Film Mode boards 'Little Pink House'

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Film Mode boards 'Little Pink House'
Exclusive: Courtney Balaker’s drama premiered at Santa Barbara Film Festival earlier this month.

Clay Epstein’s Film Mode is in talks with international buyers at this week’s European Film Market (Efm) in Berlin on Little Pink House starring Catherine Keener, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Callum Keith Rennie.

The story is based on the book of the same name by Jeff Benedict about a small-town nurse who rallies her neighbours to confront a corporation that threatens to destroy their homes in a working class area of Connecticut.

Courtney Moorehead Balaker wrote and directed Little Pink House and produced with Ted Balaker and Joel Soisson.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Trick Or Treat (1986)

I’ll confess. I have a real mushy soft spot for Heavy Metal music. Back in the ‘80s, in my teen years, my buddy Nick and I would crank the latest from Kiss, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Cinderella, etc. And there’s something specifically about Metal tailored to teenagers – that heightened sense of drama we feel at that age, the hormonal urges, and the need to push back against ‘society’. (Right – but please give us our allowances to consume products, okay?)

But Metal also equated with power, which was aligned with evil, and before long, many parents came up with the notion that Metal was Satan’s music. (Is the Pmrc still a thing? Brr.) Well, marketing is marketing, and few Metal bands fought the label (hell, some even embraced it). So it seemed the timing was right for that satanic safe haven, the Horror Film, to meet up with the
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Secret 'Children of the Corn' Movie Begins Shooting in Oklahoma

Secret 'Children of the Corn' Movie Begins Shooting in Oklahoma
Today, we received a press release that a new movie titled Runaway is now shooting in Oklahoma City under the direction of John Gulager, the madman who gave us the Feast trilogy and Piranha 3Dd. The news does not mention that this thriller is actually Children of the Corn: Runaway, the 10th film in that long-running horror series. Here is the official press release unaltered. We'll return to the fact that this is a Children of the Corn movie after you read it.

The official Runaway press release: The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (Of+Mo), with producer Mike Leahy of Strike Accord and in association with Gatlin Returns, Inc., is pleased to announce the beginning of principal photography on Runaway. The film, which will utilize the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate administered by Of+Mo, will be shooting in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area including Luther and Coyle.

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'Feast' Ten Year Anniversary Screening at Screamfest

By Jonathan Weichsel

Feast is directed by John Gulager, written by Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton, executive produced by Wes Craven, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Moore, produced by Joel Soisson, Mike Leahy, and stars Balthazar Getty, Krista Allen, Jenny Wade, Clu Gulager, Navi Rawat, Diane Goldner, Judah Friedlander, Josh Zuckerman, Henry Rollins, Jason Mewes, Eileen Ryan, Eric Dane, and Anthony "Treach" Criss.

The screening was followed by a discussion led by Sean Decker with John Gulager, Diane Gulager, Clu Gulager, Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton, Chris Moore, Jenny Wade, Krista Allen, Nick Phillips, Duane Whitaker, Gary Tunnicliffe, Judah Friedlander and many more.

Ten years ago The Screamfest Horror Film Festival held the world premiere of Feast, a quirky, off-beat horror film and although the movie has gone on to become a cult classic, it never really got the recognition it deserved.

On Friday October 16th Screamfest held a ten
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Jeanne Tripplehorn, Callum Keith Rennie join ‘Little Pink House’

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Callum Keith Rennie join ‘Little Pink House’
Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love) and Callum Keith Rennie (Memento) have joined the cast of Korchula ProductionsLittle Pink House, which is about to go into production in Vancouver.

Tripplehorn and Rennie join Catherine Keener on the film, which tells the true story of a small-town nurse who rose to worldwide attention when she stood up to powerful politicians determined to bulldoze her home and hand the land over to a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company.

Courtney Moorehead Balaker wrote the script and will direct.

Shawn Williamson’s Brightlight Pictures will co-produce the film. Balaker, Ted Balaker and Joel Soisson will produce, with Shawn Williamson executive producing.

The film’s script was a finalist for the 2015 Athena List, which recognizes the best and most marketable unproduced screenplays with strong female protagonists.
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John Hyams Directing New Maniac Cop

John Hyams Directing New Maniac Cop
Back in 2012, Nicolas Winding Refn let word slip that he’s overseeing what will either be a remake or a new chapter in the Maniac Cop franchise which most people had, not without cause, written off as finished. After three years of silence, we know who will be tackling the job: director John Hyams and writer Ed Brubaker.The gleefully scuzzy Maniac Cop series, just in case you were unaware, belongs to the Larry Cohen school of genre exploitation, and is about an undead police officer on a killing spree (three of them, ultimately). The 1988 original stars two famous chins in Bruce Campbell and Robert Z'Dar. Z'dar continued on his maniacal path through both sequels; Robert Davi did the investigating in the second and third instalments; and part three (Badge Of Silence) has Jackie Earl Haley in it. All three were produced by Cohen and directed by William Lustig (with
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Review: Cam2Cam is an Unfocused Video Chat

The world of online dating is a bizarre concept all its own. It’s a world where we openly expose our most personal selves to absolute strangers. As if that isn’t frightening enough, what if you were in a foreign country with very little personal contact? This is the set-up of Cam2Cam, a new thriller by director Joel Soisson set against the backdrop of Thailand’s video sex chat community.

The post Review: Cam2Cam is an Unfocused Video Chat appeared first on Shock Till You Drop.
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Exclusive: Brand New CAM2CAM Clip Shows A Lot of Neon/Bloody Walking

Joel Soisson’s CAM2CAM hit theaters/VOD yesterday (August 22nd) and to celebrate, the nice folks at IFC Midnight sent us this exclusive clip from the webcam/Thailand-based shocker. While the clip doesn’t give much away, it does show a stylized sequence involving a lot of neon and an injured woman being followed by another woman, completely covered in blood. If that doesn’t make you curious as to what the film has in stores for horror fans, then I don’t know what will. Check out the clip, along with the trailer for CAM2CAM after the jump and be sure to check out CAM2CAM in theaters and/or VOD!

“In this dark and haunting thriller, five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party. Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook (Tammin Sursok) meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website.
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Film Review: ‘Cam2Cam’

Film Review: ‘Cam2Cam’
Those dang Internets are gonna getcha in “Cam2Cam,” a sloppy chiller about tourists falling prey to an online stalker in Bangkok that clumsily mixes slasher, sexploitation and supernatural elements. Given director/scenarist Joel Soisson’s track record of mostly direct-to-video schlock genre sequels, often as a producer, it’s perhaps surprising that his latest is braving a limited theatrical release Aug. 22, simultaneous with its VOD launch. Needless to say, this rather sleazy time-killer will make most of its coin via home formats in most territories.

The first act is basically a straight-up remake of French helmer Davy Sihali’s half-hour 2008 short, which won fans at horror fests worldwide. (Apart from sharing original story credit, Sihali is oddly credited at the end as “guest director,” suggesting creative differences might have arisen at some point during production.) American expat Lucy (Jade Tailor) whiles away an evening at home with a titillating livecam
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Cam2Cam | Review

Cam a lot: Soisson’s Stilted Thriller as Dated as it is Laughably Inarticulate

The only thing horrifying in Joel Soisson’s techno born thriller Cam2Cam is the awful grammatical chatroom communication utilized by its sublimely half-witted characters. Even in the twitter age where the systemic butchering of language from rampant acronyms to abbreviations for our limited character space, these people seem simply primordial, especially considering that English is their first language. While Soisson’s Bangkok based narrative certainly gets the locale right for a nexus of potential seedy strangeness, where sex tourism without any rational limits runs virulently unsanctioned, there’s nothing else remotely inspired about any of the inane antics in a thriller that already seems behind the times in its tech lingo as concerns digitalized sex for sale.

A young American woman, Lucy (Jade Tailor) finds herself in Bangkok surfing a chat website, Cam2Cam. She gets friendly
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Watch An Exclusive Red Band Clip From Techno Thriller CAM2CAM

You never really know who may be on the other side of that email address or social media account and you certainly never know what they really want from you. That simple premise forms the basis of indie thriller CAM2CAM and with Joel Soisson's film hitting cinemas in limited release from IFC Midnight on August 22nd we've got an exclusive red band clip to share.In this dark and haunting thriller from director Joel Soisson, five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party. Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook (Tammin Sursok, "Pretty Little Liars") meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website. The dark menace beneath Michael's easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group's...

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Cam2Cam Review

Over the last two or so years there’s been a noticeable boom in what I’m coining the “techno-horror” genre (technology based horror), which isn’t very surprising considering how we’ve all become sheeple with iPhones glued to our hands – but that movie would essentially be nothing but a new-age zombie flick.

A movie like Cam2Cam takes a bit of commonplace internet entertainment, like video chatting, and introduces a sadistic twist that confirms creeping paranoias already planted in our brains. Nothing is safe online, nor sacred, as hackers can get just about any information they’d need simply by sending a virus via email or download. Age, hair color, mother’s maiden name, college Gpa; it’s all accessible to the right people – including your current location. Movies like The Den have already proved that the internet is a vastly more horrifying beast than we could ever imagine,
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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes a trailer and release details for Sledge, Cam2Cam, and Night Guards, a review of Hungerford, plus more below:

Sledge Trailer and Release Date Announced: “He didn’t drown. He didn’t burn. He’s just a psychopath with a sledgehammer.

Sledge, a ‘bloody’ good horror-comedy in the tradition of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Shaun of the Dead, premieres on VOD September 2nd and DVD on October 7th.

A spoof of the horror genre, and littered with nods and references to fright flicks of yesteryear, the film fixes on a psychopath who not only believes he’s in a movie and video game but that he’s the hero of this story.

Sledge is a horror comedy that takes a loving poke to the horror classics we
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IFC Midnight Unleash New Cam2Cam Trailer

IFC Midnight have unleashed the newest trailer for the Joel Soisson ('Children of the Corn: Genesis') helmed horror thriller 'Cam2Cam'. And if the titillating one-sheet, which you can also check out below, wasn't enough to wet your appetite the hopefully this mildly salacious and bloody new trailer will do the trick. The movie stars gorgeous 'Pretty Little Liars' actress Tammin Sursok as well as Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux ('The ABC's of Death'), Jade Tailor and Russell Geoffrey Banks. Check out the trailer below....
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Bangkok is Still Dangerous for Pretty Foreigners in Cam2Cam Trailer

Putting perverts, Internet webcams, and pretty foreigners together is just asking for trouble, but especially if you drop them all into the seedy underbelly of Bangkok. That’s what happens in director Joel Soisson’s “Cam2Cam.” Soisson, for a while there, was the go-to guy for direct-to-dvd horror sequels, having helmed two “Prophecy” and two “Pulse” sequels. If you’ve never any of those movies, don’t worry, most people haven’t, either. “Cam2Cam” looks pretty bloody, and once again reminds me why I have my computer’s camera permanently disabled. (Or at least, I think I do…) In this dark and haunting thriller, Five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party. Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website. The dark menace beneath Michael’s easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group’s leader,
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Joel Soisson Goes Cam2Cam for Online Terror

Director Joel Soisson (Pulse 2: Afterlife, Pulse 3, Children of the Corn: Genesis) is back with a new film for the digital age entitled Cam2Cam (formerly DARKnet), and right now we have the poster, trailer, and release details for ya! Dig 'em!

Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux, and Jade Tailor star.

IFC Midnight will be releasing Cam2Cam on August 22nd in limited theaters day-and-date with VOD.


A young American backpacker, Allie (Sursok), falls in with a mysterious group of ex-pats living in Bangkok who perform on a provocative interactive website called “Cam2Cam.” The seductive allure of Bangkok, along with the strange sexual magnetism of the group’s leader, Marit, turns Allie’s world inside out. In a city where foreigners come to reinvent themselves, Allie learns too late that nothing is what it seems.

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Blu-ray Review: Maniac Cop 3: Badge Of Silence

Blue Underground brings the wrong arm of the law’s final installment, Maniac Cop 3: Badge Of Silence, to an Unrated Collector’s Edition Blu-ray!


Seemingly picking up moments after the fiery end that concluded with the burial of officer Matt Cordell in Maniac Cop 2, it seems the streets are once again safe from his ruthless brand of justice. His six feet slumber is short lived once voodoo priest Houngan (Julius Harris, Black Caesar) resurrects him after spirited cop Kate Sullivan (Gretchen Baker, Ed Wood) is gunned down and framed by a druggie (Jackie Earle Haley, Watchmen) and a scorned news camera crew. Seeking retribution for the now coma induced Sullivan, Cordell lays waste to those that wronged her, while forming an insidious plan involving an unholy matrimony. Recognizing Cordell’s murderous m.o., Lieutenant McKinney (Robert Davi, Maniac Cop 2) teams with Dr. Fowler (Caitlin Dulany, Class Of 1999 II: The Substitute
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Halloweek: Horror Heavyweights Share Their Biggest Fears and Favorite Scary Movies!

With Halloween in the air, we thought it would be fun to reach out to the horror genre's biggest and brightest stars - both legends in the industry and up-and-coming superstars - to ask them two quick questions: What's your biggest fear, and what's your favorite scary movie? Read on for the results!

Some of the results will make you laugh. Some will make you shiver... and some, well some are just too funny for words. Sit back and get ready to hear from the likes of Anne Rice, John Carpenter, Robert Englund, the "Ghost Adventures" crew, cast members from "The Walking Dead," George A. Romero, and many - Many - more. Who knows? You may even find some new movies you should check out or at least revisit.

Let the scares begin!


Jace Anderson

Writer - The Toolbox Murders (2004), Schism, Night of the Demons (2009), Mother of Tears

1) I
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Casting: Bean, Harewood, Sizemore, Sursok


Sean Bean has signed on to replace Brendan Fraser in the TNT drama series "Legends". Fraser reportedly exited the series due to "creative differences".

Bean plays a deep-cover operative Martin Odum, who has an uncanny ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. But his own identity comes into question when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn’t who he thinks he is. [Source: The Av Club]


"Homeland" star David Harewood is in talks to play Paul Robeson in the indie biopic "Robeson" from Four Stars Intl. Shooting aims to begin next year.

Robeson, born in 1898, was a singer, actor and orator from the 1920s through the 1950s best known for his acting in "Othello" and his singing of "Ol' Man River." His political activism brought him to the attention of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. [Source: Variety]

3 Pegs

Tom Sizemore will star in Jac Mulder's coming-of-age political comedy "Three Pegs" which
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Pirahanna 3Dd producer Joel Soisson’s new thriller “Cam2Cam”

Joel Soisson, best known for producing films such as Piranha 3Dd, Dracula 2000 and Mimic 2, is working on a new thriller entitled “Cam2Cam” (C2C). Possibly based on the 2008 short film directed by Davy Sihali, we have an official synopsis after the jump:

Lucy, a young American tourist in Thailand, dies after being lured into a kinky online game. Her sister, Allie, comes to Bangkok seeking answers only to become enmeshed in a conspiracy… More
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