7 Things Bill DeMott’s Resignation Tells Us About Corporate WWE


Amid numerous allegations of perceived professional improprieties, on March 6, 2015, Bill DeMott officially resigned from his position as head trainer at WWE’s Performance Center. From allegations of racist and homophobic statements plus physically abusing his students, DeMott’s alleged behaviour was so bad that him staying in his position could’ve easily led to more harm than good for now wholly corporate WWE.

Bill DeMott is a 25-year wrestling veteran who comes from another time in the industry, his career starting in 1990 making him one of the last of the top wrestlers broken in during wrestling’s “territory” era. If anything, the territory era wasn’t exactly known for being politically correct, kind, or pleasant in most any way for those who were doing the wrestling itself.

From angles being booked that sensationalised issues of race, gender and sexual orientation, to needing the perception of being “tough” in order
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Bill DeMott Quits As WWE Head Trainer

Bill DeMott has decided that the scrutiny that he has received by former WWE employees in recent weeks is making life difficult for him and the company, so he has decided to step down as WWE’s head coach/trainer at their Performance Center in Orlando.

He made the announcement on Twitter;

I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the (cont)

Bill DeMott (@BillDeMott) March 6, 2015

He used the Twitlonger service because he couldn’t fit it all in one tweet: “I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately.”

This is a story that our WWE editor Grahame Herbert has covered throughout the week first with the allegations from former wrestlers, then WWE and
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10 British Wrestlers Who Had Profound Impact In America

For decades, Britain has been known across the world for producing some truly great wrestlers. Although just a small island nation with a population of 60 million, the worldwide impact of British stars has been profound. I have previously stated, when appearing on the Bwc British Wrestling Roundup show on Challenge TV here in the UK, that I genuinely believe that British wrestlers are the best in the world. When you consider our nation’s small size and the number of Brits who have made a global impression on the wrestling world, compared to the size of other wrestling countries, it is an excellent rate ‘per capita’. The British style, technical and mat based, has become slightly diluted as the American influence has crossed the Atlantic over the past two decades, but it has enjoyed a renaissance to a degree through the popularity of some of the wrestlers listed in this article.
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WWE: Nxt To Be Pushed To Same Level As Raw And Smackdown

WWE Legend, Hall of Famer and WrestleMania icon Ricky Steamboat sat down with John Pollock of The Fight Network this week to discuss the future of WWE’s developmental territory Nxt.

According to Steamboat - whose own son Richie is on the Nxt roster – says that WWE has big plans for the Florida based group and sees it becoming the company’s third legitimate brand on television right up there with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

“Nxt is a new, young program hoping to become a third brand with WWE. The focus and the push is to go in that direction. What it also is going to do is jump start a lot of young talent coming from the school to Nxt, get their feet wet, and hopefully that will carry over to them getting on Smackdown or Raw.”

Nxt Wrestling – formerly Florida Championship Wrestling – has quickly become
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