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Comedian Bobby Slayton Gets $150k in Wife's Wrongful Death Suit

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Bobby Slayton has cut a deal with the caretakers he believes are responsible for his wife's death ... according to new legal docs. We broke the story ... "The Pitbull of Comedy" and his daughter, Natasha, sued a doctor and a nursing facility for negligence while treating his wife, Teddie Lee Tillett, who died in March 2016. According to the docs, the sides have reached a settlement -- the Slaytons get $150,000 and in exchange, he'll release the healthcare workers from future claims.
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“Wonder Wheel” closes Nyff with a commanding Kate Winslet turn

Just a few short hours ago, the New York Film Festival wrapped up its 2017 slate with the Closing Night Selection, Woody Allen’s latest film, the Coney Island set Wonder Wheel. In many ways, this is a coming home for the legendary filmmaker, while also managing to do something a bit different than usual. Eschewing his normal Cannes Film Festival bow before a summer release, Allen took this flick to Nyff, with a winter awards season release to come at the end of the year. He does have a contender on his hands, but perhaps not in the way we initially thought. Read on for more… The movie is a period piece set in Brooklyn’s historic Coney Island during the 1950’s. Lifeguard Mickey Rubin (Justin Timberlake) narrates this story of passion on the boardwalk. Carousel operator Humpy (James Belushi) and his rather beleaguered wife Ginny (Kate Winslet), eke out
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Trailer for “Wonder Wheel” showcases one of Woody Allen’s most visual efforts to date

It’s no secret that these days we get one new Woody Allen movie a year. The thing is, usually it’s been a summer release, piggybacking off of a debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Sometimes in this modern era, they become Oscar winners, like Blue Jasmine, Midnight in Paris, or Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Other times, they become unfairly ignored gems, like Cafe Society. Still other times, they appear like “lesser” Allen works. This year, however, things are a little bit different. This time around with Wonder Wheel, Allen and Amazon Studios skipped Cannes, will instead be the Closing Night Selection at the New York Film Festival, and will instead have a December release, right in the heart of awards season. A Trailer dropped today to showcase why Amazon is so bullish on it. You can see it below, but first…a bit of discussion. Plot wise, I’ll
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Comedian Bobby Slayton and Daughter Natasha Sue Hospital for Wrongful Death of Wife/Mother

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Bobby Slayton's wife's death could have been avoided if her caretakers paid more attention to the grave condition she was in ... according to a new suit. Slayton's wife, Teddie Lee Tillett, was in the Sherman Oaks Hospital outside L.A. in March 2016 for pneumonia for 5 days before being discharged to a nursing facility ... according to the docs. "The Pitbull of Comedy" claims her condition worsened there and she had to be taken to another
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DVD Review: 'Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection'

I'd been hearing positive things about Flight of the Conchords for some time before I got the chance to see an episode in its entirety. The snippets of the first season that I'd caught on television hadn't made much sense. After a day on the couch with the stomach flu and the first three episodes of Season Two, though, I was hooked.

This part-sitcom, part musical series is one of the most original comedy shows on television. Rarely crude, sometimes bizarre and always quirky, it is a treat for anyone open to HBO's liberal censorship standards and something different. Although the two seasons of the show that aired on HBO have been available on DVD for some time, HBO Home Entertainment recently released a box set of the The Complete Collection, making this the ideal time to hop on board if you haven't taken flight with the Conchords already.

Flight of the Conchords
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He Was 'Born To Be Bobby' But Was He Born To Be Funny?

Born To Be Bobby presents New York comic and part-time actor Bobby Slayton giving a stand-up comedy performance that is abrasive and, some might say, abusive.

You can't really review this stuff because, with due respect to the director, there is little art in pointing a camera at a man on stage. Also, whether or not you think Slayton himself is funny is a matter of personal taste.

As with all observational humor, Slayton's comedy is likely to hit most people's funny bone at some point. Those moments may be few an far between, though, if you are offended by strong language and jokes about race, gender, marriage, sex, blondes and terrorism.

Slayton mocks his reputation as the so-called Pitbull of Comedy but it's well deserved. He's a classy dresser but his gravelly-voiced, motor-mouth delivery is aggressive and coarse. At one point he makes fun of the voices of Jewish
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TV Review: It Isn’t Easy Being Green on Showtime’s ‘The Green Room’

Chicago – “I don’t even know what to do on this show. We just talk?” asks comic Bobby Slayton in episode four of the new Showtime series “The Green Room with Paul Provenza.” Yes. And therein lies the problem.

Television Rating: 3.0/5.0

Certainly, the premise of “The Green Room” is not new. Jon Favreau’s IFC series “Dinner for Five” was also an unscripted, round robin, celebrities-just-talking-for-30-minutes style of show. But while the success of “Dinner” hinged somewhat on the selection of guests on each episode, host Favreau was charismatic, a little cocky and, ultimately, interesting enough to make the show work most of the time, regardless of the cast.

Paul Provenza on The Green Room.

Photo credit: Cliff Lipson/Showtime

The Green Room” is different. Paul Provenza, comedian and director of “The Aristocrats” hosts an ever-changing cast of celebrity comedians that come on to tell jokes or talk about their lives and careers,
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Prepare yourself for “The Green Room with Paul Provenza”

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Expect to see plenty of sparks fly on ‘The Green Room With Paul Provenza’ when the Showtime show hits the tube June 10. Among the verbal dustups filmed for the series are a heated political argument between Tommy Smothers and Penn Jillette, and a no-holds-barred conversational melee involving race with Rain Pryor, Bobby Slayton (Richard Pryor’s one-time writing partner), Paul Mooney and Australian comic Jim Jeffries.

‘Nobody is selling a DVD. It really, truly is like comedy jazz’with these greats riffing off each other,’ Provenza wants us to know. The idea for the show grew out of onstage gatherings of comics held by Provenza at the Edinburgh and Montreal comedy festivals. Putting such groups together for the cameras seemed like a natural — but not easy — idea.

‘I was very fortunate. I called a lot of people I knew personally and they came in.
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"Bobby Slayton: Born to be Bobby" to Showtime March 4

The Pitbull of comedy, Bobby Slayton, is bringing his take no prisoner styled stand up to Showtime on March 4. .Bobby Slayton: Born to be Bobby. is set to premiere Thursday, March 4th at 9 Pm Et/Pt Slayton will perform his intense, unapologetic style of stand-up as he comments on things like the annoyances of airport security and the job-like requirements of marriage. But he shines in his un-pc take on race as he singles out audience members when sharing his old-school observations of various minority groups. Audiences around the country recognize Slayton from his scene-stealing roles in movies such as .Get Shorty,. .Ed Wood,. .Bandits. and, most recently, .Dreamgirls.. He has also appeared on dozens of television
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