Up From the Depths (1979) & Demon in Paradise (1987)

While Roger Corman, as either a director or producer, can deliver entertaining movies on a stunningly low budget, the law of averages demands that he comes out with a few clunkers. Even the best directors in Hollywood make a stinker now and then, so why shouldn't we expect the same from the King of the B's? And if you're wondering about the number of turkeys Corman has under his belt, think about his massive film catalog (close to 400 producing credits alone). And the budget from most of those films wouldn't cover the weekly catering cost on a major studio production.

Besides, even a Corman turkey can have moments of fun. Up from the Depths and Demon in Paradise, the latest double feature in the Corman Cult Classic series, aren't near as good as some of the earlier Shout! Factory releases, but you won't clawing your eyes out, either.

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