conklin, Peggy Conway, Henry Geiger, Hildegarde Halliday, Carolyn Hancock, Edward Hogan, Sterling Holloway, Libby Holman, Frances Hyde, Felix Jacoves, House Jameson, Paul Jones, Starr West Jones, Stanley Lindahl, Philip Loeb, Mary Marsh, John McGovern, Edith Meiser, Sanford Meisner, James Norris, Jack Quigley, Louis Richardson, Rose Rolanda, Eleanor Shaler, Betty Starbuck, Lee Strasberg, Willard Tobias, Barbara Wilson. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Four Walls. Written by Dana Burnet and George Abbott. Directed by George Abbott. John Golden Theatre: 19 Sep 1927- Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/144 performances). Cast: Suzanne Browne (as "Lizzie"), William Cox (as "Marty"), Lionel Dante (as "Paul"), Peter Du Conge (as "as Second Musician"), Bella Finkle (as "Bertha"), Jacob Frank (as "Mendel"), Janne Greene (as "Frieda"), Averell Harris (as "The Monk"), Steven Jones (as "Fourth Musician"), Edward Keane (as "Sullivan"), Eloise Keeler (as "Sally"), James C. Lane (as "Tom"), Clara Langsner (as "Mrs. Horowitz"), Jay Lindsey (as "Looey"), Gertrude Manfred (as "Gertie"), Sanford Meisner (as "Sid"), George Nicols (as "Third Musician"), Olga Nova (as "Stella"), William Pawley (as "Lefty"), Edwin Philips (as "Sammy"), Evelyn Platt (as "Rose"), William Smith (as "First Musician"), Lee Strasberg (as "Nick"), Charles Wagenheim (as "Herman"), Josephine Wehn (as "Mrs. Clampman"), Paul Muni [credited as Muni Wisenfrend] (as "Benny Horowitz"), George Wright Jr. Produced by John Golden. Note: Filmed as Four Walls (1928) and Straight Is the Way (1934).
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Vegetable. Satire/farce,
  • (1929) Stage Play: Red Rust. Drama. Written by V. Kirchon and Alexander N. Ouspensky. Material adapted by Virginia Vernon and Frank Vernon. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Martin Beck Theatre: 17 Dec 1929- Feb 1930 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Luther Adler, Albert Angell, Curtis Arnall, Virginia Berry, Herbert J. Biberman, William Challee, Ruth Chorpenning, Harry M. Cooke, Thomas Fisher, Florence House, Spenser Kimbell, Joseph Kleima, Boris Korlin, Ruth Nelson, Charles Peyton, Helen Plaut, Ackland Powell, Lizzie Rechelle, George F. Shoemaker, Gale Sondergaard, Lionel Stander (as "Bezborodov"), Eunice Stoddard, Lee Strasberg (as "Pimples"), Elliot Sullivan, George Tobias (as "Lutikov"), Franchot Tone (as "Fedor"), Frank Verigun, Harry Wilson. Produced by the Theatre Guild.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Green Grow the Lilacs. Written by Lynn Riggs. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Guild Theatre: 26 Jan 1931- Mar 1931 (closing date unknown/64 performances). Cast: Jane Alden, A.L. Bartolot, Carl Beasley, Gordon Bryant, Elmo Carr, Slim Cavanaugh (as "Cowboy"), Everett Cheetham, Ruth Chorpenning (as "Ado Annie Carnes"), William Chosnyk, Tex Cooper, Alice Frost, Richard Hale (as "Jeeter Fry"), Chick Hannan, Peggy Hannan, William T. Hays, John Hibbard, Faith Hope, Roy Ketcham, Orlando Lee, Lois Lindon, Jack Miller, Tommy Pladget, Eleanor Powers, Paul Ravell, Woodward Ritter, Pete Schwartz, Lee Strasberg (as "Peddler"), Franchot Tone (as "Curly McClain"), June Walker (as "Laurey Williams"), Helen Westley (as "Aunt Eller Murphy"), Joe Wilson, Jean Wood, Norton Worden. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Although a flop, this served as the basis for the monster 1943 hit musical "Oklahoma!"
  • (1931) Stage Play: The House of Connelly. Drama. Written by Paul Green. Directed by Lee Strasberg and Cheryl Crawford. Martin Beck Theatre: 28 Sep 1931- Dec 1931 (closing date unknown/91 performances). Cast: Stella Adler (as "Geraldine Connelly"), Margaret Barker (as "Patsy Tate"), Phoebe Brand (as "Serenader"), J. Edward Bromberg (as "Duffy"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Robert Connelly"), William Challee (as "Jodie/Serenader"), Walter Coy (as "Charlie/Serenader"), Fanny De Knight (as "Big Sis"), Virginia Farmer, Sylvia Feningston (as "Serenader"), Friendly Ford (as "Isaac/Serenader"), Tony Kraber [credited as Gerrit Kraber] (as "Tyler/Serenader") [Broadway debut], Lewis Leverett (as "Serenader"), Robert Lewis (as "Alf/Serenader"), Gertrude Maynard (as "Serenader"), Rose McClendon (as "Big Sue"), Paula Miller (as "Serenader"), Mary Morris (as "Mrs. Connelly"), Ruth Nelson (as "Essie"), Clifford Odets (as "Reuben/Serenader"), Dorothy Patten (as "Virginia Buchanan"), Herbert Ratner (as "Henry") [Broadway debut], Philip Robinson (as "Ransom/Serenader"), Art Smith (as "Jesse Tate"), Eunice Stoddard (as "Evelyn Connelly"), Franchot Tone (as "Will Connelly"), Crane Whitley [credited as Clement Wilenchick] (as "Alec/Serenader"). Produced by The Group Theatre Inc. Produced under the auspices of The Theatre Guild.
  • (1931) Stage Play: 1931- . Drama. Written by Claire Sifton and Paul Sifton. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Mansfield Theatre: 10 Dec 1931- Dec 1931 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Stella Adler, Harry Bellaver, Phoebe Brand, J. Edward Bromberg, Grover Burgess, Morris Carnovsky, William Challee, Walter Coy, Virginia Farmer, Friendly Ford, Tony Kraber [credited as Gerrit Kraber], Lewis Leverett, Robert Louis, Gertrude Maynard, Byron McGrath, Sanford Meisner, Mary Morris, Ruth Nelson, Clifford Odets, Sylvia Pennington, Philip Robinson, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard, Franchot Tone, Crane Whitley [credited as Clement Wilenchick]. Produced by The Group Theatre Company.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Night Over Taos. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. 48th Street Theatre: 9 Mar 1932- Mar 1932 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Luther Adler, Stella Adler, Margaret Barker (as "Raquel"), Harry Bellaver, Phoebe Brand (as "Nuna"), J. Edward Bromberg, Grover Burgess, Morris Carnovsky, William Challee, Walter Coy, Virginia Parmer, Sylvia Feningston, Friendly Ford, Gerrit Kraber, Lewis Leverett, Robert Lewis, Gertrude Maynard, Sanford Meisner, Paula Miller, Mary Morris, Ruth Nelson, Clifford Odets, Dorothy Patten, Herbert Ratner, Philip Robinson, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard, Franchot Tone (as Federico"), Crane Whitley (as "Andros") [credited as Clement Wilenchick]. Produced by The Group Theatre Inc.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Success Story. Written by John Howard Lawson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 26 Sep 1932- Jan 1933 (closing date unknown/121 performances). Cast: Luther Adler, Stella Adler, Margaret Barker (as "Miss Farley"), Morris Carnovsky, Russell Collins [Broadway debut], Ruth Nelson, Dorothy Patten, Art Smith, Franchot Tone (as "Raymond Merritt"). Produced by The Group Theatre.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Men in White. Drama. Written by Sidney Kingsley. Stage Manager: Elia Kazan. Assistant Stage Mgr: Tony Kraber [credited as Gerrit Kraber] and Robert Harper. Assistant Prod. Mgr: Arnold L. Schauer Jr. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Broadhurst Theatre: 26 Sep 1933- Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/351 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Dr. Gordon"), Margaret Barker (as "Laura Hudson"), Alan Baxter, Phoebe Brand (as "Barbara Dennin"), J. Edward Bromberg (as "Dr. Hochberg"), Grover Burgess (as "Dr. McCabe"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Dr. Levine"), William Challee (as "Dr. Michaelson"), Russell Collins (as "Dr. Cunningham"), Walter Coy, Mary Virginia Farmer, Robert Harper, Elena Karam, Elia Kazan (as "Orderly"), Alexander Kirkland (as "Dr. Ferguson"), Tony Kraber (as "James Mooney"; billed as Gerrit Kraber), Lewis Leverett, Bob Lewis, Mab Maynard, Sanford Meisner (as "Dr. Wren/Mr. Smith"), Paula Miller, Ruth Nelson, Clifford Odets (as "Mr. Houghton"), Dorothy Patten, Herbert Ratner, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard (as "Nurse Jamison"). Produced by The Group Theatre [Harold Clurman, Cheryl Crawford and Lee Strasberg], Sidney Harmon and James R. Ullman. Note: Filmed by MGM as Men in White (1934) [a huge hit].
  • (1934) Stage Play: Gentlewoman. Comedy. Written by John Howard Lawson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Cort Theatre: 22 Mar 1934- Apr 1934 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Stella Adler (as "Gwyn Ballantine"), Roman Bohnen (as "Colonel Richard Fowler"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Dr. Lewis Golden"), Russell Collins (as "Havens"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Stoneleigh"), Lewis Leverett (as "Elliott Snowden"), Claudia Morgan (as "Connie Blane"), Lloyd Nolan (as "Rudy Flannigan"), Neill O'Malley (as Vaughn"), Frances Williams (as "Hattie"). Produced by The Group Theatre Company. Produced in association with D.A. Doran Jr.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Gold Eagle Guy. Written by Melvin Levy. Choreographed by Helen Tamiris. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Morosco Theatre: 26 Nov 1934- Jan 1935 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Emperor Norton/Tang Sin"), Stella Adler (as "Adah Menken"), Margaret Barker (as "Jessie Sargent"), Alan Baxter (as "MacNaurty/Kohler/Postman"), Roman Bohnen (as "Macondray"), Phoebe Brand (as "Girl of the Mantic/Elizabeth Jolais"), J. Edward Bromberg (as "Guy Button"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Will Parrott"), Helen Carrm (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. Halstead"), William Challee (as "Pearly/Ah Kee"), Russell Collins (as "A Deserter/Ed Walker"), Florence Cooper (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. DaSilva"), Walter Coy (as "Adam Keane"), John Garfield (as "Sailor/Mackay") [credited as Jules Garfield], Evelyn Geller (as "Girl of the Mantic"), John Jordan (as "Guy, Jr. in Act 2"), Elia Kazan (as "Polyziodes"), Alexander Kirkland (as "Lon Firth"), David Kortchmar (as "Another Miner/Rev. Brown"), Tony Kraber [credited as Gerrit Kraber] (as "Tony Sorrenson/Joe"), Lewis Leverett (as "A Miner/Captain Roberts/André"), Bob Lewis (as "Gus/Okajima"), Joan Madison (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. Muller"), Sanford Meisner (as "Ortega/Guy, Jr. in Act 3"), Paula Miller (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. Sheldon/Mrs. Nass"), Ruth Nelson (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. McElvay/Miss Richards"), Clifford Odets (as "Burns/Jolais"), Dorothy Patten (as "Girl of the Mantic/Miss Simmonds"), Herbert Ratner (as "Bartender/Jacobs/A.D.T. Boy"), Art Smith (as "Merg Wallin"), Eunice Stoddard (as "Girl of the Mantic/Mrs. Lemon"), Frances Williams. Produced by The Group Theatre, Inc. Produced in association with D.A. Doran Jr.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Paradise Lost. Drama.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Case of Clyde Griffiths. Drama. Written by Erwin Piscator and Lena Goldschmidt. Based on the book "The American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 13 Mar 1936- Mar 1936 (closing date unknown/19 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Doctor"), Margaret Barker (as "Sondra Finchley"), Roman Bohnen (as "Samuel Griffiths"), Whitney Bourne (as "Party Guest") [final Broadway role], Phoebe Brand (as "Roberta Alden"), Grover Burgess (as "Working Man"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Speaker"), William Challee (as "Working Man"), Beatrice Cole (as "Party Guest"), Walter Coy (as "Gilbert Griffiths"), John Garfield [credited as Jules Garfield] (as "Working Man"), Elia Kazan (as "Working Man"), Alexander Kirkland (as "Clyde Griffiths"), Tony Kraber [credited as Gerrit Kraber] (as "Josiah Babs"), Illah Lange (as "Working Girl"), Kay Laughlin (as "Bella Griffiths/Working Girl"), Lewis Leverett (as "District Attorney"), Bob Lewis (as "Orrin Short"), Sanford Meisner (as "Wiggham"), Paula Miller (as "Emily Alden/Working Girl"), Paul Morrison (as "Party Guest"), Ruth Nelson (as "Mrs. Alden/Working Girl"), Dorothy Patten (as "Working Girl/Mrs. Asa Griffiths"), Wendell Phillips (as "Party Guest"), Anthony Ross (as "Working Man"), Art Smith (as "Titus Alden"), Virginia Stevens (as "Mrs. Samuel Griffiths/Working Girl"), Eunice Stoddard (as "Working Girl"), Jerome Thor (as "Party Guest"), Helen Walpole (as "Working Girl"). Produced by The Group Theatre Inc. and Milton Shubert.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Johnny Johnson. Musical comedy. Written by Paul Green. Music by Kurt Weill. Musical Direction by Lehman Engel. Directed by Lee Strasberg. 44th Street Theatre: 19 Nov 1936- 16 Jan 1937 (68 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "English Sergeant"), Peter Ainsley, Kate Allen, James Blake, Roman Bohnen (as "Grandpa Joe"), Phoebe Brand, Grover Burgess, Jean Burton, Morris Carnovsky (as "Chief of the Allied High Command"), William Challee (as "Private Fairfax"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Dr. McBray"), Russell Collins (as "Johnny Johnson"), Curt Conway (as "Boy/Private Patrick O'Day"), John Garfield [credited as Jules Garfield] (as "Johann Lang"), Judson Hall (as "British Soldier/Soldier), Orin Jannings (as "His Majesty, The King") [Broadway debut], Robert Joseph (as "Brother Jim"), Elia Kazan (as "Private Kearns" and "Dr. Frewd"), Thomas C. Kennedy, Tony Kraber, Will Lee (as " Photographer, Pvt Goldberger], Bob Lewis, Paul Mann, Sanford Meisner (as "Captain Valentine"), Paula Miller, John Most, Ruth Nelson, Joseph Pevney (as "West Point Lieutenant"), Herbert Ratner, Eddie Ryan, Jack Saltzman, Alfred Saxe, Susanna Senior, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard, Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker] (as "Corporal George"). Produced by The Group Theatre.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Many Mansions. Drama.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Golden Boy. Drama. Written by Clifford Odets. Stage Manager: Alan Woolfson. Assistant Stage Manager: Martin Ritt and Bert Conway. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 4 Nov 1937- Jun 1938 (closing date unknown/250 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Joe Bonaparte"), Roman Bohnen (as "Tom Moody"), Phoebe Brand (as "Anna"), Harry Morgan [credited as Harry Bratsburg] (as "Pepper White") [Broadway debut], Morris Carnovsky (as "Mr. Bonaparte"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Mr. Carp"), Bert Conway (as "Call Boy") [Broadway debut], Charles Crisp, Howard Da Silva (as "Lewis"), Frances Farmer (as "Lorna Moon"), John Garfield (as "Siggie") [credited as Jules Garfield], Michael Gordon, Elia Kazan (as "Eddie Fuselli"), Robert Lewis, Charles Niemeyer, John O'Malley, Martin Ritt (as "Sam"), Karl Malden (as "Barker") [credited as Mladen Sekulovich] (Broadway debut), Art Smith (as "Tokio"). Produced by The Group Theatre. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures Corp. as Golden Boy (1939). Note: Mr. Carnovsky's role was played by Lee J. Cobb in the 1939 film. Ironically, Cobb was one of the actors to name names at the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, at which Carnovsky was blacklisted.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Roosty. Drama.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Casey Jones. Drama.
  • (1938) Stage Play: All the Living. Drama.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Dance Night. Written by Kenyon Nicholson. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Belasco Theatre: 14 Oct 1938- Oct 1938 (closing date unknown/3 performances). Cast: Lyle Bettger (as "Roy Titus") [Broadway debut], Mary Boylan (as "Miss Spangelman") [Broadway debut], Perry Bruskin (as "Claude Swayze"), Frances Carden (as "Midge Opdyke"), Richard Clayton (as "Marvin Kinney"), Del Cleveland (as "Buzz Johnson"), Bert Conway (as "Hobie Morgan"), Harry Cooke (as "Art Manson"), June Curtis (as "Dora Roach"), Gail De Hart (as "Leona Skillman"), Anthony Dwyer (as "Homer Diltz"), Terry Fay (as "Irma Lucas"), Melbourne Ford (as "Winfield Stout"), Lillian Green (as "Reba Clark"), Fred Herrick (as "Earl Hendricks"), Darthy Hinckley (as "Ruth Tabor"), Edward Hodge (as "Cliff Gantz"), Marian Leach (as "Arlene Hooper"), Edwin Mann (as "Wallace Tinsman"), Frank Maxwell (as "Leonard Kerr"), Robert Mayors (as "Albie Kline"), Josephine McKim (as "Rhonda Carver"), Charles Mendick (as "Grover Paxton") [Broadway debut], Judy Parrish (as "Frances Hight"), David Paul (as "Lloyd Pedrick"), Gordon Peters (as "Otis Skillman"), Maida Reade (as "Ella Gantz"), Mary Rolfe (as "Jewel Hendricks"), Mary Servoss (as "Blanche Hendricks"), David Wayne (as "Harvey Bodine"). Produced by Robert Rockmore.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Rocket to the Moon. Drama.
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Gentle People. Drama.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Awake and Sing! Drama (revival).
  • (1939) Stage Play: Summer Night. Drama. Written by Vicki Baum and Benjamin Glazer. Scenic Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Directed by Lee Strasberg. St. James Theatre: 2 Nov 1939- 4 Nov 1939 (4 performances). Cast: Wesley Addy (as "Melvyn Lockhart"), Lyle Bettger (as "Doctor"), Martin Blaine (as "The Roving Reporter"), Harold Bolton (as "First Picket"), Leonard Bremen (as "Photographer"), Dortha Brinsfield (as "Marathon Couple"), Louis Calhern (as "John B. Bingham"), Lewis Charles (as "Pinkey"), Gage Clarke (as "George Cooper"), Clancy Cooper (as "Bartender"), Boyd Crawford (as "Pat"), Peter Cusanelli (as "Dance Judge"), Howard Da Silva (as "Speed"), Edmund Dorsey (as "Manager"), Eric Efron (as "Marathon Couple"), Herman Ergotti (as "The Littlest Man"), Helen Flint (as "Blanche Cooper"), Susan Fox (as "Ginger"), Charles Furcolowe (as "Second Picket"), Martin Greene (as "Marathon Couple"), Violet Heming (as "Marion Bingham"), Wilna Hervey (as "The Biggest Girl"), Adele Jerome (as "Marathon Couple"), Archie King (as "Marathon Couple"), Tony Kraber (as "Detective"), Peter Leeds (as "Marathon Couple"), Marion O'Brien (as "Nurse"), Robert Rhodes (as "Policeman"), Rita Rhoni (as "Mona"), Stephen Roberts (as "Marathon Couple"), Rebecca Rowen (as "Marathon Couple"), Polly Smiley (as "Marathon Couple"), Lionel Stander (as "Jake"), Guy Standing Jr. (as "Croupier"), Virginia Stevens (as "Nurse"), Sidney Stone (as "Barker"), Josephine Victor (as "Mama Rosario"). Produced by Lewis E. Gensler.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Night Music. Drama.
  • (1940) Stage Play: The Fifth Column. Drama. Adapted from a play by Ernest Hemingway. Book adapted by Benjamin Glazer. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Paul Du Pont. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Alvin Theatre: 6 Mar 1940- 18 May 1940 (87 performances). Cast: Emil Boreo (as "Hotel Manager"), Hilda Bruce (as "Petra"), Sid Cassel (as "Hotel Electrician/First Waiter"), Fred Catania (as "Another Assault Guard"), Kendall Clark (as "Private Wilkinson"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Max"), Harry Davis (as "The Butterfly Man"), John Gerard (as "A Thin Officer/A Prowler/Second Waiter"), Raoul Henry (as "A Sentry/Another Assault Guard"), A.J. Herbert (as "Preston"), Charles Jordan (as "Doyle"), Peter Knego (as "Another Assault Guard"), David Leonard (as "A Man in Civilian Clothes"), Henry Levin Another Soldier/A Signaler"), Philip Lewis (as "Holt"), Katherine Locke (as "Dorothy Bridges"), Arnold Moss (as "Antonio"), Wendell K. Phillips (as "A Soldier from New York"), Michael Sage (as "Another Sentry/An Assault Guard/An Artilleryman"), William F. Schoeller (as "A General from Germany"), Franchot Tone (as "Philip Rawlings"), Lenore Ulric (as "Anita"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors).
  • (1941) Stage Play: Clash by Night. Drama. Written by Clifford Odets. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Belasco Theatre: 27 Dec 1941- 7 Feb 1942 (49 performances). Cast: Seth Arnold (as "Vincent Kress"), Tallulah Bankhead (as "Mae Wilenski"), Ralph Chambers (as "Mr. Potter"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Jerry Wilenski"), Stephan Eugene Cole (as "Usher"), Harold Grau (as "Man"), John F. Hamilton (as "Jerry's Father"), Katherine Locke (as "Peggy Coffey"), William Nunn (as "Waiter"), Robert Ryan (as "Joe W. Doyle"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "Earl Pfeiffer"), Joseph Shattuck (as "Abe Horowitz"), Art Smith (as "Tom"). Produced by Billy Rose. Note: Filmed as Clash by Night (1952).
  • (1942) Stage Play: A Kiss for Cinderella (Revival).
  • (1942) Stage Play: R. U. R. [Rossum's Universal Robot's]. Drama (revival). Written by Karel Capek. Translated by Paul Selver. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 3 Dec 1942- 5 Dec 1942 (4 performances). Cast: Doug Alexander (as "A Robot"), Edith Atwater (as "Helena Glory"), Katherine Balfour (as "Helena"), Clement Brace (as "Robot/A Robot"), Horace Braham (as "Dr. Gall"), Marie Louise Dana (as "Nana"), Dennis Dengate (as "A Robot"), Miles Dickson (as "A Robot"), Hunter Gardner (as "Mr. Fabry"), Hugo Haas (as "Mr. Alquist"), Gudrun Hansen (as "Sulla"), Louis Hector (as "Dr. Hallemeire"), George Lambrose (as "A Robot"), Robert Law (as "A Robot"), Bill Lazarous (as "A Robot"), Reginald Mason (as "Consul Busman"), Tom McKnight (as "A Robot"), Loy Nelson (as "Robot"), Gordon Oliver (as "Harry Domin"), Wendell K. Phillips (as "Primus"), Carl Rapp (as "A Robot"), Sydney Smith (as "Radius"), Lewis Steele (as "A Robot"), Allen Stevenson (as "A Robot"), Dave Tyrrell (as "A Robot"), Jay Williams (as "A Robot"), Lewis Wilson (as "Marius"). Produced by David Silverman and L. Daniel Blank.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Apology. Written by Charles Schnee. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Mansfield Theatre: 22 Mar 1943- 26 Mar 1943 (8 performances). Cast: Peggy Allardice (as "Evelyn"), Lewis Charles (as "Manny"), 'Clay Clement' (as "Mr. Warner/Mr. Downin/E.B."), Elissa Landi (as "The Lecturer"), Merle Maddern, Theodore Newton, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Thelma Schnee, Robert Simon, Ben Smith, Harold J. Stone (as "Fortune Teller/Janitor"), James Todd (as "Bingham/Lester Ballantine"). Produced by Lee Strasberg.
  • (1943) Stage Play: South Pacific. Drama. Written by Howard Rigsby and Dorothy Heyward. Incidental music by Paul Bowles. Directed by Lee Strasberg.
  • (1948) Stage Play: Skipper Next to God. Written by Jan De Hartog. Chants and cantoral selections by Abe Newborn. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Maxine Elliott's Theatre (moved to The Playhouse Theatre from 30 Jan 1948- close): 4 Jan 1948- 27 Mar 1948 (93 performances). Cast: John Garfield (as "Joris Kuiper, Captain"), Wallace Acton (as "South American Consul"), Joseph Anthony (as "Richters, Ship's Doctor"), Florence Anglin (as "Passenger"), Wolfe Barzell (as "Rabbi"), John Becher (as "Meyer, Mate"), Joe Bernard (as "Passenger"), Nola Chilton (as "Passenger"), Richard Coogan (as "American Naval Officer"), Carmen Costi (as "Officer of South American Military Police"), Allan Frank (as "Passenger"), Frances Gaar (as "Passenger"), Jabez Gray (as "Bruinsma, Captain of the Amsterdam"), Ruth K. Hill (as "Passenger"), Harry Irvine (as "The Clergyman"), Peter Kass (as "Second Jew"), Bill Lazarus (as "Passenger"), Michael Lewin (as "First Jew"), John Marley (as "Passenger"), Simon Oakland [credited as Si Oakland] (a Willemse, Ship's Doctor of the Amsterdam") [Broadway debut], Edwin Ross (as "Passenger"), John Shellie (as "Chief Davelaar, 1st Engineer"), Robert White (as "Henky, Messroom Boy"), Paul Wilson (as "Passenger"). Replacement actors: Robert Brown (as "Passenger"), Harry Hess (as "The Clergyman"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Dutch Naval Officer"). Produced by Blevins Davis and The Experimental Theatre Inc.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Big Knife.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Closing Door.
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Country Girl.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Peer Gynt (Revival).
  • (1963) Stage Play: Strange Interlude.
  • (1963) Stage Play: Marathon '33. Written by June Havoc. Based on the novel "Early Havoc" by June Havoc. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Music by Conrad Janis and His Tail Gate 5. Entire production under the supervision of Lee Strasberg. Assistant Director: Tim Everett. Directed by June Havoc. ANTA Playhouse: 22 Dec 1963- 1 Feb 1964 (48 performances). Cast: Julie Harris (as "June, a vaudevillian"), Sally Alex (as "Ensemble"), Lee Allen (as "Patsy, marathon Top Banana"), Tom Avera (as "Lusty "One Punch" Hutchinson"), Joe Don Baker (as "Mr. James, floor judge"), Lane Bradbury (as "The Mick, Abe O'Brien's girl"), Dick Bradford (as "Beefy Bancroft, vaudeville acrobat/Joe, Forbes' henchman/Ensemble"), Lonny Chapman (as "Mr. Dankle, dance marathon promoter"), Libby Dean (as "Ida, Red's partner/Melba Marvel"), Olive Deering (as "Eve Adamanski"), Gabriel Dell (as "Al Marciano"), Marcella Dodge (as "Pinky, fancy girl/Ensemble"), Philip Dorian (as "Ensemble"), Tim Everett (as "Abe O'Brien"), Don Fellows (as "Scotty Schwartz"), Will Hare (as "Mr. Forbes, local racketeer boss/Ensemble"), Robert Heller (as "Petrushka Patrick, another vaudeville acrobat/Hinky, sweet man"), Robin Howard (as "Robin Greenaman, Banty Binks' partner"), Conrad Janis (as "Ruddy, band leader and M.C."), Maya Kenin (as "Rita Marimba"), Philip Kenneally (as "Mike, marathon trainer"), Adelaide Klein (as "Mrs. Beckett-Jones, marathon fan"), Janet Luoma (as "Angel, another fancy girl/Ensemble"), Janice Mars (as "Night Club Star/Ensemble"), Peter Masterson (as "Beezer, marathon trainer"), Brooks Morton (as "Banty Binks, a local/Ensemble"), Margret O'Neill (as ""Sugar Hips" Johnson, Lusty Huthinson's dance partner"), Lucille Patton (as "Helen Bazoo, Bozo Bazoo's partner"), Gordon Phillips (as "Mr. Burke, night floor manager/Ensemble"), Patricia Quinn (as "Pearl Schwartz, Scotty Schwartz' wife-partner"), James Rado (as "Ensemble"), Logan Ramsey (as "Schnozz Wilson"), Pat Randall (as "Flo Marciano, Al Marciano's wife-partner"), Doris Roberts (as "Rae Wilson, Schnozz Wilson's wife-partner"), John Strasberg (as "Red, local contestant"), Ralph Waite (as "Ensemble/Minister") [Broadway debut], Iggie Wolfington (as "Bozo Bazoo"). Produced by The Actors Studio.
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Three Sisters. Drama (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. New English version by Randall Jarrell. Scenic Design by Will Steven Armstrong. Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge and Ray Diffen. Lighting Design by Feder. Hair Design by Ronald De Mann. Directed by Lee Strasberg [final Broadway credit]. Morosco Theatre: 22 Jun 1964- 3 Oct 1964 (119 performances + 14 previews that began on 8 Jun 1964). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Chebutykin, Army doctor"), Barbara Baxley (as "Natalya Ivanovna, Andrei's fiancée/wife"), William Burns (as "Carnival person"), Tamara Daykarhanova (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), John Harkins (as "Fedotik, Second Lieutenant"), Marcia Haufrecht (as "Carnival person"), Gerald Hiken (as "Andrei Prozorov"), Sandra Kaufman (as "Carnival person"), Shirley Knight (as "Irina, Andrei's sister"), Robert Loggia (as "Solyony, Captain"), Salem Ludwig (as "Ferapont, Courier for the City Council"), Janice Mars (as "Maid/Musician"), Kevin McCarthy (as "Vershinin, Lt. Colonel, Battery Commander"),Brooks Morton (as "Adjutant/Carnival person/Musician"), James Olson (as "Baron Tuzenbach, Lieutenant"), Geraldine Page (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), David Paulsen (as "Rode, Second Lieutenant") [Broadway debut], Albert Paulson, (as "Kulygin, Masha's husband"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Carnival person"), Kim Stanley (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), James Tolkan (as "Carnival person"), Nadyne Turney (as "Carnival person"). Understudies: Janice Mars (as "Anfisa"), Joan Potter (as "Masha"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Ferapont"), James Tolkan (as "Solyony") and Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"). Replacement actors: Peggy Feury (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), Janice Mars (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), Geraldine Page (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"), Michael Wager (as "Andrei Prozorov"). Understudy: Nadyne Turney (as "Anfisa"). Produced by The Actors Studio (Lee Strasberg: Artistic Director, Cheryl Crawford: Executive Producer, Roger L. Stevens: General Administrator).
  • (October 20, 1939) He directed Pearl S. Buck's play, "Flight into China," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Jose Ferrer and Uta Hagen (Chinese girl) in the cast.

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