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  • (1971- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1971) Stage Play: Jesus Christ Superstar. Musical/drama. Lyrics by Tim Rice. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Musical Director: Marc Pressel. Music orchestrated by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Scenic Design by Robin Wagner. Lighting Design by Jules Fisher. Costume Design by Randy Barcelo. Conceived for the stage by Tom O'Horgan. Directed by Tom O'Horgan. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 12 Oct 1971- 1 Jul 1973 (711 performances + 13 previews that began on 29 Sep 1971). Cast: Yvonne Elliman (as "Mary Magdalene"), Jeff Fenholt (as "Jesus of Nazareth"), Ben Vereen (as "Judas Iscariot"), Paul Ainsley (as "King Herod/Merchant/Leper"), Bob Bingham (as "Caiaphas"), Barry Dennen (as "Pontius Pilate"), Robalee Barnes (as "Apostle/Merchant/Leper/Reporter"), Eddie Barton (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Steven Bell (as "Third Priest"), Ferne Bork (as "Reporter/Apostle Woman/Temple Lady/Leper"), Alan Braunstein (as "First Priest"), Celia Brin (as "Cured Leper/Apostle Woman/Temple Lady"), Dennis Buckley (as "Simon Zealotes/Merchant/Leper"), Kay Cole (as "Reporter/Apostle Woman/Temple Lady/Leper"), Dennis Cooley (as "Cured Leper/Apostle"), Charlotte Crossley (as "Soul Girl/Leper"), Denise Delapenha (as "Apostle Woman/Temple Lady/Leper"), Pi Douglass (as "Cured Leper/Apostle/Reporter"), Tony Gardner (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Robin Grean (as "Cured Leper/Temple Lady"), Michael Jason (as "Peter/Merchant/Leper"), Phil Jethro (as "Annas"), Cliff Lipson (as "Cured Leper/Apostle/Merchant"), Doug Lucas (as "Apostle/Leper/Reporter"), Michael Meadows (as "Second Priest"), Laura Michaels (as "Cured Leper/Temple Lady"), Anita Morris (as "Reporter/Apostle Woman/Temple Lady/Leper"), Ted Neeley (as "Reporter/Leper"), Cecelia Norfleet (as "Soul Girl/Leper"), Janet Powell (as "Soul Girl/Leper"), Linda Rios (as "Maid by the Fire/Leper"), James Sbano (as "Cured Leper/Apostle/Merchant"), Peter Schlosser (as "Old Man/Apostle/Leper"), Bonnie Schon (as "Cured Leper/Temple Lady/Reporter"), Tom Stovall (as "Soldier/Judas' Tormentor"), Paul Sylvan (as "Soldier/Judas' Tormentor"), Margaret Warncke (as "Reporter/Leper"), Willie Windsor (as "Reporter/Apostle/Leper"), Samuel E. Wright (as "Apostle/Reporter/Leper"), Kurt Yaghjian (as "Reporter/Leper"). Swings: Marsha Faye, Nat Morris. Understudies: Robalee Barnes (as "Simon Zealotes"), Dennis Cooley (as "Jesus of Nazareth"), Denise Delapenha (as "Mary Magdalene"), Michael Jason (as "Annas"), Phil Jethro (as "Pontius Pilate), Cliff Lipson (as "First Priest/Second Priest"), Doug Lucas (as "Third Priest), Michael Meadows (as "King Herod"), Ted Neeley (as "Jesus of Nazareth"), Peter Schlosser (as "Caiaphas"), Willie Windsor (as "Peter"), Kurt Yaghjian (as "(Judas Iscariot"). Replacement actors during run: Christopher Allen (as "Apostle/Cured Leper/Reporter"), Seth Allen (as "Pontius Pilate") [from 24 Jan 1972- ?], Roy Bailey (as "Apostle/Leper/Reporter"), Edward Q. Bhartonn (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Alan Blair (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Penelope Bodry (as "Cured Leper/Temple Lady"), Gail Boggs (as "Singer/Soul Girl"), Robert Brandon (as "Leper/Merchant/Peter"), Dennis Cooley (as "Jesus of Nazareth"), Kathye Dezina (as "Mary Magdalene") [Broadway debut], Carol Estey (as "Leper/Reporter/Temple Lady"), Greg Evigan (as "Apostle/Cured Leper/Merchant/Tormentor (Judas' Death]"), Realinda Farrell (as "Singer/Soul Girl"), Lorraine Feather (as "Apostle Woman/Leper/Reporter/Temple Lady"), Lynn Gerb (as "Apostle Woman/Leper/Reporter"), Dan Gibson (as "Leper/Merchant/Singer"), William Daniel Grey (as "Annas"), Marta Heflin (as "Mary Magdalene") [from 17 Apr 1972- ?], Spence Henderson (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Jeffrey Hillock (as "First Priest"), Patrick Jude (as "Judas Iscariot"), Stephen Klein (as "Caiaphas"), Michael Lamont (as "Apostle/Leper/Merchant/Reporter/Tormentor [Judas' Death]"), Roger Lawson (as "Second Priest"), Doug Lucas (as "Old Man"), Reggie Mack (as "Leper/Merchant/Simon Zealotes"), George Mansour (as "Pontius Pilate") [Broadway debut], William Parry (as "Third Priest") [Broadway debut], Shezwae Powell (as "Singer/Soul Girl"), Christina Putnam (as "Apostle Woman/Cured Leper/Reporter/Temple Lady"), Curt Ralston (as "Leper/Merchant/Singer"), Vicki Sue Robinson (as "Leper/Reporter/Singer"), James Sbano (as "Judas' Tormentor/Soldier"), Mark Shannon (as "Apostle/Cured Leper/Merchant/Reporter/Tormentor [Judas' Death]"), Dennis Simpson (as "Apostle/Leper/Merchant/Reporter"), Jack Starkey (as "Apostle/Singer"), Shirley Sypert (as "Apostle Woman/Singer/Soul Girl"), Margaret Warncke (as "Maid by the Fire"), Randy Wilson (as "Apostle/Cured Leper/Merchant"). Swings: George Mansour, Laura Michaels, Anthony White. Understudies: William Daniel Grey (as "Jesus of Nazareth"), Reggie Mack (as "Judas Iscariot"), James Sbano (as "Judas Iscariot"), Shirley Sypert (as "Mary Magdalene"). Produced by Robert Stigwood. Produced in association with MCA Inc. Produced by arrangement with David Land. Associate Producer: Gatchell & Neufeld Ltd. Note: Produced on film as Jesus Christ Superstar (1973).
  • (1973) Stage Play: Rachael Lily Rosenbloom and Don't You Ever Forget It. Musical. Music by Paul Jabara. Lyrics by Paul Jabara, David Debin and Paul Issa. Book by Paul Jabara and Tom Eyen. Directed by Tom Eyen. Broadhurst Theatre [never officially opened/7 previews began on 26 Nov 1973]. Cast: Richard Cooper Bayne, Kelly Bishop [credited as Carole Bishop], Kenneth Carr, Wayne Cilento, André De Shields, Rhonda Farber, Judy Gibson, Ellen Greene, Paul Jabara, Anita Morris, Michon Peacock, Marion Ramsey, Jozella Reed, Jane Robertson, Thomas Walsh, Anthony White. Produced by Robert Stigwood and Ahmet Ertegun. Associate Producer: Gatchell & Neufeld Ltd.

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