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Ten Terrific War Movies You Probably Never Heard Of

I’ve always been a war film buff, maybe because I grew up with them at a time when they were a regular part of the cinema landscape. That’s why I read, with particular interest, my Sound on Sight colleague Edgar Chaput’s recent pieces on The Flowers of War (“The Flowers of War Is an Uneven but Interesting Chinese Ww II Film” – posted 2/20/12) and The Front Line (The Front Line Rises to the Occasion to Overcome Its Familiarity” – 2/16/12) with such interest. An even more fun read was the back-and-forth between Edgar and Sos’s Michael Ryan over the latter (“The Sound on Sight Debate on Korea’s The Front Line” – 2/12/12), with Michael unimpressed because the movie had “…nothing new to add to the war genre,” and Edgar coming back with “…‘new’ is not always what a film must strive for. So long as it does well what it set out to do…
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Joshua Reviews Roger Corman Cult Classics: Deathsport and Battle Truck [DVD Review]

When deciding on a movie to watch, you are hard pressed to go wrong when picking a film adorned with the title of “Roger Corman Cult Classics” right at the top of the case.

The genuine geniuses over at Shout! Factory have been slowly but surely knocking it out of the ballpark with each subsequent release of this massively expansive set, detailing cult classics like Death Race 2000, and rarely seen gems like Galaxy Of Terror.

The series has produced DVDs that not only have fantastic transfers, but also rather expansive special features, ranging from hour long documentaries, to interviews with Corman himself.

However, Shout! Factory may have finally hit a little bump in the road.

The newest release in the ongoing series, a special double feature featuring the sci-fi films Deathsport and Battle Truck (a.k.a. the best title in film history), aren’t truly bad releases. That said,
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Review: Roger Corman Collection Vol. 7 and 10

Another pair of offerings from In2Film’s Roger Corman Collection and this time we venture forward into the 70’s, to two movies that span the spectrum of Corman’s career as a film producer. From the good: Grand Theft Auto, which marked the directorial debut of Happy Days actor Ron Howard; to the not so good: Deathsport.

Grand Theft Auto

Stars: Ron Howard, Nancy Morgan, Elizabeth Rogers, Barry Cahill, Rance Howard, Paul Linke, Marion Ross | Written and Directed by Ron Howard

This amiable screwball comedy is part road movie, part chase movie and part destruction derby, and concerns one young man’s elopement with his heiress girlfriend from La to Vegas while her father, her fiancé and various others are in hot pursuit hoping to prevent the forthcoming nuptials. However, the car crashes are the real stars of a film that marked the directorial debut of one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers.
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