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Actor best known for playing the butch biker Franky Doyle in the Australian television soap Prisoner: Cell Block H

The Australian actor Carol Burns, who has died of cancer aged 68, gained a cult following worldwide as the butch biker Franky Doyle in the TV soap opera Prisoner (titled Prisoner: Cell Block H outside Australia). The show featured the female prisoners of the fictional Wentworth Detention Centre, where Franky was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and murder.

From the first episode, in 1979, Franky was making advances to fellow prisoners. She also revealed to the tough prison officer Vera Bennett (played by Fiona Spence) that she was known by the nickname “Vinegar Tits”, and blamed it on another prisoner, “Queen” Bea Smith (Val Lehman). Franky briefly took over the mantle as Wentworth’s “top dog” on Bea’s release but was knocked down – with Bea’s fists – on her return.
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Prisoner: Cell Block H - looking back at the show




Remember Queen Bea, the Freak, and, er 'Vinegar Tits'? We revisit the joys of Aussie women’s prison drama, Prisoner: Cell Block H

Britain, you sent Australia your convicts. In return, we sent you a TV show celebrating them.

Strap on your nostalgia goggles, it’s time to revisit one of the most bizarre, violent, lesbian-fetishy-heart-warming dramas ever created.

Prisoner: Cell Block H (known simply as Prisoner in Australia) was a daring, one-hour show set in Wentworth Detention Centre, a fictional women’s prison that provides the one-word title of the original show's modern-day revival. It ran for 692 episodes from February 1979 until December 1986. It hitched a ride on the coat-tails of the successful British show Within These Walls, with a notable difference. The focus of Prisoner was mostly on the inmates, not the wardens.

The opening was short and punchy - a quick recap of the previous
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'Home and Away': Latest casting, character news

'Home and Away': Latest casting, character news
A handful of Home and Away casting and character updates have emerged today (September 3), with one familiar face returning to Summer Bay and some new arrivals on the way too. Following weeks of discussion among fans, Fiona Spence has spoken for the first time about her return to the soap. The actress is currently back on set to reprise her role as Alf's sister Celia Stewart, who was last seen in 2005. Spence told TV Week: "I've been in and out, but I'm back there now doing some stuff." (more)
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