Avril Lavigne Drops Her Debut: Wake-Up Video

Before there was Justin Bieber, there was another teenager from Canada who released a huge debut, turned heads and created a seismic shift in pop music. On this day in 2002, 17-year-old Avril Lavigne released her debut album Let Go, which brought together elements of sugary teen pop, anthemic arena rock and a healthy dose of punk style and attitude.

Lavigne first hit it big with the gigantic single "Complicated," a pop-punk power ballad that came bundled with a now-iconic video that laid out everything that Lavigne was back in '02: There was a mall, some skateboarding, general teenage mayhem and Lavigne's trademark tank top and neck tie combination. "Complicated" was a revelation, as even though it was as produced as the rest of the pop music on the radio, it had a fresh lack of self-consciousness and a delightfully snotty edge.

Let Go also represented the first big breakthrough for Scott Spock,
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