Best Movie Ever?: "Paris is Burning"

When I first saw "vogueing" -- that is, the manufactured version of it presented in Madonna's "Vogue" video -- all I wanted to do was define it. It's a dance, but it's about rigidity. It's gay, but it's a pantomime of commonplace fashion spreads. It's self-presentational, attitudinal, geometric, contorted, winkingly narcissistic, actually narcissistic, and stony-smirky-silly-serious fierce. It's a mirage, but it's undeniable. It's just the best. And when you see the real thing as presented in the unforgettable 1991 documentary Paris is Burning, you realize that the act of "striking a pose" is just a warped-ass, queeny way of being yourself in the face of your real-life hardship, minority status, and what the world's done to morph you and your flagrant gayness into something much less Op-u-lent.

I'm obviously preaching to the realness choir here, but there's a thundering righteousness to the subjects of Paris is Burning that is just timeless.
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Screen Queens: Paris Is Burning

Matt Canada here with another edition of "Screen Queens". Last week we looked at To Wong Foo, a mainstream lighthearted approach to drag queens and their fab subculture. So this week, a more realistic, nuanced, and sensitive approach to the same subject. Jennie Livingston's seminal documentary Paris Is Burning is a film I have been trying to find for years now, and it more than lives up to its reputation.

The film examines New Yorks mainly black and latino ball subculture, in which groups of queens, termed Houses (ex. House of Labeija, House of Xtravaganza), compete for prizes in categories like 'Realness' (most able to pass in the straight world), 'Pretty Girl', 'High Fashion Winter Sportswear', 'Miss Cheesecake', and 'Town and Country' to name just a few. Livingston's camera explores the lives of the different types of members within these Houses: famed drag queen Dorian Corey; House 'Mothers' Anji Xtravaganza,
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Michael Musto and TransGriot salute Octavia St. Laurent from Paris is Burning. She passed away a few days ago. Rip Octavia. Boy did the Oscar documentary committee screw up in 1991 when they ignored both Paris is Burning and Madonna's Truth or Dare, two of the best docs of the entire decade.
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