Nicole Kidman’s Best Performances — IndieWire Critics Survey

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Nicole Kidman’s Best Performances — IndieWire Critics Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best film in theaters right now?”, can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: In honor of “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” what is Nicole Kidman’s greatest performance?

Vadim Rizov (@VRizov), Filmmaker Magazine

I don’t know about “best” — I haven’t seen an embarrassing chunk of what are considered her most significant roles, and I’m weak on understanding acting — but the performance that sticks most in my mind (quite possibly because I saw it at impressionable high school age) is “Dogville.” Kidman is spookily withdrawn, like an observer alien in a human body dropped into a moral wasteland which she attempts to navigate with understanding and decorum until finally it’s just too much. As in “Birth,
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Tuesday Top Twenty: Ranking Nicole Kidman's Work

By Nathaniel R

Nicole at the Acm Awards this weekAs mentioned in our piece on the finale of Big Little Lies the internet is finally accepting that Nicole Kidman is a genius. Why they haven't noticed that she's been a regularly gripping actor since Dead Calm (1989) with her ascent into intermittent genius happening as early as 1995 (twenty-two years ago!) with her sly breakthrough as fame-obsessed Suzanne Stone in Gus Van Sant's To Die For (Golden Globe win, Best Actress in a Comedy) we will never understand.

But it is what it is. Actresses not named Meryl Streep have to go through this from time to time with people doubting their talent. One imagines if Michelle Pfeiffer is brilliant in any of her comeback roles this year we will get a raft of "who knew this 80s sex symbol, Catwoman herself, was also a great actor?!" articles and we will
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Pamela Smart: Nicole Kidman's Portrayal in To Die For was 'Embarrassing' and 'One-Dimensional'

Pamela Smart: Nicole Kidman's Portrayal in To Die For was 'Embarrassing' and 'One-Dimensional'
For most people, it would be an honor to be portrayed by Nicole Kidman in a movie. But Pamela Smart doesn't think so - and says that Kidman's performance in the 1996 movie To Die For is embarrassing and inaccurate. In 1990, Smart was a working as a media coordinator at a high school but dreaming of becoming a journalist. But she was later convicted of conspiring with her teenaged lover that year to kill her husband, Gregg Smart. The teen, William "Billy" Flynn, pleaded guilty to second degree murder and testified against Smart. She is serving a life sentence at Bedford
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Pamela Smart: Nicole Kidman's Portrayal in To Die For was 'Embarrassing' and 'One-Dimensional'

Pamela Smart: Nicole Kidman's Portrayal in To Die For was 'Embarrassing' and 'One-Dimensional'
For most people, it would be an honor to be portrayed by Nicole Kidman in a movie. But Pamela Smart doesn't think so - and says that Kidman's performance in the 1996 movie To Die For is embarrassing and inaccurate. In 1990, Smart was a working as a media coordinator at a high school but dreaming of becoming a journalist. But she was later convicted of conspiring with her teenaged lover that year to kill her husband, Gregg Smart. The teen, William "Billy" Flynn, pleaded guilty to second degree murder and testified against Smart. She is serving a life sentence at Bedford
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The Definitive Movies of 1995

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30. Sense and Sensibility

Directed by: Ang Lee

Ang Lee has gone in about eight different directions in terms of genre. His resume includes “The Ice Storm,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Hulk,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Life of Pi,” and this delightful Jane Austen adaptation, starring Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and young Kate Winslet. “Sense and Sensibility” took home the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay for the story of the Dashwood family, a mother widowed and left in difficult circumstances after her husband has left his fortune to his first wife, instead of his current one. So Mrs. Dashwood (Gemma Jones) and her daughters Fanny, Marianne, and Elinor (Harriet Walter, Winslet, Thompson) have to find a way to survive in a world ruled by men and the rules that seem to create obstacle after obstacle for them. Unfortunately, given the era, they are viewed as “unmarryable,” since they have no fortune and no prospects.
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22 movie characters who should be couples

22 movie characters who should be couples
At the European press conference for Interstellar earlier this month, Sir Michael Caine named 'Sandy Bullock in Gravity' as his favourite sci-fi character. This connected Matthew McConaughey's Cooper with Bullock's Ryan Stone in our minds and got us thinking… Wouldn't they make a great couple (if they could get the space suits off long enough to snog)?

So join us as we go further down this rabbit hole, and pitch more movie characters who should probably swipe right on Tinder and get into each other's pants the first opportunity they get.

1. Cooper (Interstellar) & Ryan Stone (Gravity)

Why They're A Good Match: They're both space-exploring adventurers who've beaten some pretty big odds in their time. They've both had the opportunity to gaze in wonderment at the stars – now let's set them up on a date so they can remember that we're all made of stars and they should be gawking at each other instead.
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5 movie antiheroes to watch before experiencing Nightcrawler's Lou Bloom

5 movie antiheroes to watch before experiencing Nightcrawler's Lou Bloom
Nightcrawler review: A black-hearted thriller

Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the big screen this week in the brilliant Nightcrawler, an La-set thriller about a cameraman who films grisly crime scenes and traffic accidents to make a fast buck from sensationalist TV news stations.

Nightcrawler's Lou Bloom is the latest in a long line of movie characters you love to hate, antiheroes infused with a near-sociopathic drive to succeed and make their mark. Here are 5 movies you need to see to get yourself ready for Nightcrawler's plummet into the moral abyss.

Robert De Niro in The King of Comedy (1983)

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro's jet-black comedy is one of the pair's overlooked collaborations, but in our humble opinion it's one of their best. Exploring similar territory to the duo's masterpiece Taxi Driver, this film casts De Niro as Rupert Pupkin, a terrible stand-up comic with an intense desire to become famous.
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In Honor Of Robin Roberts, Our Favorite Female Reporters In TV/Movies

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Give it up for Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, who publicly thanked “my family, my longtime girlfriend Amber, and my friends” on Facebook after going through a bone marrow transplant. Congrats to the Espn vet for coming out to fans and the Facebook-savvy public! To celebrate, let’s discuss our favorite female news-reporting characters from TV and film. I’ve squeezed in a print journalist for the sake of her glamor. Please forgive that.

1. Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox): Scream‘s curt correspondent with the poison pen

As much as I love Scream, Gale Weathers elevates the franchise from “quippy horror romp” to “fabulously quippy horror romp.” She writes callously about the Woodsboro murders, brags to Sidney Prescott about the sales of her book (which is about Sidney’s mother’s death), and even totes a gun. “Guess I didn’t forget the safety that time, you bastard,” she deadpans.
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Five Easy Linkses

Viola Davis is sad because her daughter when missing. I'm sad because Hollywood keeps underusing her!Cinema Blend on the giving-too-much-away promotion of crime thriller Prisoners. I must add that one thing they're not giving away is Viola Davis. She's barely in the trailers, despite the fact that her daughter -- not just Hugh Jackman's -- also goes missing!

The Dissolve on racial profiling at screenings of Lee Daniels' The Butler

eOnline Jennifer Lawrence & Hugh Jackman & other assorted X-Men go to see The Butler together with Hugh leading the way (also: since when is JLaw back with Nicholas Hoult? I somehow missed that)

blog buddies

Joe &  Nick talking about Supporting Actor (thus far this year) with notes on the men of The Place Beyond the Pines (have you heard they're all going supporting in Oscar campaigns?) and James Franco in Spring Breaker

Joe & Nick talking about Supporting Actress
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Bloodthirsty 'factual' TV shows demonise wildlife | Adam Welz

Major Us TV channels are promoting hysterical and outdated ideas about wildlife in popular, blood-soaked shows

Most people's wild beasts live in the TV.

What I mean is that, in my experience, most people are highly unlikely to come eyeball-to-eyeball with a large wild animal in their everyday lives, and much of their knowledge of wildlife comes from a screen.

If you're North American or get Us-produced satellite TV, you've probably learned a lot about wildlife from outlets like the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and History. You might trust these channels because you've seen educational, factually accurate shows on them, unlike the 'trashy' material that dominates free-to-air network TV.

But not everything on on these 'factual' channels might be as ethical or even as accurate as you might think, and the implications for conservation could be profound.

I recently spent a few entertaining hours watching episodes of Discovery's Yukon Men,
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Kidman in Cannes. Part 1.

Jose here. The Cannes Film Festival starts today and I think we all can agree that the most important thing about it this year is the fact that Nicole Kidman is on the jury. Right?

This year's Competition Jury, as Nathaniel has already pointed out, might very well be the real life equivalent of The Avengers, with Nicole being reigning Queen of them all I know Spielberg's the President, shut up... so during the next eleven days, we'll cover Nicole sightings, as we watch her fiercefully conquer the world of auteurship and wonder what some of her most beloved characters would think about what she's up to...

The first Nicole sighting took place Tuesday evening as she showed up to the Jury dinner.

Who She Wore: Dior (hmm is she trying to steal the spotlight from the damoiselles de Dior?)

Which Director She's Trying to Lure: When I first saw this,
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Nicole Kidman: Hollywood’S Unlikely Rebel

Nicole Kidman: Hollywood’S Unlikely Rebel
While other A-List actresses have chased the kind of star vehicles that kill on opening weekend, Nicole Kidman has been quietly becoming Hollywood’s most unlikely rebel—a statuesque leading lady with a snowballing penchant for bold auteur partnerships. It’s hard to pinpoint when, exactly, the gal from Days of Thunder began her metamorphosis into the daring muse currently drawing viewers to The Paperboy (above), but many would likely cite Gus Van Sant’s To Die For as the pivotal work in Kidman’s filmography. The sheer unlikeability of the delusional, cradle-robbing viper Suzanne Stone screams of Tinseltown-bombshell repellant, but Kidman executed the role with brio and darkly comic conviction, declaring that she was more than your average risk-taker. Of course, To Die For was followed by some uncertain moves (namely Batman Forever and The Peacemaker), which slightly muddled a career that remains considerably hard to define. But when
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The Essentials: The 5 Best Nicole Kidman Performances

  • The Playlist
Few actresses seem to make as diverse an array of choices as Nicole Kidman. The actress has spent the last decade or two as one of the few actresses who can truly call themselves A-list, but swings between incredibly bold, interesting choices with world-class filmmakers, and nearly irredeemable crap ("Bewtiched," "The Stepford Wives," "The Invasion," "Trespass"). She rarely gives a turn that's anything less than totally committed, but one always feels a little nervous settling in for a new Kidman flick.

That being said, one only has to skim her resume to remember that she is, after all, one of our most gifted and interesting movie stars, and has given more great performances than most of her contemporaries. Today is Kidman's 45th birthday, and as such, we thought we'd mark the occasion by picking out five of our favorite performances from the actress. Did we miss out on yours? You
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The Paperboy: Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman Set To Sizzle In Grindhouse Gothic

  • Boomtron
First look at Cannes Film Festival yielding strong word-of-mouth.

A couple months back, natural skepticism found itself locked in a fierce battle against my eye for sheer noir aesthetics when the titillating new teaser poster for Lee DanielsThe Paperboy came out. The skepticism, of course, was due to the presence of High School Musical graduate Zac Efron’s mug taking up the bulk of the focus of the thing (albeit nicely balanced by Nicole Kidman’s sultry self giving him the Suzanne Stone eyes in the background).

The poster is a masterwork, in that it appeals simultaneously to pulp nerds like myself, as well as children who text each other from neighboring stalls in the restroom, and the crowd that shops for books and ironic wallets at Urban Outfitters. If you know as much about the complex world of advertising as I do, it’ll be no secret to
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The Complex Presents: The Ten Most Dangerous Broads In Film

  • Boomtron
It’s Ladies’ Night at the Complex.

We’ve covered a pretty broad spectrum of shady characters over the past few months around here, but with Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks, we felt it entirely appropriate to tip our collective hats to all the wonderful women that keep us under a thin layer of sweat. Presenting the ten meanest, craziest, and most scandalous chicks to ever set the screen on fire.

Alert: Spoilers abound.

10. Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway, Mommie Dearest, 1981)

Mean broads aren’t all fictional. Believe it or not, there are real live firebreathing witches that walk the very terra firma upon which you stand. So tread lightly, my friend.

Joan Crawford’s reputation as a mean old bag was no secret in 1981 when Mommie Dearest hit the screen. However, it took Faye Dunaway channeling her maniacal soul to really get the message across to the movie-going public.
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The Romances of Gus Van Sant – Exclusive Clip from Restless

  • HeyUGuys
With the release of his latest film, Restless, on DVD and Blu-ray today we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film for you as well a look back on the key relationships in Van Sant’s previous films.

Often blossoming from difficult circumstances the love stories in Van Sant’s films hold to a notion of breaking free from a sense of being trapped, be it be society or addiction, external oppression (literal and imagined) or from a lifestyle the characters find themselves in. What always interests me about his films are the instances of love appearing often without being looked for, sometimes unspoken but always naturally occurring and always, crucially, believable.

From the starkness of his early work with My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy, through the unfulfilling Even Cowgirls Get the Blues to the darkly funny To Die For Van Sant’s exploration of the impact
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Nicole Kidman has Zac Efron in her sights in dreamy new poster for 'The Paperboy'

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Nicole Kidman has Zac Efron in her sights in dreamy new poster for 'The Paperboy'
Anyone remember the 1994 Canadian low-budget thriller "The Paperboy" starring Alexandra Paul from "Baywatch" as a suburban woman being stalked and terrorized by a, paperboy? Yeah, it was pretty bad. But no worries - save for the title, the upcoming dramatic thriller of the same name starring Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack has no connection to the former film. As proof, a new '70s-inspired one-sheet for the movie has been released that shows Efron and Kidman sitting in a vintage pink pony car - Kidman eyeing the younger man with a subtly seductive, Suzanne Stone-Maretto in...
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Are We Rolling? The Top 10 Broadcast Journalism Movie Ladies of all Time

  • The Backlot
The black suit Rachel has on in this scene, is a perfect example of "Broadcast Journalism Lady Fierceness"™

This article comes to us from our friend Will Pulos over at NewNowNext!

Whether they’re trying to balance love and career, reporting and sensationalism, or a stack of papers and a venti coffee (extra black), broadcast journalism movie ladies have brought us fast-paced entertainment for years. These women know what’s important. They’re willing to risk it all for a big story. When that camera is rolling and America is watching, they know it’s go big or pack up those shoulder pads, and go home.

With the DVD release of Morning Glory today, it only seemed appropriate to take a look back at the memorable movie characters who have Served us the news honey over the last 30 years or so. So finish up that chapter in Audition, resolve that lingering tension with your co-anchor,
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Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole Kidman

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Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole Kidman
She made her television debut almost 30 years ago, and Nicole Kidman quickly rose to stardom in the 1990s. Today, she is among Hollywood's highest-paid actresses and is no stranger to awards. She won her first Oscar in 2002 for "The Hours."

The actress, spokesmodel, and humanitarian landed an Academy Award Best Actress nomination for her performance as Becca Corbett in "Rabbit Hole."

Find out more about Nicole Kidman!

Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole KidmanYoung Nicole

Nicole Mary Kidman
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Their Best Role: Nicole Kidman in 'To Die For'

  • Cinematical
Their Best Role: Nicole Kidman in 'To Die For'
Welcome to a new series here on Cinematical where we select an actor or actress and the role we think is their all time best.

There is no doubt about it, Nicole Kidman is a big old movie star. But, what's always struck me as a little odd is that when you ask most people what they think of the actress, more often than not the reactions aren't all that positive. As for box-office, it's not like her numbers are going to blow you away either. But neither of those things have stopped Kidman from joining the ranks of A list actresses. So yeah, her career has spanned two continents and she has become an icon of glamor, but when it comes to her work as an actress, I happen to think that she peaked in 1995 in Gus Van Sant's dark comedy, To Die For. In Van Sant's film,
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