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Isa of the Day: Parkland Pictures Line-Up Afm 2013

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Lead by John Cairns London-based Parkland Pictures was formed in 2006 to compliment Parkland Films, and distribute the company's own films and to also rights to other films. Now fully developed into an International Sales Agency Parkland Pictures participates in the most important film markets in the industry. This year they are present at Afm with two new titles.


Director: Dominic Burns

Cast: Julian Ovenden, Chris Reilly, Werner Daehn, Edmund Kingsley, Matt Willis, Frank Leboeuf

August 1944. A team of British soldiers led by a Us Captain are dropped behind enemy lines in France on a mission that could shorten the war. As nothing goes according to plan, commando Sgt Harry McBain and Cpt Gabriel Jackson know they must put aside personal animosity if the mission is to succeed. Inspired by true events, Allies tells the story of friendship and survival.


Director: Michael Axelgaard

Cast : Emma Plumtree, Jessica Ellerby, Matt Stokoe, Sam Stockman

These are the facts which can be gathered from the home video footage discovered where the bodies were found. School Friend Emma, James, Scott and Lynne drive out to a cottage in remote East Anglia. They are happy, enjoying each others company and the lonely beauty of their surroundings. But soon, they uncover a macabre local legend. Fascinated, they delve into a dark and violent history, which leads them to an ancient hollow tree by ruined monastery.
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Hollow | Review

Emma's (Emily Plumtree) grandfather has recently passed away, leaving an old house on the Suffolk coastline behind. Assuming it would make for a pleasant country getaway, that is precisely where Emma brings her fiancé Scott (Matt Stokoe), her best friend James (Sam Stockman) and James' girlfriend Lynn (Jessica Ellerby). Down the road from the house is a spooky old tree that has several centuries worth of ghost stories associated with it. All of the stories share a common outcome: lovers hang themselves from the tree in ritualistic suicide. There have been previous attempts at exorcising the presumed demon(s) from the tree, as documented in a book found in the house titled British Exorcisms Of The Twentieth Century; but considering a recent spat of suicides, those exorcisms were total failures.
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DVD Review: Hollow


Stars: Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Matt Stokoe, Jessica Ellerby | Written by Matthew Holt | Directed by Michael Axelgaard

Picture the scene, two couples in the countryside with a video camera, a dead relative and a cursed tree. Yes, you picked out the warning sign there, the video camera. What we have in Hollow is yet another found footage film. 2012 was quite a year for this style of film and some may have hoped that we’d have less of them but with this, V/H/S and Grave Encounters 2 being released with just a few weeks between them the trend is still continuing. Now just to see how good Hollow actually is.

The story revolves around a group of friends who have a weekend away at a village in Suffolk that have a legend surrounding an ancient tree which is said to hold an evil spirit within it’s hollowed out interior.
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This week's new films

Zero Dark Thirty | Lincoln | The Last Stand | Movie 43 | Won't Back Down | The King Of Pigs | Hollow | Karaoglan | Race 2 | Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22

Zero Dark Thirty (15)

(Kathryn Bigelow, 2012, Us) Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Reda Kateb. 157 mins

The controversy over this film's use of torture is a reflection of how problematic it is to classify. Is it a historical dramatisation? A factual reconstruction? A post-Bourne spy thriller? Whatever it is, it's state of the art film-making: lean, snappy, tense, gripping and as single-minded as its heroine in the 10-year pursuit of Bin Laden. But there's still much room for complexity and ambiguity. Yes, that pursuit involves torture, but also intelligence, personal determination and, ultimately, action – all of which Bigelow is well-equipped to convey.

Lincoln (12A)

(Steven Spielberg, 2012, Us) Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones. 150 mins

Less a civil war Saving Private Ryan than a 19th-century prequel to The West Wing, Spielberg's
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Giveaway - Win the British horror Hollow on DVD

Up and coming filmmaker Michael Axelgaard's British horror Hollow hits UK screens this coming Friday (January 25th) ahead of a DVD release on Monday, January 28th and to celebrate, we have three copies of the film to give away to our readers courtesy of the lovely people at Metrodome Distribution.

Read on for a synopsis and details of how to enter the competition...

"An old monastery in a small, remote village has been haunted by a local legend for centuries. Left in ruin and shrouded by the mystery of a dark spirit that wills young couples to suicide, the property has been avoided for years, marked only by a decrepit old tree with an ominous hollow said to be the home of great evil. When four vacationing friends explore the local folklore, they realize that belief in a myth can quickly materialize into reality, bringing horror to life for the town.
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Hollow DVD Review

Director: Michael Axelgaard

Starring: Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Matt Stokoe, Jessica Ellerby, Simon Roberts

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Certificate: 18

Synopsis: On holiday in the English countryside, two young couples uncover an ancient evil.

I’m beginning to think I’m not liked amongst the towers of Thn. What could I have done to upset someone? Did I hurt one of our talented team members in a previous life? Do I smell funny? Whatever the answer, I seem to be lumbered with some atrocious home entertainment efforts after stating at one of our magnificent ‘do’s, ‘Oh, I do love a good horror‘. Notice there I say ‘good’? Obviously no one was listening to that crucial point, as I’ve since been stuck with nothing but this horror…and I don’t mean that in a good way. So here I am, saddled with another abysmal entry in the long and tired line of ‘found-footage’, with Hollow.
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Hollow (2012)

Directed by: Michael Axelgaard

Written by: Matthew Holt

Cast: Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Matt Stokoe

Though many think of the British countryside as the setting for the novels of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, Hammer Films in particular has made good use of the crumbling old manors and remote locations to showcase the true creepiness of the British Isles. Most recently in The Woman in Black (2012) and Wake Wood (2011) Britain was shown as a land filled with tortured ghosts that suffered from Victorian oppression and pagan mysticism. Director Michael Axlegaard takes all of these themes and shoves them into a haunted tree in the new found-footage chiller Hollow.

Axlegaard and writer Matthew Holt employ the found footage technique to tell the story of four friends Emma (Emily Plumtree), Scott (Matt Stokoe), James (Sam Stockman) and Lynne (Jessica Ellerby) on a weekend away in a country home that used to
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Movie Review: Hollow

“An old monastery in a small, remote village in Suffolk, England has been haunted by a local legend for centuries. Left in ruin and shrouded by the mystery of a dark spirit that wills young couples to suicide, the place has been avoided for years, marked only by a twisted, ancient tree with an ominous hollow said to be the home of great evil. When four friends on holiday explore the local folklore, they realize that belief in a myth can quickly materialize into reality, bringing horror to life for the town.” –from Tribeca Films’ press release.

In all honesty, I’m not the world’s biggest found footage fan. It’s my opinion that with the exception of a few movies here and there, the genre is already tired and doesn’t offer viewers anything new or exciting. Imagine my surprise when I was sent a screener for Michael Axelgaard’s Hollow,
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Trailer and Poster for Hollow

  • DailyDead
Tribeca released Hollow on VOD yesterday, and we have a trailer and poster for you to check out:

“An old monastery in a small, remote village in Suffolk, England has been haunted by a local legend for centuries. Left in ruin and shrouded by the mystery of a dark spirit that wills young couples to suicide, the place has been avoided for years, marked only by a twisted, ancient tree with an ominous hollow said to be the home of great evil. When four friends on holiday explore the local folklore, they realize that belief in a myth can quickly materialize into reality, bringing horror to life for the town.”

Hollow was directed by Michael Axelgaard, written by Matthew Holt, and stars Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Jessica Ellerby, and Matt Stokoe.
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Hollow Movie Review

  • ShockYa
Hollow Movie Review
Title: Hollow Director: Michael Axelgaard Starring: Emily Plumtree, Jessica Ellerby, Sam Stockman, Matt Stokoe A world premiere at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, British import “Hollow” cashes in on the found footage revival kicked off at least in part by 2009′s “Paranormal Activity,” telling the story of a quartet of friends who suffer a dark turn of events in a remote village in Suffolk, England that’s been haunted for centuries by a local legend. Solid, largely naturalistic performances and a nice technical package help offset a story whose bump-in-the-night eerieness reaches a certain level of diminishing return long before the end of its 95-minute running time, rendering “Hollow” a marginal recommendation for hardcore genre enthusiasts. On holiday, [ Read More ]
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Terror in the UK! Michael Axelgaard and Matthew Holt on British Horror Flick "Hollow"

October is right around the corner, and have we got a scary movie for you... Directed by Michael Axelgaard, Hollow is a found-footage horror flick direct from the English countryside. Inspired by the real-life folklore, the film follows Emma (Emily Plumtree), who, along with her boyfriend Scott (Matt Stokoe) and their friends Lynne (Jessica Ellerby) and James (Sam Stockman), decide to holiday in the eerie village of Dunwich, where Emma grew up. Prompting their curiosity, Emma tells the group about the legend of an ominous tree that looms over her family's property. When Emma and her friends uncover the grisly history of the tree, they inadvertently disturb a horror that has terrorized the countryside for centuries. Written by Matthew Holt, Hollow is a worthy entry into the fresh and terrifying new wave of modern British horror. From across the pond, we interviewed the team of Michael Axelgaard and Matthew Holt
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‘Hollow’ starring Emily Plumtree and Sam Stockman – feature trailer review


Directed by: Michael Axelgaard

Starring: Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Jessica Ellerby

Rating: Not Yet Rated

Release Date: September 19, 2012

Trailer Score: 3/10

Thoughts by Tsr: Oh, I see we’re still doing the thing where we pretend this is totally real footage showing these poor folk’s torturous last moments on Earth. Great. It wouldn’t be so bad if the idea still felt fresh, but this comes off as a hodgepodge of films that have come before, some of which already felt like retreads. There are shades of The Blair Witch Project, Kill List, and virtually every recent found footage horror movie throughout. While I’ve enjoyed a handful of those films, this trailer did little for me.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m disappointed it doesn’t look better, but the adequately creepy premise makes me hope the finished product proves more successful. I mean,
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‘Hollow’ supernatural Thriller receives nomination for Bifa

Today the British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs) have announced this year’s Awards nominations on Halloween. What better day to celebrate the nomination of Hollow – this year’s breakout British supernatural thriller from first time filmmakers Michael Axelgaard and Matthew Holt.

Directed by first time feature director Michael Axelgaard and written and produced by Matthew Holt, Hollow boasts strong performances from young, up and coming British actors Emily Plumtree (The Merchant of Venice, Hollyoaks), Sam Stockman (Whitechapel), Jessica Ellerby (Get Him to the Greek, Eastenders, Hollyoaks) and Matt Stokoe (Comes a Bright Day, Black Mirror).

Nominated for the prestigious Raindance Award… More
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TV Review: BBC America Offers Unique Procedural With ‘Whitechapel’

Chicago – There is enough of an international obsession with the crimes of the man known as Jack the Ripper that the word “Ripperologist” (someone who is an expert on the most notorious serial killer of all time) has meaning. Over a century after his crimes, we’re still fascinated by this embodiment of pure evil. The fascination runs so deep that it regularly invades our fiction, including Alan Moore’s brilliant “From Hell” and now the BBC America series “Whitechapel,” which opens with a three-part mini-series about a Ripper copycat and moves on to a three-part mini-series about crimes modeled after the notorious Krays. It’s a bit tonally inconsistent but this is entertaining television bolstered by strong performances throughout and the dark edge provided by the word Ripper.

Television Rating: 3.5/5.0

Whitechapel” is a clever attempt to merge the modern procedural with Victorian-era crime. It’s not that dissimilar to
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Raindance Film Festival 2011: 'Hollow'

  • CineVue
★★☆☆☆ Was ever a film more aptly named than Hollow (2011), the new indie Brit horror from first time director Michael Axelgaard and writer Matthew Holt? Like the tree at the centre of the story its suitably gnarled exterior hides little real substance, and the sinister tale of four twenty-somethings (Emily Plumtree, Matt Stokoe, Jessica Ellerby and Sam Stockman) whose lives are irrevocably effected by its malignant influence, is high on old school shocks but little else.

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The After Dark Originals Unveil a Stinky Prison and Scared Kids in this Trailer for The Task

The After Dark Originals continue to entice horror watchers to theatres this January 28th. The Task is one of the eight films to be shown by After Dark Films and this is a horror piece set within a reality show. Once immersed in a dilapidated correctional facility, a prison warden comes back from the dead to inflict torture. Cover your eyes and then watch the two minute trailer inside!

The synopsis for The Task here:

"Having accepted the challenge to play on The Task reality show, six students have each been offered the chance to win no less then $10 thousand dollars towards their college student loans. The only thing they'll be required to do, is survive the night of terrifying dares that await them in an abandoned prison. As they each take turns, testing their abilities to cope with the horror that lurks in the shadows, they will one by one face the ultimate terror.
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