College Student with Severe Allergy Allegedly Hazed with Peanut Butter: ‘He Could Have Been Killed’

Central Michigan University is investigating an allegation that a student with a severe peanut allergy was covered with peanut butter while passed out during a hazing incident at the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity last fall, the school’s spokeswoman confirmed to People.

Heather Smith said alleged victim Andrew Seely spent the fall 2016 semester as a student at the university.

“We take these types of things very seriously,” Smith told People. “So the Cmu Police Department and Cmu’s Office of Student Conduct responded immediately and started looking into it. The alleged incident would have taken place off-campus, so we involved the Mt.
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50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary

The immensely popular trio provides an extremely pleasant eighty minutes of musical nostalgia – with plenty of full performances but also the full variety of their music through the years. Interviews with the principals give us the back story, light but not superficial, while film clips show their political activism through the years.

50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary


Mvd Visual

2014 / B&W + Color / 1:33 flat full frame / 78 min. / Street Date December 9, 2016 / 19.95

Starring Peter Yarrow, Noel (Paul) Stookey, Mary Allin Travers.

Film Editor Pat Murphy

Produced by Jim Brown, Heather A. Smith

Directed by Jim Brown

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

When we watch movies about music groups we can be looking for historical and personal insights, or we could just want happy nostalgia, to hear the music and see our favorites as they appeared through the years. Many of us instantly recognize groups from the 1960s when we hear them,
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Indie Spotlight: ‘Rooftop Sessions’ Takes Live Music To The Sky

You know what's cooler than live music? Live music several stories off the ground. That's the philosophy behind Rooftop Sessions, a web series started by three enterprising music fans. It's a look at the local Chicago scene, lifted in the air and perched on the roof for all to see. Rooftop Sessions is the brainchild of Joel Hoover, Daniel Panol, and Mikel Pickett, who love their hometown almost as much as they love little-known indie bands. To celebrate both, they starting filming on rooftops around the city, with a different band performing in each episode. One of the most unique episodes features Heather Smith, the frontwoman of a band called Bone & Bell, as she plays one of her songs while taking a ride on Navy Pier's famous Ferris Wheel. While Rooftop Sessions' status as a creatively-filmed discovery engine is appealing, its self-financed origins are equally admirable. The three producers use
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Why MTV Might Hurt Barack Obama & The DNC

Why MTV Might Hurt Barack Obama & The DNC
As it turns out, Barack Obama isn't just competing with Mitt Romney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Democratic National Committee is having a difficult time booking musical acts for the Democratic National Convention because of MTV. The music television network is airing its Video Music Awards on Sept. 6, the same night Obama will accept the party's nomination for president.

THR stipulates that many performers will eschew the convention in favor of MTV. (Kanye West and Sheryl Crow were among artists who performed for the DNC in 2008.) Currently only Alicia Keys and One Direction are scheduled to appear live on the VMAs, but everyone from Katy Perry and Rihanna to Drake and Carly Rae Jepsen have been nominated for trophies at the ceremony.

It's ironic that MTV is throwing a wrench into the DNC plans, as the network was behind one of its most successful Rock The Vote campaigns during the 2008 election.
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Rock The Vote Pleased With Texas Voter ID Law Ban

Wisconsin law also struck down for second time.

By Gil Kaufman

Photo: Rya Backer/MTV News

The U.S. Department of Justice moved on Monday to block a new Texas voter ID law from going into effect over concerns that it could disenfranchise some of the state's minority voters. Texas is one of several states required to have its voting laws approved by the Doj because of a history of voter discrimination. The Doj argued that state lawmakers had failed to prove that there was enough evidence of voter fraud to justify the new rules, prompting the department's Civil Rights Division to conclude that the law requiring voters to show personal identification before casting ballots was likely to more heavily impact Hispanic voters.

According to the Doj, Hispanics make up only 21.8 percent of all registered Texas voters, but they comprise more than 38 percent of the registered voters who lack the proper kinds of identification.
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Will Florida Laws Keep Young Voters From Primary?

MTV News takes a closer look at legislation passed last year in the state that has voter-registration groups up in arms.

By Gil Kaufman

Mitt Romney campaigns in Dunedin, Florida on Monday

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/ Afp/ Getty Images

Tampa, Florida — It's a teenage rite of passage up there with learning to drive and attending prom: your first time voting. But according to some longtime voter-registration organizations, that right could be threatened this year in a number of states due to new laws that make signing up new voters more difficult.

The issue has come into sharp relief this week in Florida, which holds its presidential primary Tuesday. A bill passed last year in the state includes a number of new rules for how civic organizations can register new voters, as well as ones that reduce the number of early voting days from 14 to eight and prohibit early voting on the Sunday before an election.
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American Vintage Westwood Store Launch Party Hosted by Sam Sarpong Pictures

Sam Sarpong, Rosaly Pfeffer attend American Vintage Westwood store lLaunch party hosted by Sam Sarpong.Photo copyright curtis sabir / PR Photos. Sam Sarpong, Heather Smith attend American Vintage Westwood store lLaunch party hosted by Sam Sarpong.Photo copyright curtis sabir / PR Photos. Sam Sarpong, Laura Wilde attend American Vintage Westwood store lLaunch party hosted by Sam Sarpong.Photo copyright curtis sabir / PR Photos. Sam Sarpong, Tara Sweatt attend American Vintage Westwood store lLaunch party hosted by Sam Sarpong.Photo copyright curtis sabir / PR Photos. Sam Sarpong, Benny Richberg attend American Vintage Westwood store lLaunch party hosted by Sam Sarpong.Photo copyright curtis sabir / PR Photos. 07/08/2011 - Sam Sarpong, Venessa Evigan - American Vintage Westwood
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Magazine Review: Morpheus Tales Xiii

Morpheus Tales Xiii

Red Blood, Black Blood by Deborah Walker

Illustrated by Vladimir Petkovic

Glass Castles by Cate Caldwell

Pretty Flowers by Nicholas Stirling

Stasis by Richard Smith

Thanatasia by Jonathan W. Bremer

Soup by Alex Gonzalez

Illustrated by Mark Bell

Some Things Aren’t Anything by Erik T. Johnson

Illustrated by Charlie Zacherl

Family Curse by Lee Thompson

Illustrated by Ian Welsh

Bert & Reg by Brian Kutco

The Good Of The Earth by Heather Smith

The Suicide Club by John Morgan

Cover Art by Darryl Elliott

I always get excited when I open my mailbox and see that the latest issue of Morpheus Tales is sitting in there waiting to be read. I have come to expect great things from each issue; riveting, well written stories and accompanying artwork that adds so much to the tales.

Issue #13 is no exception. I thought every story was strong and I particularly loved this issue’s artwork.
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Creative Arts Little Theatre Plays The Jungle Book, Kids 12/4-13

Disney's The Jungle Book, Kids Directed by ... David Ward, Choreographed by ... Jessica Knecht, Music and Lyrics by Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman and Terry Gilkyson, Book Adapted & Additional Lyrics by Marcy Heisler , Music Adapted and Arranged by Bryan Louiselle, Based on the Screenplay by Larry Clemmons, Based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling

Come revisit your favorite Disney Jungle Book friends; Mowgli, Baloo the bear, Bagherra the panther, Shere Khan the tiger and King Louie the ape, as they sing some favorite songs such as The Bare Necessities and I Wanna Be like You. You'll enjoy this fast paced, energetic show. The show is sure to please the young and adults as well. The cast of this production includes young people from the East County (Concord, Pittsburg, Antioch, Bay Point) and cast members range in age from 6 yrs. to 14 yrs. Some are new to theatre and some have been in several
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Open Captioned Screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

We're very proud to offer open captioned screenings of Wall-e and Hancock at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar this month. Thanks to our colleague Heather Smith we have a Facebook page detailing all the open caption screenings coming up. Heather is a fluent signer who personally works all the shows and provides a link to the Austin Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. Thank you Heather and thanks to everyone who comes out.

Subscribe to that Facebook page here.
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