Toronto Film: "Downsizing", "Flatliners", "It"

Thanks to TorontoFilm.Net here is the Toronto Film Production Update for June 2016, including "Downsizing", "Flatliners:, "It" and a whole lot more:

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American Gods

TV Series

Fremantle / Starz Network

Executive Producers: Bryan Fuller,

Michael Green, Neil Gaiman

Mar. 14 – Sep 30 /16

American Gods

TV Series

Fremantle / Starz Network

Exec. Prod.: Bryan Fuller,

Michael Green, Neil Gaiman

Mar. 14 – Sep 30 /16

American Gothic

TV Series

Amblin /CBS Studios

Feb 29 - Jul 1/16



Anon Film Prods. Canada Inc.

Prod.: Dan Bekerman

Jul 11 - Aug 26 / 16

Blood And Water

TV Series

Wu Project Productions Inc.

Prod: Paula Smith, Audrey Velichka

May 9 – Jun 2 / 16

Degrassi: Next Class

TV Series

Dhx-Degrassi Productions XVI inc.

Prods.: Michael Bawcutt

Exec. Prod.: Stephen Stohn,

Linda Schulyer, Sarah Gilinski,

Matt Huether

May 16 - Aug 11 / 16

Designated Survivor

TV Pilot

Designated 1 Ltd.

Prod.: Amy Harris,

David Guggenheim

Exec. Prod.: Amy Harris,

David Guggenheim

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Felicity Smoak and the Mary Sues of TV

  • Cinelinx
Mary Sue, Mary Sue: oh how our heads ache from you. The season finale of the CW’s Arrow, and the unquestionably cheesy ending with Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset has increased the long-growing hostility against the character of Felicity Smoak, who is the latest, annoying Mary Sue to worm her way onto our screens. Isn’t it time to retire this clichéd trope?

Don’t we love our Mary Sues? Well, we’re supposed to. But we do not! In fact, more often than not, we can’t stand them. Ever since the invention of the Internet, when TV fans found a platform to vociferously vent their frustrations to the world, the term "Mary Sue" has become well-known. A "Mary Sue" is a derogatory term applied to a certain type of clichéd character. It’s a character we’re supposed to love as much as
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Mindy Newell: Who’s The Real You When You’re Writing?

  • Comicmix
“Whenever there is a decline of righteousness and rise of unrighteousness then I send forth Myself.”

—Lord Krishna to Prince Arjuna,The Bhagavadgita (Song of God)

Sanskrit in origin, and a central principle of the Hindu religion, an avatar is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the incarnation of a deity in human or animal form to counteract an evil in the world. A central principle of Hinduism, it usually refers to 10 appearances of Vishnu, including an incarnation as the Buddha Gautama and the Buddha yet to come, called Kalkin.”

In the 21st century, it has also come to mean that little picture that represents the user, blogger, columnist, commentator, gamer, or fan on the Internet, and (usually) will tell you something about that person, whether it is whom that user, blogger, columnist, commentator, gamer, or fan admires or identifies with, or even their sense of humor about themselves. (See
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